Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What I don't understand is why it's only a "cut back"? Why are illegals getting even one cent? Of course there is an answer. The answer is in the FORTUNE 500, and the lifer-politicians they own. The FORTUNE 500 is very generous in handing money to the racist Mexican political party of LA RAZA, to keep this nation flooded with "cheap" labor.

The 38 million illegals that the La Raza Dems and Obama are now finagling another "amnesty" for, depress wages for Americans $200 - $300 BILLION per year.

It is NOT the FORTUNE 500, LA RAZA "THE RACE" PARTY, MEXICO, or the employers of illegals that are paying the taxes that support the Mexican welfare state. IT IS THE VERY PEOPLE THAT LOSE THEIR JOBS TO ILLEGALS, PAY FOR THE MEXICAN WELFARE, AND LIVE NEXT TO THE MEXICAN CRIME WAVE, and then watch while the Mexicans spit in our faces as they rant, wave their Mexican flags, and refuse to grunt in English.

September 1, 2009
Massachusetts Cuts Back Immigrants’ Health Care
BOSTON — State-subsidized health insurance for 31,000 legal immigrants here will no longer cover dental, hospice or skilled-nursing care under a scaled-back plan that Gov. Deval Patrick announced Monday.
Mr. Patrick said his administration had struggled to find a solution “that preserves the promise of health care reform” after the state legislature cut most of the $130 million it had previously allotted immigrants, to help close a budget deficit. Although their health benefits will be sharply curtailed in some cases, Mr. Patrick portrayed the new program as a victory, saying the services that the affected group tends to use the most will still be covered.
“It’s an extraordinary accomplishment,” he said in a conference call with reporters, “to offer virtually full coverage for the entire population that’s been impacted in the face of really extraordinary budget constraints.”
The new plan, which will cover permanent residents who have had green cards for less than five years, will cost the state $40 million a year. Some of the affected immigrants will be charged higher co-payments and will have to find new doctors, said Leslie A. Kirwan, Mr. Patrick’s finance director.
Still, Mr. Patrick described the new coverage as comprehensive and said it could be a model for less expensive state-subsidized benefits as health care costs continue to rise. Under the 1996 federal law that overhauled the nation’s welfare system, the 31,000 affected immigrants do not qualify for Medicaid or other federal aid. Massachusetts is one of the few states — others are California, New York and Pennsylvania — that provide at least some health coverage for such immigrants.
Because of its three-year-old law requiring universal health coverage, Massachusetts has the country’s lowest percentage of uninsured residents: 2.6 percent, compared with a national average of 15 percent. The law requires that almost every resident have insurance, and to meet that goal, the state subsidizes coverage for those earning up to three times the federal poverty level, or $66,150 for a family of four.
All of the affected immigrants will be covered under the new plan by Dec. 1, Mr. Patrick said; in the meantime they will have to rely on hospitals that provide free emergency care to the poor.
CeltiCare Health Plan of Massachusetts, a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation, based in Missouri, won a yearlong state contract to provide the new coverage.
Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said she was worried about immigrants’ having to find new primary care doctors at a time when the state is suffering from a shortage of such providers. She also said that the new coverage would in some cases require a much higher co-payment — $50 instead of between $1 and $3 — for non-generic prescription drugs, and that enrollment would be capped at the 31,000 current enrollees.
“We see this as a temporary solution,” Ms. Millona said, “and we are still working to get full restoration for this population that deserves the same level of coverage as all other taxpaying residents of the state.”
From Judicial… get on their email list to read what your government is doing to sell us out to the corporate interests and expanding the Mexican occupation ( to benefit the corporate interests!).
Illegal immigrants drain the tax dollars
Ariz. Saves Millions Cutting Illegal Immigrant Perks
Last Updated: Mon, 08/10/2009 - 2:48pm

A U.S. border state that stopped giving illegal immigrants discounted public college tuition a few years ago reports saving millions of dollars after terminating the program that essentially subsidized illegal behavior with public money.
Fed up with the toll that illegal aliens were having on its state, Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed a law in late 2006 to deny them heavily discounted resident college tuition and other state-funded benefits draining the budget. Approved by more than 70% of voters, the measure also requires state agencies to verify the immigration status of applicants for public services such as child care and adult education as well as financial aide for college students.
Regardless, thousands of illegal aliens continue to annually apply for the costly perks which used to cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year. Since the law passed more than 3,400 community college students and nearly 300 university students paid the much higher nonresident tuition because they couldn't prove they were in the country legally.
This represented a savings of nearly $8 million for one of the state’s community college districts (Maricopa County Community College District) alone. Combined with Arizona’s other junior college districts and its three public universities the savings are estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars.
Arizona’s State Treasurer says the money is being appropriately used for programs that benefit legal residents rather than to subsidize the education of those who live in the state illegally. A handful of other states—including Texas, California, Utah, Maryland and Wisconsin—offer illegal immigrants discounted tuition at public colleges.
Earlier this month, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition breaks federal law though the state annually grants the coveted benefit to thousands of undocumented students. The opinion was a no brainer considering that a 1996 immigration reform law forbids states from giving illegal aliens in-state tuition unless it provides the same for all students regardless of residency.
It was that law that led a group of out-of-state students to successfully challenge the practice in California. The students argued that California’s public university and community college system violated the law by charging them higher tuition and fees than undocumented immigrants. A state appellate court ruled in favor of the American students and the case is pending before the sate Supreme Court.


Illegals earn citizenship with ACORN work program

Obama sends our money to ACORN, they then hire illegal's to register voters here and in Mexico.

No wonder liberal's fiercely fight attempts by conservatives to initiate a voter ID program.

ACORN then pays these illegal workers with the money that Obama sent ACORN, Obama wins election, gives amnesty to illegal's.

Obama calls it the work for amnesty program.

It is a win win situation for Obama, ACORN, and illegal's and their friends in Mexico.

Isn't life grand?


Bankrupt Oakland pays $2500 to 46 illegals for their F&L months rent (Sanctuary city fools pay illegal's rent!)

Going broke Oakland is run by criminal progressive left Democrats who've pushed on us residents a unpopular and destructive sanctuary city policy. It's a insane policy that encourages & protects illegal alien invader drug dealing gang banger criminals from needed ICE enforcement and deportation.

Recently Oakland condemned and evicted about 200 illegal aliens from a large gang infested slum apt building in the Fruitvale area... and now our corrupt Democrat city official clowns are giving the illegal alien evictees $2500 each for their first and last months relocation rent!!

Forty six $2500 checks (thats well over $100,000!) have been issued so far to the illegals by our bankrupt city.. run by a mean spirited & greedy city administration that's busy issuing responsible taxpaying residents costly parking tickets to make up for declining city tax income !

This is just pure liberal left insanity at taxpayers expense. The city should of called ICE instead, and had the public service fund sucking illegal invaders arrested & deported!

But... pay up as the city go's to hell, you taxpaying suckers!!

Here's a link to the Aug 29 Page A3 Oakland Tribune story that confirms what's written above. Also Matier Ross in the Monday SF Chronical wrote that they are illegal immigrants whom are being evicted.

COMMUNITY SENIORSERV, INC hires illegals 714-220-0224

State Funded Program is Staffed by 90% Illegal Immigrant Workers! (Anaheim)

Community SeniorServ, Inc.

Stop Hiring Illegal Immigrants and using American Tax Dollars To Pay Their Wages!!!!

It really angers me when our government and state officials speak of cracking down on illegal immigrant workers,
then, they fund an over $6 Million American Taxpayer Dollar Program and allow 90% of the food service workers
to be Undocumented Illegal Aliens!!!!!

I am sure at one time it was said "Americans wouldn't work for the salary they are paid"
but, that is no longer true! All the illegal alien workers get the state mandated minimum wage salaries (or more),
as well as, Medical and Dental Insurance !!!!

In this High Unemployment Economy, Many Americans Need and Would Love To Have These Jobs!!

Don't get me wrong... This is a good program for the elderly but, Americans should be hired to do the work!

Check it out for yourself....

