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Re. Open Borders Project- Yea, We Can Never Have Enough Illiteracy (Disease, Rape, Welfare, Kid Fuckers)
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Robbery, burglary, closed hospitals, horror-filled useless public schools, animal cruelty (cock fighting, dog fighting), cold-blooded murder, thousands of gangs, home-made bathtub cheese and other lysteria, salmonella and e-coli treats, impregnating your own 14 year old first cousin, insidious racism against whites and blacks, hit-and-run driving and the complete disrespect from these welfare cheats for the country that they came to rape.
Deport all illegal aliens. The other poster is an anarchist who hates America and loves the collapse of civil society.
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By Frosty Wooldridge
Anyone understand why Mexicans fail at a successful civilization? Ever wonder why millions of them invade the United States in search of a better life? Have you noticed that once they arrive, they create the same kind of ‘society’ in the United States ? Unconsciously, they create the same conditions they left behind. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy. For example, in Denver in December, illegal alien Navi dragged his girlfriend to death behind his car. Illegal alien Cruz shot his girlfriend dead in the back because she wouldn’t reconcile with him. Illegal alien Ruizz ran over and killed Justin Goodman, but Ruizz drove away from the scene leaving Goodman to die. In Greeley , Colorado they suffered 270 hit and run accidents in one year. Over 80 percent of hit and run wrecks in Denver involve illegal aliens. Denver boasts the drug smuggling capital of the West as well as the people smuggling mecca of the country. Illegals cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico ’s civilization stands diametrically opposed to America ’s culture. Both countries manifest different ways of thinking and operating. With George Bush’s push to create the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” by dissolving our borders with Mexico , he places all Americans at risk. Would you become friends with neighbors who throw their trash on city streets and parks, create ghettoes wherever they enclave their numbers, promote corruption, deal in violence, encourage drug use, manifest poverty, endorse sexism and downgrade education? America ’s culture and Mexico ’s culture remain diametrically opposed to one another. America ’s fought Mexico and won. Today, Mexico invades America with sheer numbers of poor. However, cultures rarely change and neither do their people. As you can see from the ten points below, everything about Mexico degrades everything about America . For further information, you may visit and where you will find a plethora of information by a brilliant journalist Brenda Walker. Her original report may be viewed on on January 17, 2007 under the title: “Ten Reasons Why America Should Not Marry Mexico .” I suggest you read more of her work. She exemplifies incisive, sobering and shocking information. These ten point stem directly from Brenda Walker’s work. Let’s examine why America must not entangle itself by merging with Mexico . The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico . For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia . His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, “I was unaware that it was a crime.” Mexicans remain the most sexist males next to Islamic men. Both boast the most misogynous cultures in the world. Rape and other violence toward women are not treated as serious crimes. In Mexico , a custom known as “rapto” whereby men kidnap women for sex is regarded as harmless amusement. Mexican society regards women little more than objects. Crime and violence remain mainstays of Mexican culture. Drug cartels and the Mexican army coordinate their massive efforts to promote drug distribution not only in Mexico but into the USA . Mexico City suffers the second highest crime rate in Latin America . Kidnapping remains second only to Columbia for ransom money. Beheadings, killings and gun fire erupt at drug distribution points on the US/Mexican border. Spontaneous hanging continues in Mexico . A mob beat up and burned to death two policemen on live television in 2004 in Mexico City . As Brenda Walker wrote, “Mexicans do not have the same belief as Americans that the law is central to the equitable functioning of a complex nation. It’s the Third World .” Mexicans abhor education. In their country, illiteracy dominates. As they arrive in our country, only 9.6 percent of fourth generation Mexicans earn a high school diploma. Mexico does not promote educational values. This makes them the least educated of any Americans or immigrants. The rate of illiteracy in Mexico stands at 63 percent. Drunk driving remains acceptable in Mexico . As it stands, 44,000 Americans die on our nation’s highways annually. Half that number stems from drunken drivers. U.S. Congressman Steve King reports that 13 American suffer death from drunken driving Mexicans each day. Alcoholism runs rampant in Mexican culture. They suffer the most DUI arrests. Mexicans set the benchmark for animal cruelty. Mexicans love dog fighting, bullfighting, cock fighting and horse tripping. Those blood sports play in every arena and backyard in Mexico . They expand into America as more Mexicans arrive. They also engage in “steer-tailing” where the rider yanks the animal’s tail in an attempt to flip it to the ground. In horse tripping, they run the animals at full gallop around a ring, then, use ropes to trip them at full speed. It’s a death sentence as the horses break their legs, teeth, shoulders and necks—all to the delight of the cheering Mexican fans. As La Raza confirms, Mexicans maintain the most racist society in North America . “For the Hispanic race, everything; for anyone outside the race, nothing!” Guadalupe Loaeza, a journalist, said, “Mexican society is fundamentally racist and classist. The color of your skin is a key that either opens or shuts doors. The lighter your skin, the more doors open to you.” Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Mexico operates. Corruption remains systemic. The Washington Post wrote, “ Mexico is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere.” They feature drug cartels, sex slave trade, people smuggling, car theft cartels, real estate scam cartels, murder for money and, you must bribe your mail man to get your mail. Last, but not least, Mexicans are Marxists. They promote a one party government. As with any kind of Marxism, brutal totalitarian rule keeps the rich in power and everyone else subservient. As we allow millions of Mexicans to colonize our country, we can’t help but be caught up in these ten deadly cultural traits of Mexicans. With over 12 million Mexicans here today, the predictions grow to as many as 20 even 40 million Mexicans in a few decades as they come here for a better life. The fact remains, as they come to America for a better life, they make our lives a living hell.
ALIEN NATION: Secrets of the Invasion

