Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Florida Governor Rick Scott SUES Obama's LA RAZA Administration Over Illegals Voting

Friends of ALIPAC,

Those of you who have been with us awhile know how much time and energy ALIPAC has put into warning Americans about the issues and trying to stop illegal alien voters.

Starting with our "Lock The Vote" efforts in 2006 along with our appearance on Fox News on Election Day 2010 we warned America of Obama's plans to use illegal alien voters to stop the Tea Party, west of the Mississippi. Since then and currently with recent historic developments, we have stayed on the cutting edge in stopping illegal alien voters.

The big news today is that Florida Governor Rick Scott is going to sue Obama's Department of Homeland Security because Obama, Napolitano and Eric Holder are doing all they can to protect and preserve their army of illegal alien voters. Please remember that most states have absolutely no protections in place to detect or deter illegal aliens from committing the felony of registering and the second felony of voting. States must rely on the honesty of the voters when completing registration forms.

(Please read, understand, and circulate this breaking article)
Florida Governor Rick Scott To Sue Obama Administration Over Illegal Alien Voters


ALIPAC's archives now contain official news reports of illegal alien voters detected in Florida, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and of course California. You can bet they are in your state too!

ALIPAC put out an Email Alert asking you to launch your own efforts to detect illegals in your state. Asking you to use the methods established by the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper and an Atlanta news station that uses jury duty records along with voter registration records to identify illegal alien voters. Both of these records are supposed to be public records, but locals in Nevada and other places knowing this are trying to shield that information. ALIPAC supporters have hit major resistance in Nevada and Washington State where it will take lawsuits to get our hands on that jury duty information.

Our efforts did help though when two important reports happened.

First, you helped us widely promote the explosive NBC 2 News report that went viral on the web thanks to the legendary ALIPAC network. This video and your efforts have had a direct impact leading to the current face off between Florida's Republican Governor Scott and the DHS.

Video (Please continue to circulate far and wide, especially to state and local candidates and lawmakers)
Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers - YouTube

We need Volunteers in each state to take the following steps.


Please make sure you watch and read the video and article above. Then by word of mouth, emails, Facebook posts, Twitter, online forum posts, and other methods help us widely distribute both with special focus on your local media, candidates, and lawmakers. You never know when your effort to relay this information will result in local investigations and action.

Step 2:

Please FLOOD Governor Rick Scott's office with praise for his stance against the Obama administration. He is trying to protect Florida's electoral votes from being stolen due to massive amounts of illegal alien voters.

Sample Message "I am calling/writing today to thank Governor Rick Scott for standing up to the Obama administration in an effort to remove thousands of illegal alien voters from the voter registration files in Florida. Illegal aliens are stealing elections in many states and I am going to do all I can to support Governor Rick Scott and to get news stations and lawmakers in my state to follow Florida's lead on protecting American voters from illegal immigrant infiltrators."

Contact Governor Rick Scott:
Telephone: (850) 488-7146
Email: http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-sco...-the-governor/

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