Sunday, September 26, 2010

HERE'S THE PICTURE.. Living Under Mexican Occupation



Date: 2010-09-26, 12:07AM PDT

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I live in a nice part of live Oak and have for 18 years , on a nice quiet ,clean neighborhood.....that is until this HUGE family of Hispanics moved in next door ! 9 kids ! and the mother is pregenant again ! All of the sudden my peace and quiet is gone !The fat fuckin mom and all the kids constantly screaming in Spanish .....Mariachi music BLARING on Sunday untill midnite...6 cars and a broken down van parked on the lawn....3 chihauhas that bark constantly and shit on my lawn ...These people actually just throw there kids dirty diapers onto their driveway and leave them there its normal or something ! Is this how these people act in Mexico? They are the filthiest disgusting group of illegal immigrants ! Is this what Santa Cruz s " sanctuary city " policy is all about ? Fuck illegal Mexicans and their nasty dirty culture !! My house is now for sale and Im moving to a community that doesnt cater to these third world BARBARIANS !!!

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Re; Large family/perfect tenants (santa cruz)

Date: 2010-09-20, 10:47PM PDT
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What a wonderful story about your little immigrant family of seven all crammed in a 2 bedroom on Button street !! Just the way illegals are... packed in filthy crowded conditions ! Most children of illegals become gang bangers.... spray painting their neighborhoods, stabbing and killing ...turning Santa Cruz into a violent, dangerous place !! Illiterate Third World parents breeding uncontrolably ...cant even speak Engish after 13 years and now you want the U S taxpayer to subsidize their fucking rent ? Are you fucking kidding? People like you who coddle to these illegal trespassers are disgusting !! I have reported you and your I. P . address to I. C. E. and you will be charged in Federal Court with violating U .S Code : Title 8 , 1324 Harboring and Abetting Felony Illegal Immigrants!