May 2006 – ALIEN NATION: Secrets of the Invasion – Why America's government invites rampant illegal immigration

It's widely regarded as America's biggest problem: Between 12 and 20 million aliens – including large numbers of criminals, gang members and even terrorists – have entered this nation illegally, with countless more streaming across our scandalously unguarded borders daily.

The issue polarizes the nation, robs citizens of jobs, bleeds taxpayers, threatens America's national security and dangerously balkanizes the country into unassimilated ethnic groups with little loyalty or love for America's founding values. Indeed, the de facto invasion is rapidly transforming America into a totally different country than the one past generations have known and loved.

And yet – most Americans have almost no idea what is really going on, or why it is happening.

While news reports depict demonstrations and debates, and while politicians promise "comprehensive border security programs," no real answers ever seem to emerge.

But there are answers. Truthful answers. Shocking answers.

In its groundbreaking May edition, WND's acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine reveals the astounding hidden agendas, plans and people behind America's immigration nightmare.

Titled "ALIEN NATION," the issue is subtitled "SECRETS OF THE INVASION: Why government invites rampant illegal immigration." Indeed, it reveals pivotal secrets very few Americans know. For example:

Did you know that the powerfully influential Council on Foreign Relations – often described as a “shadow government" – issued a comprehensive report last year laying out a five-year plan for the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" with a common "outer security perimeter"?
Roughly translated: In the next few years, according to the 59-page report titled "Building a North American Community," the U.S. must be integrated with the socialism, corruption, poverty and population of Mexico and Canada. "Common perimeter" means wide-open U.S. borders between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. As Phyllis Schlafly reveals in this issue of Whistleblower: "This CFR document asserts that President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin 'committed their governments' to this goal when they met at Bush's ranch and at Waco, Texas, on March 23, 2005. The three adopted the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America' and assigned 'working groups' to fill in the details. It was at this same meeting, grandly called the North American Summit, that President Bush pinned the epithet 'vigilantes' on the volunteers guarding our border in Arizona."

The CFR report – important excerpts of which are published in Whistleblower – also suggests North American elitists begin getting together regularly, and presumably secretly, "to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg or Wehrkunde conferences, organized to support transatlantic relations." The Bilderberg and Wehrkunde conferences are highly secret conclaves of the powerful. For decades, there have been suspicions that such meetings were used for plotting the course of world events and especially the centralization of global decision-making.

Did you know that radical immigrant groups – including the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) and the National Council of La Raza (La Raza) – not only share a revolutionary agenda of conquering America's southwest, but they also share common funding sources, notably the Ford and Rockefeller foundations?
''California is going to be a Hispanic state," said Mario Obeldo, former head of MALDEF. "Anyone who does not like it should leave." And MEChA's goal is even more radical: an independent ''Aztlan,'' the collective name this organization gives to the seven states of the U.S. Southwest – Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. So why would the Rockefeller and Ford foundations support such groups? Joseph Farah tells the story in this issue of Whistleblower.

Why have America's politicians – of both major parties – allowed the illegal alien invasion of this nation to continue for the last 30 years unabated? With al-Qaida and allied terrorists promising to annihilate major U.S. cities with nuclear weapons, with some big-city hospital emergency rooms near closure due to the crush of so many illegals, with the rapid spread throughout the U.S. of MS-13, the super-violent illegal alien gang – with all this and more, why do U.S. officials choose to ignore the laws of the land and the will of the people to pursue, instead, policies of open borders and lax immigration enforcement?

The answers to all this and much more are in Whistleblower's "ALIEN NATION" issue.

Is there hope? Or is America lost to a demographic invasion destined to annihilate its traditional Judeo-Christian culture, and to the ever-growing likelihood that nuclear-armed jihadists will cross our porous borders and wreak unthinkable destruction here?

There most definitely is hope, according to this issue of Whistleblower. Although most politicians of both major political parties have long since abdicated their responsibility for securing America's borders and dealing effectively with the millions already here illegally, there are a few exceptions – most notably Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo.

May's Whistleblower includes an exclusive sneak preview of Tancredo's forthcoming blockbuster book, "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security." In an extended excerpt, Whistleblower presents Tencredo's expert and inspired analysis of exactly how to solve the nation's most vexing problem.


LA RAZA: The Mexican Fascist Party of LA RAZA “THE RACE” and the Reconquista and surrender of America to NARCOMEX

LA RAZA operates out of the Obama White House and is funded with American tax dollars.


May 28, 2010
A Potential Obama Ally Becomes an Outspoken Foe on Immigration


WASHINGTON — Representative Luis V. Gutierrez was all set to be a friend of the Obama administration, a point man for the White House among Latinos. A nine-term Democrat, he had cut his political teeth in the wards of Chicago, just as Barack Obama did, and the two knew each other from their parallel early careers in Illinois.

But instead of a favorite ally, Mr. Gutierrez has become a noisy, needling outsider — and not just in the halls of Congress. Saying he was fed up with the president not leading an overhaul of immigration laws, Mr. Gutierrez was arrested along with more than 30 other protesters on May 1 after a sit-in in front of the White House.

Mr. Gutierrez’s frustration was only deepened by the president’s announcement this week that he would send up to 1,200 more National Guard troops to the border with Mexico, a move Mr. Gutierrez called “sound-bite driven politics.”

“There is 25 years of hard evidence that the president is wrong,” said Mr. Gutierrez, who is chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s immigration task force. “Border security and immigration are not one-dimensional problems that can be solved by more boots on the border.”

Demonstrators plan to take to the streets again in several cities this weekend — to protest Arizona’s tough new immigration law, the president’s planned troop increase at the border, and the failure of Congress to move an immigration overhaul bill including measures to give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

In recent months Mr. Gutierrez has emerged as a national leader of Latinos and immigrants favoring the overhaul, who up to now have largely been organized into local community groups with no iconic faces.

“What began as a legislative campaign is transforming into a social movement,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a group here that lobbies for an overhaul bill that includes legalization. “Luis is the closest thing we have to an Al Sharpton figure who has instant credibility with the community he speaks for.”

Allies say Mr. Gutierrez’s tenacity and his following among Latinos have helped keep the immigration overhaul alive in Washington at a time when many administration officials wish it would go away, at least for now. But even some of Mr. Gutierrez’s friends say that his sometimes intemperate broadsides and showy tactics have irritated the White House and won him no friends among Republicans, some of whom would have to sign on to any overhaul bill for it to pass.

Mr. Gutierrez, 56, said he believes he has a responsibility to point out that Mr. Obama has not fulfilled a campaign pledge to pass overhaul legislation, which is known to supporters as comprehensive immigration reform.

“I’m not demeaning him,” said Mr. Gutierrez, “I’m talking to him about something he made a promise about. You shouldn’t think you challenge somebody simply because you wish them ill. What if you challenge them so they can do better?”

In that spirit, Mr. Gutierrez points out that it is only because of Mr. Obama that he is still in Congress.

In late 2006, after the House approved a bill he abhorred cracking down on illegal immigrants, and with his wife, Soraida, struggling with cancer, Mr. Gutierrez said he would not seek re-election in 2008.

He changed his mind the next year, when Mr. Obama declared his presidential run and his wife’s illness went into remission. He was thrilled when Mr. Obama said he would take up immigration in his first year as president. Now midterm elections are looming, and in the Senate — where leaders in both houses agree the legislative effort has to begin — there is not a bill, only a Democratic blueprint. (Mr. Gutierrez presented a bill in the House in December.)

