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Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez was deported twice but returned to provide “cheap” labor. He can’t read or write and raped his 10-year-old daughter.

“Prosecutors say the girl, who was 11-years-old at the time, went to a medical center where it was determined she was pregnant. Officials say she would have conceived the child at ten years of age.”

Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting Fourth-Grade Girl

An illegal alien has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a fourth-grade girl in North Charleston, South Carolina.
Carlos Bartolo Rios, a 29-year-old illegal alien, was arrested last month on first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child after a fourth-grade girl accused him of sexually assaulting her between February and June of 2019.
Rios, according to the girl, sexually assaulted her and showed her “nasty sex videos” before telling her not to tell anyone.
Days after being booked into the Charleston County Detention Center, Rios was detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.
“This case is an excellent example of ICE’s ongoing focus to prioritize its immigration enforcement efforts toward unlawfully present foreign nationals who pose a clear threat to public safety,” an ICE official told WCBD.
“Despite attempts by some to confuse the public, ICE does not conduct any type of random or indiscriminate enforcement and the agency’s targeted enforcement efforts make communities safer for all persons whatever their immigration status may be,” the ICE official said.
Rios now faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

Incest and child rape are not native American habits. Nor is child rape common in Spain. This isn’t genetic. Bestial behavior toward women and children is a hallmark of primitive, peasant cultures—the cultures we are importing by the million. ANN COULTER

“The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10-year-old girl in West Virginia. His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, "I was unaware that it was a crime." FROSTY WOOLDRIGE

Ann Coulter: Who's Doing The Raping? Immigrants—But Don't Ask 'LAW & ORDER SVU'!


With the impeachment nonsense making TV news unwatchable, I’ve been catching up on “Law & Order SVU” recently.
The scripts involve the sort of real-life crimes that are a lot more common since our country has become “diverse,” such as child rape and incest. But the child-rapists are never diverse, as they are in real life. No, the perps are always blond, blue-eyed American men.
In fact, the modern American white male is the least rapey, most gentle, protective, chivalrous creature God has ever created. Get ready for a gigantic I TOLD YOU SO when American women realize that, from 1620 to the day Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act kicked in, they never had it so good.
I wouldn’t mention it, except for “Law & Order SVU.” It would be as if the writers portrayed New York City as a sleepy little burg and Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, as a fast-paced metropolis, jam-packed with skyscrapers.
In one episode titled “Zero Tolerance,” a white American male sells illegal alien girls to other white American men in a sex trafficking scheme that was somehow enabled by Trump ... SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS AT THE BORDER!!!
(The theory of causation is a little vague, but it was definitely Trump’s fault.)
Also, according to “Law & Order SVU,” the main demographic with a sexual fetish for pre-pubescent Hispanic girls is: handsome, married American white men.
Thus, the john having sex with a 9-year-old illegal alien in this episode was a white businessman, married with two sons, who was in New York specifically to have sex with underage girls.
You have to admire television writers who have taken a vow to never leave their homes, have any human contact or read.
Reviewing my years of research on child sex crimes, I see that this has happened NEVER. It’s kind of the opposite. I ended up with so many immigrant child rape cases for “Adios, America!” that most of them had to be left on the cutting room floor—or the book would have been twice as long.
Since 2013, an average of 34 illegal aliens have been charged in North Carolina with 151 counts of raping or sexually assaulting a child per month—and that’s based on police data from less than a third of the counties in a single state.
Shocking child sex crimes that you’d expect to happen about once a century now come at a clip of “every few years.” Within a five-year timespan, for example, the same California judge presided over these two cases:
  • Guatemalan Willy Alejandro Jimenez grabbed a 4-year-old girl in a Palo Alto parking lot, raped her, beat her unconscious, then threw her naked body from a moving car.
  • Fifty-year-old immigrant Paul Narvios repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter, getting her pregnant and making her one of only four girls under the age of 10 to give birth in the United States.
Since 1990, the media have reported on 53 specific girls aged 10 or younger who have given birth in Latin America. In the United States, with a population about 70 percent the size of the nine countries where those births occurred, there were four reported births to girls that young.
Three were to immigrants.
Two were fathered by Hispanic immigrants, one by a Haitian illegal immigrant and one by an American. But for William Edward Ronca, there would not be a single confirmed case of a white man in the Western Hemisphere impregnating a girl 10 years old or younger.
A report from the Inter-American Children’s Institute explained that Latin America is second only to Asia in the sexual exploitation of women and children because sex abuse is “ingrained into the minds of the people.” Women and children are “seen as objects instead of human beings with rights and freedoms.”
If the “Law & Order SVU” writers are worried that Trump is preventing these child-rape-happy cultures from coming to our country, I’ve got good news!
Just two months ago, at an illegal immigrant flophouse in Immokalee, Florida, a teenaged girl got up to use to the bathroom in the middle of the night and caught an adult man in the act of raping a toddler, with blood running down both their legs.
Although the victim’s age was redacted from the police report, the child was wearing a blood-soaked diaper when she arrived at the hospital. The infant was injured so badly that she’s been in the hospital since the attack, undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries—with more to come.
We know the child’s rapist was an illegal alien—there was no one else in the trailer. At the moment, it appears that the primary suspect is her “father,” Hector Gabriel-Jimenez, 23, who has been arrested for child neglect.
He entered the country illegally back in February, was apprehended by border police and sent on his merry way—by a president who launched his campaign talking about Mexican rapists.
But Mariska Hargitay (“Detective Olivia Benson”) blames Trump for his imaginary act of enforcing the border, not for what he’s actually done, which is allow the ACLU to fling our border open to child kidnappers and child molesters.
Promoting the idiotic episode, Hargitay tweeted: "The situation at the border has been unconscionable and cruel. As we speak there are still countless children who are separated from their families because of our government's actions. We can do better. We must do better."
In fact, Trump has been doing exactly what the geniuses of “Law & Order” want! And unlike the show’s incomprehensible chain of causation, our actual border policy—which the “Law & Order” writers and Trump agree on!—led directly to a diapered baby being taken away from her mother and brutally raped.

