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Chris Christie Says U.S. Needs to Reopen and Accept More Deaths

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Riccardo Savi/Getty for Concordia Summit
Riccardo Savi/Getty for Concordia Summit
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Monday that the American economy needs to reopen quickly and that tens of thousands of more Americans may die from the novel coronavirus, insisting that Americans are “gonna have to” accept that.
Speaking to CNN correspondent Dana Bash on her The Daily DC podcast, Christie—who now works as an ABC News contributor—pushed for the reversal of stay-at-home orders in order to open up businesses and ramp up economic activity.
Confronted with recent models that now show that as many as 135,000 Americans will die due to decreased social distancing amid the pandemic, Christie essentially threw up his hands and said there really wasn’t a choice.
“Of course, everybody wants to save every life they can—but the question is, towards what end, ultimately?” Christie said. “Are there ways that we can thread the middle here to allow that there are going to be deaths, and there are going to be deaths no matter what?”
Echoing previous comments he’s made that the country cannot wait to reopen the economy, the former Trump transition team member asserted that “we’re going to destroy the American way of life” if people don’t immediately get back to work.
Bash then asked the ex-governor if the public could accept reopening following reports that an administration model is now projecting a daily death toll of 3,000 by June 1. 
“They’re gonna have to,” Christie bluntly replied. “We’re in the midst of a pandemic that we haven’t seen in over 100 years. And we’re going to have to continue to do things.”
Asked how he would tell the American public about the need to reopen if he were the president, Christie responded: “The message is that the American people have gone through significant death before.”
“We sent our young men during World War II over to Europe, out to the Pacific, knowing, knowing that many of them would not come home alive,” he said. “And we decided to make that sacrifice because what we were standing up for was the American way of life. In the very same way now, we have to stand up for the American way of life.”
About half the states have begun to reopen public spaces and their economies in recent days despite cases growing in many areas and the confirmed U.S. death count from coronavirus approaching 70,000. President Donald Trump, who has called for states to “LIBERATE,” casually conceded during a Sunday Fox News town hall that the final death toll could reach 100,000 after claiming just a few weeks ago that it would be half that number.


Texas Attorney General: Jailing Salon Owner Was a ‘Shameful Abuse’

Salon owner Shelley Luther adjusts her hair while listening to a question after she was cited by City of Dallas officials for reopening her Salon A la Mode in Dallas, Friday, April 24, 2020. Hair salons have not been cleared for reopening in Texas. Luther was asked by officials to …
AP File Photo/LM Otero

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton called the jailing of a Dallas salon owner “excessive” and a “shameful abuse” as they called for her to release. A district court judge ordered the salon owner and mother jailed for seven days for re-opening her salon during the Coronavirus lockdown imposed by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
“I find it outrageous and out of touch that during this national pandemic, a judge, in a county that actually released hardened criminals for fear of contracting COVID-19, would jail a mother for operating her hair salon in an attempt to put food on her family’s table,” Attorney General Paxton said in a written statement on Wednesday. “The trial judge did not need to lock up Shelley Luther. His order is a shameful abuse of judicial discretion, which seems like another political stunt in Dallas. He should release Ms. Luther immediately.”

Shelley Luther should immediately be released from jail. Locking her up is a misguided abuse of power, especially considering Dallas County released real criminals to “protect them from COVID-19.”

Release her now so she can return to her family.

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Texas District Court Judge Eric Moyé ordered Luther to jail for seven days beginning on Tuesday evening for contempt of court, Breitbart Texas reported. During a contempt hearing held on Zoom, the judge offered Luther the opportunity to apologize to elected officials “she disrespected” in order to stay out of jail.
Judge Moyé said she must see the errors of her ways and “understand that the society cannot function where one’s own belief in a concept of liberty permits you to flaunt your disdain for the rulings of duly elected officials.”
“That you owe an apology to the elected officials who you disrespected by flagrantly ignoring, and in one case defiling, their orders you now know obviously apply to you,” Moyé lectured. “That you understand that the proper way in which an ordered society to engage concerns that you might have had is to hire a lawyer and advocate for change an exception or an amendment to laws that you find offensive.”
Governor Abbott followed up, saying, “I join the Attorney General in disagreeing with the excessive action by the Dallas Judge, putting Shelley Luther in jail for seven days. As I have made clear through prior pronouncements, jailing Texans for non-compliance with executive orders should always be the last available option. Compliance with executive orders during this pandemic is important to ensure public safety; however, surely there are less restrictive means to achieving that goal than jailing a Texas mother.”
Luther replied to Moyé  during the conference, “I have to disagree with you sir when you that I’m selfish [for re-opening the salon].” Salon Á la Mode owner Shelly Luther told Judge Eric Moyé during a contempt of court proceeding broadcast on the internet and tweeted by CBSDFW reporter Andrea Lucia, “because feeding my kids is not selfish.”
Earlier on Wednesday, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz expressed his concern over the Dallas judge’s action. “7 days in jail for cutting hair??? This is NUTS,” the junior senator from Texas tweeted. “And government officials don’t get to order citizens to apologize to them for daring to earn a living.”

A spokesperson for Luther’s attorney’s office, Norred Law, told Breitbart Texas they plan to file a writ of habeas corpus on Luther’s behalf with the Texas Supreme Court later on Wednesday. The spokesperson said they have not been allowed to speak with Luther and do not know her current condition or situation in the jail.
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior news contributor for the Breitbart Texas-Border team. He is an original member of the Breitbart Texas team. Price is a regular panelist on Fox 26 Houston’s What’s Your Point? Sunday-morning talk show. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX and Facebook.




House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties   Audible Audiobook – Abridged


How did the Bushes, America's most powerful political family, become gradually seduced by and entangled with their Saudi counterparts?
Why did the Bush administration approve the secret airlift of 140 Saudis, including two dozen relatives of Osama bin Laden, just after September 11? Did one of the Saudi royals on the planes have any advance knowledge of the attacks?
What specifically chosen words did George W. Bush say on national television during the 2000 election campaign to trigger Muslim support? How did Saudi-funded Islamic groups propel Bush to victory in Florida, thus winning him the presidency?
The answers to these questions lie in a largely hidden relationship between the House of Bush and the House of Saud that began in the mid-1970s. An amazing weave of money, power, and influence, it takes place all over the globe and involves war, covert operations, and huge deals in oil and defense industries. But, most horrifyingly of all, the secret liasion between these two great families helped trigger the Age of Terror and give rise to the tragedy of 9-11.

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This book will test you. When you wonder aloud why Congress doesn’t get anything done, foreign wars continue without reason and deficits are so high, most are unable to see the cause. Unger doesn’t explain it all but he explains the relationship between money and power better than any book I’ve read to date.

The storyline of the book takes you through how the rich Saudi ruling class and really a group of Texan oilmen bonded over business. When you read about the genesis of the relationship in the 70s during the first part of the book, it looked merely like the cozy insider-only type of stuff that is common in the fabric of corporate America and most human relationships.

But the nuance Unger uncovers with his hawk-like ability to pull minutiae from rivers of source material outlines a darker agenda. His fact finding mission lays bare a Saudi elite trying to nudge the levers of power in Washington. And with this insight, Unger explains the nearly invisible pattern in which money buys powers in America. Unger’s work uncovers so many conspicuous connections amongst so many smart, ambitious men that coincidence is ruled out as the cause. Complicity makes the case here as well as any outsider like Unger can.

But the circumstantial nature of this book cannot be completely swept away. Unger has grokked the nefarious nature of this relationship but is missing the proverbial smoking gun. There is no ipso facto ‘A funded B which lead to C relationship’ outlined in the book. The closest we get to this as a reader is when the Bin Laden family and other Saudi royals are ferried out of the country while the FAA has all airspace on lockdown, a fascinating story that makes the TSA’s security theatre we endure at every airport comically irksome.

Recommending this book is easy, but to whom I would make that recommendation is difficult. If you sometimes watch/read the news with an open mind and wonder, “How did we get to this place?”, then I’d put this book on your list. If you’re knowledge of the middle east and current events is low, try paying attention to that news first, watch for the patterns and then read this to learn the connections. Most importantly though, any citizen trying to understand the ways in which money buys power in the modern nation-state needs to read this book.



Josh Hawley: Abolish the World Trade Organization in Wake of Coronavirus

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

5 May 2020414
Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) says the World Trade Organization (WTO) should be abolished in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus.
In an op-ed for the New York Times, Hawley credits the WTO with helping to empower “China’s rise” while weakening American workers:

But in the early 1990s, with America’s principal adversary gone, Western policymakers were in a messianic frame of mind. President George H.W. Bush promised a “new world order” of “open borders, open trade … and open minds,” a new international system based on liberal values to bring peace to the world. He and other internationalists wanted a new economic system to match. [Emphasis added]
Take the World Trade Organization. Its mandate was to promote free trade, but the organization instead allowed some nations to maintain trade barriers and protectionist workarounds, like China, while preventing others from defending themselves, like the United States. Foreign agriculture won concession after concession, while American farmers struggled to get fair access to markets.Meanwhile, the W.T.O. required American workers to compete against Chinese forced labor but did next to nothing to stop Chinese theft of American intellectual property and products. [Emphasis addd]
Under the W.T.O.’s auspices, capital and goods moved across borders easier than before, no doubt, but so did jobs. And too many jobs left America’s borders for elsewhere. As factories closed, workers suffered, from small towns to the urban core. Inflation-adjusted, working wages stagnated and upward mobility flatlined. [Emphasis added]
Enough is enough. The W.T.O. should be abolished, and along with it, the new model global economy. The quest to turn the world into a liberal order of democracies was always misguided. It always depended on unsustainable American sacrifice and force of arms. And its companion economic order has, in a similar vein, succeeded mostly in weakening American workers and industry. [Emphasis added]
The U.S., Hawley writes, ought to “seek new arrangements and new rules” to restore the nation’s economic sovereignty — which includes returning to the economic system before the WTO’s creation, where reciprocal trade “protected our national interests and the nation’s workers.” Hawley writes:
That means returning production to this country, securing our critical supply chains and encouraging domestic innovation and manufacturing. It means striking trade deals that are truly mutual and truly beneficial for America and walking away when they are not. It means building a new network of trusted friends and partners to resist Chinese economic imperialism.
Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted and China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO), nearly five million American manufacturing jobs have been eliminated from the American economy — 3.4 million of which are due to U.S. free trade with China. The mass elimination of working- and middle-class jobs and depressed U.S. wages due to NAFTA and China’s entering the WTO have coincided with a more than 600 percent increase in trade deficits.
Of the 3.4 million American jobs lost due to free trade with China, about 2.6 million — or about three-fourths — were lost in the crippled manufacturing industry. U.S. trade deficits with China have eliminated American jobs in all 50 states.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


Bush Center Slams Trump: We Want More Migration

1 AP Photo/Seth Wenig
3 May 202022
The economics director at President George W. Bush’s advocacy center slammed President Donald Trump’s popular, pro-American immigration policy.
The May 1 slam came just before Bush posted a May 2 video urging national unity in the coronavirus crash that has pushed more than 25 million Americans out of jobs.
“The most important thing to remember in this is that we don’t want [Trump’s] temporary policy to become permanent immigration policy,” economic director Laura Collins said a video posted on the center’s Twitter account. She continued:
We know immigrants are good for the economy. We know they’re good for our culture. We know they’re in this fight with us together, and we’re going to meet them working with us side by side in any recovery after the pandemic is over.
Trump’s April 22 immigration policy says the economic needs of American employees are more important than the immigration preferences of foreigners. His policy temporarily trims the annual inflow of legal immigrants and directs agencies to review visa worker programs in 30 days.
Polls show the public — including recent immigrants — is overwhelmingly aligned with Trump in prioritizing jobs for Americans over welcomes for legal immigrants.
The visa worker programs targeted by Trump are extremely important to the Fortune 500. In response, the companies’ lobbyists and progressives allies have quickly launched a hard-nosed lobbying campaign and a soft-focus PR campaign to protect the programs and mass migration.
The Bush center has joined the #AllofUS campaign.