“Maybe next time you should put in a caveat,” Mr. Gutierrez said in his Capitol Hill office recently, imagining a debate with Mr. Obama. “ ‘Vote for me, and I’m going to do immigration — unless A, B and C happen.’

“That’s not what you said!” he said “You’re sophisticated. You went to Harvard. You knew the implications of what you were saying.”

As an unusually talkative lawmaker, Mr. Gutierrez does not do pith or detachment, Congressional aides and immigrant advocates said. Those who have participated in closed-door immigration negotiations with him recall Mr. Gutierrez weeping over stories of families sundered by deportation, leaping to his feet in rage at setbacks and being elated by small victories.

But for years, on immigration Mr. Gutierrez had been a more typical dealmaker. In 2007, he crafted a bipartisan bill with Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, which included enforcement provisions and a guest worker program that brought him criticism from Latino and immigrant groups.
The proposal died that year along with an overhaul bill supported by President George W. Bush that failed in the Senate.

Then, one month after Mr. Obama’s inauguration, Mr. Gutierrez embarked on a town-hall-meeting tour, called Familias Unidas (United Families), that took him to 16 cities to raise support for an immigration overhaul. Citizens and legal immigrants were invited to recount hardships they faced because loved ones lacked legal status. Most meetings were held in churches.

Mr. Gutierrez played to packed pews across the country. By the end of the tour, he began to sound more like a preacher than a politician.

“He took immigration from a specialty policy issue to a Latino identity litmus test: are you for or against us as Latinos?,” said Tamar Jacoby, a Republican who heads ImmigrationWorks USA, a business lobbying group.

It was an identity hard won. Born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents, Mr. Gutierrez has maintained his ties to the island. His civil disobedience arrest this month was not his first; he was arrested in 2001 on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, in a protest over bombing exercises by the United States Navy.

Latinos comprise 75 percent of his Chicago district. Most are of Mexican origin. His support there has given him confidence to take on people in high places. He has a history of friction with Rahm Emanuel, another Chicagoan and Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, which dates back to when Mr. Emanuel was a Democratic leader in the House.

“I think he sees comprehensive immigration reform as something the president does not need to prioritize,” Mr. Gutierrez fumed.

Mr. Gutierrez said his turning point was the State of the Union address in January, when the president made only passing mention of immigration. At a rally before his May Day sit-in, Mr. Gutierrez ridiculed statements by Mr. Obama that Congress might have too much on its plate to handle immigration.

“Don’t worry about us, Mr. President,” he said. “We’ll get up a little earlier if necessary.”

Even as his stature as a Latino leader is growing, he faces trouble at home. In a series of articles, The Chicago Tribune has reported that Mr. Gutierrez received a loan from a Chicago real estate developer, Calvin Boender, who was convicted in March on bribery charges, in a case that did not involve Mr. Gutierrez. Citing court records, The Tribune reported that Mr. Gutierrez wrote a letter and met with city officials on Mr. Boender’s behalf over zoning issues.

While acknowledging the loan, Mr. Gutierrez adamantly denied any wrongdoing. He produced financial records he said showed he had taken a bridge loan that was repaid after six weeks, part of a routine payment plan on a property he bought from Mr. Boender.

Other Hispanic lawmakers laud Mr. Gutierrez’s commitment, though not always his strategies. “I know the discomfort it causes the White House and the party leadership,” said Representative Raúl M. Grijalva of Arizona, another Democrat on the Hispanic caucus. “What he’s doing is necessary.”
But Representative Nydia M. Velázquez, Democrat of New York, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus leader, said the focus should be on behind-the-scenes efforts to win over Republican legislators. But Mr. Gutierrez remains focused on the president.

“This is the moment for him to act,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “And if we stumble, if somehow we fail, let’s fail together. Let’s fail fighting!”


by Michelle Malkin

Only in America could critics of a group called "The Race" be labeled racists. Such is the triumph of left-wing identity chauvinists, whose aggressive activists and supine abettors have succeeded in redefining all opposition as "hate."

Both Barack Obama and John McCain will speak this week in San Diego at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza, the Latino organization whose name is Spanish for, yes, "The Race." Can you imagine Obama and McCain paying homage to a group of white people who called themselves that? No matter. The presidential candidates and the media have legitimized "The Race" as a mainstream ethnic lobbying group and marginalized its critics as intolerant bigots. The unvarnished truth is that the group is a radical ethnic nationalist outfit that abuses your tax dollars and milks PC politics to undermine our sovereignty.