“The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10-year-old girl in West Virginia. His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, "I was unaware that it was a crime." FROSTY WOOLDRIGE

America Vs Mexico:
Clashing Cultures

By Frosty Wooldridge
Anyone understand why Mexicans fail miserably at creating a successful civilization? Ever wonder why millions of them invade the United States in search of a better life? Have you noticed that once they arrive, they create the same kind of 'society' in the United States? Unconsciously, they create the same conditions they left behind. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy.
For example, in Denver in December, illegal alien Navi dragged his girlfriend to death behind his car. Illegal alien Cruz shot his girlfriend dead in the back because she wouldn't reconcile with him. Illegal alien Ruizz ran over and killed Justin Goodman, but Ruizz drove away from the scene leaving Goodman to die. In Greeley, Colorado they suffered 270 hit and run accidents in one year. Over 80 percent of hit and run wrecks in Denver involve illegal aliens. Denver boasts the drug smuggling capital of the West as well as the people smuggling mecca of the country. Illegals cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it's a normal way of life. For them, it is.
Mexico's civilization stands diametrically opposed to America's culture. Both countries manifest different ways of thinking and operating.
With George Bush's push to create the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" by dissolving our borders with Mexico, he places all Americans at risk.
Would you become friends with neighbors who throw their trash on city streets and parks, create ghettoes wherever they enclave their numbers, promote corruption, deal in violence, encourage drug use, manifest poverty, endorse sexism and downgrade education?
America's culture and Mexico's culture remain diametrically opposed to one another. America's fought Mexico and won. Today, Mexico invades America with sheer numbers of poor.
However, cultures rarely change and neither do their people.
As you can see from the ten points below, everything about Mexico degrades everything about America. For further information, you may visit  and  where you will find a plethora of information by a brilliant journalist Brenda Walker. Her original report may be viewed on on January 17, 2007 under the title: "Ten Reasons Why America Should Not Marry Mexico." I suggest you read more of her work.  She exemplifies incisive, sobering and shocking information.
These ten point stem directly from Brenda Walker's work. Let's examine why America must not entangle itself by merging with Mexico.
The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia. His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, "I was unaware that it was a crime."
Mexicans remain the most sexist males next to Islamic men. Both boast the most misogynous cultures in the world. Rape and other violence toward women are not treated as serious crimes. In Mexico, a custom known as "rapto" whereby men kidnap women for sex is regarded as harmless amusement. Mexican society regards women little more than objects.
Crime and violence remain mainstays of Mexican culture. Drug cartels and the Mexican army coordinate their massive efforts to promote drug distribution not only in Mexico but into the USA. Mexico City suffers the second highest crime rate in Latin America. Kidnapping remains second only to Columbia for ransom money. Beheadings, killings and gun fire erupt at drug distribution points on the US/Mexican border.
Spontaneous hanging continues in Mexico. A mob beat up and burned to death two policemen on live television in 2004 in Mexico City. As Brenda Walker wrote, "Mexicans do not have the same belief as Americans that the law is central to the equitable functioning of a complex nation. It's the Third World."

