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Federal Judge Rules Terror Watchlist Unconstitutional

September 5, 2019 Updated: September 5, 2019
A federal judge ruled the government’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), a watchlist of more than one million known or suspected terrorists that includes only about 4,600 U.S. citizens violates the constitutional rights of those included in it.
Judge Anthony J. Trenga of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia granted summary judgment to 23 Muslim U.S. citizens who challenged the FBI-administered watchlist with the assistance of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy organization with ties to Islamic terrorist groups.
The case is known as Elhady v. Kable.
The three-year-old lawsuit led government lawyers to acknowledge that upwards of 500 “law enforcement adjacent” private entities have access to the watchlist. Among those entities are university police forces, private security firms, hospitals, and railroads.
Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat who is Muslim and a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s tweets, along with 10 other House Democrats, recently wrote a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding to know how information from the watchlist is shared with foreign governments.
CAIR, which has long accused the government of discriminating against Muslims, hailed the Sept. 4 ruling against the TSDB as a “complete victory.”
Judge Trenga, an Alexandria, Va.-based appointee of former President George W. Bush, wrote in his decision that “the TSDB fails to provide constitutionally sufficient procedural due process, and thereby also violates” the Administrative Procedure Act.
But Trenga did not issue any kind of injunction preventing the government from using the watchlist. After failing to state what remedy would be used to correct the situation, he asked litigants to file additional briefs with the court due in 30 days suggesting what should be done.
The plaintiffs claimed they were wrongly included in the TSBD, saying the watchlist is plagued by errors because the government is careless when adding names. The watchlist is shared with numerous governmental departments, foreign governments, and law enforcement agencies.
Gadeir Abbas, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told reporters he will ask the court to dramatically scale back how the watchlist is used.
“Innocent people should be beyond the reach of the watchlist system,” he said. “We think that’s what the Constitution requires.”
The watchlist, the judge pointed out in his ruling, is not to be confused with the No Fly List that prevents commercial air travel within or to the United States. The No Fly List contains about 81,000 names but under 1,000 are U.S. citizens, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said in June 2016. Another FBI-maintained list, the TSA Selectee List, which triggers stricter scrutiny but does not prevent air travel, has about 28,000 names in, fewer than 1,700 of which are U.S. citizens, she said.
The act of being listed in the TSDB “does not prevent [plaintiffs] from boarding flights, but that listing is disseminated to and used by federal, state, and foreign government agencies and officials to support various diplomatic and security functions and does trigger a variety of other consequences, including restrictions on an individual’s ability to travel,” Trenga wrote.
But being wrongly included in the watchlist can lead to great inconvenience and discomfort, the judge noted, explaining that some of the plaintiffs have been handcuffed at ports of entry and often put through invasive secondary inspections at airports.
“There is no evidence, or contention, that any of these plaintiffs satisfy the definition of a ‘known terrorist,” Trenga wrote. And the other reason for inclusion in the watchlist—being a “suspected terrorist”—can easily arise from misunderstandings, he wrote.
The U.S. Department of Justice did not respond to a request for comment as of press time.


EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Border State Judge Releases Gulf Cartel Chief to House Arrest

Mexican Crime Scene
Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon – Breitbart Texas identified a Nuevo Leon state judge who released a Gulf Cartel lieutenant from jail and placed him on house arrest. The ruling came despite the seizure of a cache of weapons and armored trucks in relation to the arrest. The defendant was leading a 22-man cell a the time.

Court information revealed that in recent days, Judge Juan Manuel Cardenas Gonzalez ordered Gulf Cartel lieutenant Juan Manuel “El Juanito” Hernandez Vasquez released from custody and placed on house arrest. The top cartel operator was in custody since January after Nuevo Leon authorities arrested him for a rejected bribe.
Soon after the arrest, agents with Nuevo Leon’s State Investigation’s Agency (AEI) carried out a series of raids in various stash houses around the Monterrey metropolitan area, where they captured 22 Gulf Cartel operators working for El Juanito. As part of the raids, authorities seized armored trucks, weapons, cocaine, and cash.
Despite the nature of the criminal organization, Judge Cardenas Gonzalez ordered El Juanito out of prison. Available court information does not provide any reasoning for the decision.
Breitbart Texas consulted with Mexican federal law enforcement officials who revealed that El Juanito is linked to a large-scale fuel theft operation where various attorneys in Nuevo Leon are identified as providing protection and directly participating in the scheme.
The release of top cartel operators like El Juanito is becoming common practice in Nuevo Leon, while such court rulings go unnoticed or unreported. Earlier this year, another state judge granted the conditional release of Fausto “El Centenario” Cebrian Mendoza, another leading figure in the Gulf Cartel. Authorities caught the leader and seven associates at a bar. While still on house arrest, unknown gunmen killed El Centenario outside a bar in Monterrey. The reason for his release remains unknown.
This week, one assassin from the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas on house arrest was caught hunting state police officers and rival drug dealers.
Editor’s Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities.  The writers would face certain death at the hands of the various cartels that operate in those areas including the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas if a pseudonym were not used. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by  Tony Aranda from Nuevo Leon. 


Maryland Sanctuary County Becomes A Crime Zone
llegal alien criminals have apparently gotten the message that Montgomery County Maryland is friendly to their sort, since many have been noticed on the public screen recently. Being a sanctuary for illegal aliens does have a magnetic effect.
Below, seven unlawful foreigners have been arrested for rape in the Maryland county since July 25 as of September 1.
What’s surprising is how openly stubborn the top sanctuary official in the county is — usually the alien defenders scuttle away when anyone asks questions about public safety. But County Executive Marc Elrich has had an interesting assortment of responses, such as wrongly claiming that federal officers need judicial warrants to seize aliens upon their release from county jails for deportation. He told radio host Vincent Coglianese that illegal immigration is not a problem in his county despite the violent crimes, mentioned in the interview linked below.
Andrew Arthur, a one-time immigration judge, wrote recently about the extreme nature of Montgomery County’s sanctuary and the degree to which it takes the side of lawbreaking foreigners in an article titled, Five Rape Arrests Underscore the Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Policies.
During an August 28 interview with Tucker Carlson, Arthur remarked, “Montgomery County probably has one of the strongest anti-ICE policies that I can think of. You won’t allow ICE officials into your jail to talk to criminal aliens. It’s ridiculous.”
It’s odd how this fellow Elrich is all over the place with his reasons for supporting sanctuary — it’s not like he believes strongly in a borderless planet, as some do. One might suspect that he is being rewarded for his foreigner-friendly position — that’s a psychological observation.
Here’s a discussion between Tucker Carlson and Vincent Coglianese, both of whom have been following the Montgomery County situation closely.
TUCKER CARLSON: Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez is an illegal arrival from the country of Honduras. According to police, he sexually assaulted his 15-year-old stepdaughter. Carrasco-Hernandez is the seventh illegal immigrant arrested for a sex crime in Montgomery County, just since July 25th.
Vince Coglianese has followed these stories closer than maybe anyone else in the region. He is a D.C. radio host with WMAL Radio and he joins us tonight. Vince, thanks a lot for coming on.
VINCE COGLIANESE: Thank you, Tucker.
CARLSON: So why are we just learning about this now? Is there some reason that seven of these stories have come to light in such a short time?
COGLIANESE: This is the question and it’s an important one. Carrasco-Hernandez, by the way, already deported from the United States in 2017, he made his way back into the country, thanks to our porous border policies.
So he does this and now he has raped a 15-year-old girl, and we talk about seven as the number you’ve brought up since July 25th. That’s the number of people who have been arrested on rape or sexual abuse charges. The majority of these cases — sexual rape or abuse of a minor — these are children who are being hurt in almost all of these cases.
The reason why we’re all of a sudden finding out about this concentration of stories is not that this is a new phenomenon. It’s that rank and file police officers and prosecutors in Montgomery County are furious at their own leadership for allowing this problem to continue to fester as long as it has.
These stories haven’t been public before because they’ve been trying to deal with them. But now they’re done dealing with them. Montgomery County leadership led by Marc Elrich, who is the county executive, he is the top elected official in the county, have made it so that Montgomery County, Maryland specifically, is a place where illegal immigration is protected at all costs, even at the expense of the community.
And now cops and prosecutors are furious, and they’re taking matters into their own hands. They want these stories out there.
CARLSON: God bless them for doing that. Because by publicizing these crimes, really that’s the only recourse I think that people have. Marc Elrich, the county executive who maybe more than any other person made this possible has sat for an interview with you.
CARLSON: What was his explanation for this?
COGLIANESE: He doesn’t have explanations. He has — he blames a lot. He points fingers at the Federal government for allowing illegal immigrants to be in the area. He says that illegal immigration shouldn’t even be considered a problem.
And when I posed questions to him about all of this, he responded to me, “Well, what do you think we should do? Deport all illegal immigrants?” And my response to him was really simple, if you don’t like the laws of this country, work to change them, but in the meantime, enforce them and that’s not what they’re doing in Montgomery County.
And in fact, in late July, he passed an executive order codifying — well, he was already heading in this direction in that county — saying, if you’re a county official, you are not allowed to inquire about immigration status. You are not allowed to allow federal agents into jails in Montgomery County.
The feds have to stand outside and catch these guys, when they’re coming out of the jail. Actually, it makes it a more unsafe environment to have this, to have somebody ejected into the public and then caught by the feds, rather than a peaceful prisoner transfer.
The feds have probable cause to make these arrests. They’re issuing detainers because they’ve already done the research into establishing this is somebody we believe to be illegally in the country.
Montgomery County is saying, “We’re not going to work with you.” I’ll tell you, we have one story that I was so stunned by. I was talking to one source that said inside of these jails, they’ve gotten calls from Feds who say, “That guy is MS-13, do not release him.” And then they release them.
They don’t have an address on file and he looks at these jailers in the face, he will smile and then walk right out the door.
CARLSON: Meanwhile, children are raped. Even a left wing county like Montgomery County, you have to think there are people — Democrats — who think this is too much.
COGLIANESE: Yes, and they do.
CARLSON: I’m glad. Vince Coglianese, great to see you tonight.




