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did you ever hear of HOMELESSNESS before Obama and his banksters showed up???






Barack Obama Lectures World on Racial, Wealth Inequality in South Africa

Former U.S. President Barack Obama, left, delivers his speech at the 16th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tuesday, July 17, 2018. In his highest-profile speech since leaving office, Obama urged people around the world to respect human rights and other values under threat …
AP Photo/Themba Hadebe

Former President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered the 16th annual Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa and called for greater global wealth redistribution, scolding the rich for having more money than they need.

“For almost all countries, progress is going to depend on an inclusive market-based system – one that offers education for every child, that protects collective bargaining and secures the rights of every worker,” Obama began. “That breaks up monopolies to encourage competition and small and medium-sized businesses and has laws that root out corruption and ensures fair dealing in business, that maintains some form of progressive taxation so that rich people are still rich, but they’re giving a little bit back to make sure that everybody else has something to pay for universal healthcare and retirement security, and invest in infrastructure and scientific research that builds platforms for innovation.”
The former president has raised eyebrows over his opulent lifestyle since departing the White House. Obama in February of 2017 vacationed in the British Virgin Islands with Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson and joined Oprah and Bruce Springsteen on a luxury cruise on Hollywood mogul David Geffen’s $590 million yacht in April of that year.
In a bizarre moment, the former president then criticized himself for amassing too large of a fortune. “I should add, by the way, right now I’m actually surprised by how much money I got, and let me tell you something, I don’t have half as much as most of these folks or a tenth or a hundred thou— there’s only so much you can eat, there’s only so big a house you can have, there’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough,” he lamented.
Obama also offered up criticism of the current state of race relations in the United States. “It is a plain fact that racial discrimination still exists in both the United States and South Africa,” Obama told attendees of the speech at Ellis Park Arena. “And it is also a fact that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized depression have created yawning disparities in income, and in wealth and in education, and in health, in personal safety, in access to credit.”
Obama opened by describing today’s times as “strange and uncertain,” adding that “each day’s news cycle is bringing more head-spinning and disturbing headlines.” These days “we see much of the world threatening to return to a more dangerous, more brutal, way of doing business,” he said.
This is the former president’s first visit to Africa since leaving office in early 2017. He stopped earlier this week in Kenya, where he visited the rural birthplace of his late father. Obama’s speech highlighted how the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was imprisoned for 27 years, kept up his campaign against what appeared to be insurmountable odds to end apartheid, South Africa’s harsh system of white minority rule.
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"In the decade following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the capitalist class has delivered powerful blows to the social position of the working class. As a result, the working class in the US, the world’s “richest country,” faces levels of economic hardship not seen since the 1930s."

"Inequality has reached unprecedented levels: the wealth of America’s three richest people now equals the net worth of the poorest half of the US population."

"Like Katrina, Hurricane Harvey has lifted the lid on the ugly reality of American society, exposing colossal levels of social inequality, pervasive poverty and ruling class criminality."

"The reason why these warnings have been ignored is not hard to fathom. They have been resolutely opposed by corporate interests, including the real estate industry, Wall Street and Big Oil. Their ability, operating through bribed politicians of  both parties, to veto and block elementary measures to protect the American people, exemplifies the complete subordination of all social needs under capitalism to the selfish drive of a corporate-financial oligarchy to accumulate ever greater levels of personal wealth and profit."

"These figures present a scathing indictment of the social order that prevails in America, the world’s wealthiest country, whose government proclaims itself to be the globe’s leading democracy. They are just one manifestation of the human toll taken by the vast and all-pervasive inequality and mass poverty. 

WALL STREET TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: DIE YOUNG… your company pension dies with you!

OBAMA-CLINTONOMICS to serve the filthy rich

The same period has seen a massive growth of social inequality, with income and wealth concentrated at the very top of American society to an extent not seen since the 1920s.

“This study follows reports released over the past several months documenting rising mortality rates among US workers due to drug addiction and suicide, high rates of infant mortality, an overall leveling off of life expectancy, and a growing gap between the life expectancy of the bottom rung of income earners compared to those at the top.”

OBAMA’S CRONY BANKSTERISM destroyed a 11 TRILLION DOLLARS in home equity… and they’re still plundering us!

Barack Obama created more debt for the middle class than any president in US history, and also had the only huge QE programs: $4.2 Trillion.

OXFAM reported that during Obama’s terms, 95% of the wealth created went to 
the top 1% of the world’s wealthy. 




A dashcam video of downtown Los Angeles on Christmas day reveals a stunning sight: hundreds of tents and lean-tos on the sidewalks that serve as shelter for the homeless. The scene is reminiscent of a third-world country. RICK MORAN / AMERICANTHINKER com







FREE WILBUR the PIG GOES VIRAL! - Vegan activist who stole a PIGLET soothes it with Elvis songs as they escape

Free Wilbur! Vegan activist who stole a PIGLET from a farm and soothed it with Elvis songs as they made their getaway is spared jail (while Wilbur is now living in an animal sanctuary)

A subsequent video clip of Omar visiting Wilbur at his new home went viral after American musician, and vegan activist, Moby shared it.


Wesley Omar was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty

He stole the pig in July after filming himself exposing conditions at the farm

He said he didn't take the pig home because his 'mother would have had a fit' but instead took it to a nearby sanctuary


Wesley Omar, 23, was sentenced him to a 12-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work

An animal activist has avoided jail after he stole a pig from a farm and brazenly filmed himself as he played Elvis music to the hog while it was sitting in the footwell of his car.

Wesley Omar, 23, was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work when the farmer pressed charges after seeing the video on YouTube.   

Omar also lost his investment-broking job as a result.

He pleaded guilty to theft of the three-month-old pig in July last year. 

Speaking after the hearing, Omar said he made the film to encourage people to question the need for eating meat.

He chose Belmont Farm, in Pickwell, near Melton in Leicestershire because it was local and he wanted to see how they operated.
The pig he stole is now named Wilbur and is happily living at an animal sanctuary.

A subsequent video clip of Omar visiting Wilbur at his new home went viral after American musician, and vegan activist, Moby shared it.

The farmer has now spent thousands of pounds upgrading security on the premises.

The video, shown to the court, begins with Omar saying he wants to 'check out how brilliant their meat is' and invites viewers to 'take a look for yourselves.'

He claimed the pigs were in filthy and cramped conditions with 'nothing to burrow in' and just 'a little chain to play with.'

In 2011, Belmont Farms Ltd was fined several thousand pounds by Trading Standards for  'a generally lax regime' and medically treating injured pigs in the farm's hospital pens.

Wesley Omar (front, right of centre), pictured with fellow animal rights activists outside Leicester Crown Court
Outside court, Omar who was accompanied by friends and fellow activists, said: 'The pig I took was grunting a bit in the car and needed calming down, so I put the radio on and it seemed to work.
'I wasn't planning to steal him, it just happened at the last minute and I took the nearest pig - I couldn't take them all.
'I know I broke the law, which was wrong, but at least I saved a life.
'I rang someone I knew at a sanctuary and took the pig straight there - I didn't take it home, my mother would have had a fit.'

Wilbur the pig (left in the footwell of Omar's car) is now living in an animal sanctuary

Vegan activist films himself after stealing a pig from farm

Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: 'I accept you were doing it for a cause you believe in, but to act unlawfully for a cause is a criminal offence.
'You may feel you achieved something by the video being aired in this court and the publicity.'

Pictured: Wesley Omar, 23, before he freed the piggy
The judge said Omar was entitled to express his beliefs but not through criminal activity, which interfered with the rights of the farmer, who had incurred loss through the £6,000 cost of upgrading security.

He told Omar: 'Your acts were extremely childish.'

James Armstrong-Holmes, mitigating, said: 'His intentions were somewhat humane.

'The pig is at a sanctuary and will live its life fully.

'It can't be taken back as there's a potential risk of contamination.
'He lost his job as an investment broker.

'He now plans to study psychology at the University of Derby.

'He doesn't intend to do anything like this again and intends to focus on his studies.'







A group of determined volunteers in Alabama spent 30 hours successfully rescuing a seven-week-old deaf puppy from a 50-foot hole Friday, according to video footage of the rescue.



Saved from the slaughterhouse: Helpless puppies among 170 dogs freed from South Korean canine meat farm before they can be electrocuted and turned into soup







The three puppies were abandoned at the side of a road in an unknown location in India. The dogs were encased in hardened tar before rescuers freed them and reunited them with their mother.



Back from the dead!


Family who took their boxer to the vet to be euthanized are stunned to find out she was put up for adoption and given a new name instead








A group of determined volunteers in Alabama spent 30 hours successfully rescuing a seven-week-old deaf puppy from a 50-foot hole Friday, according to video footage of the rescue.



Saved from the slaughterhouse: Helpless puppies among 170 dogs freed from South Korean canine meat farm before they can be electrocuted and turned into soup







The three puppies were abandoned at the side of a road in an unknown location in India. The dogs were encased in hardened tar before rescuers freed them and reunited them with their mother.



Back from the dead!


Family who took their boxer to the vet to be euthanized are stunned to find out she was put up for adoption and given a new name instead



Illegal Aliens:
If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. For more information, please visit www.ice.gov.
You may also contact the Border Patrol Sector where the illegal aliens are located, and ask them to investigate further.


Kevin De Léon is the LA RAZA “The Race” FASCIST SUPREMACIST for U.S. Senate.


De Léon holds far-left views on immigration, gun control, and other issues. Last year, he admitted that half of his family was in the country illegally. Earlier this year, he appointedan illegal alien to a statewide office. He is also the author of SB 54, one of the three surviving “sanctuary state” laws that the Trump administration challenged earlier this year.

 THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S WAR ON AMERICA’S LEGAL WORKERS, BORDERS AND LAWS as they build the LA RAZA welfare state on our backs.

One in every eleven persons born in Mexico has gone to the U.S. The National Review reported that in 2014 $1.87 billion was spent on incarcerating illegal immigrant criminals….Now add hundreds of billions for welfare and remittances!  MICHAEL BARGO, Jr…… for the AMERICAN THINKER.COM

"Chairman of the DNC Keith Ellison was even spotted wearing a shirt stating, "I don't believe in borders" written in Spanish.

According to a new CBS news poll, 63 percent of Americans in competitive congressional districts think those crossing illegally should be immediately deported or arrested.  This is undoubtedly contrary to the views expressed by the Democratic Party.

Their endgame is open borders, which has become evident over the last eight years.  Don't for one second let them convince you otherwise." Evan Berryhill Twitter @EvBerryhill.



"Mexican president candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for mass immigration to the United States, declaring it a "human right". We will defend all the (Mexican) invaders in the American," Obrador said, adding that immigrants "must leave their towns and find a life, job, welfare, and free medical in the United States."


"Fox’s Tucker Carlson noted Thursday that Obrador has previously proposed granting AMNESTY TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. “America is now Mexico’s social safety net, and that’s a very good deal for the Mexican ruling class,” Carlson added."

"Many Americans forget is that our country is located against a socialist failed state that is promising to descend even further into chaos – not California, the other one. And the Mexicans, having reached the bottom of the hole they have dug for themselves, just chose to keep digging by electing a new leftist presidente who wants to surrender to the cartels and who thinks that Mexicans have some sort of “human right” to sneak into the U.S. and demographically reconquer it." KURT SCHLICHTER

National Guard deployment led to more than 10,000 arrests of illegal immigrants, says CBP

Border Patrol National Guard
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and Border Patrol agents apprehended thousands of people that guardsmen helped point out.

The National Guard's deployment to the southwest border in mid-April has led to 10,805 "deportable alien arrests" of people who illegally entered the United States from Mexico, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman said Monday.
Because guardsmen are military personnel and not law enforcement officers, they cannot apprehend illegal immigrants. But CBP officers and Border Patrol agents apprehended thousands of people that guardsmen helped point out.
The National Guard's presence also helped lead to the interception of more than 3,300 others who were turned back before they crossed into the U.S., CBP press secretary Corry Schiermeyer said in an email to the Washington Examiner. The Guard's deployment has also led to an additional 11,686 pounds of marijuana being seized as a result of their work.
There are 1,601 National Guard troops at the border assisting with various surveillance, maintenance, and related operations. That number could tick up considerably if the 4,000 National Guard troops President Trump approved on April 4 are called on in a future request from CBP.
Troops are providing support from the air, surveillance backup, and assistance with infrastructure projects like vegetation clearing and road maintenance, not including border wall construction. Another task is to specifically free up agents to leave their desks and get back out to the field. The troops monitoring remote video surveillance systems have then been able to report sightings to a greater field of agents, and thus the number of apprehensions has increased, officials said.
The deployment is funded through the end of fiscal 2018, Sept. 30. Ronald Vitiello, then-acting CBP deputy commissioner, said in April the intent of the mission is for CBP to regain operational control of the border.

MONICA SHOWALTER - MEXICO'S MEDDLING IN U.S. ELECTIONS - Will Mexico elect all future Presidents?

Still waiting for the outrage on Mexico's (and everyone else's) election meddling

With all the treason-shrieking and media howls about supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election, it was refreshing to hear Fox News host Tucker Carlson pour some cold water onto this fever swamp. Here was Carlson, last night:
Carlson brings some needed perspective to what goes on in international affairs:  Nations don’t have friends, or even enemies; just interests. There was a famous quote from 19th century U.K. Prime Minister Lord Palmerston that phrased it well: “England has no eternal friends, England has no perpetual enemies, England has only eternal and perpetual interests.”
By contrast, America is the home of one of the most laughed-at ideas that goes on in international affairs – and we can still see traces of it in the current Trump-Putin hysteria: Harry Stimson’s claim against spying on the grounds that “gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.”
Nobody disputes the stupidity of that one.
Now we have all this yelling about Russian electoral interference as if it were unique, singular, unusually diabolical, and unprecedented.
Carlson brings up the Mexican election interference (and a lot of meddling that has followed since on the issue of tariffs), and Mexico isn’t the only one.
Here is what I wrote about the Mexican case earlier:
While I am no fan of the tariffs, and certainly don't think the leftist, anti-American steelworkers union deserves any succor from Trump, I am even less of a fan of Mexico's politicized tariff moves, targeted at specific voters, punishing those it disagrees with to make them pay – and, by extension, boosting leftists, the same leftist Democrats its own illegals are known to vote for.
Can't you just see them?  Slinking around, poring over trade statistics, looking for the actual addresses of U.S. manufacturers of goods bought in their country, maybe even sending their spies or "diplomats" to these counties to gather intelligence, and then matching these places of manufacture to a database of U.S. counties that voted for President Trump?  That's what they did.
Mexico has done amazing amounts of meddling in our elections, particularly the last one.  It was the only nation that openly advertised to its nationals to come over to its diplomatic consulates (not places U.S. nationals are allowed to go to) and register to vote in U.S. elections, something that in California undoubtedly led to a lot of Mexican nationals voting and the resulting cancellation of Americans' votes, meaning the disenfranchisement of American voters.  That's a foreign policy objective for them.
California, understand, does not check if voters are illegal and on its voter signature form and has slyly changed its "I certify I am a U.S. citizen" to "I certify I am a U.S. resident" to avoid prosecuting illegals for voting.  Mexico knows this well.  With Mexico registering the voters of what is not its own country, but a foreign country, you can bet a lot of illegal voting has come courtesy of the Mexican government.

The Mexicans also had a government-linked entity run ads in their own country urging their nationals to encourage their American relatives (not distinguishing citizen from non-citizen) to vote here in the U.S. – for Democrats, of course.

That’s a heckuva a lot of meddling and a lot more than the computer hacks, the piddly Facebook ads, and the uncertainty sown by RT News, which is about the extent of this.
The big, big players in fact were, surprise, the U.K. and Australia, America’s purported closest allies.
Here I wrote about the mess Australia made on the U.S. election trail:
Now a new investigative report suggests a reason why: turns out Australia had been meddling in our election, in a failed bid to ensure Hillary Clinton's victory.  The Hill reports that Downer had earlier dispensed some $25 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation back in 2006, leaving Australia in a position to ask for some fancy favors from the Democrats.  It's far from the only instance.  Clarice Feldman notes in an email: "The only documented meddling in the election was by Australians."  She sent links to stories showing that illegal campaign donations went to Bernie Sanders from Australian sources, which resulted in a fine for Sanders, and the Australian Labor Party sent operatives to work against President Trump.  Meddling, indeed.
It's the Australian ruling party, the Liberal Party, that meddled most.  Turns out Alexander Downer, the supposedly untainted, dispassionate outside source that fingered one of President Trump's young advisers in London who had had contacts with Russian sources as a likely national security concern, was anything but dispassionate.  He was in bed with the Clintons all along, shoveling the $25 million in Australian government cash into the Clinton Foundation coffers back in 2006.  Not surprisingly, he's a member of the same Liberal Party as Turnbull, and with the London embassy post an important one for Australia, you can bet they were tight.
And one I didn’t write about was the U.K., which left a string of circumstantial crumbs – from Christopher Steele’s role in creating the phony “pee” dossier about Donald Trump (colluding with Sidney Blumenthal) to other stuff.
And don’t think it doesn’t go two ways. Some lefty scholar assembled a list of 81 elections the U.S. has been known to have interfered in here. Several stick out in my mind: First, President Obama openly interfered with a recent election in Israel in a bid to get Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu unseated. He also was known to have spied, bigtime, on Israeli diplomatic and government missions.
There was also Russia, 1996, which assured the re-election of Boris Yeltsin, a poor, hammered drunk who was so unfit to run the country he couldn’t even campaign. The alternative was an avowed communist, which would have been a mess, but there you have it, and don’t think Putin isn’t aware of this.
The U.S. also interfered substantially, via the Soros front groups, in Ukraine, to throw out Viktor Yanukovich, something that rather negates the hands-off attitude of the hand-wringers in the Russia-Trump case. You can bet Putin remembers that even more vividly, and has decided two can play that game.
Now let’s go back to Australia, where the U.S. intelligence community seems to have done its darndest to try to throw out an Australian prime minister, as documented in the Christopher Boyce espionage case of the 1970s, the old Falcon and Snowman story. Well? What can we say here.
Electoral interference is the norm, because nations have interests, not friends. Sorry, neo-Stimsonites. Carlson had it right.

‘Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry.’  

‘California has the highest rate of inactive registrations of any state in the country. Los Angeles County has the highest number of inactive registrations of any single county in the country’

''California is going to be a Hispanic state," said Mario Obeldo, former head of MALDEF. "Anyone who does not like it should leave."

Texas Opens Another Voter Fraud Investigation in Rio Grande Valley

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 8: Maryjane Medina, 18, a first time voter, walks up to polling booth to cast her vote at a polling station set-up at Watts Towers Arts Center on November 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Office of the Texas Attorney General is investigating a voter fraud complaint which allegedly occurred during a recent water utility company board election in the Rio Grande Valley.

Eric Sanchez, 33, a Mission businessman, lost by three votes to incumbent Cesar Rodriguez, Jr., 35, for a seat on the Agua Special Utility District (SUD) board. The water utility is a nonprofit corporation that provides water and sewer services to more than 14,500 customers in the western Hidalgo County cities of Mission, La Joya, Penitas, and Sullivan City.
The Progress Times reported the complaint alleged that that Sanchez discovered seven people registered to vote from the same address – Rodriguez’s residence. However, only two of these people actually lived in the 1,900 square foot home. According to Hidalgo County Elections Department records, these individuals were Rodriguez’s relatives who voted using the incumbent’s home address. Reportedly, the relatives either registered to vote or updated their voter registrations between March 22 and 28. Early voting began in late April for the May 5 election.
Rodriguez first won his Agua SUD campaign in 2014. According to the county’s election records, only 11 people cast ballots and he prevailed by one vote. He works as a student discipline compliance officer for the La Joya Independent School District.
The Mission newspaper indicated that Sanchez filed the complaint in April. The Office of the Texas Secretary of State referred it to the AG’s office on May 30. Now, the case is in the hands of the AG’s Criminal Investigations Division.
“I’m not going to let it go,” said Sanchez, according to the Progress Times. “I was cheated.” He hoped the investigation would deter future voter fraud in western Hidalgo County.
The board race between Sanchez and Rodriguez reflected only one of numerous alleged conflicts of interest and potential corruption schemes plaguing the water district.
In 2017, state Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen) filed Senate Bill 814, prompted by concerns that four of the seven Agua SUD board members worked for La Joya ISD. Hinojosa posed that such a board majority gave one side political control over the water board. The Monitor quoted Hinojosa as saying the “La Joya school district is the largest employer within the Agua SUD and they have a majority of board members who work for La Joya ISD.”
SB 814 prohibited Agua SUD board members from working for other state “taxing entities” and blocked them from hiring each other’s board members as employees. Still, the water district found a loophole before the bill passed.
Then-Agua SUD Executive Director Oscar Cansino approved two five year employment contracts. One was an agreement with Oscar “Coach” Salinas, the water district’s community relations coordinator and La Joya ISD school board president. The other contract was with Armin Garza, a utility project manager and the La Joya ISD board vice president.
Hinojosa’s bill became law on September 1, 2017. Subsequently, Salinas and Garza were terminated but because of the created contracts, although these two men split a total of $489,000 in severance pay — $221,000 to Salinas and $268,000 to Garza. McAllen-based accounting firm Burton, McCumber, and Longoria called these payouts “abuse” because Agua SUD knew those employment contracts were signed as SB 814 waited before the Texas Legislature.
This January, the investigative Texas Rangers launched a probe into Agua SUD at the request of Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez to determine if any criminal offenses occurred regarding those contracts and severance payments.
In 2007, Agua SUD replaced the La Joya Water Supply Corporation through Senate Bill 3, Two years earlier, the water supply company was shut down after a state audit revealed that at least $170,000 it “collected from customers paying for metered water sales” went missing over a six-month period. La Joya Water later went into receivership.
Illegal voting is a second degree felony that carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine if an individual is found guilty of this crime.
In June, a Texas District Court judge tossed the results of a Democrat May primary runoff race for a justice of the peace (JP) seat in nearby Kleberg County and ordered up a new election following similar voter fraud allegations.
Breitbart Texas reported that challenger Ofelia “Ofie” Gutierrez contested the results of the Kleberg County Democrat primary election for Precinct 4 JP against longtime incumbent Esequiel “Cheque” De La Paz. She then sued her opponent. In court, Gutierrez’s attorney argued that five adults registered to vote used De La Paz’s home address and two others did not live in the county. This netted seven questionable ballots cast by individuals either related to De La Paz or connected to members of his immediate family.
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