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Cops in Nebraska seize enough fentanyl to kill 26 MILLION people - or nearly the entire population of Texas

  • Troopers found 118lbs of fentanyl inside false compartment in a tracotr-trailer on April 26 
  • This was the largest fentanyl seizure in the history of Nebraska, and one of the largest ever in the US
  • Drugs may have been worth up to $20million on the street and could have killed 26.8million people 
  • Felipe Genao-Minaya, 46, and Nelson Nunez, 52, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver
  • Fentanyl is 30-50 times more potent than heroin and just 2 grams of it can be lethal  
The patrol says the stash was the largest fentanyl seizure in the history of Nebraska to date, and one of the largest ever in the US. 
The drugs may have been worth up to $20million on the street, according to the agency's estimates. The Drug Enforcement Administration says just 2 milligrams of fentanyl, which is 30-50 times more potent than heroin, can be lethal.
One for the books: The Nebraska State Patrol seized a record-breaking cache of fentanyl weighing 118lbs that was found inside this secret compartment in a tractor-trailer 
One for the books: The Nebraska State Patrol seized a record-breaking cache of fentanyl weighing 118lbs that was found inside this secret compartment in a tractor-trailer 
If the fentanyl were to hit the streets, it would have been enough to kill 26 million people
If the fentanyl were to hit the streets, it would have been enough to kill 26 million people
The foil-wrapped packages were found at around 10.20am on April 26 after a trooper pulled over an eastbound 2013 Freightliner truck-tractor driving on the shoulder near mile marker 280 on Interstate 80 near Kearney, 170 miles southwest of Omaha. 
Troopers searched the vehicle and discovered a false compartment in the empty trailer. The compartment contained 42 foil-wrapped packages containing 118lbs of powdery substance that turned out to be fentanyl. 
Troopers did not test the suspected fentanyl on the spot due to the 'dangerous nature of the substance,' and instead sent it to the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab.
The driver of the truck, Felipe Genao-Minaya, 46, and passenger, Nelson Nunez, 52, both of New Jersey, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and no Drug Tax stamp. Both men were taken to Buffalo County Jail.
The driver of the truck, Felipe Genao-Minaya, 46, and passenger, Nelson Nunez, 52 (pictured above), were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver 
The driver of the truck, Felipe Genao-Minaya, 46, and passenger, Nelson Nunez, 52 (pictured above), were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver 
The Nebraska State Patrol was honored by the governor for the recent fentanyl and marijuana  busts 
The Nebraska State Patrol was honored by the governor for the recent fentanyl and marijuana  busts 
The patrol says such drug seizures save lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says fentanyl and its variants killed more than 20,000 Americans last year, and the number is increasing.
A week earlier, Nebraska troopers seized 1,853lbs of marijuana in Fillmore County. 
Gov. Pete Ricketts honored the agency and specific troopers who took part in the drug busts during a ceremony that was held at the State Capitol on Thursday. 

With fentanyl, China uses Opium War tactics against us

A new report out from Bloomberg (first spotted on Axios Vitals) signals that China has more ways to defeat us than merely through its military buildup:
Federal prosecutors in Mississippi charged [Chinese national] Yan, 41, in September with leading an empire built on the manufacture and sale of drugs related to fentanyl, one of the world’s deadliest and most profitable narcotics. So strong that it’s been studied as a chemical weapon, the drug has saturated American streets with breathtaking speed: It kills more people than any other opioid, including prescription pills and heroin, because it’s so easy to overdose. Authorities say they have linked Yan and his 9W Technology Co. to more than 100 distributors across the U.S. and at least 20 other countries. Investigators expect scores of arrests as they dismantle his alleged network.
A month after the indictment, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein held a Washington news conference to shine a spotlight on Yan and another man, Zhang Jian, 39, who’s accused of a similar scheme. Their indictments, Rosenstein told reporters, marked “a major milestone in our battle to stop deadly fentanyl from reaching the United States.” 
Yan is the first Chinese national the U.S. has ever added to its “consolidated priority organization target” list of individuals thought to command the world's most prolific drug-trafficking and money-laundering networks. Investigators say his strategy was to offer fentanyl-like compounds called analogues — which differ slightly on a molecular level but produce similar effects — in order to exploit discrepancies between the laws in the U.S. and China.
So along with Mexico, we now have the lovely specter of two of our top trading partners trying to kill us.
But is it really China, or just some miscreant inside China? Bloomberg makes the case that it's China. The problem is its policy that's creating the problem - China says the drug lord never broke any of their laws, and they sure as heck weren't going to extradite him. As Sam Baker at Axios Vitals notes in his short commentary, citing the takeaway from an expert:
“The two countries play by different rules,” Markos Kounalakis, a visiting fellow at Stanford University, told Bloomberg. “What’s bad for America is not necessarily bad for China.”
What does this mean? It actually leaps out, because history is always instructive in the matter of China. Bloomberg notes:
China has a fraught history with opium, dating to when foreign traders imported it in the mid-1800s. Widespread addiction followed, and attempts to stamp out the trade triggered two futile wars against the British.
The British didn't exactly have an honorable history with China back in the19th century. First they got the Chinese addicted to opium, complete with opium dens, and then when China's leaders tried to stop it, fought two wars against them, defeating them handily so that they could continue to distribute their opium to the public. Ugly stuff.
China has never gotten over that experience, which fairly considered, was bad, and has nursed grievances about Western imperialism ever since. But they also took in the lessons. Drugs can debilitate a population and make it easy to defeat because that's what happened to China. The ugly final result, of course, was Mao's communist takeover and the communist horrors that followed, carrying on since.
Now they're flooding our country with illegal, addictive drugs, well worse than opiates, or their recent derivative, heroin, moving on to fentanyl.
We know the Chinese study history. We know they look to the long term. We know they are using the South China Sea as their launch pad toward global power, following the example of America, which used the Caribbean Sea (and the Panama Canal) as its launching pad to global power - which ended up at the same South China Sea.
Now we can see the outlines of another opium war, this one being foisted back at us, not Britain, and with China using the legal technicalities of our leftwing lawyers as weapons against us to justify flooding our country with opiates.
It's a call for President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and anyone else watching this to be as as hardass and unyielding as possible with the Chicoms as they push against us with poison. They're trying to kill us.




"The Wealth-X report shows that the world’s billionaire population has grown by 15 percent, to 2,754 people, since 2016, and that the wealth of these billionaires “surged by 24 percent to a record level of $9.2 trillion,” equivalent to 12 percent of the gross domestic product of the entire planet."


Charlie Daniels: We Need a Wall – But That’s Just the Beginning

“I believe that if Hillary had been elected she would have found a way to give amnesty and eventually citizenship to all the millions of Hispanics who are now here illegally and would have, in theory, have opened the border so that more and more could cross and be eligible to vote, until an undefeatable voting block would have been created, putting a more and more progressive electorate into power.” CHARLIE DANIELS

“If the Constitution did not forbid cruel and unusual punishment, the sentence I would like to see imposed would place both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the same 8-by-12 cell.”    ROBERT ARVAY – AMERICAN THINKER com

Exclusive– Steven Brill: Hillary Clinton Was ‘Epitome of Meritocracy’ Voters Learned to Mistrust

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 11: Hillary Clinton speaks during An Evening With Hillary Rodham Clinton at ICC Sydney on May 11, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. The former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate, who lost the 2016 US election to Donald Trump, is touring Australia and New Zealand …
Don Arnold/Getty Images

Steven Brill, the founder of Court TV and the American Lawyer, discussed his new book Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Year Fall and Those Fighting to Reverse Itwith SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Tonight.

