Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our National Tradition, Until the 1965 Congress Drastically Changed the Rules

1776-1965: 230,000 per year average
We became a nation with the Declaration of Independence in 1776, so that
makes a legitimate starting point. And because the 1965 Act so radically changed
the numbers, it is fair to talk about what went before as being our traditions
-- especially since the promoters of the Act promised that it would not raise
immigration numbers.

1776-1976: 250,000 per year average

This provides a nice rounded period to claim for our tradition from the founding
of our nation to its bicentennial 200 years later. It encompasses the 1972 year
in which American women adopted a replacement-level fertility rate that would on
its own ensure that the country's population would stop growing and stabilize
(if immigration were in balance).

1776-1819: 6,500 per year average

This was the flow of immigrants when the new nation was trying to
populate Eastern frontiers to push back the indigenous peoples.

1820-1879: 162,000 per year average

This marked the first period for which there are official government records. Immigration was used to try to settle all the frontiers of the now continental nation. It was this level of immigration that succeeded in sectioning off the land of virtually the entire country, driving the Indians into reservations, decimating the buffalo, plowing under the prairies. Just
after this period after the 1890 Census, demographers declared that the population had grown and spread out so much that there no longer was any frontier in the U.S. Never in history had such a sustained numerical level of immigration filled one country.

1880-1924: 584,000 per year average

Based on faster and safer transportation and a virtually
insatiable appetite for cheap foreign labor to expand their industries, the
Robber Barons of the Guilded Age more than tripled the level of immigration,
using it to keep wages for all American workers low, to bust unions and to keep
freed slaves from moving off the South's plantations to take jobs in the North.
The industrialists ships were in perpetual motion bringing new workers from
other lands. The net immigration during this period was considerably lower,
though, than the nearly 600,000 average because scores of thousands of
immigrants went back home every year, unable to handle the living and working
conditions of America during that time.

1925-1965: 178,000 per year average

Based on the excesses of the Great Wave, Congress severely limited
the numerical levels of immigration and declared finished the ages of using
immigration to fill frontiers or to provide masses of unskilled labor to
factories and farms. It was during these 40 years that most Americans -- aided
by tighter labor markets -- moved into the middle class for the first time.

These statistics come from the work of Prof. Vernon Briggs, labor
economist and historian from Cornell University. He has done more than
any scholar to estimate the level of immigration during the emerging
nation period before records were kept. All of the Immigration totals
from 1820 through the present are from federal immigration records that
were provided by the Immigration and National Service (now the
Department of Homeland Security).


Hispanic Caucus Tells Pelosi That Health Bill Just Right To Give Full Coverage To Illegal Aliens

By Roy Beck, Sunday, July 26, 2009, 10:28 PM

You know we are in trouble when the supporters of a massive taxpayer health benefit giveaway to illegal aliens say the current House plan is just right. The authoritative ROLL CALL publication says Hispanic Caucus Members told it confidentially that the Caucus told Speaker Pelosi not to change a thing because as written illegal aliens will get the benefits.

CHC Presses Pelosi to Include Illegal Immigrants in Health Bill
-- Headline about CHC (Congressional Hispanic Caucus) by Jennifer Bendery in the Roll Call newspaper (July 24, 2009)

Interestingly, the article also says that CHC Chairwoman Nydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.) said that only "documented immigrants" were discussed.

But the reporter got quite a different story from other CHC Members who talked off the record.

A CHC member, who requested not to be identified, said the group is urging Pelosi to ensure that everyone — including illegal immigrants — will be able to receive services . . . 'We’re pushing to include everyone in the health care bill. Everyone,' said one CHC member.

-- Roll Call

So, what does CHC want Pelosi to add to the House Health Bill to make sure 12-20 million illegal aliens get full taxpayer-paid health coverage?


That is because CHC apparently feels that the House Bill as written pretty well guarantees the coverage. Look:

Asked if CHC leaders will ask Pelosi to specifically spell something out in the bill to address illegal immigrants, the Member said no. Rather, the Member said the CHC simply wants to make sure the bill — as drafted — doesn’t prohibit illegal immigrants from accessing care.

-- Roll Call

Our allies on the Hill have been making just this point. Speaker Pelosi and others have been trying to say that the House plan doesn't cover illegal aliens because it doesn't specifically say that it does. Our allies, however, point out that unless legislation specifically bars illegal aliens from anything -- and requires verification -- illegal aliens always end up getting the benefit.

The fact that the Hispanic Caucus appears to be satisfied with the language the way it is suggests that our allies are right.

Roll Call reported that the CHS emphasized to Pelosi that she must block any language that would restrict the federal health plan to illegal aliens.

Once again, it appears that the Hispanic Caucus cares more about illegal aliens than Hispanic American citizens.

We will continue to provide multiple opportunities through the week for NumbersUSA members to fight this incredible reward for immigration lawbreakers. At a time when negotiations are breaking down because of the gigantic projected costs of the House plan and as lawmakers try to find ways to cut benefits to -- and increase taxes on -- U.S. citizens, it is most telling that so many Members of Congress are insistent on protecting beneifts for illegal aliens.

Any federal health plan must include verifiable prohibitions against inclusion of foreign citizens who are illegally in this country.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA