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Illegal Immigration Issues Can Defeat Barack Obama

October 25, 2011

By William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

While elite political and media influences do their best to make illegal immigration a non-issue, the truth that the issue is a top concern to voters and that voters are polarized 4 to 1 in favor of enforcement over Amnesty has pushed the issue to the foreground once again.

Battles against legislation in states like Arizona and Alabama have further awakened the public's conscience about the illegal immigrant invasion of America and the global power brokers who are facilitating the invasion via their control over the White House and top leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Despite the floundering US economy and Obama's eagerness to deploy US troops in more wars, his polling numbers have held steady until the news broke that his administration was creating Amnesty for illegal aliens by memo. Since word has spread of this unconstitutional and illegal move by Obama and his minions, Obama's approval numbers have declined steadily and finally dropped below 40!

This "Amnesty by Memo" scandal and the Fast and Furious Gunwalker scandal combined with Obama's lawsuits to try and stop states like Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama from enforcing existing immigration laws are finally getting through to the public. As more Americans learn about Obama's real positions in support of the illegal alien invasion of America and the media facade falters, Obama loses support.

People often ask me what is all this talk about Fast and Furious?

I simply reply, "Obama has been caught using taxpayer money and a host of federal agencies to supply thousands of assault rifles and grenades to the Mexican drug cartels. These same cartels have been murdering countless Americans and Mexicans while flooding our country with hard drugs and illegal aliens."

It sounds outlandish! It sounds like the plot of some conspiracy novel. Unfortunately, Fast and Furious is a reality and the implications that an American president is using taxpayer resources to arm an invading force are very dire.

The polling data continues to indicate that 80% or more of Americans stand with us on immigration enforcement in opposition to the media and government supported Dream and Comprehensive Amnesty plans.

We predicted that Rick Perry's numbers would plummet after he actively promoted in-state tuition for illegal aliens. When our prediction proved correct, the national media attention for our message evaporated.

The press likes to cover what we have to say when they believe our positions are incredulous compared to their globalist views. They really thought that Rick Perry's support for illegal immigrant "students" was going to fly, and that our concerns were merely the latest ramblings of the "hard right."

We continue to watch pundits and supposed journalists reporting for the major newspapers explain the "Perry Plunge" as they constantly make the false claim that Perry simply offended the "conservative base." This false claim infers that Perry only offended a small segment of GOP voters with his comments.

We need to start sending these propagandists the cross tabulations from the recent Rasmussen poll demonstrating that 81% of Americans oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens!

I have not seen the breakdown of this particular poll yet, but my experience with these polls tells me that such a high reading would include a majority of Republican voters, Independent voters, and probably even Democratic voters opposing benefits for illegals. I also expect majority opposition in both especially among black and legal Hispanic voters.

Eighty-one percent opposition to in-state tuition for illegal aliens is hardly the conservative base! We need our activists hammering these propagandists with emails both to them and their editors each time this lie is spotted.

Four years ago, we predicted that neither John McCain nor Hillary Clinton would ever be president due to their positions in support of licenses and Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. We were correct even though a lot of people believed our prediction was incredulous at the time we made it.

Obama became president because he was able to avoid being fully identified as an illegal immigrant invasion supporter. Thanks to the massive amount of active and illegal corporate support Obama received from the high dollar press, these globalists believe they have the controlled demolition of America in the bag!

The only thing that can re-elect Barack Obama is for the GOP to allow another Republican "In Name Only" Amnesty supporting globalist sellout like John McCain to win the presidential primary.

This is the goal of the globalists: they want to use their elite finances to control who wins the primaries. This is in order to trap Americans into supporting an illegal immigrant Amnesty supported by Republicans and Democrats.

In this way, the American public can be led to believe that they voted, they had a choice, and they are in control, when in fact they were deprived of a voice. Those responsible for the illegal immigrant invasion of America and the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans killed by invaders have grossly distorted our political process to the point that average Americans can hardly compete or understand what is really happening.

For now, we need everyone familiarizing themselves with the latest developments on the Fast and Furious Gunwalker scandal, Obama's Amnesty by Memo scandal, and his lawsuits against the states.

Your increasing knowledge about these travesties needs to turn into action as you relay this information to others, call in to talk radio shows to discuss them, encourage talk radio hosts to address the issues, and contact state and federal lawmakers demanding action against these betrayals. Pinpoint and support any and all local, state and federal candidates who are sympathetic to the American Defenders who are fighting back as we are.

Getting the word out and getting Americans to focus is an uphill battle but our efforts continue to be at the center of these issues.

Each day, knowledge on these scandals increases, congressional action becomes more likely, and Obama's approval numbers fall.

If a Republican or third party candidate for president will emerge and assure the public that they will simply "enforce America's existing immigration and border laws as the US Constitution and oath of office requires," then illegal immigration issues will lead to the defeat of Barack Obama.

If another Republican such as illegal alien Amnesty supporter John McCain, Rick Perry, or McCain's best buddy, SC Senator Lindsay Graham, is presented as our only alternative, then Obama will be most likely elected to a second term.

We still have time to avert such a disaster, but it will take a lot of grass roots attention and effort to prevail in the illegal immigration issue. We must overcome the tens of thousands of illegal alien voters who are being organized in western states like California, Nevada, and Colorado, if we are to win.