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Citizens of other countries seemingly have more 

representation in Congress when it comes to immigration 

than do the citizens of this country. That is an absolute 


Americans have been played again by open-border advocates

Americans have been played again by open-border advocates
Americans care about children. We get upset when we hear stories or see images of children in distress. The problem is, some in positions of power exploit that concern to achieve their political agendas. They use words and show images that don’t reflect the truth.
This is happening on our southern border with reckless abandon. The Trump administration’s immigration priorities are toppling the dysfunctional status quo in Washington, and the open borders lobby is fighting back by using a playbook that has served it well for many years. They just used it again with the children on the border crisis story with great success.   
The playbook goes something like this: Identify an issue, in this case, the immigration laws whereby children of illegal aliens were housed separately while their parents’ cases are being adjudicated. Then spread wild misrepresentations, sensationalism and flat-out lies about the targeted policy. Next, deploy fellow travelers in the media, entertainmentand the pundit class to pile on manufactured outrage at the enforcers of such a purportedly sinister policy. After several days of scathing media coverage declaring the entire nation aghast at the policy, the president calms his panic-stricken congressional allies and seeks to appease the angry mob.

It’s played like a street hustler’s card game, and the American people are starting to realize that they are the sucker in the game.
People are getting wise to the kind of manipulation that took place with the children at the border. They see the absurd exploitation in the news, such as the publishing of photos suggesting that Trump policies put migrant children at the border in cages, until it was revealed that the photos were from the Obama era or not from the border at all. Migrant children in U.S. government custody, it turns out, are housed in very comfortable facilities with better food, housing, medical care and education services than many American children in low-income families receive. They see that foreigners are being coached by lawyers from open borders groups to say the “magic words” that trigger the asylum process, even though their claims may be dubious at best.
Americans do not want a two-tiered justice system which gives non-citizens more rights than themselves. They are sick of politicians who value the interests of foreigners over U.S. citizens. It has been an accepted part of the social contract in America that those who commit criminal acts face criminal penalties, including incarceration. U.S. citizens who break the law are sent to prison every day with little or no weight given to the fact that they may have children. Now we are told that non-citizens who break our laws should get special treatment because they have children. That is unfair — to Americans.
More Americans see that allowing unfettered, chaotic migration to America is not an act of kindness, but an irresponsible act that Americans suffer for on a daily basis. For every illegal alien who merely seeks better financial prospects — not grounds for asylum under U.S. law, it is worth noting — there are too many others who bring with them MS-13 gang membership, drug trafficking, violent crimes and murder. They see their local schools, hospitals and social services overwhelmed. Even when nonviolent aliens enter the country illegally, they often commit identity fraud with stolen social security numbers, which forces American citizens to repair the damage to their lives. Who in the media pleads the case for these innocents? Simply put, illegally entering our country is not a victimless crime.  
Much to his credit, President Trump has vowed that zero-tolerance will continue alongside his executive order requiring migrant families to be kept together in government custody. Beyond a small group of stalwart Republicans in Congress, it seems the only person in Washington even considering the interests of the American people is President Trump and his pillars of immigration reform including a real border wall and ending chain migration and the visa lottery program. Citizens of other countries seemingly have more representation in Congress when it comes to immigration than do the citizens of this country. That is an absolute disgrace.
It is clear that the outrage being hurled at President Trump has almost nothing to do with concern for the children. It is merely the latest tactic by those who desire an open southern border, to the point that the United States can no longer be considered a nation of laws and borders. Now that migrant families will be reunited on the border, the next alleged crime against humanity will be that those families are being detained at all. Those who vilify Trump’s zero-tolerance enforcement are essentially giving a government subsidy to the child smuggling black market, which sees lucrative profits as more would-be asylum seekers are drawn to what they correctly see as an easy pass into America. Open borders do not help children, they put them in peril.       
If those who claim a monopoly on caring for the children at the border really want to help them, the best thing they could do is to stop conning the American people while demonizing those who only want a safe, sovereign America. Stop the games and start working on real solutions.
Brian Lonergan is director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of illegal migration.



Restaurant Industry's Hypocrisy and Addiction to Cheap Foreign Labor on Display in D.C. Ballot Initiative 
By Dan Cadman

CIS Immigration Blog, June 21, 2018

Washington, D.C. voters this week approved a ballot measure called Initiative 77 that would raise the minimum mandatory wages of tipped restaurant workers to $15 per hour. Local and national restaurant associations had pulled out all the stops to fight it.

