Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AN AMERICAN SPEAKS: On Mexican Racism in Los Angeles

Coming To Your State Also (From Mexifornia)

The only true racism and violent hatred today in Southern California is what Mexico brings here.

Mexico brings a culture of hatred and violence, poverty and death SO destructive that EVERY community Mexico takes over in this state
becomes a violent slum of hatred and death. Once they move in, they begin by the racial persecution of Californias black community, in most
instances harrassing them OUT of the neighborhoods they were born and raised in.

....and then there are the racist Latino underground Aamies, or "gangs" as our misleading media loves to call them.

They embark on murder missions, finding black citizens and killing them in the streets.

The war they wage with other races like whites and asians is far more insidious. In those racial conquest attempts they fight this country
by SUBSTITUTING the Barrio/Slum environments of Mexico for our once clean, safe American communities.

Don't believe it?

Get in your car and take a little "tour" of all the communities that have fallen under Mexicos flag of corruption, trashing, gang rule and human
cargo and drug smuggling. ALL look like war zones.

Notice the territiorial vulgar tagging everywhere?

Notice the bars on all the windows? TO PROTECT THEM FROM THEMSELVES- their own people that they will never be able to trust.

Notice the trash everywhere and total lack of respect.?

This is a culture that respects the criminal. It only respects the thug and total asshole. It knows not love, it knows not nurturing. It does not
possess the intellect or upbringing to comprehend respect or humility.

It knows not how to grow in respectable manners....like education, compassion, caring, courtesy and respect.

It knows only growth by breeding. An agenda to create as many "brown" people as possible. A race war to suffocate all other races and
take over with one proud race as they call it.

I have yet still to figure out what they have to be so proud about.

Is the largest murder rate in Los Angeles?
Is it the highest birth rates in Los Angeles and at at poverty level?
Is it the fact that they figured out how to Drain and Take Advantage of our Charity and Hospitality here?
Is it because they fled Mexico rather than stand and fight to make their homeland something to be proud of, not ashamed of?
Is it because they seriously think that they are a "better race?" when all they do is Fail at anything noble or responsible?

It's not pride. it's blind racism.

Hatred of white people because we succeeded in California where Mexico fails....

Mexicos only success is in the spread of its poverty culture here....spread of crime, breeding, and hatred.

They call it 'ReConquista.' What a cheap shot at achieving any kind of marked success in the world....Riding on the coat tales of Americas
successes only to eradicate American culture of the asimilation and education of ALL races.....for the replacement of the 3rd world.

It's growing exponentially thanks to the breeder mentality of self replicating Latino poverty.

It has already proven to be the death of California....wait another 50 years.....when the whole state is uneducatable 3rd world scum and California
will look like Staten Islands trash mountain only with "People" living in it.

Don't go talking about white people and racism on here. white people have done nothing but enable, provide crutches for and aided Latinos
in this country.

We've elevated them to positions of power and promotion....only to be spit in the face by these traitors. White/Black/Asian Hating
racist overpopulators.

California Truly does only get the WORST of Mexicos culture and people. The unwanted poor and so often criminal.

The worst of the worst adding to California overpopulation ranks of largely Latino majority.


Planet killers. NO respect for managable growth, moderation, the environment or sustainability.

I would have never dreamed 20 years ago that a 3rd world culture SO IGNORANT that they REFUSE TO EVEN AKNOWLEDGE birth control would
have run this state to ruin and slum and to the point of waging a race war of breeding.

Tragic end to an American State.