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Exclusive — Marsha Blackburn: I Will ‘Stop Illegal Immigration’; Bredesen Wants Illegal Aliens to Campaign for Him

Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen
Lacy Atkins/The Tennessean via AP, Pool, File/Lacy Atkins/The Tennessean via AP, Pool

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Thursday that she will “stop illegal immigration,” while Democrat Phil Bredesen wants illegal aliens to support his campaign.
A Breitbart News report on Wednesday detailed how Tennessee Democrat Bredesen’s communications director, Laura Zapata, called for illegal immigrants to “get involved” to get Bredesen elected to the U.S. Senate given Blackburn’s opposition to illegal immigration. Bredesen subsequently refused to answer on Tuesday if he or his campaign solicited support from illegal immigrants.
Congresswoman Blackburn told Breitbart News on Thursday that the report should not surprise readers because Bredesen, as governor, gave tens of thousands of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, presumably so they could vote in future elections. Further, the Tennessee conservative said she remains the only Tennessee Senate candidate who will stop illegal immigration.
“As governor, Phil Bredesen gave 51,000 state-issued, taxpayer-funded driver’s certificates to illegal aliens. He probably thinks they ought to use them to vote, too, but for now, he will settle for having their support on his campaign,” Blackburn told Breitbart News. “As the illegal alien mob approaches the border, we are reminded of the importance of enforcing our laws and securing our southern border. Tennesseans want their next senator to stand up for the rule of law, and I am the only candidate who will work to stop illegal immigration.”
Scott Golden, the Tennessee Republican Party chairman, told Breitbart News on Wednesday that the Tennessee Senate highlights the contrast between Blackburn, who wants to secure the border, and Bredesen, who solicited support from illegal immigrants.
Golden said:
The contrast could not be more clear: Marsha Blackburn stands with the majority of Tennesseans who want the southern border secured and existing immigration laws enforced. Phil Bredesen parrots his Democrat party bosses by criticizing common-sense solutions to secure the border and soliciting support from illegal immigrants — we shouldn’t be surprised since Phil gave 51,000 illegal aliens state-issued licenses to drive while he was governor.
The Tennessee Democrat suggested on Wednesday that the migrant caravan coming towards the United States is “not a threat”:
Blackburn chastised Bredesen as “out of touch” with the average Tennessean, saying in a press release on Thursday:
These comments demonstrate how out of touch Phil Bredesen is with the Tennesseans he seeks to represent. There is a right way to come to this country, and there is a wrong way to come to this country. This mob, which the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed includes gang members, individuals with criminal histories, and people from the Middle East, is seeking to enter our country the wrong way.
This is a clear difference between the two of us. I will continue to fight against illegal immigration, by ensuring existing immigration laws are followed, building the wall, stopping sanctuary cities, penalizing elected officials who refuse to follow federal law, and deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes.
“A few thousand very poor people coming to our border is not a threat to our, is not a threat to our security,” Bredesen said.
Bredesen has continued to oppose President Donald Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico, contending that the wall serves as nothing more than “political theater.”
“I think there are technologically much sounder and less expensive ways of doing it than building a wall,” Bredesen continued. “I think that’s more political theater.”
Bredesen also came out in support of extending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty for illegal immigrants, calling it a “moral obligation.”
“They were brought here as children, and in many cases have known no other home,” Bredesen contended. “Exiling them to a country that is completely foreign to them is morally bankrupt. We are better than that.”
In contrast to Bredesen, Rep. Blackburn told Breitbart News that securing America’s borders and combatting illegal immigration is one of America’s foremost priorities.
“It is something that is not just important; I would say it is imperative,” Blackburn said.

Most Voters Say They Want LESS IMMIGRATION When Told Annual Immigration Is ONE MILLION a Year, October 2018 

Exerpt: THE QUESTION: Current federal policy adds about one million new immigrants with lifetime work permits each year. Which is closest to the number of new immigrants the government should be adding each year -- less than 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, one million, one and a half million, or more than two million? 

The majority of voters in all 25 polled states chose immigration levels at least 25% lower than the current one. The favorite choice was a level requiring at least a 75% cut in annual numbers. (The number of respondents in nearly all the states was 1,000.) 

Crisis at the Border? Overall Numbers Down, but New Migrant Flows Are Testing the System 

By Cristobal Ramón 

Bipartisan Policy Center, October 1, 2018 

Exclusive–Dave Brat: Democrats Favor Importing ‘Cheap Labor’ over Securing American Jobs for Veterans

Latino Construction Workers

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) says Democrats favor importing cheap foreign labor to provide big business with low labor costs and readily available workers, rather than securing jobs for American veterans.

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Brat told Breitbart News Senior Editors-at-Large, Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak Democrats, like his pro-amnesty opponent, Abigail Spanberger, are more concerned with providing cheap labor to the business lobby than job and wage growth for Americans.
Brat said:
That is what [Democrats] want to do. [Democrats] want to open the borders and bring in cheap labor for the cheap labor crowd and then that, of course, pushes down wage trades for American workers who can’t find jobs. And we’ve got 40 million people out of the workforce still, Americans, who we need to get into the economy.
The Trump economy is roaring right now and it’s a great opportunity to get our veterans all back in the labor force, all the kids that maybe didn’t want to go for the full college route maybe back into the labor force.
My opponent is way worse than that. [Abigail Spanberger] is open borders. [Emphasis added]
Listen to Brat’s full interview here:
As Breitbart News reported, Spanberger has endorsed amnesty for all 12 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. saying that the amnesty is necessary to “meet the needs of the employers,” a talking point often spouted by the pr0-amnesty U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, and Wall Street executives.
In a case of wage depression due to mass immigration, California’s construction industry saw once good wages in the 1980s suddenly decreased and flatlined due to massive amounts of illegal and low-skilled legal immigration to the region.
Blaine Taylor, a whistleblower, said the construction industry in California once offered a starting wage of about $45 an hour in the late 1980s. Fast-forward to 2018 — nearly two decades into when illegal aliens began flooding the industry — he now says that wages have fallen by more than half, standing at just $11 an hour.
A recent Harvard/Harris Poll revealed that nearly half of Americans now say illegal immigration crushes U.S. wages. About 73 percent of supporters of President Trump say illegal immigration reduces wages for Americans. Another nearly 60 percent of Americans living in rural regions of the country say illegal immigration reduces U.S. wages.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder

The Second Caravan Sealed the Democrats' Fate

The herald of middle-American radicalism, Samuel Francis, famously described America's two parties as the evil party and the stupid party.  Under our secular savior, Donald Trump, the political division in America is changing: there is no more stupid party, and the evil party is consuming itself.  Vilfredo Pareto's classification of political elites as "Foxes and Lions" – the quick and cunning versus the strong and stalwart – now largely describes our two parties.  The pure foxes among Republicans have mostly been silenced or have left the party; it now consists mainly of a protective pride of lions led by a dominant male more cunning than any fox.  The Democrats' elites consist almost exclusively of foxes, and they are beset by a spreading plague of rabies.
Just in time to drive this division home with a sledgehammer and a ten-inch nail, the border crisis has exploded into America's consciousness.
On the heels of the now 14,000-strong human wave set to flood across our southern border in the coming weeks is another human army – and then another, and likely many more.  Faced with the prospect of paying human-smugglers $5,000-$10,000 to transport them to the American border, poor residents of Central American countries have come to realize that mass migrations are safer and cheaper.  The invaders know they have allies on this side of our border.  Most Democrat lawmakers remain silent; they are not proposing a solution because they don't see the invasion as a problem – to them, it is a feature of our immigration laws, not a bug.  Racialism is the new creed and currency of the left, so anything that swells the numbers of minorities in the United States is assumed by Democrat leaders to be a net benefit to the Democratic Party.  With the advent of invading armies, the democrats could not be more mistaken.
First, notice what was not said as the army approached Mexico and Mexican authorities pledged to prevent it from entering their country.  Whether this was possible was an open question – but what was never questioned was the right of Mexico to stop them.  Every leftist in Congress and in corporate media silently affirmed the right of the Mexican government to stop the army.  The Democrats' immigration message is finally crystal-clear: other nations have a right to control their borders, but we do not, even in the face of foreign invasion.  That is a politically untenable position.
Second, as more invading armies get underway, regardless of the fate of the first one, questions will invariably be asked of the left – and every question undermines the Democratic Party.
- How many are too many?  There can be no real answer to that question from the left if the first massive army proceeds into the interior of the country.  The left has welcomed the first army; consistency demands that they apply the same standards to those that follow.  The Democrats have shown that they're bluffing.  To fold will admit their error, wound their pride, and compromise their racialist creed.
- Do Democrats really believe that all or even most of the invading migrants face political, ethnic, or religious persecution?  Those are the standards for asylum.  The army comes from a region where ethnicity and religion are essentially uniform; there is no Latin American version of the Hutus and Tutsis.  People fleeing economic depression and criminal violence are not eligible for asylum, yet Democrats welcome them all with open arms.
- Assuming that we decide to stop the tenth, or twentieth, or fiftieth army, is there any legal way to do so without physical resistance?  The Democrats' silence on this issue insures that our laws will be changed, and not in ways that will benefit their party.  The wall is the most obvious but hardly the limit of these changes; immigration based upon merit will be the final defeat of the Democratic Party's desire to replace the American population with a largely illiterate and dependent foreign underclass.  The Democrats will resist every change, but their support for the current invasion has cut their credibility off at the knees.
Third, the left and its corporate media allies have misjudged Latinos.  The left's childish and simplistic view of minorities leads leftists to believe that all Latinos think alike and are uniformly elated by anything that grows the sheer number of Latinos in the country.  There are radical elements in the Latino community who do think that way, and naturally, they are drawn to active participation in the racialist Democrat mob.  But most Latinos are like the rest of us: they are concerned about their families first and foremost.  It doesn't benefit Latinos – whether here legally or illegally – to have endless waves of people arriving from outside the country, willing to work for lower and lower wages.  Shrewd Latinos also recognize that the less legitimate foreign arrivals appear to be, the greater the chance that large-scale deportations will eventually occur.  Most Latinos do not desire a place on the Democrat welfare plantation and the destruction of the family unit which such a place requires.  Note that there is no European analogue for the word "machismo" – among the various races, only Latinos use and celebrate such a term, defined as "aggressive masculinity."  The Democrat plantation is the home of emasculation.
Having already set in motion plans to limit or eliminate foreign aid to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, President Trump has already done more to fight this foreign invasion than Obama did in eight years.  Should the migrant army simply keep walking when it meets resistance, that will not be the victory many Democrats seem to anticipate.  It will not demoralize the Republican base, which recognizes that short of military resistance and the public relations nightmare a military confrontation may produce, Trump's hands are largely tied by our current immigration laws.  Instead, the human wave will be the punctuation mark on the end of the sentence, "Build the wall."
Months ago, Trump offered to trade legitimacy for DACA recipients for the wall.  The Democrats refused, as Trump surely knew they would.  Instead, Democrats dug their greedy hands ever deeper into the immigration candy jar.  Before all is said and done, they'll curse their greedy hands and wish they'd opted for amputation.

Gallup estimates that 147 million people around the globe want to migrate to the U.S., and of those, 37 million are from Latin America.

Invasion of the Country Snatchers
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Is it more than coincidence that thousands of migrants from Central America are seeking to enter the United States illegally just two weeks before the midterm election? Who are these people? Who's paying for their transportation, food and expenses? Why doesn't the media find out? Is this migrant caravan a ploy by Democrats to win sympathy from Hispanic voters so they'll reverse their growing approval of Trump administration policies and vote against their interests?