 Mexicans abhor education. In their country, illiteracy dominates. As they arrive in our country, only 9.6 percent of fourth generation Mexicans earn a high school diploma. Mexico does not promote educational values. This makes them the least educated of any Americans or immigrants. The rate of illiteracy in Mexico stands at 63 percent.
Drunk driving remains acceptable in Mexico. As it stands, 44,000 Americans die on our nation's highways annually. Half that number stems from drunken drivers. U.S. Congressman Steve King reports that 13 American suffer death from drunken driving Mexicans each day. Alcoholism runs rampant in Mexican culture. They suffer the most DUI arrests.
Mexicans set the benchmark for animal cruelty. Mexicans love dog fighting, bullfighting, cock fighting and horse tripping. Those blood sports play in every arena and backyard in Mexico. They expand into America as more Mexicans arrive. They also engage in "steer-tailing" where the rider yanks the animal's tail in an attempt to flip it to the ground. In horse tripping, they run the animals at full gallop around a ring, then, use ropes to trip them at full speed. It's a death sentence as the horses break their legs, teeth, shoulders and necks-all to the delight of the cheering Mexican fans.
As La Raza confirms, Mexicans maintain the most racist society in North America. "For the Hispanic race, everything; for anyone outside the race, nothing!" Guadalupe Loaeza, a journalist, said, "Mexican society is fundamentally racist and classist. The color of your skin is a key that either opens or shuts doors. The lighter your skin, the more doors open to you."
Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Mexico operates. Corruption remains systemic. The Washington Post wrote, "Mexico is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere." They feature drug cartels, sex slave trade, people smuggling, car theft cartels, real estate scam cartels, murder for money and, you must bribe your mail man to get your mail.
Last, but not least, Mexicans are Marxists. They promote a one-party government. As with any kind of Marxism, brutal totalitarian rule keeps the rich in power and everyone else subservient.
As we allow millions of Mexicans to colonize our country, we can't help but be caught up in these ten deadly cultural traits of Mexicans. With over 12 million Mexicans here today, the predictions grow to as many as 20 even 40 million Mexicans in a few decades as they come here for a better life.
The fact remains, as they come to America for a better life, they make our lives a living hell.

As the father explained to the police: The reason he took the toddler away from her mother in Guatemala was so that "he would be allowed to stay in the U.S.A. and not have any problems with immigration for entering the U.S.A. illegally."

Incest and child rape are not native American habits. Nor is child rape common in Spain. This isn’t genetic. Bestial behavior toward women and children is a hallmark of primitive, peasant cultures—the cultures we are importing by the million.

The hallmark of civilized cultures is to arrest and imprison child rapists. But the brain-dead writers of “Law & Order SVU” invent little stories to demoralize the defenders of civilization, so we can let the incest and child rape flow!


Interactive map here:


OPEN BORDERS: The Democrat Party’s Weapon of Mass Destruction on the American Worker

"Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent,"Landry said.”

“While Mollie lay decomposing, Rivera continued contributing to the American economy by working illegally on Yarrabee Dairy farm, doing jobs the left says Americans won't do.”
“For the record, in 2016 alone, an estimated seven women a day lost their lives in Mexico to femicide in public locations.  Much like Mollie, Mexican women are chased; kidnapped; and, for reasons that sometimes include rebuffing male advances, murdered.”  JEANNE DeANGELIS / AMERICAN THINKER

Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez was deported twice but returned to provide “cheap” labor. He can’t read or write and raped his 10-year-old daughter.

“Prosecutors say the girl, who was 11-years-old at the time, went to a medical center where it was determined she was pregnant. Officials say she would have conceived the child at ten years of age.”

The illegal stabbed her to death with a screwdriver and then ran her over with her car.

“The greatest criminal threat to the daily lives of American citizens are the Mexican drug cartels.”

“Mexican drug cartels are the “other” terrorist threat to America. Militant Islamists have the goal of destroying the United States. Mexican drug cartels are now accomplishing that mission – from within, every day, in virtually every community across this country.” JUDICIALWATCH
“Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.”
“Heroin is not produced in the United States. Every gram of heroin present in the United States provides unequivocal evidence of a failure of border security because every gram of heroin was smuggled into the United States. Indeed, this is precisely a point that Attorney General Jeff Sessions made during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on October 18, 2017 when he again raised the need to secure the U.S./Mexican border to protect American lives.” Michael Cutler …




“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” Trump said then. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.
And if he takes a pass, the two Democrats most likely to succeed Brown – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – favor excessive social spending and are actively courting illegal immigrant support.”





VIDEO: Man Allegedly Fights, Drags Woman from Bronx Subway Train


Disturbing video footage of a fight between a man and a woman on a New York City subway train surfaced online Thursday.
The video, initially shared by a Twitter user whose account has since been locked, showed a man roughly pushing a woman into a seat on the Bronx 6 train.
He then pulled her onto the floor as she continued to hit and kick him, then turned and walked away. A few seconds later, she got up and kept fighting with him.
“No, step out man, step out,” a passenger told the man as the train came to a halt. He then reached up and grabbed the woman by the hair and dragged her out the open door onto the concrete platform.
Moments later, he kicked her in the stomach as she curled up on the ground.
Throughout the incident, no one on the train tried to stop the fight between the two adults, according to the New York Post.
Thursday evening, the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) retweeted the video and criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for her aversion to hiring more Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officers to patrol the subways:

Congress woman Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t think the Governor should add 500 more MTA police officers to make the subways safer. Watch & you decide as a woman is assaulted, thrown to the ground and kicked. This is a NYC subway. 

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“Desperately needed resources would be better invested in subway, bus, maintenance, and service improvements, as well as protecting riders and transit workers from assault rather than in the over-policing of our communities,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a December 17 letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).
However, the New York Police Department (NYPD) said it saw a recent increase in crime, CBS New York reported in November.
“According to NYPD numbers, there were 1,185 transit misdemeanor assaults citywide from Jan. 1 until Nov. 17. In 2018, for the same period, there were 1,069. That’s a 10.9% increase for the same time frame.”
Even though some New Yorkers said they felt fairly safe riding the subway, others said they did not.
“It just feels there’s a vibe down there that’s not as nice as it used to be,” subway rider Michael Towers commented, adding, “And I came here in the ’70s and I remember when it was really bad and I think it’s trending towards that now.”

