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Logic and Illegal Aliens (U.S.A.)

Date: 2010-04-30, 11:02AM PDT

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I am having a really hard time with people supporting illegal aliens. The key word here is "illegal". I have never, ever heard one logical arguement in support of this activivity. I am not going to rant like most people and start talking about overcrowded jails, gang bangers, etc. Most (not all) people that come here illegally are genuinely looking for a better life. All they can do is cross the border illegally in an attempt to make any money, usually slave wages. Again the key word is ILLEGAL. We (the USA) are not responsible to take care of other country's poor. Period. If you want to come to this country legally and become a citizen, we applaud that. This country was indeed built by immigrants. We are in no shape or form anti-immigration, which the media keeps saying. "Arizona's new anti-immigation bill", etc. It is not anti immigration.

I also believe that the racist ones in this equation are indeed the Hispanics. Why do you feel that it is okay for Hispanic people (let's face it, it is mostly Mexican) to get special treatment? Racist, period. Also, the liberals who want the illegals are racist. They always say "who is going to do the jobs that Americans won't do? Who are the day laborers? Who does these jobs for dirt poor wages?" Yes the illegals do these jobs for dirt poor wages. So the liberals are saying we NEED a slave class (again, mostly Hispanics) to perform our menial labor. So I can only conclude that they are racist against Hispanics. So the Hispanics are racist for believing they are a special class that should be able to break our laws, and the liberals are racist for wanting a slave class. The only ones not racist are good, hard working Americans who actually like the rule of law and want it enforced.

Look Who Harbors Illegals! AN AMERICAN SEES AND SPEAKS

Look who harbors illegals!

Date: 2010-04-27, 7:42PM PDT
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Pres Obama
Arnold Gov of CA
Mayor of SF Newsom
Meg Whitman - wanna be queen
Luis V. Gutierrez
Barbra Boxers
D. Feinstein
Phil Gordon
See the common thread

Crimianls supports other criminals and want you to believe it is justice for all!


BIG AG BIZ Exploitation of Illegals

The invasion of this nation by 38 million illegals was not by accident, but by INVITATION!

California’s two corrupt senators Barbara Boxer (running again) and Dianne Feinstein are both LA RAZA ENDORSED. Feinstein has publically stated that Americans were “stupid” for now wanting more illegals.

Boxer and Feinstein have twice worked on a massive “special amnesty” for 1.5 MILLION illegal farm workers. It’s all about paying miserable wages. These corrupt politicians pushed this “special amnesty” despite the fact that ONE-THIRD of all illegal farm workers END UP ON WELFARE. Many “stupid” Americans don’t think illegals can get welfare. In Sanctuary County of Los Angeles, which the Christian Science Monitor characterizes as “Mexican gang capital of America”, illegals collect $600 million per year in welfare. The State of California pays out more than $20 BILLION per year in social services to illegals.

“Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed. He urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to quickly approve a bill by Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein that would provide funds to help workers meet their housing costs.”

How expensive is that “cheap” Mexican labor?

Dianne Feinstein has long illegally hired illegals at her S.F. hotel. Her La Raza sister has long hired illegals at her $20 million dollar Napa winery. Barbara Boxer corrupt political life is financed by the special interests that benefit from depressed wages. THE THREE OF THESE S.F. BAY AREA POLITICIANS HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING ABOUT UNEMPLOYMENT, THE EVER EXPANDING MEXICAN WELFARE AND PRISON SYSTEM, GANG CRIMES, OR ILLEGALS GETTING AMERICAN JOBS.

By Jessica Bernstein-Wax

Associated Press Writer / May 27, 2008
IRAPUATO, Mexico—Antonio Martinez used to pay smugglers thousands of dollars each year to sneak him into the United States to manage farm
crews. Now, the work comes to him.

more stories like thisSupervising lettuce pickers in central Mexico,
Martinez earns just half of the $1,100 a week he made in the U.S.
But the job has its advantages, including working without fear of
immigration raids.