What I find interesting is that these same associations fighting against the minimum wage are all in favor of foreign guestworker programs. The National Restaurant Association (headquartered in Washington, D.C., of course) has an entire section of its webpage devoted to this subject. Among other things, it advocates:

Restaurants want to bring in tens of thousands of cheap foreign workers nationwide, consequences to the economy and sagging wages of citizens and resident aliens be damned — and so what if they overstay and become a stagnating social problem? They cease to be the restaurant or service industries' problem. After all, there's always next year's new round of slots to be filled.

THE DAY WE PUT EMPLOYERS OF ILLEGALS IN PRISON, WE END MEXICO'S INVASION AND LOOTING, as well as our jobs, housing and homelessness crisis!

The Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via mass-immigration shifts wealth from young people towards older people by flooding the market with foreign labor. That process spikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. The policy also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.

ICE agents raid Ohio meatpacking plants, arrest 146 immigrants

By Jerry White
21 June 2018
In one of the largest workplace raids in recent years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 146 workers at a meat processing plant in northeastern Ohio on Tuesday. The raid was part of the Trump administration’s campaign to terrorize and deport immigrant workers.
With helicopters circling overhead, dozens of heavily armed federal agents from ICE, its surveillance arm, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and local police descended on the Fresh Mark factory in Salem, Ohio, arresting 98 men and 48 women. Simultaneous raids were carried out on Fresh Mark facilities in Massillon and Canton, Ohio, where ICE agents seized employment records but made no arrests.
This was the second major raid of an Ohio workplace this month, following the storming of Corso’s Flower & Garden Center landscaping centers in Sandusky and Castalia on June 5, which resulted in the arrest of 114 immigrant workers.
video released by ICE showed agents preparing for the raid by checking their weapons, putting on bullet proof vests and studying satellite photos of the Salem plant before driving their SUVs into the factory’s parking lot. Workers, still dressed in their white meat-cutting smocks, were removed from the plant and lined up at a loading dock, where agents checked their papers. Agents can be seen escorting away workers who have been handcuffed with plastic zip ties.
Fresh Mark workers lined up by ICE agents before arrests (Source: ICE)
An American-born worker told the local media that she was “in shock” from seeing her co-workers arrested and taken away. Everyone she works with, she said, “were good people.”
Several friends and relatives, some of them crying, crowded around the factory gates to inquire about the fate of their loved ones, while families and local churches scrambled to care for the approximately 60 children whose parents had been taken away. ICE agents handed out flyers with a toll-free “locator hotline” number for the families of those arrested.
“We arrived after the raid and we saw ICE agents taking the workers out of the plant and loading them onto buses,” Justin Wier, a reporter for the Youngstown Vindicator, told the World Socialist Web Site. “Witnesses told us they put Americans and, of course, some of the Hispanic workers could have been American citizens, off to one side, while they asked for documents from the Hispanic workers.” He said the newspaper had been told that all Hispanics were being taken away, even workers with proper documentation and permits for work.
The detainees, who were primarily from Guatemala and Mexico, were sent to the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, where workers from the Sandusky raid are also being held. The private prison, run by CoreCivic, formerly known as the Corrections Corporation of America, is notorious. Detainees at the facility, which ICE contracts to hold 2,000 immigrants, conducted a hunger strike last year to protest intolerable conditions. The federal agency responded by putting all detainees on lockdown and depriving them of food and water for 27 hours, according to a relative, who said, “It’s inhuman.”
Although ICE says it released several Salem suspects out of “humanitarian concerns, such as health or family considerations,” the agency said most of the undocumented workers “will be detained in facilities in Michigan and Ohio while awaiting removal proceedings.”
Homeland Security Investigations agents arresting workers Tuesday (Source: ICE)
A spokeswoman with St. Paul’s Church, which helped care for the separated children, said, “A few people managed to send some text messages, but for the most part people couldn’t talk to anybody. They were terrorized.”
The Trump administration and its fascistic advisors cynically claim that their witch-hunt of immigrant workers is aimed at protecting the jobs and wages of native-born workers. Throughout history, however, the war on immigrants has always been aimed at the entire working class. The goal of capitalist owners and nativist politicians is to divide and weaken the working class and create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation so that employers can exploit both native-born and immigrant workers with impunity.
The meatpacking industry, and Fresh Mark in particular, are notorious for exploiting immigrant workers with the full knowledge of the authorities. In December 2017, Samuel Martinez, a 62-year-old Guatemalan worker, died after his leg was ground up in an augur at Fresh Mark’s Canton plant. In 2011, 20-year-old Marcos Perez-Velasquez, also a Guatemalan native, was electrocuted at the same plant while attempting to plug in a fan.
In response to the raids, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) and its parent union, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), which have 2,800 members at the three Ohio plants including those arrested in Tuesday’s raid, issued a perfunctory protest.
Longtime RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum said the union was “outraged by the actions of Donald Trump.” He added that the union “will not stand for violence against immigrants, we will not stand for tearing families apart and we will not stand for the terrifying tactics of the Trump administration.”
Appelbaum, however, made it clear that the union would do nothing to oppose the Gestapo-style raids, offering nothing more than verbal promises to “assist workers affected by this ICE raid.”
For his part, UFCW President Marc Perrone issued a craven statement echoing the criticisms of Trump by leading Democrats and Republicans, which have focused on the brutal separation of children from their parents while not opposing the detention and deportation policy as a whole.
Perrone said: “Today’s actions will only drive this nation further apart, while also spreading unmistakable pain among neighbors, friends, coworkers and loved ones… We urge President Trump and members of Congress to work together to fix our broken immigration system, and to keep the demands of due process and family unity at the forefront.”
The unions have been fully complicit in the driving down of wages and return to conditions recalling those depicted in The Jungle, the 1906 Upton Sinclair novel about the exploitation of largely Eastern European workers in Chicago’s slaughterhouses and processing plants.
During the 1980s, UFCW betrayed bitter strikes at Iowa Beef Processors, Oscar Mayer, Hormel and other meat processors. After Hormel workers in Local P-9 in Austin, Minnesota, refused to accept the industry-wide 23 percent wage cut to which the UFCW had agreed, the union put the rebellious local under trusteeship and removed its leaders. Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Rudy Perpich, dispatched the National Guard to escort scabs and arrest striking Hormel workers in scenes that are eerily similar to the roundup of immigrant workers in Ohio. After the strike was broken, the UFCW created a new local based on the workers who had crossed the picket lines.
National Guard dispatched against striking Hormel workers in 1985
The influx of immigrant workers from Central America, Asia and Africa largely occurred after this wave of betrayed strikes, which resulted in a 50 percent decline in wages throughout the industry.
While Trump blames foreign-born workers for destroying jobs, just 18 miles from the Salem plant is the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant, where 1,200 workers will lose their jobs Friday when the automaker eliminates the second shift. GM, which made $12.8 billion in profits last year, is replacing full-time workers with low-paid contractors, with the blessing of the United Auto Workers union. At the same time, the company is using Trump’s tax cuts to drive up the value of its stock and increase the money flowing to its richest investors.
Among workers there is a growing recognition that anti-immigrant chauvinism is being whipped up in the US and around the world to divert attention from those really responsible for the assault on the working class.
“It’s time to wake up and recognize we are all citizens of the world who all bleed red,” Beth, a fifth generation Chrysler worker from Kokomo, Indiana, told the WSWS. “I tell workers this is a trap to divide and conquer us, and it’s being driven by corporate greed. They are trying to instill a fear in the working class that there is not enough money in the world for everybody. But there is more than enough money, food and resources. The problem is it’s all controlled by the rich.
“It is not immigrants taking our jobs, it’s the corporations like GM, which is laying off workers. They don’t care about us. The rich never have enough, they want it all. We have to stop these atrocities, like ICE raids and taking children away from their mothers, and unify workers around the world.”