“We basically got too much of a good thing,” said Brill, describing the premise of his new book and his cover essay for TIME magazine’s May 28 issue. “What I mean by that is the kinds of core American values that we cherish were kind of hijacked and have been used and turned against us.”
“For example, meritocracy,” he continued. “Everybody loves meritocracy, right? I’m a beneficiary of meritocracy. I got a scholarship to Yale at a time that was a really new thing, that Ivy League schools gave people like me scholarships. But what that created was a generation of much smarter knowledge workers at the same time that the knowledge economy was replacing the factory economy.”
“The knowledge workers went to work for large law firms or investment banks, and they used the First Amendment — another great American value — to allow money to dominate the political system,” he said.
“One of the offshoots of that is when it came to globalization, which is another sign of progress in the world — or it would seem to be — they basically didn’t pay any attention to all the people who were the victims of globalization. Every other country across the world has job retraining programs so the middle class isn’t left out in the cold when we make a trade deal, whether it’s with China or anybody else,” said Brill.
“We paid lip service to that through something called the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, which for 40 years running, through the Kennedy administration and the Nixon administration, Carter, all the way on down, has been a total fiasco. No one paid attention because the people who were supposed to be the beneficiaries of that program were largely in the middle of the country. Over the last 40 years, there have been exactly two articles written in any significant newspaper about how that program was not working,” he said.
Brill believes this explains the elite surprise that a supposedly long-settled issue like the North American Free Trade Agreement could return to the forefront.
“I happen to think that things like NAFTA are good if, and only if, you take care of the victims of NAFTA,” he said.
“NAFTA and all kinds of international trade have a lot of benefits in the United States,” he noted. “We pay a lot less for televisions. We pay a lot less for clothing. But if we’re all enjoying that while this big swath of the country are victims of it, that’s not the way our country is supposed to work. We’re all supposed to be in this together.”
Brill described a “protected” class that is insulated from the decrepit state of the social safety net because it does not rely on government for essential benefits and has minimal contact with enforcement agencies like the Internal Revenue Service.
“They don’t depend on the public education system. They don’t depend on mass transit. They don’t care if civil servants are unresponsive and aren’t doing their jobs because they don’t depend on the government,” he said, citing the example of elite New Yorkers who suddenly became deeply concerned about the poor state of jury facilities after generous exemptions from jury duty were eliminated in the 1990s.
“The Vietnam War really changed when we got rid of deferments for college students because suddenly middle-class and upper-class kids were subject to a draft,” he added. “The people who run things don’t care about the teachers’ unions who are protected because they’re either politicians in cities where the Democrats dominate and the teachers’ unions dominate the primaries on those cities or because they’re sending their kids to private schools anyway.”
Brill said the economic reconfiguration and displacements of the past few decades have broadened the gap between the protected class and the rest of the country.
“The things that the economy values become things that these knowledge workers do,” he said. “The lawyers figure out strategies for corporate takeover fights instead of strategies for corporations to employ more workers and make new things. They figure out strategies for stock buybacks. They figure out derivatives, which as you know ended up completely crashing the economy. The people behind it were not held accountable. The people who lost their homes were the ones who suffered and who lost their jobs.”
“Everything started to change when we became less of a community; and when we put a value on things like legal engineering and financial engineering; and when we did things in the name of democracy such as reforming the primary selection system so that everyone now has a direct primary, so therefore they tend to run to favor the people who are giving them money and to favor the political base. That just pushes people apart,” he said.
“Even progress in media technology totally changed things, he continued. “In the 1940s and 50s and 60s, the invention of radio and television actually brought the country together. The whole country listened to FDR’s fireside chats or listened to Edward R. Murrow reporting about World War 2. We watched the moon landing together. We watched the Kennedy assassination and the funeral together. We did everything together and we saw the same events.”
“Now there were problems with that because half a dozen media companies basically had a monopoly on all the news,” he conceded. “That was a problem, but look at the problem we have today, where all the advances in technology have tended to split us apart.”
Brill lamented the loss of government focus on developing common infrastructure, which enjoyed its heyday in the 60s and 70s.
“We were investing in the future, and then Congress became so polarized that it became impossible for Democrats to want to give a Republican president any kind of victory or progress, and it became impossible for Republicans to want to give the Democrats anything — not even building a bridge or repairing roads, which should be as American as apple pie,” he said.
“The interstate highway system is a good example of something good getting done in Washington,” Brill proposed. “You get a train in the United States versus a train in Europe, and there’s a reason for the difference. The difference is that we haven’t raised the gasoline tax since President Reagan raised it. The gasoline tax has actually gone down because it’s 18 cents a gallon, and it was 18 cents a gallon when cars were getting six or seven miles to the gallon. It’s now 18 cents a gallon when cars are getting three or four times that much.”
Pollak objected that the experience of California’s high gas taxes has demonstrated it is a “regressive” tax that hits working people the hardest.
“It is,” Brill agreed. “There ought to be tax relief for people in income categories or in job categories that have a special need for gasoline.”
He also agreed with Mansour’s point that much of the vast sum appropriated by the government for infrastructure, notably including President Barack Obama’s massive 2009 stimulus bill, simply disappears into the bureaucracy with little tangible benefit for the American people.
“Let me give you another example: the Veterans Administration,” Brill responded. “Remember the scandals in 2013 and 14 about the waiting lists? The GAO, the Government Accountability Office, has been writing reports — if you can believe it — since the 1980s saying that the Veterans Administration was in shambles, the waiting lists were a huge problem, the computer technology didn’t work, and people were covering up how long it was taking for people to get their treatment at VA hospitals. That’s since the 1980s.”
“The woman who was found in Phoenix to have doctored the lists, they tried to fire her, and under civil service rules she was able to appeal,” he recalled. “She hired a lawyer, there are all kinds of law firms that specialize in protecting civil servants. The appeals judge in what’s called the Merit System Protections Board, if you can believe it, ruled that even though she was in charge of the hospital, she wasn’t really directly responsible for this, so she couldn’t be fired. In fact, she got a merit bonus that year.”
Mansour applauded the theory Brill advanced in Tailspin that Hillary Clinton became the avatar of our malfunctioning meritocracy, so voters turned from her to Donald Trump in revolt.
“She’s the epitome of meritocracy. I mean, first-generation wealth, Wellesley, Yale Law School, always prepared, always does her homework, articulate, perfectly spoken — but also perceived as cold and calculating,” Brill said.
“Trump was the opposite. He shoots from the hip. He takes pride in not being prepared. He’s just the total opposite person from Hillary Clinton. 46 percent of the public liked that and voted for him,” he said.
Pollak suggested that Trump’s election can also be seen as a revolt against the lavish idealism of the 60s and the enormous government, attended by an equally large managerial class, that resulted from it.
Brill said he disagreed with that premise because “you can look across government, whether it’s local, state, or federal, and find programs that do work.”
“You can look at what happens in other countries where programs and policies like, for example, different policies on health care — which you and I probably disagree about — do work,” he told Pollak.
“I don’t think it’s uniformly the fault of government. It’s uniformly the fault of the people who are running government, who are not accountable because of gerrymandering and political money and everything else,” he said.
“It’s not the liberals who started these programs, and in fact, a lot of these programs have been cut back,” he asserted. “For example, housing assistance to the poor and lower middle class, that’s about a fourth of our housing assistance budget in the federal government. The other three-fourths is involved with giving interest deductions to the upper middle class and the rich on their mortgages. That’s the biggest housing subsidy we do. That’s just not fair.”
Brill described mortgage derivatives as originally a well-intentioned way for banks to “package the mortgages that these homeowners now owed to them, sell them off to other investors, and then take the money and give out more mortgages.”
“That created a housing boom for the middle class because mortgage interest rates went down and more money was available. That was an unalloyed good thing until it got taken way, way too far and became these crazy financial instruments that farmed out the risks to people all over the world who had no idea what these securities were, or what the risks were. That’s how we got the crash,” he said.
“What started out as a good thing became much too much of a good thing,” he said. “There are a lot of parallels like that. There are a lot of boomerangs. The Citizens United case, whatever you think of it, it was started, the legal road to Citizens United, was started by guess who? Ralph Nader.”
“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Brill remarked. “What Ralph Nader and his lawyers did was, there were some discount pharmacies in Virginia who wanted to advertise their discount prices. To us consumers, that’s a good thing. We’d see that you could buy the drugs at a discount price somewhere.”
“Well, the large pharmacies in Virginia banded together and lobbied and got the state to pass a law saying you can’t advertise the price of drugs,” he related. “Ralph Nader brought a case saying, well, the First Amendment is for listeners as well as speakers. In this case, the listeners were consumers of drugs who would benefit from that speech, so why are you stopping it just because the speaker is a corporation, i.e. a drug store?”
“The Supreme Court said, yeah, you’re right, the First Amendment is for listeners as well as speakers. That then got extended to every form of speech and every restriction on speech. Why would you want to limit political contributions if that just creates more speech about political debates and political candidates?” he said.
“I actually think they’re right about that, but I think we need some kind of constitutional amendment that stops the corruption of money in politics,” Brill added. “We have congresspeople of both parties spending five hours a day, every weekday, dialing for dollars. That cannot be what the Founders had in mind.”
Brill applauded the work of groups such as the Bipartisan Policy Center, which he described as “rabid avid Republicans and rabid avid Democrats who meet and actually try to solve problems.”
“They created some proposed fixes to NAFTA, for example,” he said. “Their premise is that people of good faith on both sides actually can get back to the business of coming up with solutions in this country instead of saying, ‘Well, if it’s a Republican idea, we hate it because we’re Democrats, and if it’s a Democrat idea, we hate it because we’re Republicans.’”
“The best example of that, and I’m sure you may disagree with me with this one, is the reason the Republicans could not come up with an alternative to Obamacare is that Obamacare, as I write in the book, was for years the Republican idea for how to reform health care,” he said.
“Ted Kennedy was talking about single payer in the 1970s, and Nixon proposed a plan that was almost exactly like Obamacare: you subsidize people to get insurance, you require them to get insurance, the whole nine yards — except it was more liberal than Obamacare. That was the Nixon answer to Ted Kennedy,” he recalled.
“No Democrat wants to go to a signing ceremony in the White House where President Trump signs anything, and no Republican wanted to go to a signing ceremony in the White House where President Obama signed anything,” Brill said, returning to his main thesis.
“That is a total reverse of most of the history of this country,” he said.
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Those are the subliterate, low-skill, non-English-speaking indigents whose own societies are unable or unwilling to usefully educate and employ them. Bring these people here and they not only need a lot of services, they are putty in the hands of leftist demogogues as Hugo Chavez demonstrated - and they are very useful as leftist voters who will support the Soros agenda.



Of course, the game of the Democrats is to avoid at all costs any of the safeguards against fraud, such as photo ID requirements.  That should tell anyone with integrity what they are up to.  But most media continue to ignore this stain on democracy.  THOMAS LIFSON – AMERICAN THINKER

 BARACK OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER’S SABOTAGE OF HOMELAND SECURITY: The “zero tolerance” program was dismantled by Attorney General Erc Holder once it had successfully cut the transit of migrants by roughly 95 percent. Initially, officials made 140,000 arrests per year in the mid-2000s, but the northward flow dropped so much that officials only had to make 6,000 arrests in 2013, according to a 2014 letter by two pro-migration Senators, Sen. Jeff Flake and John McCain. NEIL MUNRO


Accused of Murder: Previously Deported MS-13 Gang Member Who Entered U.S. as ‘Unaccompanied Minor’

Illegal Alien Charged
Berkeley County Sheriff's Office
New York City, NY3,369

An MS-13 gang member who entered the United States as a so-called “unaccompanied minor” is now being accused of murdering a man in the Houston, Texas area.

Franklin Platero-Rodriguez, 21-years-old, originally entered the U.S. illegally after crossing the southern border. After being deported, Platero-Rodriguez re-entered the country as an unaccompanied minor, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials told Fox News.
According to the Berkeley County Sheriff Department, Platero-Rodriguez was arrested in Ladson, South Carolina after allegedly murdering a man in the Houston area.
Authorities claim that Platero-Rodriguez killed the man and then disposed of the man’s body in the trunk of his car and lit him on fire, leaving the entire car to burn. That’s when Platero-Rodriguez ditched town for South Carolina, police say.
Platero-Rodriguez is currently facing multiple gun charges.
The violent El Salvadorian MS-13 gang has flourished in the U.S. after decades of open borders policies whereby unaccompanied minors are resettled throughout the country. Sometimes, those unaccompanied minors are already members of MS-13 or become members.
As Breitbart Texas reported, there have been at least 200 murders by the MS-13 gang across 22 states since 2012. Most recently, Border Patrol revealed to Breitbart Texas that an MS-13 gang member traveling with a caravan of 1,200 Central Americans posed as an unaccompanied minor to gain entry to the U.S.
An explosive report by Breitbart News revealed that nearly 100 MS-13 gang members had been resettled across the country by the federal government as unaccompanied minors. Nearly 65 of those gang members were granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ), which acts as a quasi-amnesty program for young illegal aliens who cross the southern border.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 

MS-13 Gang Member Nicknamed ‘Animal’ Sentenced for Stabbing Boy to Death

ICE removes MS-13 Gang Member
File Photo: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
 Washington, D.C.1,686

An MS-13 gang member nicknamed “Animal” has been convicted and sentenced to prison for the murder of a 15-year-old boy in East Boston.

Joel Martinez, also known as “Animal,” is a 23-year-old national from El Salvador and a member of the violent MS-13 street gang, according to the Boston Herald.
In September 2015, Martinez told a federal informant that he stabbed 15-year-old Irvin Depaz three times and left him for dead on the street in order to be fully inducted into the MS-13 gang.
“I stabbed the [coward] three times,” Martinez told the informant of the murder.
“He stared at me and he asked me if I was going to — if I was going to stab him. I told him, ‘Yes, the [gang] rules you,'” Martinez said.
The gang member will now receive 40 years in prison and deportation from the U.S. once his sentence is served. Martinez was not charged with murder, but rather with RICO conspiracy.
President Trump most recently called MS-13 gang members “animals,” prompting the establishment media and Democrats to defend the gang, as Breitbart News reported.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Deported Child Molester En Route to San Francisco

Luis Robles-Gonzalez - Border Patrol Photo
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Yuma Sector

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported child molester who said he illegally crossed the border to live and work in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Immigration officials deported the Mexican national on May 12 for failing to register as a sex offender.

Saturday afternoon (May 19), Border Patrol agents assigned to the Yuma Station arrested a man who had just crossed the border from Mexico into California. The man illegally crossed the Colorado River east of the Andrade Port of Entry, according to Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials.
The agents arrested the man and took him to the station for identification and processing. A biometric background investigation revealed a criminal history for the 55-year-old Mexican national identified as Luis Robles-Gonzalez. The records also indicated that immigration officials had previously deported him to Mexico.
A court in Santa Rosa, California, convicted Robles-Gonzalez for indecent exposure and molestation of a child under the age of 18, Border Patrol officials stated. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers deported the man through the San Luis, Arizona, Port of Entry on May 12, one week before this arrest. During the investigation, the previously deported Mexican national said that he was headed to San Francisco where he planned to live and work.
San Francisco is a sanctuary city that has long been known as a safe haven for illegal immigrants. It is the city that released the seven-time convicted felon, five times deported, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who went on to shoot and kill Kate Steinle in 2015. A California jury convicted him again for illegal possession of a firearm after acquitting him on the charge of murdering the young woman, Breitbart News reported. Zarate told officials he picked San Francisco because of its status as a sanctuary city.
Robles-Gonzalez now faces new federal charges for aggravated re-entry after removal as a sex offender. If convicted, the Mexican national could face up to 20 years in federal prison.
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. He is a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTXGAB, and Facebook.


By Frosty Wooldridge


Mexicans cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico’s civilization stands diametrically opposed to America’s culture.


The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia.



 “The molestation was reported after the child was taken to a hospital for an outbreak of genital herpes early this month. When asked how she might have contracted the disease, the child claimed that Morales had molested her “a lot of times.”

"The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10-year-old-girl in West Virginia." FROSTY WOOLDRIGE

WH Lists ‘Unthinkable Violence of MS-13’s Animals’

Craig Bannister
 By Craig Bannister | May 21, 2018 | 11:42 AM EDT

“The violent animals of MS-13 have committed heinous, violent attacks in communities across America,” a White House statement posted Monday declares.

MS-13 gang member chest tattoo (Screenshot)
The statement doubles down on President Donald Trump’s recent characterization of MS-13 gang members as “animals,” which sparked outrage from Democrats and liberal media.
“Too many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13’s animals,” the statement says, listing some of the vicious crimes attributed to MS-13 gang members:
  • Young girls chased down and brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members on Long Island, New York in an act Suffolk County Police Commissioner said displayed “a level of brutality that is close to unmatched.”
  • A man stabbed more than 100 times, then decapitated and dismembered, who had his heart ripped out of his body, in Maryland,
  • A 15-year-old human trafficking victim savagely beaten with a bat as gang members took turns beating her nearly 30 times in total.
  • One Texas girl kidnapped and sexually assaulted and anther murdered. The two MS-13 animals laughed, smiled, and waved for cameras in court as they faced the charges.
  • A teenager killed and hacked up in New York.
  • Four young men were brutally murdered by MS-13 animals on Long Island,
  • Nearly 40 percent of all murders in Suffolk County, New York between January 2016 and June 2017 were tied to MS-13.
Last month, MS-13 reportedly called for its members on Long Island to kill a police officer simply for the sake of making a statement, the White House says, adding that, with more than 10,000 gang members in the U.S., MS-13 “commits shocking acts of violence to instill fear, including machete attacks, executions, gang rape, human trafficking, and more” in the name of the gang’s motto of “kill, rape, control.”
“President Trump’s entire administration is working tirelessly to bring these violent animals to justice,” the White House statement promises.

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Pro-choice Pelosi touts 'spark of divinity' within MS-13

Someone must have let Nancy Pelosi out on a weekend pass, because the woman is losing it.  At her press conference this week, the House minority leader mumbled, zoned out, and chuckled inappropriately.  The only thing missing from the event was drool dripping out the corner of Nancy's mouth onto her expensive silk scarf.
The most peculiar thing Nancy had to say concerned the "spark of divinity" she believes resides within the violent street gang, MS-13.
Currently, most of these so-called Salvadoran "divine creatures" roam the streets of America illegally.  According to Robert Hur, an official with the Justice Department, the culturally diverse MS-13's motto is "mata, viola, controla" – which translates "kill, rape, control."
Notorious for their hand signs, machetes, and full body tattoos, MS-13 participatein activities that involve things like human- and drug-trafficking, child prostitution, kidnapping, gun-smuggling, murder, and gruesome styles of retribution.
In the Northeast, on Long Island alone, MS-13 committed 25 killings in the past two years.
Recently, President Donald Trump, a man who calls it like it is, referred to MS-13 residing in U.S. prisons as "animals."  Based on the bedlam the gang has wrought within America's borders, Trump calling them "animals" was more a compliment than an insult.
Simply put, MS-13 is a band of marauding illegals from Central America who threaten members with death if they attempt to leave the ranks and who wreak havoc wherever they go.
Speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi said Trump calling illegal rapists and murderers "animals" is offensive and harsh.
So, in between holding up five fingers while referring to the number six and staring out into space mid-sentence, during Pelosi's press conference, the House minority leader also chided the POTUS for insulting MS-13.
Waxing spiritual, it happened during the former Speaker's comments on "food insecurity."  After mentioning "God's children," Nancy had this to say about Trump's MS-13 comments:
When the President of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, "These aren't people; these are animals," you have to wonder: does he not believe in the spark of divinity?  The dignity and worth of every person?
Democrats are the ones who justify bestowing immigrant status on illegals while denying human status to unborn humans, and now Mrs. Pelosi is suddenly touting the "dignity and worth of every person"?
Nancy Pelosi must have forgotten that she advocates for the unfettered slaughter of 3,000 American babies per day.  Based on Nancy Pelosi's own words, if a "spark of divinity" is infused into a fertilized egg, then supporting abortion is far worse than Trump calling MS-13 names.
Either way, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is still the official spokesperson for a political party that publicly honors the "spark of divinity" in vicious street gangs and does it while disregarding the "spark of divinity" residing within the guiltless unborn.
In other words, when it comes to shedding innocent blood, pro-choice liberals and Central American street gangs are similar.  Therefore, before accusing Trump of being hostile toward violent gang members, maybe loopy Nancy Pelosi and her ilk need to acknowledge that the gruesome procedure that ends the life of the innocent and helpless inside the womb is on par with the murder and mayhem MS-13 inflicts on enemies outside the womb.
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Nancy Pelosi on Trump Calling MS-13 Gang Members ‘Animals:’ ‘Does He Not Believe in the Spark of Divinity?’

   Washington, D.C.2,738

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) twisted President Trump’s attack on MS-13 gang members during her Thursday press conference.

On Wednesday, during a meeting at the White House, Trump blasted violent illegal alien MS-13 gang members who have entered the country posing as unaccompanied minor children, calling them “animals,” as Breitbart News reported.
“These aren’t people. These are animals,” Trump said of MS-13 gang members. “And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before. And because of the weak laws, they come in fast, we get them, we release them, we get them again, we bring them out. It’s crazy.”
Immediately after the remarks, the mainstream media and Democrats began twisting Trump’s words, taking the comments out of context to claim that he was referring to all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens living in the U.S.
In her Thursday press conference, Pelosi followed suit, claiming Trump was referring to illegal aliens and border-crossers when he called MS-13 gang members “animals.”
PELOSI: We believe, some of us that are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service, that we’re all God’s children. There’s a spark of divinity in every person on earth and that we all have to recognize that. as we respect the dignity and worth of every person. And as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark of divinity within us. [Emphasis added]
And so when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder: Does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person? ‘These are not people, these are animals.’ The president of the United States. [Emphasis added]
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) similarly twisted Trump’s attack on MS-13 gang members, going as far as to compare his “great-great-grandparents” to illegal aliens.

When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they weren’t “animals,” and these people aren’t either.

The violent El Salvadorian MS-13 gang has flourished in the U.S. after decades of open borders policies whereby unaccompanied minors are resettled throughout the country. Sometimes, those unaccompanied minors are already members of MS-13 or become members.
Just this year, a number of violent MS-13 gang members have been convicted of murdering Americans, with the most recent case where six of the gang members were charged with murder.
As Breitbart Texas reported, there have been at least 200 murders by the MS-13 gang across 22 states since 2012. Most recently, Border Patrol revealed to Breitbart Texas that an MS-13 gang member traveling with a caravan of 1,200 Central Americans posed as an unaccompanied minor to gain entry to the U.S.
An explosive report by Breitbart News revealed that nearly 100 MS-13 gang members had been resettled across the country by the federal government as unaccompanied minors. Nearly 65 of those gang members were granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ), which acts as a quasi-amnesty program for young illegal aliens who cross the southern border.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

it never ceases to amaze me what these fuckers will do for wider open borders and more "cheap" labor hordes!

“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” Trump said then. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.”....BUT NOT TO GAVIN NEWSOM!




Gavin Newsom: Trump Like ‘Nazis’ for Calling MS-13 Illegals ‘Animals,’ Could Cause ‘Genocides’

Gavin Newsom Getty

California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a slave owner and Nazi for referring to MS-13 illegal immigrant gangsters as “animals.” He also added that Trump’s “hateful rhetoric” can lead to “hate crimes” and “genocides”

Today the President of the United States referred to immigrants as ‘animals,’” Newsom tweeted, distorting Trump’s words based on a 41-second clip. “Intentionally dehumanizing an entire group of people is something that slave owners and nazis did. It’s the kind of hateful rhetoric that leads to hate crimes and genocides.”

Today the President of the United States referred to immigrants as "animals." Intentionally dehumanizing an entire group of people is something that slave owners and nazis did. It's the kind of hateful rhetoric that leads to hate crimes and genocides.

At a White House roundtable discussion with California elected officials and law enforcement officials opposed to the state’s sanctuary laws, Trump was referring to illegal immigrants, specifically MS-13 gang members that his administration has been deporting, when he was responding to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims’ frustrations over not being able to report certain MS-13 gang members to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if they did not meet certain thresholds.
“We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” Trump responded. “These aren’t people. These are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that’s never happened before.”
Trump made similar remarks about MS-13 gang members last year on Long Island.
“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” Trump said then. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.”