Martinez, now a legal employee of U.S.-owned VegPacker de Mexico, is
exactly the kind of worker more American farm companies are seeking.
Many have moved their fields to Mexico, where they can find
qualified people, often with U.S. experience, who can't be deported.

"Because I never moved my family to the U.S., I was always alone
there," said Martinez, 45, who could never get a work permit, even
after 16 years in agriculture in California and Arizona. "When I got
the opportunity to be close to my family, doing similar work, I
didn't even have to think about it."

American companies now farm more than 45,000 acres of land in three
Mexican states, employing about 11,000 people, a 2007 survey by the
U.S. farm group Western Growers shows.

There were no earlier studies to document how much the acreage has
grown. But U.S. direct investment in Mexican agriculture, which
includes both American companies moving their operations to Mexico
and setting up Mexican partnerships, has swelled sevenfold to $60
million since 2000, Mexico's Economy Department told The Associated

Major corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Bunge have
invested across Latin America for decades, particularly in countries
like Brazil, where agribusiness is booming.

Some small farmers have cultivated parts of Mexico for much longer,
seeking to secure year-round supplies of fruits and vegetables,
while taking advantage of cheap labor and proximity to the U.S.

But the latest move south has been fueled by something new, farmers
say: a way to continue to deliver cheap, fresh farm goods amid the
current U.S. political standoff over an estimated 12 million
undocumented immigrants, the majority from Mexico.

Recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids have targeted major
agricultural producers, including Del Monte Fresh Produce in
Portland, Oregon, and several large packing plants across the
nation -- scaring away immigrants and persuading many agricultural
employers to clean up their hiring practices.

"Employers can't find legal workers to replace this huge number of
illegal workers," said James Holt, an agricultural labor economist
and independent consultant based in Washington. "Their only option
is to go where the workers are."

Many of the growers, once based in California's Salinas Valley, are
also heading south to escape high land prices and water shortages.
Mexico is closer to eastern U.S. markets than California, they say.
Shipping times to Atlanta are a day shorter from Mexico's central
Guanajuato state.

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Date: 2009-05-15, 2:57PM PDT

A farm workers dusts a vineyard along Byron Highway near State Route 4 near Point of Timber in Brentwood, Calif., on Thursday May 14, 2009. For the fourth time this decade, Senator Diane Feinstein and other legislators today have introduced an "AgJobs" bill that, if enacted, would legalize more than one million undocumented farm workers, many of them in California. (Susan Tripp Pollard/Staff)

New Day, New Push to Legalize Farmworkers

By Matt O'Brien
Contra Costa Times
May 15, 2009

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Thursday introduced a bill that would grant amnesty to up to 1.35 million farm workers who are working in the country illegally, many of them in California.
Nicknamed the AgJobs Bill, the measure has been proposed multiple times this decade, without success, by Feinstein and other legislators. Some supporters are hoping it might fare better under the Obama administration.


Date: 2008-05-20, 4:58AM
It's time to get some petitions circulating and get this FRAUD out of office! How disgusting of Dianne Feinstein to sneak an amnesty provision into the Iraq War Funding bill. She knows darn well that most senators will vote for funding for our troops. She thinks she can sneak this through by putting this provision in at the last moment - even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the Iraq war. Well it's time to stop playing all these games. If Ms. Feinstein can't operate in an honest and above-board fashion, she needs to find a different job! I'm a liberal who is fed up with her sneaky, conniving, and CORRUPT ways. IT'S TIME TO RECALL THIS B*TCH!!!!!

President Bush finally has granted some relief to the thousands of farmworkers who have been struggling to feed and house their families in the aftermath of the severe cold wave that struck California's farm areas in January. But the aid is far too little and comes far too late.
Bush's action on March 14 came after more than a month of urgent pleading by California's governor, its U.S. senators and many others. It will provide workers $17 million in food supplies and an extra six months of unemployment insurance payments.
But that's "simply not enough," as President Arturo Rodriguez of the United Farm Workers said. "Families are in a state of crisis. While food donations are critical, federal relief needs to apply toward mortgages and rental assistance and utility payments or thousands of families will lose their homes."
Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed. He urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to quickly approve a bill by Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein that would provide funds to help workers meet their housing costs.
The workers are victims of a devastating cold wave that plunged temperatures to the low 20s in an area ranging from the Mexican border up though central California. It destroyed at least half the citrus crop and did great harm to several other crops. Damage amounted to more than $1 billion.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture was quick to offer help to growers by designating 18 counties as ³disaster areas.² That made the 3,500 growers in those hardest hit locations eligible for low-interest loans of up to $500,000 each, providing they¹d lost at least 30 percent of their crop and could not get loans from private sources or, presumably, crop insurance payments.
In finally granting some relief to farmworkers in 12 of the counties, Bush granted more aid to growers -- $10 million to help them prune frost-damaged trees. There hadn¹t been much federal help, however, for the estimated 12,500 grower employees 5,000 harvesters and 7,500 packing house workers who were affected. Many have been jobless or working only part-time since January and aren¹t likely to find much work -- if any -- until the fall harvests begin in October.
In the meantime, they have little to live on. Farmworker¹s pay is so low few have savings to tide them over. Lacking steady work, they must rely on government aid and private charity to help them feed, clothe and house their families and cover other essentials.
Citrus worker Guadalupe Florez, a widow and mother of three cited by the United Farm Workers union as typical of those needing help, said she¹s ³started to look for work but there aren¹t any jobs. All we know is field work and there aren¹t any oranges to pick, sort or pack. I can get $118 every two weeks from unemployment benefits but it is not nearly enough to cover my $742 mortgage and the $250 in monthly gas and electric bills.²
California¹s state government has helped with unemployment insurance payments and nearly $6 million in grants to individual workers and county-run food banks.
Farmworkers can apply for that aid and other help such as health care and job counseling at ³one-stop centers² the state has set up in farming areas. Many of the needy workers are undocumented immigrants and thus not eligible for government aid, but non-governmental groups have moved in to help them as well as domestic workers.
Service clubs, churches and others have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to food banks, and utility companies have reduced their rates in some farming areas. The United Farm Workers has launched a major campaign to spread word of the workers¹ plight throughout the country, is widely soliciting donations of food and money, and is helping communities organize to take effective action. The UFW calculates that $32.5 million will be needed just to cover the workers¹ basic living costs -- $500 a month for at least 10 months for 6,500 households.
But the state and the UFW and other private groups can¹t possibly meet the enormous need by themselves. The federal government must provide much more than Bush has authorized.

From the Los Angeles Times
Certainly the farmworkers deserve that. As the San Francisco Chronicle noted, "they are part of an economically marginal population that helps drive the state¹s economy, and allows consumers to buy fruit and vegetables at an enviably low cost.²
Farm bill keeping subsidies is OKd in Senate
Taxpayer groups, environmentalists and doctors have all pledged to try to change the legislation, for different reasons. Bush has threatened a veto.
By Nicole Gaouette
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

December 15, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Friday approved a farm bill that would continue to funnel billions of dollars in subsidies to wealthy landowners and farmers who are earning record-breaking prices for their crops, rebuffing a concerted campaign by some senators to shift money to conservation, nutrition and deficit reduction.



County Spends $600 Mil On Welfare For Illegal Immigrants

Last Updated: Thu, 03/11/2010 - 3:14pm

For the second consecutive year taxpayers in a single U.S. county will dish out more than half a billion dollars just to cover the welfare and food-stamp costs of illegal immigrants.

Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous, may be in the midst of a dire financial crisis but somehow there are plenty of funds for illegal aliens. In January alone, anchor babies born to the county’s illegal immigrants collected more than $50 million in welfare benefits. At that rate the cash-strapped county will pay around $600 million this year to provide illegal aliens’ offspring with food stamps and other welfare perks.


The exorbitant figure, revealed this week by a county supervisor, doesn’t even include the enormous cost of educating, medically treating or incarcerating illegal aliens in the sprawling county of about 10 million residents. Los Angeles County annually spends more than $1 billion for those combined services, including $500 million for healthcare and $350 million for public safety.
About a quarter of the county’s welfare and food stamp issuances go to parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their anchor babies, according to the figures from the county’s Department of Social Services. In 2009 the tab ran $570 million and this year’s figure is expected to increase by several million dollars.
Illegal immigration continues to have a “catastrophic impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers,” the veteran county supervisor (Michael Antonovich) who revealed the information has said. The former fifth-grade history teacher has repeatedly come under fire from his liberal counterparts for publicizing statistics that confirm the devastation illegal immigration has had on the region. Antonovich, who has served on the board for nearly three decades, represents a portion of the county that is roughly twice the size of Rhode Island and has about 2 million residents.
His district is simply a snippet of a larger crisis. Nationwide, Americans pay around $22 billion annually to provide illegal immigrants with welfare benefits that include food assistance programs such as free school lunches in public schools, food stamps and a nutritional program (known as WIC) for low-income women and their children. Tens of billions more are spent on other social services, medical care, public education and legal costs such as incarceration and public defenders.


FAIR Legislative Update December 22, 2009

Radical Amnesty Bill Introduced in House

On Tuesday, December 15, open borders advocate Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced H.R. 4321, the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009,” (CIR ASAP). H.R. 4321 would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, dramatically increase legal immigration, and create loopholes in existing penalties in exchange for promises of “enforcement” in the future. (See FAIR’s Legislative Updates from October 19, 2009 and December 14, 2009). At introduction, CIR ASAP had over 90 original co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. (See Cosponsor listing).
CIR ASAP contains several amnesty programs, including AgJOBS (Title IV, Subtitle B); the DREAM Act (sprinkled throughout the bill); and a broad amnesty program through which millions of illegal aliens could obtain “earned legalization” (Title IV, Subtitle A). These provisions are in many ways similar to those in the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill of 2007, except that several significant requirements have been weakened. For example, for an illegal alien to receive amnesty under H.R.4321, he or she does not even have to establish employment, only that he or she is an active member of the community.
In addition to granting amnesty, CIR ASAP would dramatically increase legal immigration by:
• Recapturing purportedly “unused” family and employment-based green cards from 1992 to 2008 (§301(a)-(b)). According to State Department data, this provision alone could bring in as many as 550,000 immigrants—all of whom would compete with American workers for jobs. (U.S. State Department, Unused Family and Employment Preferences Numbers Available for Recapture, Fiscal Years 1992-2007).
• Expanding the definition of “immediate relatives” to include children and spouses of lawful permanent residents. (§302). This would allow an unlimited number of these children and spouses to immediately qualify for a visa.
• Increasing the annual per country limits on family and employment-based visas from seven percent to ten percent. (§303). Under current law, each foreign country has a seven percent share of the total cap of visas allocated each year.
In exchange for the multiple amnesties and massive increases in legal immigration proposed in the bill, H.R. 4321 contains measures ostensibly aimed at strengthening immigration “enforcement.” Upon closer examination, however, CIR ASAP would actually undermine the enforcement of our immigration laws. For example, the bill would:
• Repeal the highly successful 287(g) program, which allows federal officials to train state and local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. (§184).
• Establish a new, untested electronic employee verification system. (§201). This would completely reverse years of progress made with respect to E-Verify.
• Temporarily suspend Operation Streamline pending a re-evaluation of the program’s future viability. (§125(a)). Operation Streamline is a highly successful, zero-tolerance program that targets illegal aliens for immediate prosecution upon apprehension at or near the border. After Operation Streamline was put into effect in December 2006, the Yuma, Arizona sector saw nearly 1200 prosecutions in the first 9 months. Border apprehensions decreased by 70 percent. (CBP Press Release, July 24, 2007).
• Prohibit the Armed Forces and the National Guard from assisting in securing the border unless: (1) the President declares a national emergency, or (2) the use of the Armed Forces/National Guard is required for specific counter-terrorism duties. (§131(a) & (b)).
• Require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to identify and inventory the current personnel, human resources, assets, equipment, supplies, or other physical resources dedicated to border security and enforcement prior to any increase in these categories. (§114(a); §116(a)).
At a press conference announcing the introduction of his bill, Rep. Gutierrez indicated that his bill was to set the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s standard for immigration reform legislation. However, he also acknowledged that the Senate will most likely be the first chamber to act on amnesty legislation. While a bill has not yet been introduced in the Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is planning to introduce a bill in early 2010, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has indicated he will kick off the amnesty debate sometime in February or March. (Congressional Quarterly, December 15, 2009).
FAIR will be releasing a more detailed summary of the Gutierrez amnesty bill shortly. Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, October 22, 2009

The federal government has declared war on Sheriff JOE ARPAIO of Maricopa County, Arizona, for enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. “America’s Toughest Sheriff” will give Lou an update.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Friday, October 16, 2009

E-Verify- the single most successful federal program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants out of the workforce- is once again threatened. This time, E-Verify was stripped from a Senate Amendment behind closed doors and without explanation. Instead of becoming a permanent program E-verify has been reduced to only three years. Critics are calling this a stall tactic and an attempt at killing an employment enforcement system. We will have a full report tonight.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, October 15, 2009

E-Verify -- the single most successful federal program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants out of the nation's workforce is once again being threatened. Permanent reauthorization for the program -- which has a 99.7-percent accuracy rate -- has been pulled from pending legislation. Now the program is set to expire in just 3-years. The change was made behind closed doors in the Senate -- without public comment or debate.


Lou Dobbs Tonight
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New attempts to put comprehensive immigration reform back on the front burner. Congressman Luis Gutierrez -- the chair of the Democratic Caucus Immigration Task Force -- is unveiling new legislation that would call for amnesty for the up to 20 million illegal immigrants in this country.
Congressman Gutierrez will join me tonight


Lou Dobbs Tonight
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Obama administration could be weakening a successful joint federal and local program aimed at keeping illegal immigrants off our streets. "287 G" gives local police the training and authority to enforce federal immigration law. Supporters of the program believe the ministration wants to limit the program to criminal illegal immigrants already in custody -- limiting the investigative authority of police.
And Father PATRICK BASCIO has a remarkably different perspective on illegal immigration from that of most Christian clergymen-one he’s outlined in a remarkable new book entitled
On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration: An Alternative Christian View.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Monday, September 28, 2009
And T.J. BONNER, president of the National Border Patrol Council, will weigh in on the federal government’s decision to pull nearly 400 agents from the U.S.-Mexican border. As always, Lou will take your calls to discuss the issues that matter most-and to get your thoughts on where America is headed. Call him toll-free on the Independent Hotline at 877-55 DOBBS.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Federal contractors now must use E-verify to check the status of their employees on federal projects. The rule which goes into effect today will affect almost 169,000 contractors and some 3.8 million workers. The E-verify program has an accuracy rating of 99.6% but has been repeatedly challenged by the U.S. Chamber of Congress. We will have a full report tonight.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
And there are some 800,000 gang members in this country: That’s more than the combined number of troops in our Army and Marine Corps. These gangs have become one of the principle ways to import and distribute drugs in the United States. Congressman David Reichert joins Lou to tell us why those gangs are growing larger and stronger, and why he’s introduced legislation to eliminate the top three international drug gangs.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Senator Ted Kennedy kicked off a week of events and meetings focusing on immigration before he introduces legislation promoting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens living in the United States. Today, Kennedy met with Cardinal Roger Mahony, an outspoken and controversial supporter of illegal aliens and Kennedy’s bill. Senators McCain, Kennedy and Representatives
Flake and Gutierrez are expected to unveil their legislation later this month. We’ll have a full report.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another victory for American workers in Arizona. Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the get-tough employer sanctions law in the state. The law hits employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens with strict penalties and in some cases even strips businesses of their licenses. A lower court upheld the same law in February. But open-borders and amnesty groups along with the business lobby are considering yet another appeal.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Monday, February 11, 2008
In California, League of United Latin American Citizens has adopted a resolution to declare "California Del Norte" a sanctuary zone for immigrants. The declaration urges the Mexican government to invoke its rights under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo "to seek third nation neutral arbitration of ....disputes concerning immigration laws and their enforcement." We’ll have the story.
Last year, Prince William County, Virginia passed an initiative to allow local police to check the immigration status of anyone in police custody. The county recently held its first immigration training session for local police officers. We’ll have a look inside the training.
Mexican President Felipe Calderon is in New York today on the first leg his five day tour across America to meddle in immigration issues in the United States. This is his first visit to the U.S. since he became President in 2006, but he will not meet with President Bush or any of the presidential candidates, who he has accused of spewing anti immigrant rhetoric. Join us for that report.
Lou Dobbs Tonight Wednesday
March 5, 2008
Immigration experts are appearing on Capitol Hill today to release the results of a study showing the cost of illegal immigration on the criminal justices system in the 24 U.S. counties bordering Mexico–more $1 billion in less than a decade.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gov. Schwarzenegger said California is facing “financial Armageddon”. He is making drastic cuts in the budget for education, health care and services. But there is one place he isn’t making cuts… services for illegal immigrants. These services are estimated to cost the state four to five billion dollars a year. Schwarzenegger said he is “happy” to offer these services. We will have a full report tonight.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plus drug cartel violence is spreading across our border with Mexico further into the United States. Mexican drug cartels are increasingly being linked to crimes in this country. Joining Lou tonight, from our border with Mexico is the new “border czar” Alan Bersin, the Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Monday, April 20, 2009

And compelling new evidence that H-1B visas for foreign workers lower the pay of information technology workers in this country. Critics say the report, by NYU’s Stern School of Business and Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, proves that corporate elites are importing cheap overseas labor simply to lower the wages of American workers. We’ll have a special report.

Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Plus, outrage after President Obama prepares to push ahead with his plan for so-called comprehensive immigration reform. Pres. Obama is fulfilling a campaign promise to give
legal status to millions of illegal aliens as he panders to the pro-amnesty, open borders lobby. Tonight we will have complete coverage.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Monday, February 16, 2009
Construction of the 670 miles of border fence mandated by the Bush administration is almost complete. The Border Patrol says the new fencing, more agents and new technology
have reduced illegal alien apprehensions. But fence opponents are trying to stop the last few miles from being finished. We will have a full report, tonight.
Plus, even open border advocates agree that the most effective way of fighting illegal immigration is to crack down on the employment of illegal aliens. Yet, those same groups are
opposed to E-Verify, which has an initial accuracy rate of 99.6% making it one the most accurate programs ever. E-Verify was stripped from the stimulus bill but who stripped it out and who is opposed to verifying employment status is still not clear.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight, a Supreme Court ruling is putting our democracy at risk. The court today overturned a federal appeals court decision that would have forced Ohio to do more to verify questionable voter registrations. We’ll have the very latest in our special report.

Plus, in the War on the Middle Class tonight, a government program is found to be rampant with fraud and abuse, giving even more American jobs to foreign workers. A new Department of Homeland Security report shows cases of violations, forgery and shell businesses in the H-1B visa program. We’ll have that and much more.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Colorado, over 1,300 illegal aliens are being investigated for applying for improper tax refunds. The ACLU has written a letter to the judge threatening to sue if the judge convenes a grand jury to investigate the case. We will have all the latest developments of the case as well as the ACLU’s bullying in pursuit of their amnesty agenda.
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And WILLIAM GHEEN, the president of Americans for Legal Immigration, breaks down his push for E-Verify—and why the Obama administration is wrong to delay its implementation when it comes to federal contractors.