Here are 15 things you should know about "The Race":
15. "The Race" supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens.
14."The Race" demands in-state tuition discounts for illegal alien students that are not available to law-abiding U.S. citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants.
13. "The Race" vehemently opposes cooperative immigration enforcement efforts between local, state and federal authorities.
12. "The Race" opposes a secure fence on the southern border.
11. "The Race" joined the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in a failed lawsuit attempt to prevent the feds from entering immigration information into a key national crime database -- and to prevent local police officers from accessing the data.
10. "The Race" opposed the state of Oklahoma's tough immigration-enforcement-first laws, which cut off welfare to illegal aliens, put teeth in employer sanctions and strengthened local-federal cooperation and information sharing.
9. "The Race" joined other open-borders, anti-assimilationists and sued to prevent Proposition 227, California's bilingual education reform ballot initiative, from becoming law.
8. "The Race" bitterly protested common-sense voter ID provisions as an "absolute disgrace."
7. "The Race" has consistently opposed post-9/11 national security measures at every turn.
6. Former "Race" president Raul Yzaguirre, Hillary Clinton's Hispanic outreach adviser, said this: "U.S. English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks." He was referring to U.S. English, the nation's oldest, largest citizens' action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English language in the United States. "The Race" also pioneered Orwellian open-borders Newspeak and advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty while avoiding the terms "illegal" and "amnesty."
5. "The Race" gives mainstream cover to a poisonous subset of ideological satellites, led by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA). The late GOP Rep. Charlie Norwood rightly characterized the organization as "a radical racist group … one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West."
4. "The Race" is currently leading a smear campaign against staunch immigration enforcement leaders and has called for TV and cable news networks to keep immigration enforcement proponents off the airwaves -- in addition to pushing for Fairness Doctrine policies to shut up their foes. The New York Times reported that current "Race" president Janet Murguia believes "hate speech" should "not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights."
3. "The Race" sponsors militant ethnic nationalist charter schools subsidized by your public tax dollars (at least $8 million in federal education grants). The schools include Aztlan Academy in Tucson, Ariz., the Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, Ariz., Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School in St. Paul, Minn., and La Academia Semillas del Pueblo in Los Angeles, whose principal inveighed: "We don't want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We don't need a White water fountain … ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction."
2. "The Race" has perfected the art of the PC shakedown at taxpayer expense, pushing relentlessly to lower home loan standards for Hispanic borrowers, reaping millions in federal "mortgage counseling" grants, seeking special multimillion-dollar earmarks and partnering with banks that do business with illegal aliens.
1. "The Race" thrives on ethnic supremacy -- and the elite sheeple's unwillingness to call it what it is. As historian Victor Davis Hanson observes: "[The] organization's very nomenclature 'The National Council of La Raza' is hate speech to the core. Despite all the contortions of the group, Raza (as its Latin cognate suggests) reflects the meaning of 'race' in Spanish, not 'the people' -- and that's precisely why we don't hear of something like 'The National Council of the People,' which would not confer the buzz notion of ethnic, racial and tribal chauvinism."
The fringe is the center. The center is the fringe. Viva La Raza.

PEOPLE… It’s MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse than you imaged. La Raza fascism and the Democrat politicians have expanded the Mexican welfare state to ALL states as the Mexican drug cartels enjoy Obama’s sabotage of our borders. The cartels haul back tens of BILLIONS in drug profits.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez promises millions of illegals Obama’s BACKDOOR amnesty and greater gringo looting ahead.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (LA RAZA) has given Obama a six-page wish list of executive actions, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said Obama may give temporary amnesty and work permits to five million more illegal immigrants by expanding the Deferred Amnesty for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to the parents of illegal immigrants. King called that program lawless and unconstitutional. 

“We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything
that comes with it. Everything from the crime to the drugs and
the kidnappings and extortion and the beheadings and the fact
that people can't feel safe in their communities.”- AZ Gov. Jan


“The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 (DATED FIGURES NOW ESTIMATED TO BE $450 BILLION) billion annually in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end.”   Christian Science Monitor


“King, R-Iowa, said proponents of immigration reform include “elitists who want cheap labor to clean their houses and mow their lawn,” business leaders who want to keep wages low and Democrats looking for more voters. You don’t sacrifice the rule of law,” King said, “so you can have undocumented Democrats.”