Horror New Year

Hanukkah Five stabbing victim in grave condition as authorities block information on suspect.

January 2, 2020 
Lloyd Billingsley
“Hanukkah stabbing victim’s ‘dire’ condition revealed,” headlined the January 1, 2020 Fox News story by Travis Fedschun. The victim was Josef Neumann and according to a statement from his family, “the 70-year-old was stabbed multiple times during the attack, sustaining injuries that included three cuts to the head, one cut to the neck, a shattered right arm, and a knife that penetrated his skull directly into the brain.”
Doctors are not optimistic about Neumann’s chances to regain consciousness, and “if our father does miraculously recover partially, doctors expect that he will have permanent damage to the brain; leaving him partially paralyzed and speech impaired for the rest of his life.”
A photo released Wednesday by the  Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council in Hudson Valley showed the unconscious Neuman with his bloodied and bruised head heavily sutured. The 70-year old was one of five victims of an attack in Monsey, New York, last Saturday at the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg.
Shortly before 10 p.m., as the rabbi was lighting the candle on the seventh night of Hanukkah, a man with face partially covered burst into the home and began stabbing people with a machete. The attack claimed five victims, including the rabbi’s son. The suspect was covered in blood when police arrested him in New York City on December 22.
The suspect was identified as Grafton Thomas, 37, an African American from Greenwood Lake, New York. News reports said the suspect’s arrest record had been sealed and the mystery about possible motive continued into 2020.
“Judge mum on why suspect was set free last year,” read the second half of the Fox News headline. As Fedschun revealed, Thomas had “multiple run-ins with law enforcement” including an arrest for “assaulting a police horse.” The judge assigned to the case refused comment, calling it a “sealed case.”
After the attack, New York’s Democrat attorney general Letitia James, proclaimed “zero tolerance for acts of hate of any kind and we will continue to monitor this horrific situation.”
At this writing, James has offered no explanation why the prior case was sealed and district attorneys have declined comment. 
After the Hanukkah stabbings, New York governor Andrew Cuomo cited recent attacks, “motivated by hate. They are doing mass attacks. These are terrorists in our country perpetrating terrorism on other Americans, and that’s how we should treat it and that's how I want the laws in this state to treat it.” At this writing, the governor has made no public demand that the suspect’s previous cases be unsealed.
In similar style, New York authorities have announced no plans to prosecute the case as terrorism. The Southern District of New York is charging Thomas with five counts of obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs involving an attempt to kill and use of a dangerous weapon, and resulting in bodily injury. NBC News describes the counts as “federal hate crimes charges.
As Fedschun’s story noted, in journals recovered from his home Thomas questioned, “why ppl mourned for anti-Semitism when there is Semitic genocide,” along with a page with drawings of a Star of David and a swastika. Thomas’ phone revealed repeated internet searches for “Why did Hitler hate the Jews” as well as “German Jewish Temples near me” and “Prominent companies founded by Jews in America.”
Thomas’ court-appointed attorney Susanne Brody claimed the suspect has struggled with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Attorney Michael Sussman, retained by the family, told reporters Thomas had been hearing voices and may have stopped taking psychiatric medications. According to Sussman, nothing found in Thomas’ home pointed to “an anti-Semitic motive.”
According to a statement from Thomas’ family, the suspect has no history of violent acts, no history of anti-Semitism and is not a member of any hate groups. The family did cite a long history of mental illness but an insanity defense could prove difficult.
Such a defense shifts the burden of proof to the accused, who must prove beyond reasonable doubt that he did not know the difference between right and wrong at the time of the crime. The suspect has already exhibited evidence of planning the attack, and according to victims he covered his face with a scarf. His flight from the scene also betrays knowledge of criminal intent.
In 2002, Grafton Thomas joined the U.S. Marine Corps but left the service within a month. Marine Captain Karoline Foote told reporters the Corps was required to keep the details private. President Trump commander in chief of U.S. Armed Forces, might give Capt. Foote a call.  
President Trump condemned the “horrific” attack at the rabbi’s home and tweeted: “We must all come together to fight, confront, and eradicate the evil scourge of anti-Semitism. Melania and I wish the victims a quick and full recovery.” At this writing, recovery looks unlikely for Josef Neumann.
Meanwhile, after the attack, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio told Fox News, “An atmosphere of hate has been developing in this country over the last few years. A lot of it is emanating from Washington and it’s having an effect on all of us.” Also after the attack, California Democrat Eric Swalwell tweeted “Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. And it’s being stoked by @realDonaldTrump who won’t condemn it.”

 The Alarming Escalation of African American Attacks Against Jews

Are full-fledged riots and mass massacres next?
January 3, 2020 
Joseph Klein
Anti-Semitic attacks have reached epidemic proportions in the New York metropolitan area. A shooting early last December at a kosher supermarket in Jersey City left several people dead, including two Hasidic Jews. A policeman was also killed by the same shooters nearby. The killers aimed to kill as many Jews as possible before they were struck down. Last Saturday night, five Jewish people were stabbed by a Jew-hater wielding a machete at a Hasidic rabbi’s house in the suburb of Monsey, New York. One of the victims suffered serious head injuries, which has left him in a coma and may result in permanent damage to his brain. Orthodox Jews residing in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg are living in constant fear, triggered by a slew of anti-Semitic incidents that were a near daily occurrence during December and have continued into 2020.
These were not violent crimes committed by white nationalists. While white supremacists continue to pose a major threat to the lives and well-being of Jews and other minority groups nationwide, the alarming series of recent anti-Semitic attacks in the New York metropolitan area were conducted primarily by African Americans.
Anti-Semitic propensities among some African Americans have been simmering for years, as documented by a survey conducted back in 2013 by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a second survey conducted by the ADL in 2016. The 2016 survey noted that over the past four years, “Anti-Semitic views among the African American population have remained steady and are higher than the general population.” As compared to the white population, anti-Semitic propensities among African Americans as measured in 2016 were more than double that of whites - 23% versus 10% respectively. This survey also found that Hispanic Americans born outside of the U.S. have even higher anti-Semitic propensities (31%) than African Americans. The anti-Semitic propensities of U.S. born Hispanics were measured at 19%, higher than whites but lower than African Americans.
Why do they keep doing this to us?” asked one Hasidic woman after the New Year’s Day incident that occurred close to her home. “We mean them no harm, yet they’re always cursing at us and hitting us.”
Part of the answer is rooted in a hate-filled black supremacist ideology that has influenced some African Americans willing to move from militant rhetoric to violence.
The Jersey City murderers were Black Hebrew Israelites, a sect which includes black supremacists who believe that they are God's true chosen people as the real descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible. They dismiss whites who call themselves Jews as imposters.
The accused Monsey machete slasher reportedly kept journals that were filled with anti-Semitic rants reflective of this ideology and that referred specifically to “Hebrew Israelites” in one passage.
Even the leftwing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listed 144 Black Hebrew Israelite groups as “hate groups because of their anti-white and antisemitic beliefs.” SPLC noted that these Black Israelite groups “believe that, as members of the 12 Tribes of Israel – consisting only of African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans – they are God’s ‘chosen people.’” They regard Caucasians and members of the LGBTQ community as ‘devils.’
“Extreme Black Hebrew Israelites believe that individuals outside the movement are deserving of slavery or death,” SPLC added. Remember that this assessment is coming from the same organization that finds white supremacists and Islamophobes lurking everywhere.
But extremist ideology is not the entire answer for the escalating violence by African Americans against Jews. Some African American leaders have stoked anti-Semitic accusations that Jews possess too much economic and political power in the United States, which Jews are supposedly exploiting against African Americans who live in the same neighborhoods. African Americans believing such false accusations turn their anger into self-justifications for violence. Hasidic Jews wearing religious garb living in these neighborhoods stand out as the most vulnerable targets.
Following the murder of Jews in Jersey City, a black school board member named Joan Terrell-Paige posted on Facebook a diatribe against Jews who have moved to the city. She pooh-poohed the concerns expressed by some political and religious leaders over the anti-Semitic killings.
 “Where was all this faith and hope when Black homeowners were threatened, intimidated, and harassed by I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE brutes of the jewish community,” Terrell-Paige wrote. “Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America?” she added, displaying shocking indifference to the slaughter of innocent Jews as well as of a policeman.
Terrell-Paige said that she did not regret her post. While some New Jersey government leaders called for her resignation, a House candidate John Flora viewed her post as a teaching moment. “To me her remarks were an invitation for the entire city to discuss honestly what led up to such a horrific event," Flora said Tuesday. "There is a lingering resentment in certain transitioning neighborhoods that I’m not sure repeated sit-downs with the same community leaders will ever resolve.” He announced a vigil in support of Terrell-Paige on Thursday.
The Hudson County Democratic Black Caucus said that while it did not agree with “the delivery of the statement made by Ms. Terrell-Paige we believe that her statement has heightened awareness around issues that must be addressed.”
Rabbi Avi Shafran responded to such outrageous excuse-making in an op-ed article entitled “Not-So-Good People.” He wrote:
“No, dear Caucus, the only issue that must be addressed is black anti-Semitism.
That phrase, of course, isn’t intended to implicate the larger African-American community, any more than the phrase ‘white anti-Semitism’ implicates all Caucasians.
It simply acknowledges the sad reality that Jew-hatred exists not only in the fever dreams of racists who hate blacks but also in the delusions of some of those they hate.”
Progressives leading the Democratic Party leftward, along with their friends in the mainstream media, refuse to acknowledge this reality. They shrink from speaking out forcefully against the violence of black racists, while using every opportunity they can to denounce white supremacists. Heaven forbid that they upset the narrative of “white privilege” and white “oppression” of minorities, which casts Jews as part of the oppressor class and people of color as always the victims.
Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib even blamed “white supremacy” for the Jersey City murders by the black supremacist Hebrew Israelites. “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills,” she wrote in a tweet. Tlaib has since deleted this absurd tweet, but it reflects her clear anti-Semitic bias.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reverted to form last Sunday when he blamed the recent spike in anti-Semitic attacks in New York on an "atmosphere of hate" that has been “emanating from Washington.” He mentioned only President Trump by name. While placing some of the blame on divisiveness in Congress, he did not call out the leading anti-Semites in Congress, Representatives Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
The epidemic of anti-Semitic attacks in the New York metropolitan area are emanating from within the local African American communities themselves. The attacks are rationalized or ignored by leftists who believe that only “privileged” whites commit hate crimes.
Misguided policies that coddle criminals are making it easier for the violence against Jews to spread, because word gets around that the perpetrators face no serious consequences. Indeed, the irresponsible no-bail catch and release policy in New York, which technically went into effect on January 1st,  has already put an anti-Semitic offender back on the street to continue her rampage. The get-out-of jail card will likely mean the quick release of most of the other offenders as well. What good are the increased police patrols in Jewish neighborhoods promised by Mayor de Blasio and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo if the attacks against Jews are treated like petty crimes?
Will there be a repeat of the anti-Jewish riot in Crown Heights that occurred in 1991? Are massacres of Jews resulting in many deaths and injuries inevitable if nothing is done to stem the current level of violence? It’s a distinct possibility. The seeds of African American anti-Semitism have already been sown. The fertilizer contributing to their potential fruition into full-fledged riots or mass massacres consists of a radicalized left obsessed with “white privilege,” lax criminal laws, and government leaders unwilling to directly confront the scourge of African American anti-Semitism. Hopefully, there is still time to turn the tide.