Immigrants and native-born Americans have always been on the same team driving American innovation and economic growth. It will take #AllOfUS, working together, to restore the United States. 

Jose Andres, NAACP and others launch pro-immigrant coronavirus

Congress now accepts 1 million legal immigrants per year.
It also allows companies to keep roughly 2 million cheap and complaint foreign visa-workers in U.S. jobs. The 2 million workforce includes roughly 1.5 million foreign white-collar visa workers, plus roughly 400,000 foreign blue-collar guest workers, in professional or seasonal jobs needed by roughly 26 million unemployed Americans.
Collins touted the corporate PR campaign, dubbed #AllofUs, in her video slamming Trump’s pro-employee policy.

.@LVTCollins explains how it will take #AllOfUs, immigrants and native-born Americans, to defeat COVID-19. And once our nation emerges from quarantine, it will take all of us working together to restart our economy.

“The stated objectives of this executive order were to preserve medical supplies in a pandemic for American immigrants already here and to preserve job openings in any recovery for American workers that can be first in line,” Collins said her video posted May 1.
She continued:
Unfortunately, this executive order is not going to accomplish either of those objectives.
First of all, the virus affects all of us equally. It doesn’t care who we are, or where we’re from. Current travel restrictions and quarantine protocols in place, protect us from viral spread regardless of where we’re from. And so there’s not really a need to prevent more people from coming in in terms of slowing down viral spread. We know the virus is here and it’s spreading. And what we’re doing is working.
However, Collins’ main focus is the economic worry that Trump’s reform may permanently reduce the unending inflow of foreign workers, consumers, and renters preferred by CEOs and investors. She said:
We know immigrants are good for the economy. We know immigrants don’t compete with native-born Americans for jobs. And we know that before the pandemic, there were millions of unfilled jobs in the United States.
If we assume that in any recovery, all those jobs come back, every American that wants a job will have the ability to fill the jobs that were there. We’re still going to have shortages and we’re going to need immigrants there to help fill those jobs.
We simply don’t have a labor force at full employment, big enough to fill all the jobs in the economy.
Immigrants — like the birth of Americans’ children — help grow the economy. They expand the labor force, boost retail sales, spike real estate values, fuel the stock market, and expand the number of companies. A growing economy can be good for all — but it is especially good for wealthy people who can invest in company stocks.
Yet every annual wave of immigrants also causes much economic harm to the roughly 220 million Americans (and recent legal immigrants) who work for a living, or who are educating themselves to take jobs in a few years.
Every new wave of legal immigrants and illegal migrants competes for existing jobs and force down Americans’ wages. The arrivals also expand poverty, reduce pressure on investors to buy productivity-boosting machines, drive up the price of good housing, and add congestion to K-12 schools and universities.
Immigrants, and especially visa workers, also push Americans out of careers and technological research, and they distort Americans’ politics by expanding cultural diversity and identity politics.
Over the last 30 years, since George Bush’s father signed a 1990 bill roughly doubling immigration, the government’s massive inflow of immigrants has kept Americans wages almost flat (until 2018) and so has turbocharged the U.S. stock market.
The establishment’s immigration policy has worked with free trade to shift much wealth from middle-class employees and the heartland states towards the stock market and the major coastal cities.
Trump was elected in 2016 to help reverse the establishment’s economic policy.
Since  2017, he has mostly stopped illegal migration, and he pushed wages up for blue-collars in 2018 and 2019. He has also trimmed legal immigration, and his April 22 policy sets the stage for incremental, significant reductions in the visa worker programs, such as the little-known B-1 and OPT visa programs.
Business lobbies strongly oppose reductions in immigration and visa workers.

Public opinion has shifted strongly against mass migration, so a bipartisan front of #AllofUScare billionaires is using

Christian & patriotic themes to help preserve their supply of wage-cutting workers & rent-raising consumers. 

'All of Us Care' Billionaires Defend Migration Using Christianity, Patriotism

Collins’ pro-migration views reflect George W. Bush’s pro-business leaning and his 2001 push to allow U.S. employers to bypass Americans and instead hire any willing workers from anywhere on the globe. The 2001 Twin Towers attack stopped Bush’s “Any Willing Worker” plan.
Collins insisted, “We know immigrants don’t compete with native-born Americans for jobs.”
But the Center for Immigration Studies reported in August 2018:
If immigrants “do jobs that Americans won’t do”, we should be able to identify occupations in which the workers are nearly all foreign-born. However, among the 474 separate occupations defined by the Department of Commerce, we find only a handful of majority-immigrant occupations, and none completely dominated by immigrants (legal or illegal). Furthermore, in none of the 474 occupations do illegal immigrants constitute a majority of workers.
For example, companies provide the reward of green cards to roughly 50,000 foreign visa-workers each year after those foreign workers have taken technology jobs from Americans via the H-1B and other visa programs.

Business groups warn the Trump administration: 'Extend work permits for our foreign visa-workers or we'll have "hundreds and thousands" of open jobs for unemployed American voters.'#H1B 

Fortune 500 to Agencies: Help Keep U.S. Jobs Filled with 200,000-plus Visa Workers

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Exclusive–Jeff Sessions: Why Bring Foreign Workers to U.S. When 30,000,000 Americans Are Jobless?


4 May 20204,746
United States Senate candidate Jeff Sessions says there is no shortage of American labor, calling out lawmakers and their “corporate friends” for supporting a continued flow of foreign workers to the U.S. to take jobs in the midst of mass unemployment.
In an exclusive interview with Alexander Marlow on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Sessions said it is critical that lawmakers defend the interests of unemployed Americans who have been laid off due to forced business closures spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.
“We have 30 million unemployed … We don’t have jobs in the United States,” Sessions said. “There are no jobs now. We’ll lay off more people this week then we did last week.”
“Why would we bring in foreign workers to take jobs when we don’t have jobs for the American people,” Sessions asked. “What theory is it that they’re operating under when they try to justify such a policy position? It’s certainly not in the interest of the American people. It’s in the interest of their corporate friends and some ideology that they adhere to … so I do think that it’s time for this Congress to deliver on its promises that the president made in the campaign.”
Sessions said more Republican lawmakers must be stepping up to the plate to take on China, holding the communist regime accountable for wrecking the U.S. economy. A select committee in the House and Senate, Sessions said, ought to be formed to determine the truth behind China’s role in spreading the coronavirus to the world.
“Where are the rest of the Republicans? Where are they? I mean this is a big issue,” Sessions said. “This party owes it to the American people to defend our interests — American interests. And I don’t think there’s been near enough action.”
“I would think the first thing we need to do is to rally the people who understand the significance of this and have what I call for, is a select committee to study this pandemic and how it started,” Sessions continued. “We did that after the attack on Pearl Harbor … where House and Senate appoint select members of congress … and the charge is what did China know and what did they do, when did they act on it or not, and did they lie about it? The world needs to know.”
As Breitbart has reported, existing U.S. legal immigration law greatly benefits China. Visa programs such as the EB-5 visa for wealthy foreign investors, the F-1 student visa, and J-1 visas allow about 180,000 Chinese nationals to enter the country every year in addition to the 60,000 to 70,000 Chinese nationals who secure green cards annually.
There are nearly 500,000 Chinese students in the U.S. in any given year — more than any other nation — taking seats in university classrooms and looking to eventually obtain Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization to take entry-level jobs in white-collar professions.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.