Media’s Outrage at Trump Calling MS-13 “animals” is Off-Base and Out-of-Touch

For nearly one hour, President Trump listened to California politicians talk about the negative impact of the state’s sanctuary city policies, including how they complicate prosecutions of notoriously brutal MS-13 members. The media may have been listening, but their gross misrepresentation of comments exposes a tone deafness to the brutal nature of the gang.
Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims talked in detail to the president about her experience with sanctuary laws and how she is being prevented from telling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about MS-13 gang members in her custody.
In response, the president responded, “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”
The reaction to the president describing murderers and rapists as “animals” was lacking in accuracy and context.
The New York Times headline declared, “Trump calls some unauthorized immigrants ‘Animals’ in rant.”
Then the reporter said Trump had “lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting on Wednesday, warning in front of news cameras that dangerous people were clamoring to breach the country’s borders and branding such people “animals.’”
USA Today asserted, “Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: ‘These aren’t people. These are animals.’”
NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell noted the “tough take down” of Trump by a totally unbiased observer — California Gov. Jerry Brown, who went on a Twitter rant of his own.
A news analysis in The Washington Post argued Trump was “evoking an ugly history of dehumanization.”
One of the few media figures to correctly report the president’s remarks was CNN’s Jake Tapper, who tweeted:
“Here is the full context of President Trump’s ‘animals’ comment during the immigration/sanctuary city roundtable, which came as a Sheriff was complaining about restrictions placed on ICE databases, and MS-13 gang members.”
The media’s response showcases a bias against the president’s immigration agenda that prevents them from recognizing some MS-13 members are worse than animals.
First, consider the gang’s motto is “Kill. Rape. Control.”
Second, a recent web report by Boston’s WBUR about the largest criminal case against MS-13 required an editor’s note warning readers that they “may find the language or situations described below upsetting.”
The cases involved an El Salvadoran defendant who had hit his victim in the head with a machete and a Honduran who missed his target and ended up killing a mother standing outside a domestic abuse center with her children.
Reporters should speak with the family of 25-year-old Santos Arquimidis Sorto Amay, who was shot multiple times by MS-13 gang members, placed in the trunk of his car and driven to a park where the vehicle was set on fire.
Or better yet, with 22-year-old Edwin Chicas, whose gang name is “Animal.”
How outrageous.

Celebrities Freak After Trump Calls MS-13 Gangsters ‘Animals’: ‘Dehumanizing Bigot Monster’

Mike Windle/Getty Images for Equality Now/Getty Images

Several Hollywood celebrities freaked out over comments made by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, in which he referred to members of the MS-13 criminal gang as “animals.”
During a roundtable discussion of California’s sanctuary state laws, Trump described members of MS-13 as “animals,” adding that immigration authorities were now “taking them out of the country at a level and rate that’s never happened before.”
It is not the first time that Trump has used the phrase to describe the bloodthirsty organization, who have been classified by the FBI as the most violent and organized criminal network in the United States.
However, a horde of famous figures on the left immediately took to social media to express their outrage, while falsely claiming that President Trump was referring to all illegal immigrants and not the notorious gang members.
Disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin, who previously posed in Photos of herself holding Trump’s bloody head, claimed that the president really meant “all immigrants” and that she was left “fucking disgusted” by his remarks:

Sarah Sanders Slams Media and Liberals Enraged that Trump Called MS-13 Gang ‘Animals’

AP File Photo
    Washington, DC727

“If the media and liberals want to defend MS-13, they’re more than welcome to,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters during Thursday’s briefing after media attempts to frame President Trump’s comments from the previous day as insulting to “some immigrants.”
“I don’t think the term that the president used was strong enough,” she said.
One reporter had asked Sanders about the president’s use of the word “animals” to describe members of the vicious MS-13 transnational gang but, instead, framed the question by saying Trump used the term to describe “some immigrants.”
Sanders sharply corrected him by saying, “The president was very clearly referring to MS-13 gang members who enter the country illegally and whose deportations are hamstrung by our laws.” She described the gang as “one of the most vicious and deadly” and operates using rape, control, and killing.
“If the media and liberals want to defend MS-13, they’re more than welcome to,” said Sanders. “Frankly I don’t think the term that the president used was strong enough.”
She then described some of the “heinous acts” the gang has executed:
It took an animal to stab a man a hundred times and decapitate him and rip his heart out. It took an animal to beat a woman they were sex trafficking – with a bat 28 times, indenting part of her body. And it took an animal to kidnap, drug, and rape a 14-year old Houston girl.
Frankly, I think that the term “animal” doesn’t go far enough.
And I think that the president should continue to use his platform and everything he can do under the law to stop these types of horrible, horrible, disgusting people.
Trump used the term “animal” to describe MS-13 gang members during a Wednesday afternoon White House roundtable with stakeholders in the fight against California’s sanctuary state laws. 
Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims described to Trump the struggle her region faces in notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of an illegal alien MS-13 gang member. Trump responded by calling those gang members “animals,” a term he has used in the past to describe the murderous criminal organization.
A host of media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, and Democrats deceptively framed his comments as referring to “some immigrants,” a narrative continued in the Thursday briefing question. 
“There’s a spark of divinity in every person on earth and that we all have to recognize that,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said as she slammed Trump for calling MS-13 members “animals.” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Trump is like a “slave owner” or “Nazi” for Trump’s description of the murderous gang members.
The Associated Press issued a tweet correction on Thursday admitting it had incorrectly framed Trump’s comment: “AP has deleted a tweet from late Wednesday on Trump’s “animals” comment about immigrants because it wasn’t made clear that he was speaking after a comment about gang members”:

AP has deleted a tweet from late Wednesday on Trump’s “animals” comment about immigrants because it wasn’t made clear that he was speaking after a comment about gang members.

This year, ICE arrested 475 gang members in a sting operation, 99 of whom claimed unaccompanied minor status and 65 of whom were shortly thereafter released into the United States by an immigration judge.
The MS-13’s beheading of a victim that Sanders referred to on Thursday is likely the case of a ten-person gang ambush in Maryland. A 19-year-old had been arrested in connection with the crime as of late last year. The gang beating of a 15-year-old sex trafficking victim sounds to be the case out of Maryland that allegedly involved 21-year-old illegal alien Yervin Josue Romero-Rivera, according to local WJLA. The drugging, rape, and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Houston appear to be the case of two 18-year-old MS-13 gang members who appeared in court for charges in the crime and were seen smiling and waving to television cameras. Breitbart Texas identified at least one as a national of El Salvador, while the nationality of the other teen murder suspect had not been determined at the time of that report.
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THE GRUESOME VIOLENCE OF THE MEXICAN… over, under and in our open borders.


MEXIFORNIA under LA RAZA SUPREMACY RULE: CA has the largest and most expensive prison system in the nation. Half the inmates are Mexicans.  Half the murders in CA are by Mexican gangs.
In Mexico’s second largest city of Los Angeles, 93% of the murders are by Mexicans.

"The state of California and the sanctuary city laws that make it a safe-haven for criminal illegal aliens is likely responsible for at least 5,000 crimes that were committed by criminal illegal aliens released by local authorities rather than being handed over to federal immigration officials."

 Recommended Video: What is MS-13?






"A group of cartel gunmen fighting for control of a Mexican coastal state cut out the heart of one of their living victims while another was beheaded. The violence took place not far from the beach resort cities of Acapulco and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero."

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has testified before a Congressional committee that in 2004, 95% of all outstanding warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for illegal aliens; in 2000, 23% of all Los Angeles County jail inmates were illegal aliens and that in 1995, 60% of Los Angeles’s largest street gang, the 18th Street gang, were illegal aliens. Granted, those statistics are old, but if you talk to any California law enforcement officer, they will tell you it’s much worse today.


“The Democrats had abandoned their working class base to chase what they pretended was a racial group when what they were actually chasing was the momentum of unlimited migration”.  DANIEL GREENFIELD / FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE 



The illegal stabbed her to death with a screwdriver and then ran her over with her car.

Nancy Pelosi on Trump Calling MS-13 Gang Members ‘Animals:’ ‘Does He Not Believe in the Spark of Divinity?’

It Pays to be Illegal in California

 By JENNIFER G. HICKEY  May 10, 2018 
It certainly is a good time to be an illegal alien in California. Democratic State Sen. Ricardo Lara last week pitched a bill to permit illegal immigrants to serve on all state and local boards and commissions. This week, lawmakers unveiled a $1 billion health care plan that would include spending $250 million to extend health care coverage to all illegal alien adults.
“Currently, undocumented adults are explicitly and unjustly locked out of healthcare due to their immigration status. In a matter of weeks, California legislators will have a decisive opportunity to reverse that cruel and counterproductive fact,” Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula said in Monday’s Sacramento Bee.
His legislation, Assembly Bill 2965, would give as many as 114,000 uninsured illegal aliens access to Medi-Cal programs. A companion bill has been sponsored by State Sen. Richard Lara.
But that could just be a drop in the bucket. The Democrats’ plan covers more than 100,000 illegal aliens with annual incomes bless than $25,000, however an estimated 1.3 million might be eligible based on their earnings.
In addition, it is estimated that 20 percent of those living in California illegally are uninsured – the $250 million covers just 11 percent.
So, will politicians soon be asking California taxpayers once again to dip into their pockets to pay for the remaining 9 percent?
Before they ask for more, Democrats have to win the approval of Gov. Jerry Brown, who cautioned against spending away the state’s surplus when he introduced his $190 billion budget proposal in January.
Given Brown’s openness to expanding Medi-Cal expansions in recent years, not to mention his proclivity for blindly supporting any measure benefitting lawbreaking immigrants, the latest fiscal irresponsibility may win approval.

And if he takes a pass, the two Democrats most likely to succeed Brown – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – favor excessive social spending and are actively courting illegal immigrant support.

Blasting Trump, Gang Report Covers for MS-13

Flipping the MS-13-gangsters-as-animals script, a new study blames President Donald Trump’s immigration policies for everything from “community tensions” to “exploiting public fear.”
In a 59-page report long on rhetoric but short on evidence, the New York Immigrant Coalition and CUNY’s Immigrant and Non-Citizen Rights Clinic allow that “MS-13 is undoubtedly violent,” yet assure that “the gang is not, by far, responsible for the majority of crimes committed” in New York.
The majority of crimes? That’s a pretty high bar, which leaves a lot of clearance below.
The authors take particular umbrage at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “Operation Matador,” which “targets violent gang members and their associates” (as if that were a bad thing).
“The most troubling aspect of Matador is that it leads to increased local law enforcement collaboration with ICE,” the study notes. Horrors!
Without evidence, “Swept Up in the Sweep” declares, “By broadly casting immigrant Latinx [the gender-neutral term for Latino and Latina]youth as gang members to be targeted for incarceration and deportation, even the outward pretense of basic rights and due process is pushed to the side.” 
Support for these sweeping assertions come from an “interactions survey” of immigration lawyers, advocates, and community leaders. “The accounts shared of impacted individuals are filtered through perspectives of self-selected service providers,” the report explains, while neglecting to enumerate – or even mention — MS-13 crimes.
Confirmation bias, anyone?
Loaded up with anecdotes, the study’s authors downplay or dismiss actual criminal evidence gathered by the Department of Homeland Security, which includes matches in national, state and local gang databases; police reports; arrest records; school records; ICE interviews; Homeland Security Investigations reports; and detention records.
All of which leads to the report’s inevitable and illogical recommendation: Eliminate gang databases altogether.
Amid its dubious claims and misguided assumptions, the report does contain one grain of truth. To wit: DHS does not need to make any showing of gang affiliation to initiate removal proceedings.
“Being undocumented alone is a sufficient basis,” the authors acknowledge.
Wherever MS-13 members fall on the zoological ladder, reasonable humans can stand on that point of immigration law.