Trump promises Wall Street, the Plundering U.S. Chamber of Corporate Fascist, Mexico and voting illegals:

But isn’t that already the La Raza Supremacy Democrat’s agenda???



The LA RAZA DEMOCRAT PARTY and the PRO-BUSINESS GOP to keep wages for LEGALS depressed (today they are depressed to 1973 levels).

But you will still get the tax bills for the Mex welfare state and crime tidal wave!

“Illegal aliens are not supposed to work, and knowingly providing shelter for illegal aliens can be construed as harboring and shielding, elements of a felony under federal law, Title 8 U.S. Code § 1324.”  

“Where aliens and jobs are concerned, even many categories of nonimmigrant aliens (temporary visitors) including aliens who lawfully enter under the Visa Waiver Program or with tourist visas may not work in the United States and immediately become subject to removal (deportation) if they seek gainful employment.”  ----MICHAEL CUTLER – FRONTPAGE mag



NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks:


E-Verify Ignored in DACA Negotiations Because ‘Members of Congress Know It Will Work’

Members of Congress broadly oppose a legislative nationwide E-Verify mandate for employers because “they know it will work,” said NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks, explaining why E-Verify is not being pushed in congressional negotiations for an amnesty deal for recipients of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Jenks further noted that both parties are beholden to special interests supportive of “mass migration.”


Here’s how it breaks down; will make you want to be an illegal!


Staggering expensive "cheap" Mexican labor did not build this once great nation! Look what it has done to Mexico. It's all about keeping wages depressed and passing along the true cost of the invasion, their welfare, and crime tidal wave costs to the backs of the American people!


This annual income for an impoverished American family is $10,000 less than the more than $34,500 in federal funds which are spent on each unaccompanied minor border crosser.

study by Tom Wong of the University of California at San Diego discovered that more than 25 percent of DACA-enrolled illegal aliens in the program have anchor babies. That totals about 200,000 anchor babies who are the children of DACA-enrolled illegal aliens. This does not include the anchor babies of DACA-qualified illegal aliens. JOHN BINDER


Who’s Really to Blame at the Border?The current distress and hysteria is the fault of illegal aliens and their enablers in the courts.
June 22, 2018
Politics and law
The Social Order

So it was a ruse. The hysteria over the separation of illegal-alien asylum-seekers from their children (or their purported children) was in large part pretextual. The real target of rage was the Trump administration’s policy of prosecuting all illegal border-crossers for the federal misdemeanor of illegal entry.
In April, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a “zero-tolerance” policy for illegal entry. Henceforth, virtually all aliens caught entering the country illegally would be held for prosecution, rather than being released on their own recognizance for a later noncriminal deportation proceeding, to which few ever showed up. Under the new policy, even if the adult had brought a child with him across the border—the usual accoutrement of an asylum-seeker, for reasons explained below—the adult would still be prosecuted. The adult would be held in a U.S. marshal’s facility pending trial, while the child would be placed in a dormitory run by the U.S. Health and Human Services department, since children cannot be held in criminal lockups.
Images of child border-crossers, separated from their adult companion and crying or looking upset—and the experience would undoubtedly be traumatic for most young children—triggered nonstop coverage of Trump administration cruelty. MSNBC and CNN set up border encampments from which reporters and pundits pontificated on the child-separation crisis. Nazi and Holocaust analogies flew around the Internet; faculty petitions invoked the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Mexico and four other Latin American countries filed a human rights complaint against the U.S. Politicians and religious leaders lined up to denounce White House racism and anti-immigrant hatred.
On Wednesday, Trump called their bluff. He signed an executive order that would house illegal-alien adults with minors in Department of Homeland Security or other government facilities.  The zero-tolerance policy, however, would continue. Democratic politicians and illegal alien advocates immediately cried foul. “Make no mistake: the President is doubling down on his ‘zero tolerance’ policy,” Democratic U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, said in a statement Wednesday. “His new Executive Order criminalizes asylum-seekers . . . . Locking up whole families is no solution at all—the Trump Administration must reverse its policy of prosecuting vulnerable people fleeing three of the most dangerous countries on earth.”
The Harvard Kennedy School’s Juliette Kayyem told CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday night: “The real problem is Sessions’ decision to prosecute [illegal border crossers] 100 percent.” A CNN anchor on Thursday morning asked U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, if his position was: don’t criminally charge each person who illegally crosses the border. Schiff responded: “We don’t have to criminalize everyone that’s coming here seeking asylum.” NPR interviewed the director of Migrant Rights and Justice at the Women’s Refugee Commission, Michelle BranĂ©. “Families will be just as traumatized, children will be just as traumatized” under the executive order, she said on Thursday morning. “Exchanging one form of trauma for another is not the solution”; getting rid of the prosecutorial mandate is.    
And the open-borders lobby possesses a powerful weapon for doing just that. The extraordinarily complex thicket of interpolated rules and rights that govern U.S. immigration policy (the result of decades of nonstop litigation by the immigration bar) contains a series of judicial mandates that defeated even the Obama administration’s tepid efforts to bring some semblance of lawfulness to the border. A long-running class-action lawsuit in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, originally styled Flores v. Reno, has held that alien minors cannot be confined by the government for longer than 20 days. This 20-day cap contributed to the flood of Central American child-toting asylum seekers that picked up steam during President Obama’s second term. Asylum petitions typically take months, if not years, to adjudicate, given the long backlog of such cases in the immigration courts. If an adult crosses the border alone and utters the magic asylum words—a fear of persecution in his home country—he could in theory be held in detention until his asylum claim was adjudicated. If, however, he brings a child with him and makes an asylum pitch, he puts the government to a choice: detain the adult separately until his claim is heard and release the child after 20 days, or release both adult and child together.
The Obama administration usually chose the second option. Word coursed through Mexico and Central America that taking a child across the border was a get-out-of-jail-free card that would exempt its holder from both criminal prosecution and detention. This child-release lever, coupled with Obama’s announcement in 2012 that he would grant amnesty to the so-called Dreamers, meant that Obama soon had his own family border crisis on his hands. In 2014, 70,000 adult-child units and 70,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended illegally crossing into the U.S. The administration tried building large family detention centers to hold the children and their accompanying adults, but the same Flores decree that has bedeviled the Trump White House stymied that effort. In 2015, a federal trial judge, Holly Gee, herself appointed by Obama and the very definition of an activist jurist, vastly expanded the scope of the original decree and ordered the administration to release the detained minors. The Department of Homeland Security warned that ending family detention would trigger another border surge. Judge Gee dismissed this concern as “fear-mongering,” according to the Associated Press.
It is to Judge Gee that the Trump administration will now make its appeal to lift the 20-day confinement cap. The chance that she will agree to do so is zero. Unless that ruling is overturned on appeal or Congress changes the relevant law, the administration will have two choices: try to get asylum hearings down to 20 days, or abandon its universal prosecution policy and resume catch-and-release at the border for adults with children. Streamlining the asylum process would require both narrowing the standard for granting asylum, pursuant to its original intent (something that Sessions has already begun to do), and increasing judicial resources. (Bizarrely, Trump has denounced such an increase in judicial manpower.) Even then, meeting a 20-day limit on asylum detentions will be a stretch. Resuming catch-and-release, of course, would violate one of Trump’s key electoral promises. Fifty years of litigation and lobbying are now reaping rewards unforeseen even by the open-borders establishment. Trump has ducked one showdown, but an even bigger one lies ahead.
Underlying this episode were several cardinal principles of left-wing activism: that favored victim groups must never be held responsible for their actions, and that policy should be made based on immediate claims of need, with no regard to long-term consequences. The reigning assumption during the family-separation meltdown was that the adults who brought children with them across the border had no responsibility for their subsequent plight. The only actor with agency was the federal government; it alone bore the blame for alien minors being placed in detention facilities. Yet the but-for cause of the child separation was the adult’s decision to cross illegally into the U.S., child in tow. If you don’t want to be separated from your or another person’s child, don’t cross the border illegally. Likewise, any whisper of immigration enforcement inside the border is inevitably greeted with cries that such enforcement would cause illegal aliens to be “fearful.” If you don’t want to fear deportation, don’t assume the risk of deportation, however slight that risk may be, by illegal entry.
Obeying the law, however, is something that must never be demanded of politically correct victims. If lawbreaking carries negative consequences, the fault lies with the legal system, not with an individual’s decision to break the law in the first place.
This principle is at work in the ongoing attacks on the criminal-justice system as well: the overrepresentation of blacks in prison is attributed to allegedly racist actors and institutions, not to lawbreaking by the criminals. Non-legal forms of distress are also covered by the no-agency rule. If single mothers experience elevated rates of poverty, the fault lies with a heartless welfare system, not with their decision to conceive a child out-of-wedlock. The father, of course, is as good as nonexistent, in the eyes of the single-mother welfare lobby. If teen mothers are stressed out, the problem lies in the absence of daycare centers in high schools.
The “progressive” solution to these dilemmas is to confer an immediate benefit on the alleged victim that will alleviate the problem in the short term, perverse incentives be damned. Illegal aliens with children must be exempt from immigration rules. The likelihood that such a policy will encourage more illegal aliens to come is out of sight, out of mind (if not covertly viewed as an affirmative good). If having more out-of-wedlock children puts a strain on a single mother’s welfare check and food stamps, then the government should increase the allotment to reflect the additional births. If that single mother and her children show up at a shelter claiming homelessness, give them an apartment. If such free housing encourages more single mothers to flood the shelter system, contract for more apartments.
Strangely, after Trump issued his recent executive order, a few media voices tentatively raised the problem of the unintended consequences of purportedly humane rules. CNN anchor John Berman asked Schiff on Thursday morning if exempting illegal aliens with children from detention “incentivized” such illegal crossings. Schiff ducked the query: “Well, it’s not a simple question as whether somebody has a child or not.” But the problem of perverse incentives will not go away. America’s loss of sovereignty over its borders and the incursion of millions of barely literate campesinos and their progeny is the result of years of victim-favoring policies that ignore personal agency and court the consequences.