Illegal immigration is another matter entirely. With the state budget in tatters, millions of residents out of work and a state prison system strained by massive overcrowding, California simply cannot continue to ignore the strain that illegal immigration puts on our budget and economy. Illegal aliens cost taxpayers in our state billions of dollars each year. As economist Philip J. Romero concluded in a 2007 study, "illegal immigrants impose a 'tax' on legal California residents in the tens of billions of dollars."


We’ve got an even more ominous enemy within our borders that promotes “Reconquista of Aztlan” or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas into the country of Mexico.

“While the Obama Administration downplays violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities in Texas reveal that Mexican  have transformed parts of the state into a war zone where shootings, beheadings, kidnappings and murders are common.

Lamar Smith: Obama's amnesty for illegal immigrants is against the law. The Obama administration decision for immunity from deportation for young illegal immigrants is a breach of faith with Americans. It also blatantly ignores the law. This isn't the first time Obama has waived rules or refused to enforce laws against illegal immigration, writes Rep. Smith (2013).



“Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care.”  

“The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced,” Sessions said in his statement calling for the American people to rise up. “We have people in our own country living in violence, fear and poverty every single day. They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages and communities first. Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?” SEN. JEFF SESSIONS

“The watchdogs at Judicial Watch discovered documents that reveal how the Obama administration's close coordination with the Mexican government entices Mexicans to hop over the fence and on to the American dole.” Washington Times 

VIVA LA RAZA SUPREMACY: just look at the mex fascist illegals are electing on local and national levels!

………….. come to California where most service business ONLY HIRE MEXICANS and the language spoken is overwhelmingly SPANISH…. and you wondered why the Democrat party has long sabotaged E-VERIFY?

“In Mexico, a recent Zogby poll declared that the vast majority of Mexican citizens hate Americans. [22.2] Mexico is a country saturated with racism, yet in denial, having never endured the social development of a Civil Rights movement like in the US--Blacks are harshly treated while foreign Whites are often seen as the enemy. [22.3] In fact, racism as workplace discrimination can be seen across the US anywhere the illegal alien Latino works--the vast majority of the workforce is usually strictly Latino, excluding Blacks, Whites, Asians, and others.”

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned his colleagues in Congress that Americans will vote them out of office in November if they do not act this week to thwart President Barack Obama's plans to grant work permits and amnesty to up to eight million more Americans via executive fiat.”

"They hauled them down to the border," Sakuma said. "Three days later, they were standing in our office, but they had a different name and a different Social Security number."

“We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it. Everything from the crime to the drugs and the kidnappings and extortion and the beheadings and the fact that people can't feel safe in their  communities.”  - AZ Gov. Jan Brewer


Up to 90 percent of the drug traffickers arrested in Arizona are in the country illegally, a clear indication of the nexus between illegal immigration and the drug epidemic, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.
He said
a recent check of 4,000 of the jail inmates in his area showed almost all were here illegally and 37 percent of them returned after being turned over to the government.

“Make no mistake about it: the Latino community holds this election in your hands. Some of the closest contests this November will be in states like Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico -- states with large Latino populations.”   PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA  

“I know how powerful this community is. Just think how powerful you could be on November 4th if you translate your numbers into votes.”    PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA 

OBAMA’S HISPANICAZATION of AMERICA – The rise of the Mex welfare state in America


“What we're seeing is our Congress and national leadership dismantling our laws by not enforcing them. Lawlessness becomes the norm, just like Third World corruption. Illegal aliens now have more rights and privileges than Americans. If you are an illegal alien, you can drive a car without a driver's license or insurance. You may obtain medical care without paying. You may work without paying taxes. Your children enjoy free education at the expense of taxpaying Americans.” ON THE STATE LEVEL ALONE, CALIFORNIA PAYS OUT $25 BILLION PER YEAR IN SOCIAL SERVICES TO ILLEGALS… not one legal voted to be Mexico’s welfare office!



In Mexico City, she announced that the U.S. appetite for illegal drugs and the easy acquisition of guns from the United States by Mexicans are the root causes of the Mexican crime wave. “Blame America” has become the global agenda of the Democratic Party.

“While the Obama Administration downplays violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities in Texas reveal that Mexican  have transformed parts of the state into a war zone where shootings, beheadings, kidnappings and murders are common.

"Remember 187 -- the Proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens --- was the last gasp of white America in California." --- Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party… NOW THE PARTY for LA RAZA SUPREMACY… do a search for Barack Obama and LA RAZA.


"The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."  --- Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico