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HOW MANY LIVES AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS SQUANDERED FIGHTING FOR MUSLIM BORDERS WHEN OURS ARE LEFT OPEN AND UNDEFENDED TO PROVIDE LA RAZA WITH EASY ENTRE TO OUR JOBS??? * "This is country belongs to Mexico" is said by the Mexican Militant. This is a common teaching that the U.S. is really AZTLAN, belonging to Mexicans, which is taught to Mexican kids in Arizona and California through a LA Raza educational program funded by American Tax Payers via President Obama, when he gave LA RAZA $800,000.00 in March of 2009! * IN A TIME WHEN OBAMA PREACHES THAT NO DOLLAR SHOULD NOT BE SQUANDERED IN THE WARS OVER THERE TO PREVENT TERRORISM, HE CAN’T PUSH OUR BORDERS OPEN WIDE ENOUGH FOR MORE ILLEGALS! * * WIKILEAKS EXPOSES OBAMA’S AGENDA OF OPEN BORDERS WITH NARCOMEX * SUPPORT JUDICIAL WATCH AND THE FIGHT AGAINST OBAMA – LA RAZA & MEXICO’S ASSAULT ON LEGALS OF ARIZONA! OBAMA’S LONG HISTORY OF HISPANDERING AND OPEN BORDERS AGENDA * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, September 28, 2009 And T.J. BONNER, president of the National Border Patrol Council, will weigh in on the federal government’s decision to pull nearly 400 agents from the U.S.-Mexican border. As always, Lou will take your calls to discuss the issues that matter most-and to get your thoughts on where America is headed. * * From the Desk of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: JW’s New Client: Arizona State Legislature Seeks to Intervene in Federal Lawsuit to Defend AZ Immigration Law As you no doubt recall, the Obama administration has sued the State of Arizona over its new get-tough illegal immigration law, S.B. 1070. Judicial Watch has been representing Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce in court against this shameless legal assault. And just last week we added a new client: The Arizona State Legislature. On Friday, February 11, 2011, we filed a “Motion to Intervene” on behalf of the Arizona State Legislature in the Obama Justice Department lawsuit against the state of Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer paved the way for this intervention when she signed emergency legislation on February 7, 2011, authorizing the Arizona Legislature to retain counsel to help defend S.B. 1070. Here’s a squib from our motion: Under a newly enacted Arizona law, the Legislature has been authorized to defend S.B. 1070….Through this Motion, the Legislature now seeks permission to intervene as a defendant (joining the State of Arizona and Governor Brewer) for the purpose of defending its enactment, S.B. 1070, and the interests of the people of Arizona. In the motion, the Legislature argued that it “has a paramount interest in seeing that [the law’s] enactment is upheld.” In addition to the “Motion to Intervene,” Judicial Watch also filed a “Proposed Answer in Intervention” on behalf of the Arizona Legislature. The court filing counters the allegations proffered by the Obama Justice Department in its complaint challenging S.B. 1070. Among the Arizona Legislature’s key arguments: • [The Arizona Legislature] has a right to protect its citizens. • Arizona has a right to self defense under the Constitution, particularly when the federal government fails to protect it. • [The Arizona Legislature] complied with all relevant federal, state and local laws, including the Arizona Constitution and the [U.S.] Constitution [in crafting S.B. 1070]. • SB 1070 is not preempted by federal law or the Constitution. SB 1070 does not conflict with federal law, does not constitute an improper regulation of immigration, and Congress has not fully occupied the field. So how did all of this end up in court in the first place? On April 23, 2010, Governor Brewer signed into law S.B. 1070. On July 6, 2010, the Obama Justice Department filed a lawsuit challenging the law and requesting a preliminary injunction to prevent the law from being enforced. (As you may recall from the February 4, 2011, edition of the Weekly Update, Judicial Watch uncovered documents proving the Obama Justice Department worked hand-in-hand with the radical leftist ACLU to craft their respective legal strategies. More on that here.) On July 28, 2010, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton allowed some provisions of the law to be enforced while granting the Obama administration an injunction on other key provisions until the Court could determine whether or not these provisions are constitutional. The State of Arizona appealed Judge Bolton’s ruling which is now under review by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In our opinion, the Arizona State Legislature represents the people of Arizona and is right to defend S.B. 1070 against the Obama administration’s legal attack. The people of Arizona have suffered the effects of rampant illegal immigration for far too long. The Obama administration has taken a dangerous and nonsensical approach to illegal immigration, failing to secure the borders while at the same time attacking Arizona for simply trying to enforce the law and protect its citizens. We look forward to standing with the Arizona State Legislature, Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce, Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams and the people of Arizona in defense of the rule of law. JW considers this work on behalf of S.B. 1070 to be, perhaps, the most important litigation we’ve undertaken in our 17-year history. So much is at stake in this lawsuit. States across the country continue to struggle with the devastating consequences of illegal immigration. They’re looking to Arizona (and, I’m proud to say, your Judicial Watch) for guidance as to what they can do legally to protect themselves. The Obama administration, meanwhile, has fostered an air of lawlessness in response, enacting stealth amnesty, encouraging sanctuary cities to continue their illegal behavior, and then attacking states that try to enforce the law. Enough is enough. * APPARENTLY THE U.S. CHAMBER of COMMERCE, ENEMY No. 1 OF THE (LEGAL) AMERICAN WORKER, HAS GOTTEN THEIR CLAW$$$ ON BOTH PARTIES AND DEMANDED OPEN AND UNSECURE BORDERS FOR THE EASE OF ILLEGALS INTO OUR JOBS! AT A TIME WHEN THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS HAVE PROCLAIMED THE U.S. “AZTLAN” FREE OF BORDERS AND RIPE FOR THE LOOTING, OBAMA HAS CUT OUR DEFENSE AGAIN. EVEN AS HE FINDS BILLIONS TO SQUANDER ON MUSLIM DICTATORS OVER THERE! * * GOP Joins Obama To Cut Border Security Funding Last Updated: Tue, 02/15/2011 - 1:55pm Crucial border security programs are on the chopping block under a government spending bill proposed by Republicans, who have long called for strengthening security along the notoriously violent and porous southern border. The hypocritical move essentially puts Republicans on the same page as Democrats on a contentious issue that has long been the source of partisan battles. President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget, revealed just a few weeks ago, reduces the number of Border Patrol agents along the Mexican border by 180 and cuts $226 million in funding for an electronic “virtual fence.” The Republican government spending bill introduced just days ago slashes $600 million from border security and immigration enforcement funds. It would not reduce the number of Border Patrol agents but would decrease funding for border security fencing and technology by $350 million and a federal employment verification program (known as E-Verify) by about $33 million. House Republicans are touting the budget proposal as the “largest single discretionary spending reduction in the history of Congress.” It cuts government spending by a much-needed $100 billion at a time when the nation’s debt is $14 trillion, according to a statement released by the House Appropriations Committee. The entire Continuing Resolution can be viewed on the committee’s website. Ironically, Republicans blasted President Obama for not taking immigration enforcement seriously when his budget proposal was made public earlier this month. A ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Lamar Smith of Texas, even accused the commander-in-chief of leaving the nation vulnerable to future terrorist attacks by underfunding key national security programs along the southwest border. Other high-profile Republicans have also denounced the administration’s efforts to secure the Mexican border. Among them is House Speaker John Boehner, who recently said “the violence on America’s border is out of control and the federal government isn't doing its job.” Boehner was also critical of border enforcement under the George W. Bush administration. Now both parties have come together to slash funding for border security and the timing could not be worse. Mexican drug-cartel violence hit record levels in 2010 and more than 13,000 people were murdered in disturbing and cruel ways not commonly seen in previous years. In some areas the violence has spilled into U.S. communities, forcing local law enforcement agencies to create special units dedicated to combating criminal activity related to illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels. * * “The president's straddling can work for the time being. But unless he wants to end up in the sawdust, acrobat Obama will eventually have to hop on one horse and lead the way. That would have to be the horse named "Enforcement First." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR * “What's needed to discourage illegal immigration into the United States has been known for years: Enforce existing law.” ….. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR JUDICIAL With trillion dollar bailouts, government-run healthcare, banks and car companies, ACORN corruption, attacks on conservative media, illegal alien amnesty, unprecedented and dangerous new rights for terrorists, perks for campaign donors—this is the Obama legacy—and we haven't even gotten through the first year of his presidency! * New Stealth Federal Funding Bill for La Raza Which brings us to an extraordinary matter of some urgency. Several weeks before the White House and its Senate allies announced their big "breakthrough" legislation (S.1348), radicals in the House quietly introduced legislation to pump $5 million directly into La Raza next year — and $10 million per year for "each fiscal year thereafter." H. R. 1999, entitled the Hope Fund Act of 2007, should truthfully be labeled the "Perpetual Funding of La Raza Radicals Act." "This is country belongs to Mexico" is said by the Mexican Militant. This is a common teaching that the U.S. is really AZTLAN, belonging to Mexicans, which is taught to Mexican kids in Arizona and California through a LA Raza educational program funded by American Tax Payers via President Obama, when he gave LA RAZA $800,000.00 in March of 2009! * OBAMA STACKS HIS ADMINISTRATION WITH LA RAZA FASCIST PARTY MEMBERS! Immigration will be Obama's Waterloo. We now know Obama is a closet leftist radical who has a tin ear when it comes to listening to the American people. Obama has appointed immigration radicals to high positions in his Administration such as Hilda Solis (Secretary of Labor), Senior White House Advisor Celia Munoz (former Sr. Vice President of La Raza), and ICE’s William Hurtt. These actions stand in stark contrast to the clearly expressed will of the vast majority of American people, who want our existing immigration laws enforced, our border brought under control, and no grant of amnesty to millions of law breaking illegal aliens who are wreaking havoc on our society -- and who cost taxpaying Americans a lot of money. The American public will not permit mass amnesty to be granted to illegal aliens -- before or after November. Too many American citizens and legal residents understand the enormous stakes at play (including the very future of this country). Obama sees 12-20 million new voter registration cards – and he does not care if they are submitted by people who have no right to be in our country, whose first act coming here was to break our laws, and who if granted amnesty will literally bankrupt us. * Obama soft on illegals enforcement Arrests of illegal immigrant workers have dropped precipitously under President Obama, according to figures released Wednesday. Criminal arrests, administrative arrests, indictments and convictions of illegal immigrants at work sites all fell by more than 50 percent from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2009. The figures show that Mr. Obama has made good on his pledge to shift enforcement away from going after illegal immigrant workers themselves - but at the expense of Americans' jobs, said Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the Republican who compiled the numbers from the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Mr. Smith, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said a period of economic turmoil is the wrong time to be cutting enforcement and letting illegal immigrants take jobs that Americans otherwise would hold. * MOST OF THE FORTUNE 500 ARE GENEROUS DONORS TO LA RAZA – THE MEXICAN FASCIST POLITICAL PARTY. THESE FIGURES ARE DATED. CNN CALCULATES THAT WAGES ARE DEPRESSED $300 - $400 BILLION PER YEAR! “The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end.” Christian Science Monitor * OBAMA’S LONG HISTORY OF HISPANDERING…. Lou Dobbs Tonight CNN -- July 27 Pilgrim: Well presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama voiced support for yesterday's court ruling that struck down Hazleton's illegal immigration law. Senator Obama called the federal court ruling a victory for all Americans. The senator said comprehensive reform is needed so local communities do not continue to take matters into their own hands. Senator Obama was a supporter of the Senate's failed immigration bill, which would have given amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. * BUSH WAR PROFITEER, DIANNE FEINSTEIN IS A MAJOR DONOR TO BARACK OBAMA AND HAS THEREFORE AVOIDED ANY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS INTO HER HUSBANDS NUMEROUS CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS AND DEALS WITH RED CHINA. Lou Dobbs Tonight Friday, May 16, 2008 Some in Congress are once again trying to push piecemeal immigration reform through the back door. Sen. Diane Feinstein of California attached a farm worker program to the multibillion dollar Iraq war funding bill yesterday which would grant temporary amnesty to 1.3 million farm workers and their families over the next five years. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Wednesday, October 28, 2009 And WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, author of The Conscience of a Libertarian, says he sees parallels between President Obama and… Bernard Madoff. So does Root smell a big political Ponzi scheme brewing? The former Libertarian vice presidential candidate will explain. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, October 22, 2009 The federal government has declared war on Sheriff JOE ARPAIO of Maricopa County, Arizona, for enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. “America’s Toughest Sheriff” will give Lou an update. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Friday, October 16, 2009 E-Verify- the single most successful federal program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants out of the workforce- is once again threatened. This time, E-Verify was stripped from a Senate Amendment behind closed doors and without explanation. Instead of becoming a permanent program E-verify has been reduced to only three years. Critics are calling this a stall tactic and an attempt at killing an employment enforcement system. We will have a full report tonight. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, October 15, 2009 E-Verify -- the single most successful federal program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants out of the nation's workforce is once again being threatened. Permanent reauthorization for the program -- which has a 99.7-percent accuracy rate -- has been pulled from pending legislation. Now the program is set to expire in just 3-years. The change was made behind closed doors in the Senate -- without public comment or debate. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Wednesday, October 14, 2009 New attempts to put comprehensive immigration reform back on the front burner. Congressman Luis Gutierrez -- the chair of the Democratic Caucus Immigration Task Force -- is unveiling new legislation that would call for amnesty for the up to 20 million illegal immigrants in this country. Congressman Gutierrez will join me tonight * Lou Dobbs Tonight Tuesday, October 6, 2009 The Obama administration could be weakening a successful joint federal and local program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants off our streets. "287 G" gives local police the training and authority to enforce federal immigration law. Supporters of the program believe the ministration wants to limit the program to criminal illegal immigrants already in custody -- limiting the investigative authority of police. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, October 5, 2009 And Father PATRICK BASCIO has a remarkably different perspective on illegal immigration from that of most Christian clergymen-one he’s outlined in a remarkable new book entitled On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration: An Alternative Christian View. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, September 28, 2009 And T.J. BONNER, president of the National Border Patrol Council, will weigh in on the federal government’s decision to pull nearly 400 agents from the U.S.-Mexican border. As always, Lou will take your calls to discuss the issues that matter most-and to get your thoughts on where America is headed. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Tuesday, September 08, 2009 Federal contractors now must use E-verify to check the status of their employees on federal projects. The rule which goes into effect today will affect almost 169,000 contractors and some 3.8 million workers. The E-verify program has an accuracy rating of 99.6% but has been repeatedly challenged by the U.S. Chamber of Congress. We will have a full report tonight. * CNN NOW REPORTS THERE ARE NEARLY ONE MILLION MEX GANG MEMBERS IN THIS NATION! Lou Dobbs Tonight And there are some 800,000 gang members in this country: That’s more than the combined number of troops in our Army and Marine Corps. These gangs have become one of the principle ways to import and distribute drugs in the United States. Congressman David Reichert joins Lou to tell us why those gangs are growing larger and stronger, and why he’s introduced legislation to eliminate the top three international drug gangs. * * Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, September 18, 2008 Another victory for American workers in Arizona. Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the get-tough employer sanctions law in the state. The law hits employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens with strict penalties and in some cases even strips businesses of their licenses. A lower court upheld the same law in February. But open-borders and amnesty groups along with the business lobby are considering yet another appeal. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, February 11, 2008 In California, League of United Latin American Citizens has adopted a resolution to declare "California Del Norte" a sanctuary zone for immigrants. The declaration urges the Mexican government to invoke its rights under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo "to seek third nation neutral arbitration of disputes concerning immigration laws and their enforcement." We’ll have the story. Mexican President Felipe Calderon is in New York today on the first leg his five day tour across America to meddle in immigration issues in the United States. This is his first visit to the U.S. since he became President in 2006, but he will not meet with President Bush or any of the presidential candidates, who he has accused of spewing anti immigrant rhetoric. Join us for that report. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Immigration experts are appearing on Capitol Hill today to release the results of a study showing the cost of illegal immigration on the criminal justices system in the 24 U.S. counties bordering Mexico–more $1 billion in less than a decade. * CA OPERATES YEARLY DEFICITS OF $20 BILLION, AND PAYS OUT $20 BILLION IN SOCIAL SERVICES TO ILLEGALS! DO THE MATH! Lou Dobbs Tonight Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Gov. Schwarzenegger said California is facing “financial Armageddon”. He is making drastic cuts in the budget for education, health care and services. But there is one place he isn’t making cuts… services for illegal immigrants. These services are estimated to cost the state four to five billion dollars a year. Schwarzenegger said he is “happy” to offer these services. We will have a full report tonight. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, May 28, 2009 Plus drug cartel violence is spreading across our border with Mexico further into the United States. Mexican drug cartels are increasingly being linked to crimes in this country. Joining Lou tonight, from our border with Mexico is the new “border czar” Alan Bersin, the Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, April 20, 2009 And compelling new evidence that H-1B visas for foreign workers lower the pay of information technology workers in this country. Critics say the report, by NYU’s Stern School of Business and Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, proves that corporate elites are importing cheap overseas labor simply to lower the wages of American workers. We’ll have a special report. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, April 9, 2009 Plus, outrage after President Obama prepares to push ahead with his plan for so-called comprehensive immigration reform. Pres. Obama is fulfilling a campaign promise to give legal status to millions of illegal aliens as he panders to the pro-amnesty, open borders lobby. Tonight we will have complete coverage. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Monday, February 16, 2009 Construction of the 670 miles of border fence mandated by the Bush administration is almost complete. The Border Patrol says the new fencing, more agents and new technology have reduced illegal alien apprehensions. But fence opponents are trying to stop the last few miles from being finished. We will have a full report, tonight. * Plus, even open border advocates agree that the most effective way of fighting illegal immigration is to crack down on the employment of illegal aliens. Yet, those same groups are opposed to E-Verify, which has an initial accuracy rate of 99.6% making it one the most accurate programs ever. E-Verify was stripped from the stimulus bill but who stripped it out and who is opposed to verifying employment status is still not clear. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Friday, October 17, 2008 Tonight, a Supreme Court ruling is putting our democracy at risk. The court today overturned a federal appeals court decision that would have forced Ohio to do more to verify questionable voter registrations. We’ll have the very latest in our special report. Plus, in the War on the Middle Class tonight, a government program is found to be rampant with fraud and abuse, giving even more American jobs to foreign workers. A new Department of Homeland Security report shows cases of violations, forgery and shell businesses in the H-1B visa program. We’ll have that and much more. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Tuesday, January 13, 2009 In Colorado, over 1,300 illegal aliens are being investigated for applying for improper tax refunds. The ACLU has written a letter to the judge threatening to sue if the judge convenes a grand jury to investigate the case. We will have all the latest developments of the case as well as the ACLU’s bullying in pursuit of their amnesty agenda. * Lou Dobbs Tonight Tuesday, February 3, 2009 And WILLIAM GHEEN, the president of Americans for Legal Immigration, breaks down his push for E-Verify—and why the Obama administration is wrong to delay its implementation when it comes to federal contractors. * * Go to and read articles and comments from other Americans on what they’ve witnessed in their communities around the country. While most of the population of California is now ILLEGAL, the problems, costs, assault to our culture by Mexico is EVERYWHERE. copy and pass it to your friends. * Report Illegals & Employers Toll Free... (866) 347-2423 INS National Customer Service Center Phone: 1-800-375-5283. ICE, ice, ICE * Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

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