Community SeniorServ, Inc.
1200 N. Knollwood Circle, Anaheim, CA 92801


they wire an average of $300 a month in remittances back to Mexico, (go a long way toward purchasing medical )

Paying The Price For Illegal Care

Democrats are right that uncompensated emergency care for the uninsured is driving up costs. What they don't say is it's illegal immigrants who are bankrupting ERs, and the federal government is encouraging them.

Last decade, the Clinton administration added teeth to a little-known Health and Human Services Department regulation mandating that hospitals provide emergency treatment even to illegals.

Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, or EMTALA, hospitals can't even ask for a patient's immigration status or ability to pay prior to delivering treatment. They also can't keep such uninsured patients waiting, even if their problem isn't an emergency. Nor can they discharge them until they're fully stabilized and have safe transportation.

More, hospitals must post EMTALA signs in Spanish and English. The law isn't limited to ERs. Hospitals must accept illegals at any facility on campus — including outpatient clinics and doctor's offices — located within 250 yards of the main buildings.

Hospitals end up treating uninsured illegals for the sniffles and other nonurgent care, and pass that exorbitant cost on to the insured, the Government Accountability Office has found. Resulting overcrowding leads to delays in "care for patients with true emergency needs."

This unfunded federal mandate has placed a heavy and unfair financial burden on more than 1,500 hospitals across the country, according to HHS data, costing billions in unpaid bills by some estimates.

Many eat losses and eventually go out of business like they're doing in droves in California, which has seen 85 hospital closures in the last decade. An additional 55 facilities have shut down ERs. The state ranks last in the country in access to emergency care and last in ERs per capita, making it woefully unprepared to respond to a major earthquake or terror attack.

Border hospitals are the hardest-hit. By law, they have to treat even illegals injured while crossing the border. Each year, hundreds of them pour into the ER at El Centro Regional Medical Center near San Diego with fractures sustained while climbing the fence or eluding border patrols in high-speed car chases. Others suffer from multiple organ failures from dehydration.

Many abuse the system with encouragement from groups like Maldef and La Raza, which have spread the word about EMTALA. In Texas, hospitals are flooded with walk-in mothers in labor showing up in the ER to have their anchor babies.

Some 80% of the births at Houston's Ben Taub General Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital are to illegal immigrants. In Fort Worth, it's about 70%.

At a recent town hall meeting, President Obama shot down tort reform because, as he argued, Texas has tort reform and one of its cities — McAllen — still has "the highest health care costs in the country."

McAllen also is one of the most heavily trafficked border areas in the country, a little fact Obama failed to mention. The border patrol nabs 75,000 illegals there a year. They're the ones caught; others flood McAllen hospitals.

Overutilization of ER services by illegals is crippling the area's major hospital system, including McAllen Medical Center and Edinburg Regional Medical Center. The South Texas Health System eats $140 million a year in free care, and 60%-70% of those unpaid costs are in the ER.

Some 40% of the babies born at McAllen Medical last year were to illegals. That's nearly 2,400 babies who were given instant citizenship. And their mothers instantly qualified for U.S. welfare. Many of them, McAllen Medical CEO Joe Riley says, were "mothers about to give birth that walk up to the hospital still wet from swimming across the river and in actual labor."

Actually, Miami boasts the highest medical costs in the country. McAllen is No. 2. Like McAllen, Miami hospitals are overrun by illegal Hispanic immigrants.

Thanks to EMTALA, one hospital near Miami was forced to eat $1.5 million in unreimbursed care for an illegal alien from Guatemala. After three years of treatment, Martin Memorial Medical Center paid $30,000 to charter a jet to take Luis Jimenez to a medical facility in his home country. His family in turn sued the hospital.

Any health care overhaul should start with rewriting EMTALA. No one wants to refuse emergency care to indigent Mexicans who truly need it. But when you consider that they wire an average of $300 a month in remittances back to Mexico, that money could go a long way toward purchasing medical insurance.

At a minimum, the government could impose a fee on remittances to Mexico, and use the revenues to offset costs that border hospitals incur for the care of illegal immigrants.