Yes, Trump Can Trump The Kritarchs And End The Invasion
In July, 82,049 illegal aliens, mostly from Central America, marched across our southwest border to bring the total for fiscal 2019 to 862,785 [Southwest Border Migration FY 2019,]. That wasn’t “immigration,” it was an invasion—abetted by an internal Treason Lobby called the Democrat Party. But President Donald J. Trump can stop it if he’s willing to use historic precedent. He must act unilaterally, as Lincoln did: ignore Congress, declare state and local sanctuary officials to be in insurrection, then send more troops to the border, and not just to roll bandages  and handle email for the Border Patrol. The troops would be there to help stop the invasion and turn the “migrants” away. Above all, he must defy the Kritarchy—the term has popularized (to the great dismay of the Ruling Class) for America’s long-mounting epidemic of Leftist legislating judges.
Consider the latest news. In the five months since March, 543,856 illegals have tramped across the border, more than half the total since October. By fiscal year’s end on September 30, a city larger than San Jose, California, population 1,030,1019, will have moved to the United States.
Except that our “new Americans” are nothing like the residents of San Jose (median income $96,662 in 2017, 41.3 percent college-or-better-educated [Quick Facts San Jose,]). They are poverty-stricken, sick and diseased illiterates with flu, liceChagasscabiesmumpsmeasles, and tuberculosis [Border Patrol agents fall prey to illnesses plaguing migrant holding centers, by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, June 16, 2019].  Some are Africans possibly infected with Ebola. The Center for Immigration Studies reported in July that more than 35,000 Africans are headed for the U.S. border.[The Next Influx: The Entire World's Poor and Dispossessed, by Todd Bensman, July 1, 2019]. Agents in the Del Rio Sector have apprehended more than 1,100 Africans since May [Del Rio Border Patrol Sector African Arrests top 1,100,, July 19, 2019]
Even worse, border officials release illegal-alien “family units” within 48 hours because they don’t have the facilities to hold them, and the crazy Flores settlement forbids holding illegal-alien children more than 20 days [Border Patrol Chief: 5,800 'Fake Families' Discovered at the Border, by Nicholas BaileyPJMedia, July 30, 2019]. The administration has published rules to amend Flores, but a Leftist Kritarch will almost certainly sabotage them [Trump administration to allow longer detention of migrant families, by Geneva Sands and Sam Fossum, CNN, August 22, 2019]
More shocking data came from the Texas Department of Public Safety in June and Bureau of Justice Statistics this month.
From Texas we learned that “over 295,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and June 30, 2019, of which over 200,000 were classified as illegal aliens by [Department of Homeland Security],” TDPS reported. [Texas Criminal Illegal Alien Data] “Over the course of their entire Texas criminal careers, these 200,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 489,000 criminal offenses,” including more than 1,000 homicides and more than 13,000 sex crimes. They ended in 224,000 convictions, including 500 for homicide and almost 7,000 for sex crimes.
Using our city comparison again, Texas’ illegal-alien jail population over the last eight years was the size of Salt Lake City, Utah.
And that’s just Texas. As Trump noted in January on Twitter, 23 percent of federal inmates are illegal aliens. It’s actually 26 percent, but Trump was close enough [DOJ: 26% of Federal Prisoners Are Aliens, by Preston Huennekens, Center for Immigration Studies, July 12, 2018]
From BJS we get this eye-opener: In 1998, 63 percent of those arrested for a federal crime were Americans. Now, 64 percent are non-citizens [Immigration, Citizenship, and the Federal Justice System, 1998-2018, by Mark Motivans, August 2019]
As well, Mexicans are arrested more often for federal crimes in the U.S. than Americans. In 2018, the feds collared 78,062 Mexicans versus 70,542 Americans. Twenty years so, federal cops arrested less than 30,000 Mexicans. They also arrested 39,858 Central Americans, an increase of more than 3,000 percent from the 1,171 that were arrested in 1998.
Add to those data the previously deported rapists, murderers, and child molesters who jump the border only to be re-arrested [Media Releases (previously-deported),].
Here’s what will stop the invasion:
In a televised address from the Oval Office, Trump must declare the invasion is national emergency and sanctuary officials in insurrection, then assert plenary power over immigration policy. The Executive, he must explain, is a co-equal branch of government over which the Congress and courts have no legal or practical control. As well, Congress conferred the power to control immigration upon the executive.
Then can the undoing of the Kritarchs begin.
Trump’s asserting his lawful authority over immigration is long overdue [What Are the President’s Emergency Immigration Powers? by Dan Cadman, Center for Immigration Studies, Nov. 9, 2018]. Federal law permits him to stop anyone from coming into the country without permission from Congress or the courts. 
Yet look at what’s happened.
