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IS SHERIFF JERRY LARPENTER CORRUPT AS SATAN? - Louisiana sheriff initiates witch-hunt against author of anti-corruption blog



Louisiana sheriff initiates witch-hunt against author of anti-corruption blog

Louisiana sheriff initiates witch-hunt against author of anti-corruption blog

By E.P. Bannon 
9 August 2016
Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s deputies conducted a home raid 

in South Louisiana last week as part of an effort to uncover 

the identity of a police officer who writes for a local anti-

corruption blog. The self-described “underground watchdog 

group” blog, ExposeDAT, had repeatedly linked Sheriff Jerry 

Larpenter to corruption and fraud as part of a series of short 

articles published in June that detailed rampant criminality 

among local politicians and business figures.
The target of the raid was Houma Police Officer Wayne Anderson, a former Terrebonne Parish deputy, now suspected by Sheriff Larpenter to be the author of the blog. Anderson, however, has denied any involvement with ExposeDAT. “I’m not sure if they believe Mr. Anderson is actually the author of such work,” stated Matthew Ory, Anderson’s attorney. One is given the sense that in addition to the extraordinary nature of the raid itself, the department may not even have the right man.
Citing a bogus “criminal defamation” statute, Larpenter’s deputies were able to obtain search warrants to seize evidence from Anderson’s house and from Facebook. Six deputies raided the home, taking two laptop computers, one of which belonged to the officer’s children, and five cell phones. The cited defamation statute was overturned by the US Supreme Court in 1964, ruling it as an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment.
Explaining his reasoning to WWL News, Larpenter admonished: “If you’re gonna lie about me and make it under a fictitious name, I’m gonna come after you.”
On its webpage, ExposeDAT states its intention is to “explore the relationship between certain Public Officials and the flow of money in South Louisiana.” The author, writing anonymously under a pen name, describes the dealings between politicians and businessmen as “incestuous.” Each article dealt with different members of the local political and business community of Terrebonne Parish, using legally obtained public records to link them to various shady dealings.
The articles posted on the blog have accused multiple public officials and business owners in Terrebonne Parish of nepotism, tax evasion, pollution and misuse of government funds. The Sheriff’s office justified the raid with the claims that the blog had criminally defamed Tony Alford, the Parish’s new insurance agent. The blog also pointed out that Sheriff Larpenter’s wife managed Alford’s office, and alleged that Larpenter gave Alford the sheriff’s office insurance contract.
In a blog post titled “Gordon Dove and Tony Alford’s Radioactive Waste Dumping,” the author uncovered information concerning a trucking company co-owned by Alford and the Parish president Gordon Dove. The trucking company had been cited for dumping radioactive waste in eastern Montana, originally reported by a local newspaper in Missoula, Montana.
Dove had recently been appointed to the Louisiana House Natural Resource Committee by previous Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He now presides as chairman of the committee, which was tasked with raising awareness of coastal erosion and attempting to reverse the trend of receding barrier islands and coastal wetlands.
Sheriff Larpenter explained in a public statement that his department would investigate the blog with every intention of prosecuting its author(s). He indicated he would then “hand over” the investigation to District Attorney Joseph Waitz for prosecution. Waitz, who is also featured on ExposeDAT, represents yet another conflict of interest to a just proceeding of the case.
It is clear that Anderson has become the center of a witch-hunt. Even though there is little chance of a successful criminal prosecution against him, he is, for all intents and purposes, ruined. Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman suspended Anderson from the force indefinitely, placing him on paid administrative leave. The official paperwork on the suspension has not yet been sent, though the chief cited a failure to “uphold the law” and that he had “committed conduct unbecoming of an officer.”
The department has not elaborated any exact wrongdoing by Anderson. It is no coincidence that the decision came a mere hour and a half after the raid by Sheriff’s deputies.
Jerri Smitko, Anderson’s attorney, offered a damning indictment of the entire case. “When decent, law abiding citizens try to speak out on matters of public importance, they’re treated like criminals,” Smitko remarked. “If this is what happens to a police officer with 12 years of impeccable service what the hell kind of justice do criminals get?”
While the charges are likely to be dropped due to lack of a legal basis, the raid should serve as a warning to the working class. This is not an isolated incident, but a particularly acute expression of a broader process taking place within the American ruling class as it moves toward more authoritarian forms of rule. The witch-hunt organized by Sheriff Larpenter is an act of intimidation meant to disrupt the lives of anyone who offers even the slightest opposition to the widespread criminality entrenched within the American political system.
The witch-hunt of Anderson is not simply an isolated issue of corrupt small-town politics. The petty corruption detailed by ExposeDAT is a pale shadow of the criminality at the highest levels of the American ruling elite, which in just the last 15 years is responsible for the deaths of more than a million of people across the Middle East, and has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street following the 2007-2008 financial crash, while driving down living standards and stripping the working class of health care and pension benefits.
The highest levels of the American political establishment are far less clumsy and far more ruthless than local Terrebonne Parish officials in their approach to the suppression of democratic rights and social opposition. The brutal treatment of whistleblower Chelsea Manning and the witch-hunts against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden underscore their open embrace of police state rule.

Marie Antoinette in the White House

Daniel Greenfield calls for the end of taxpayer slavery to fund the lavish plantation lifestyle of the current Democrat occupants of the White House.  He doesn’t mention the Clintons, but he should.  Hillary and Bill have funded their Versailles lifestyle by selling out America to her enemies by accepting bribes, aka speaking fees, from Russia and the jihadi Gulf states. 
At the DNC, Michelle Obama put on her victimhood hat one more time and declared, “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”

But that’s too past tense. …Michelle Obama lives a life that is more lavish and luxurious than that of the average plantation owner. She has 26 staffers that are part of a White House staff of thousands. … Compare that to 12 servants for Thomas Jefferson.

… And working for her is a Marie Antoinette experience. “The First Lady having the wrong pencil skirt on Monday is just as big of a f___ up as someone speaking on the record when they didn’t mean …,” one former staffer said.

Michelle’s…luxurious lifestyle, is built by taxpaying slaves who are forced to turn over their money to fund her pleasures. She spent more money on one night in Morocco than the average American family will see in five years.

In Dublin, Michelle Obama and her entourage took a sightseeing trip that cost over $250,000. … American slaves paid for it with their blood, sweat and toil.

Maintaining the Obama lifestyle cost $1.4 billion a few years ago. It’s unknown what it costs today.

Obama’s White House parties cost anywhere from $200,000 at the cheap end to over $500,000. Americans have no more freedom to decide whether to pay for another Obama vacation or event than slaves did in deciding how to serve their masters and mistresses.

All they can do is watch from a distance while their masters stuff their faces, … and then make them work to pay for it.

… Slaves built the Obama lifestyle. Slaves who struggle to get by. Who scrimp and save to have a few hundred dollars on hand in case of an emergency. That’s the cost of a single dish at a dinner to their masters in the White House. …
America’s slaves have watched the nation’s wealth become concentrated around the Washington Versailles. At the peak of Obama’s misrule, the Beltway area boasted 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country. Obama won 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country in the last election.

… Government, like slavery… claims to civilize its dependents. In reality it exploits them. It promises them security in exchange for freedom. It takes away the products of their toil and then tells them that they didn’t build that. It claims a false moral authority to exploit them. (snip)

Slavery was based on the notion that some people are superior to others. That same idea runs through Obama’s speeches. It is the lifeblood of the twisted thing that the left has turned liberalism into.

… It is unjust that a class of parasites claiming to be public servants can draw unlimited amounts of money on the credit of people trying to make ends meet. It is unjust that Michelle Obama can own hundreds of millions of people as slaves.

Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.

Hat tip: sultanknish.blogspot.com

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…..will pass right through Hillary Clinton’s Mansion door!

 “Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan THE AMERICAN THINKER.com


You were wondering how many jobs went to illegals and how well Obama’s crony banksters have done???

The sputtering economic recovering under President Obama, the last to follow a major recession, has fallen way short of the average recovery and ranks as the worst since the 1930s Great Depression, according to a new report.
Had the recovery under Obama been the average of the 11 since the Depression, according to the report, family incomes would be $17,000 higher, six million fewer Americans would be in poverty, and there would be six million more jobs.



She would make a terrible president and Bill an equally terrible “First Gentleman” for these thirty reasons.


Is it really true that Chelsea Clinton has a “666” tattooed to her head and Billary doe to his willy?

“While most Democrats are dismissing Donald Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton is the devil, a new poll shows that some of Clinton's supporters aren't sure if she has some ties to the devil, and a few Democrats think Clinton and the devil are linked somehow.”    --- ARTICLE IN THE  WASHINGTON EXAMINER