Though the U.S. Supreme Court backed Trump recently on using military money for wall construction [Supreme Court says Trump can proceed with plan to spend military funds for border wall construction, Robert Barnes, Washington Post, July 26, 2019], the high court upheld the Kritarch who enjoined Trump’s entirely reasonable executive order that blocked asylum claims from “migrants” who cross the border illegally [Supreme Court Won’t Revive Trump Policy Limiting Asylum, by Adam Liptak, New York Times, Dec. 21, 2018].The Kritarchs also enjoined Trump’s forbidding asylum claims from those entering the United States from a country other than their own [Trump’s Latest Attempt to Bar Asylum Seekers Is Blocked After a Day of Dueling Rulings, by Miriam Jordan and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times, July 24, 2019].
This must end.
  • First, Trump must ignore the Kritarchs and order border authorities to stop accepting all asylum claims, Congress and court orders regardless.
  • Second, he must order the immediate deportation of all illegals in detention facilities and anywhere else they are found and declare the Flores settlement null and void, Congress and court orders regardless.
  • Third, and most importantly, he must order more troops to the border, then arrest Sanctuary City enablers like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (Chicago’s first black and female mayor), Congress and court orders regardless.
When the administration announced that immigration raids would begin July 14 Lightfoot harrumphed that Chicago’s cops “will not team up with ICE to detain any resident. We have also cut off ICE access from any CPD databases and that will remain permanent.” That brazen defiance of federal law is a crime. Federal prosecutors should charge Lightfoot with obstruction of justice for interfering with federal law enforcement and court and administrative proceedings. [18 USC Ch. 73: Obstruction of Justice, U.S.Code.House.Gov]
But obstruction of justice is less important than the other federal crime sanctuary officials commit: again, insurrection. [18 USC 2383: Rebellion or insurrection, U.S.Code.House.Gov]
As the Guard’s own website explains:
  • Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, assemblages, or rebellion make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State or Territory, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State. This is another statutory exception to Posse Comitatus.
  • Interference with State and Federal law. The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy.
  • Air and Army National Guard. Air and Army National Guard can specifically be called into Federal service in case of invasion, rebellion, or inability to execute Federal law with active forces.
Those justifications might even give Trump the excuse to use active duty military at the border, but anyway, the Guard’s mission isn’t just distributing Dasani and blankets when Hurricane Jpod hits Chocolate City. Its mission is national defense.
Guardsman have guns and rifles, and can be provided with ammunition. If we can send Marines across the globe to fight in the Hindu Kush, we can deploy the Guard to our southern frontier to stop an invasion. And the Guardsmen in this new, massive deployment would not do what they do now: secretarial work for the Border Patrol. They would erect a cordon sanitaire from Brownsville, Texas, to the Pacific coast. They can ask the Israelis (or the Indians) for technical advice.
The ACLU, $PLC, and leftist attorneys general will seek relief from the Kritarchs, who will enjoin the arrests and border deployments, and so Trump must then do what Honest Abe did during the War Between the States, which will surely meet with the approval of the neocons and the Democrats, given their voluble admiration for our “greatest” president.
Again, Trump must act unilaterally. Tear up the court orders and toss them in the trash.
When Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and jailed James Merryman for trying to stop the federal occupation of Baltimore, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney ruled that Lincoln acted unconstitutionally. But Lincoln told him to pound sand. For good measure, by the way, he also locked up the mayor of Baltimore, its city council and police chief, and Frank Key Howard, Francis Scott Key’s grandson.
Lincoln averred that “war powers” and preserving the union conferred such authority even though the Constitution gives Congress the power to suspend habeas. The Constitution, he supposedly said, is not a suicide pact. Trump can likewise assert his authority and cite the rail-splitter as precedent—although Trump, unlike Lincoln, would not be acting unconstitutionally. As well, his border initiative won’t start an invasion of his own country but instead stop an invasion by others.
Donald John Trump swore on a Bible to protect this country from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As the executive, a co-equal branch of government, he can and must ignore Congress and the courts. Far from harming the Constitution, nearly a dead letter anyway, Trump’s assertion of authority might revivify it.
And such a brassy move would likely stop the illegal infiltrators before they start for the border.
Currently, social media tell them that Congress and the courts have blocked Trump’s immigration initiatives and can’t deport them [Press Briefing—CBP Releases Fiscal Year 2019 Migration Stats, Customs and Border Protection, March 5, 2019]. As CIS’s Bensman reported, even the Africans know it: “Trump wants to keep us out, but he can’t do it,” one said. Yet just as word that the borders are open went viral, so would Trump’s arrest of sanctuary officials and deployment of troops.
Message to the Democrats and their new voters:
Invasion over.

'Catch and Release' Continues As An Estimated 7,000 Illegal Aliens Have Been Dumped Into Tucson In Past Eight Months

Source: (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
Authorities in Pima County, AZ warn that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are straining public resources by releasing individuals and migrant families into Tucson, AZ in absence of proper facilities to detain thousands of illegal aliens. The problem has become exacerbated now that Customs and Border Patrol have begun releasing illegal aliens into the already overburdened city as well. 
According to Rafael Carranza, Arizona Republic, "Pima County officials estimate that ICE has released about 7,000 migrants in Tucson in the past eight months." This is because ICE physically does not have the space needed to keep illegal aliens in custody while they are processed for asylum claims as well as other background checks. Border Patrol typically hands illegal aliens over to ICE. But, due to ICE's over capacity, Border Patrol has simply started released migrants into Tucson as well. During a Friday meeting between Border Patrol and city officials, the two sides discussed proper ways to remedy the situation while ensuring public safety and efficient management of resources. 
The number of migrant families released in Tucson has surpassed the ability of local nonprofits to house them. This past week, the city of Tucson and Pima County opened temporary overflow shelters to house migrants, although those shelters are once again empty, at least for now.
The goal of Friday's meeting is to "alleviate some of the stressors that we've been seeing with this increase in people," said Pete Bidegain, a special-operations supervisor for the Border Patrol. 
"One of the major concerns that was brought up numerous times in the meeting really comes down to better communication between federal officials, county officials, city officials," he added.
Bidegain and Border Patrol have not said how many illegal aliens have been released into Tucson. These families are dumped into the city, given orders to show up for a court appearance later on, and are simply trusted by the government to come for their hearing. This practice, otherwise known as "catch and release," continues a year after President Trump signed a memo ordering the policy to stop.
Bidegain told Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild that remedies such as giving city officials a heads-up when a new busload of illegals would be shipped there could assist the city and non-profits in housing the families. 
Mayor Rothschild also said that if the buses could simply go directly to the non-profit, that would help as well. "If the loaded buses from Border Patrol can go not to the bus station, but to the site of where the (nonprofit) is located, that would be a big help because that saves us a lot as a community," Rothschild said.
This report comes as President Trump told Fox News Mario Bartimoro today that the immigration crisis is so bad because "...our laws are so bad. The combination of having a great economy and having the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world by far, and we have catch and release, and we have chain migration, and the visa lottery, we have things that nobody in their right mind would have. We're trying to get rid of them, the Democrats won't do it. We need some Democrats votes, we're unanimous with the Republicans but we need some Democrat votes and they go out of their way to allow these people to come in."

424 Migrants Apprehended at Border – ‘Largest Group,’ Says CBP

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector
 30 Apr 20191,212

El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended what they are calling the “largest group of 424 illegal aliens” at the New Mexico border on Tuesday morning. A few hours later, agents patrolling near Antelope Wells, New Mexico, apprehended another 230.

Agents patrolling near Sunland Park shortly after midnight Tuesday morning encountered what they believed to be more than “400 illegal aliens” who had just crossed the border from Mexico. The agents rounded up all of the migrants and began processing them. A few hours later, the count stood at 424 mostly Central American migrants. Border Patrol officials tweeted this is the “largest group” of illegal aliens apprehended by Border Patrol agents.

LARGEST GROUP APPREHENDED—#BorderPatrol agents apprehended the largest group of 424 illegal aliens just after midnight this morning in Sunland Park, NM. A second group of 230 illegal aliens was also apprehended in Antelope Wells, NM this morning. More: 

While the agents processed the Sunland Park migrant group, agents patrolling near the Camp Bounds Forward Operating Base at the Antelope Wells Port of Entry apprehended another large group of Central American migrants. This group, apprehended at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, consisted of 230 illegal aliens, officials stated.
El Paso Sector officials said the two groups, like many of the large groups of migrants, consisted of Central American family units and unaccompanied minors.
The El Paso Sector has witnessed a 1,670 percent increase in the number of Family Unit Aliens apprehended during the first six months of this fiscal year, according to the March Southwest Border Migration Report. Agents apprehended 53,565 family units during the first six months of this year as compared to 3,027 during the same period in Fiscal Year 2018. In addition, the sector witnessed a 333 percent increase in the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended — 7,565 in FY2019 vs. 1,746 in FY2018.
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for the Breitbart Border team. He is an original member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX and Facebook.

"This is how they will destroy America from 

within.  The leftist billionaires who orchestrate 

these plans are wealthy. Those tasked with 

representing us in Congress will never be exposed 

to the cost of the invasion of millions of 

migrants.  They have nothing but contempt for 

those of us who must endure the consequences of 

our communities being intruded upon by gang 

members, drug dealers and human 

traffickers.  These people have no intention of 

becoming Americans; like the Democrats who 

welcome them, they have contempt for 


Census Bureau: Immigration Driving Half of U.S. Population Growth

  28 Apr 2019398

Immigration to the United States is now driving nearly half of all population growth in the country instead of increased birth rates, the U.S. Census Bureau finds.

The latest Census Bureau estimates on the U.S. population reveal that about 48.5 percent of all population growth is driven by the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration policy, where more than 1.5 million foreign nationals are admitted to the country every year.
Axios analysis by Stef Knight details the growing share to which immigration is increasingly driving population growth across the U.S. Since 2011, for example, the level to which immigration has accounted for overall population growth has increased more than 13 percent.
According to the Wall Street Journal analysis, about nine percent of U.S. counties are growing solely because of immigration. This concludes that about nine percent of counties have regional birth rates that do not exceed the annual number of deaths in the area.
Similarly, the Wall Street Journal notes, more than half of all population growth in states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Kansas, and Michigan, among others, is because of immigration.
Though pundits have claimed that the country’s admittance of 1.2 million legal immigrants a year is necessary to increase birth rates, researchers have found that the growth of the immigrant population has little impact on birth rates.
Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research Steven Camarota discovered in his latest study this year that “immigrant fertility has only a small impact on the nation’s overall birth rate,” citing that immigrants in the U.S. raise the nation’s birth rate for all women by two births per 1,000 women.
“Immigration has a minor impact because the difference between immigrant and native fertility is too small to significantly change the nation’s overall birth rate,” Camarota noted in the study.
At current legal immigration levels, the U.S. population is set to hit an unprecedented 404 million residents by 2060 — including a foreign-born population of 69 million.
The U.S. does not have to rapidly increase its total resident population and foreign-born population, as legal immigration moratoriums have been implemented in the past to give time for new arrivals to properly assimilate to American life. Halting all immigration to the country would stabilize the population to a comfortable 329 million residents in the next four decades.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder