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"Last year, Mexico amended its constitution to grant the president the authority to establish a state of emergency and declare martial law in instances that “place society in grave danger or conflict."

"Mexico is now the region’s second largest importer of weapons, buying $7.9 billion in military equipment in 2015 alone."

"Mexico in a country whose four wealthiest billionaires control as much wealth as the bottom half of the population—the 65 million that live in poverty (which includes 13 million living in extreme poverty)—and where the top 10 percent as a whole accounts for 67 percent of Mexico’s national wealth."

Mexican government to vote on law expanding domestic military operations, authorizing mass spying
By Alex Gonzalez
11 March 2017
Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies is preparing to pass a law that provides the legal framework for the military to intervene in matters that “endanger stability, safety or public peace.” The proposed law would also grant the armed forces the authority to “make use of any method of data collection” and would force non-governmental institutions, as well as private entities, to hand over users’ private information. The Mexican Chamber of Deputies is expected to vote on the proposed law by April 20.
The Internal Security Law ( Ley de Seguridad Interior ), proposed in Congress last November, marks a milestone in the ruling class’s efforts to defend its rule against mass mobilization of the Mexican working class. Widely discredited and deeply unpopular, the Peña Nieto administration is taking steps to ensure that any future social unrest is met with police state measures.
Under the proposed law, the Mexican Army, Marines and Air Force can be formally deployed for wide-reaching operations that include fighting organized crime, investigating corruption, combatting terrorism and “restoring order” after national disasters. In addition, the armed forces will be permanently tasked with “internal security,” vaguely characterized as preventive actions “fundamental to anticipating the State’s actions against phenomena that seek to violate internal order.”
While the military has already been informally carrying out these operations without a legal framework under the guise of the decade-long “war on drugs,” the Internal Security Law aims to legalize and make permanent the use of the military in conducting anti-drug operations, a move that is sure to produce further human rights violations from a force already notorious for its acts of torture and abuse.
The Internal Security Law also lays the foundation for mass spying on the Mexican population. Telecommunications service providers will be forced to deliver “private communications, real-time geographical location or delivery of retained data on mobile communication equipment” without any form of judicial overview or accountability. According to the Digital Rights Defense Network, a Mexican privacy rights organization, the law’s broad language leaves open the possibility for the government to ask application and content providers to “establish vulnerabilities, deliver encryption keys or establish another type of back door to facilitate surveillance.”
The military, as stated in the proposed legislation, can be mobilized by the president at any time, as well as by Congressional actions. Last year, Mexico amended its constitution to grant the president the authority to establish a state of emergency and declare martial law in instances that “place society in grave danger or conflict.” As with the Constitutional amendment, the Internal Security Law is a carte blanche for the State to suspend civil rights and suspend basic democratic rights under the pretext of fighting organized crime and preventing terrorist attacks.
The law is being sponsored by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN). Both parties have been in power during and have played a role in escalating the bloody war on drugs, which has killed over 166,000 and disappeared 28,000 over the last decade.
The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the Party for Democratic Revolution (PRD), the nominal “left” Mexican bourgeois parties, have opposed the legislation from the standpoint of Mexican nationalism. “The drafting of the law does not express clearly that the Mexican Army is the only one that can perform interior security functions,” stated PRD congressman Alejandro Ojelda. Similarly, Morena congressman Paulo César Martínez López has noted the proposed law “opens the door to military operations by foreign armies.” In other words, the PRD and Morena want to ensure that the Mexican state will have the exclusive power to crack down on social opposition from the working class using military force.
Human rights groups and academics have widely denounced the proposed law, warning its adoption would gravely endanger human rights in the country. Over the past decade, the armed forces have been repeatedly found guilty of torture, extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances. The Mexican Federal Police and the armed forces have been implicated in the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, while in Tlatlaya, 22 civilians were executed by the 102nd Infantry Battalion of the Mexican Army.
The Interior Security Law is being proposed in the context of an outbreak of social opposition against the policies of the Trump administration and the inability of the Mexican government to provide any defense for workers, youth and peasants on either side of the border.
Since the election of Trump, the Mexican government has been in crisis over how to balance its role as a junior partner of American imperialism and subdue mounting social anger at home over Trump’s bullying threats to deport millions of immigrants to Mexico, renegotiate NAFTA, build a border wall with Mexico, halt remittances to the country and send US troops to Mexico to take over the war on drugs.
The law also comes in the wake of mass demonstrations against the policies of the Peña Nieto administration, including the gazolinazo protests at the beginning of the year, when thousands of workers mobilized across the country to block roads and highways, taking over processing and distribution centers, and shutting down transit services in many parts of the country.
In July of last year, teachers went on strike in Oaxaca against the regressive education policies of Peña Nieto’s “Pact for Mexico” in defense of public education. After 13 were killed and dozens wounded when the Mexican federal police fired at striking teachers, 200,000 doctors and nurses struck in solidarity with the protesting teachers, and students at major universities boycotted classes to show their support.
In response, the Mexican ruling elite is building up the military to prepare for open class conflict. Mexico’s weapons imports have more than tripled in the last five years, according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Mexico is now the region’s second largest importer of weapons, buying $7.9 billion in military equipment in 2015 alone.
Through the government’s military sales program, the Obama administration sold over $2.5 billion in military equipment to Mexico from 2008 to 2016. Weapons purchased directly from US companies—another way the Mexican government can acquire US weapons—tripled to $2 billion from 2011 to 2012.
Aude Felurant, an SIPRI analyst specializing in Latin American affairs, characterized the weaponry being brought into Mexico, including thousands of Humvees, dozens of Blackhawks, and millions of rounds of ammunition, as “the type of equipment that is imported to carry out counterinsurgency measures.”
Desperate to cling to its privileges and wealth, the Mexican ruling class will act quickly and violently to institute martial law and prevent social revolt from threatening its rule. In response, the working class must arm itself with revolutionary politics in a struggle for socialism and the unity of the international working class.

More significant still, a former Mexican official, Jorge Castañeda, threatened to unleash Mexican cartels onto the U.S. to retaliate for deportations of illegal immigrants and the construction of a border wall.  

Mexican presidential candidate López Obrador campaigns on both sides of the border

By Don Knowland 
7 March 2017

In the run-up to Mexico’s 2018 election, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (popularly known as AMLO), the head of the Movement of National Regeneration (Morena), has been on a speaking tour to prepare his presidential candidacy, appearing across Mexico and traveling to seven US cities. Having already spoken in Los Angeles and Chicago, he is appearing this week in El Paso, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona.
In 2006, AMLO was the candidate of the center-”left” Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which was itself a split-off from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which ruled Mexico without interruption from 1929 to 2000. He lost the 2006 presidential election to Felipe Calderón of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN) due to widespread electoral fraud. AMLO, again as the PRD candidate, also claims that fraud cost him the 2012 presidential election, which saw the return to power of the PRI under President Enrique Peña Nieto after 12 years of PAN rule.
AMLO founded Morena as a political party in 2014 to serve as a vehicle for his personal candidacy and to disassociate himself from the PRD, which was discredited by its corruption and support for the “Pact for Mexico,” which led to a series of right-wing “reforms,” attacking public education and paving the way to privatization of Mexico’s state-run oil corporation, PEMEX.
Peña Nieto’s approval rating has sunk this year to as low as 12 percent. For months, AMLO has been leading in the polls for likely candidates in the 2018 presidential election. One poll in January had him at 45 percent, compared to candidates of the PAN (15-25 percent), PRI (a dismal 7-10 percent), and PRD (an abysmal 2-5 percent).
On his current tour, AMLO is asking Mexicans, regardless of their class position, to sign on to his “Political Agreement of Unity for the Prosperity of the People and the Renaissance of Mexico,” which consists of a handful of sentences filled with empty patriotic appeals and platitudes about a rebirth for Mexico.
AMLO and Morena call for uniting all sectors of society, “women and men, poor and rich, religious and free thinkers,” as long as they don’t participate in the corruption endemic to the Mexican ruling class, which he calls Mexico’s “main problem.”
Thus, billionaire Carlos Slim Helú, ranked as recently as 2013 as the world’s richest man, with a net worth of $55 billion or 6 percent of Mexico’s GDP, and who acquired Mexico’s national telephone company Telmex for a song, is welcome to participate in AMLO’s unity campaign. In Morena’s eyes, he is an “honest businessman,” rather than part of what AMLO calls the corrupt “mafia in power” who “traffic in influence.”
This in a country whose four wealthiest billionaires control as much wealth as the bottom half of the population—the 65 million that live in poverty (which includes 13 million living in extreme poverty)—and where the top 10 percent as a whole accounts for 67 percent of Mexico’s national wealth.
The threadbare nationalist program advanced by AMLO and Morena makes not even a pretense of challenging this grotesque social inequality and the capitalist property relations that are the source of the corruption that it condemns. Nor does it make any mention of imperialism—this despite the domination of the country and its economy for over a century by its northern neighbor, the United States.
Instead, Morena, in the more nationalistic pre-1980 tradition of the Mexican bourgeoisie, seeks better terms for Mexican business when dealing with US capital. AMLO stresses that the largest plants installed in Mexico belong to American investors or businessmen “who export merchandise and their profits to the United States and leave very few jobs or taxes” in Mexico.
Morena’s official program calls for “cooperative development” with US businesses and for “higher competition internally and competitiveness externally.”
With its invocation of universal civic, social and democratic values and vague moral appeals, AMLO and Morena orient themselves to Mexico’s middle class, which they claim has a “profound desire for liberation, to make justice a reality.” But much of the 9 percent under the top 1 percent in Mexico that constitutes Morena’s real social base, views the masses of workers and poor as a threat to their wealth and privileges. This layer includes the trade union operatives, academics and state bureaucrats.
Calling for a “moral and cultural revolution,” AMLO and Morena clearly oppose a social revolution and are determined to prevent Mexico’s working class from forging its political independence and fighting for power.
The so-called reforms currently put forward by AMLO are at best flaccid, and in many cases reactionary.
AMLO’s current flagship proposal is to “guarantee the right to education” (a right already enshrined in the Mexican constitution) by paying 300,000 youth a paltry $120-a-month scholarship to study. At the same time, AMLO proposes to guarantee an additional 2.3 million young people a $225-a-month salary for job training. AMLO absurdly claims that this will guarantee full employment for young people and remove the temptation of “antisocial behavior,” that is entering the drug trade.
The second proposal AMLO is highlighting is to establish a 12-mile-deep “free or open zone” along the 1,800-mile border with the United States, which would include all of Mexico’s border cities with the US, such as Tijuana and Juarez, in order to “promote growth” in this this region of Mexico. Under this proposal, “incentives will be given, taxes will be lowered, gasoline prices will be lowered and job creation will be encouraged.” The 11 percent-16 percent value-added tax previously imposed in the border area would be repealed.
More generally, while Morena’s program calls on the state to “promote the national economy,” AMLO insists that Mexican development is to be accomplished without increasing taxes on the wealthy, by freeing up funds lost to corruption and by the government “acting with austerity”—that is, not spending significantly on social programs or infrastructure. The country, AMLO says “should no longer be indebted.”
This is a right-wing program. Mexican economic development will continue on as it has under the counter-reforms implemented through Peña Nieto’s 2013 “Pact for Mexico,” which is grounded on increasing exploitation of Mexican workers and poor peasants by the Mexican ruling class.
Last year, AMLO sold out the struggles of teachers in poor southern Mexico states who were opposing education “reform,” that is attacks on their wages and rights, pushing them to sit down with intransigent federal officials who were heading up these attacks.
When masses of Mexicans protested a 20 percent hike in gas prices in January, AMLO attacked some who blocked refinery facilities or looted stores for employing “fascist strategies.” Order, he said, had to be brought to such “chaos.” Any and all violence had to be avoided in order to assure a “peaceful and democratic” road to change, despite the ever-increasing violence of the Mexican state and its military and police agencies against the population.
In the speech he gave in Los Angeles last month, AMLO attempted to reason with Trump against the latter’s threats to impose vindictive tariffs on Mexico exports to the United States, rewrite the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in favor of the US and deport millions of Mexicans to Mexico.
In response to Trump’s attempts to whip up anti-immigrant chauvinism, AMLO called on “American academicians and intellectuals who hold civic, social and democratic values” to draw up a plan to “convince and persuade workers and the middle class in the United States that migrants are not their enemies.” He said that Morena would work with such academicians and social leaders to create committees in the US to spread “the message of reason and fellowship among the U.S. population.”
AMLO’s ideology, which, like Trump’s, proceeds from nationalist and patriotic appeals, can offer no solution whatsoever to the very real problems he raises. Workers in both countries must reject the nationalism and fake “left” populism of AMLO and Morena.
At AMLO’s speech in Los Angeles, the WSWS interviewed Juan Rivera, a retired Mexican worker who came to the US in 1968 to work in the fields. After hearing AMLO speak, Rivera put forward an entirely different perspective. He said that the “unity of Mexican and American workers presented the way forward; that the day is not far off when the working classes of both those countries will make capitalism collapse and fall.”
Rather than making appeals to academics and social leaders, that is, to layers who are invariably tied to the Democratic Party, what is needed is for Mexican and US workers, who are already united in terms of production chains, to unite through an independent political struggle on a program against capitalism and for socialism.

"Videgaray is among the more right-wing figures in the Peña Nieto government, a former investment banker with ties to Trump advisors."


Importing poverty…. 



 “Whites had the highest rate of overdose deaths of any ethnicity, more than double the combined death rate for blacks and Latinos.

While the declining job market in the United States may be discouraging some would-be border crossers, a flow of illegal aliens continues unabated, with many entering the United States as drug-smuggling “mules.”


"Peña Nieto finds himself caught between the overwhelming popular hostility toward both Trump and his own government (his approval ratings have dipped below 12 percent), and the desire of the Mexican capitalist ruling elite that he represents to continue to secure its profit interests as a junior partner of US imperialism."

Amid Mexico talks, Trump calls deportations a “military operation”

By Bill Van Auken 
24 February 2017
Two days after rolling out a draconian immigration policy that threatens the deportation of millions of undocumented workers and their families, President Donald Trump described the unfolding crackdown as “a military operation.”
Speaking to a White House gathering Thursday of top corporate bosses, including the CEOs of Dow Chemical, General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Caterpillar Inc., Trump hailed the escalation of repression on the US-Mexican border along with the recent series of Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) raids that resulted in the roundup of several hundred immigrants from coast to coast.
“We’re getting really bad dudes out of this country and at a rate that nobody has ever seen before,” said Trump, adding, “And it’s a military operation because what has been allowed to come into our country—when you see gang violence that you’ve read about like never before and all of the things—much of that is people that are here illegally. And they’re rough and they’re tough, but they’re not tough like our people. So we’re getting them out.”
Asked to clarify Trump’s remark, White House spokesman Sean Spicer argued that the president was using the word “military” as an “adjective,” meant to convey that the ICE raids were “happening with precision.”
Trump’s bullying and bellicose remarks coincided with a public appearance by his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly in Mexico City alongside their Mexican counterparts in what was billed as an attempt to strengthen relations between the two countries following a series of blatant provocations over Trump’s proposed border wall, attacks on immigrants, threats to impose tariffs and suggestion that US troops could be sent into Mexico to wage the so-called drug war.
Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto was forced to call off a scheduled state visit to Washington last month over Trump’s crude insistence that Mexico pay for his proposed wall.
Speaking before the Mexican media, Gen. Kelly, the former commander of US Southern Command, which oversees all US military operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, pledged, “There will be no use of military forces in immigration,” Kelly said. “There will be no—repeat, no—mass deportations.”
This assurance follows the leaking last week of a Department of Homeland Security memo calling for the mobilization of 100,000 National Guard troops to hunt down and detain immigrant workers. While disavowed by the White House, it is clear that a martial law crackdown was under discussion within the US administration.
Kelly’s statement on Thursday, which appeared to be directly contradicted by Trump’s boasting about the immigration crackdown to the US corporation heads, followed his attempt to walk back part of the language contained in two Department of Homeland Security memorandums laying out the Trump administration’s reactionary and repressive immigration enforcement policy.
A provision that touched off heated protests from Mexican officials calls for Border Patrol and ICE agents, to deal with detained immigrants who are not deemed a threat of “subsequent illegal entry” by “returning them to the foreign contiguous territory from which they arrived,” to await the decision of immigration courts on their removal proceedings. The provision calls for these immigrants to appear before the court via “video teleconference.”
The memo argued that this procedure would save US detention facilities for other undocumented workers caught in the planned immigration dragnet.
As most of the immigrants detained at the border are not Mexicans—220,000 out of 400,000 in the fiscal year that ended on September 30—with the largest number consisting of refugees fleeing violence and oppression in Central America, the provision essentially calls for dumping citizens of third countries into Mexico to solve an alleged problem in the US.
Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray rejected the new US policy. “The government and the people of Mexico will not accept the new immigration policies of the United States,” he said, vowing that Mexico would go to the United Nations to charge Washington with human rights violations against immigrants.
Videgaray is among the more right-wing figures in the Peña Nieto government, a former investment banker with ties to Trump advisors. He was forced to resign from an earlier post because of public outrage over his arranging a visit to Mexico by then-presidential candidate Trump that had all the trappings of a state visit. Now, however, he has been compelled to denounce the Trump administration for attempting to impose a “unilateral” policy on Mexico.
He threatened that if the US went ahead with trying to send non-Mexican immigrants back across the Mexican border, Mexico would not accept them and would demand that Washington provide proof of Mexican citizenship for anyone it seeks to deport to the country. Such a policy could lead to a roadblock in front of mass deportations and force the US government to indefinitely detain huge numbers of arrested immigrants.
Others have suggested that Mexico could retaliate against Washington’s aggressive policies by halting its own repressive crackdown on Central American immigrants trying to cross Mexico’s southern border en route to the US. Last year, Mexico sent nearly twice as many Central American migrants back to their countries as the US did, doing Washington’s dirty work.
Tensions over the new immigration policy were such that Mexican government officials warned that a planned meeting between the two US secretaries and President Peña Nieto would not take place unless significant agreements were reached beforehand.
In the end, however, Tillerson and Kelly met for an hour with Peña Nieto at the Los Pinos presidential palace in Mexico City, arriving and leaving in a heavily-guarded armored convoy.
Mexico’s official news agency Notimex reported that the Mexican president told the US officials that Mexico “will always negotiate in a comprehensive manner with a firm position and in favor of the country’s interests.” He also reportedly stated that protecting the interests of Mexicans residing in the US was a priority for his government.
At the same time, he called for the “strengthening of dialogue” and said the presence of the two US cabinet members was an indication of the Trump administration’s interest “in building a positive relation that results in better conditions of security, development and prosperity for both countries.”
Neither side gave any indication that agreements had been reached on any of the issues that have brought US-Mexican relations to one of their lowest points since the Mexican-American war 170 years ago.
Peña Nieto finds himself caught between the overwhelming popular hostility toward both Trump and his own government (his approval ratings have dipped below 12 percent), and the desire of the Mexican capitalist ruling elite that he represents to continue to secure its profit interests as a junior partner of US imperialism.
At the same time, the ruling PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) faces the prospect of defeat in the 2018 elections at the hands of the Morena (Movement for National Regeneration) of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a veteran bourgeois politician who is leading the polls on the basis of a vaguely left nationalist appeal, accusing Peña Nieto of corruption and failing to stand up to Trump.
Peña Nieto and the Mexican bourgeoisie as a whole are no more concerned about Mexican immigrant workers facing a reign of fear and terror in the US than they are about the plight of masses of impoverished workers in Mexico itself. Their main aim is to prevent the return of millions of jobless deportees, along with the cutting off of remittances and a sharp escalation of already-explosive social upheavals in Mexico itself.
Disquiet within American ruling circles over Trump’s new policies found expression Thursday in an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal, which warned that the new immigration crackdown is “so sweeping that it could capture law-abiding immigrants whose only crime is using false documents to work. This policy may respond to the politics of the moment, but chasing down maids and meatpackers will not go down as America’s finest hour.”
The editorial went on to question the spending of tens of billions of dollars on Trump’s proposed border wall, along with the hiring of 15,000 more ICE and Border Patrol agents, together with a massive expansion of detention facilities. At the same time, the Journal expressed fears that a “labor shortage” and the lack of any mechanism to import low-wage immigrants could adversely affect profit interests.
Trump’s anti-immigrant demagogy and the savagely repressive policies he has introduced are aimed at scapegoating immigrants for the conditions created by capitalism in order to weaken and divide the working class. These attacks can be countered only on the basis of the fight to unify immigrant and US-born workers in a fight to block the deportations and to unite workers on both sides of the border in a common struggle against the capitalist system.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Emergency Intervention Needed in California NOW!

By Arthur Schaper, February 13, 2017

In California, illegals can vote: it’s possible and very likely. California’s automatic motor-voter law all but assures that illegals seeking driver’s licenses will get a ballot along with their license. Miscreants from any corner of the world can register to vote in California online, too. No vetting, no assurance, no integrity. I don’t care how loudly the SJWs and the loony left-wing donors scream about Hillary’s popular vote victory. Voter fraud in broken inner city hellholes like Detroit and New York City cannot compare with the ballot stuffing throughout the once Golden State.

Besides, four million of us Californians supported Donald Trump, and don’t regret it! And we were honest about it!

This post, this article is a fervent call to action to our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
. . .

THE LA RAZA PLAN: California’s final surrender to fly the Mexican flag within 4 years.

"The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."  -- - EXCELSIOR --- national newspaper of Mexico


….It’s all to keep wages DEPRESSED.
 “This nation no longer is a democratic republic...rather it has become a tool of the super-rich members of the above mentioned elite who preselect our presidents based on their cooperation and complicity with the elite’s ultimate goals. Obama has, in their opinion done superbly carrying out the plans well laid out for him by his backers.”        

“The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually (DATED FIGURES) in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end.”   --- Christian Science Monitor

AMNESTY… It’s all about keeping wages DEPRESSED!



As economist Philip J. Romero concluded in a 2007 study, "illegal immigrants impose a 'tax' on legal California residents in the tens of billions of dollars."

California must stem the flow of illegal immigrants

The state should go after employers who hire them, curb taxpayer-funded benefits, deploy the National Guard to help the feds at the border and penalize 'sanctuary' cities.

“Illegal immigration is another matter entirely. With the state budget in tatters, millions of residents out of work and a state prison system strained by massive overcrowding, California simply cannot continue to ignore the strain that illegal immigration puts on our budget and economy. Illegal aliens cost taxpayers in our state billions of dollars each year. As economist Philip J. Romero concluded in a 2007 study, "illegal immigrants impose a 'tax' on legal California residents in the tens of billions of dollars."


Mexico’s looting and ethnic cleansing of a once American state.

MEXICANS ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, XAVIER BECERRA AND KEVIN  de Leon and ethnic cleansing of NON-HISPANICS from California prior to annexation by Mexico.


“The California-Mexico border would surely be opened wide, prompting a spike in unfettered immigration by desperately poor people, drug dealers, and gang members to what is already a virtually lawless and out-of-control welfare state.”

Lou Dobbs Tonight
In California, League of United Latin American Citizens has adopted a resolution to declare "California Del Norte" a sanctuary zone for immigrants. The declaration urges the Mexican government to invoke its rights under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo "to seek thirdnation neutral arbitration of disputes concerning immigration laws and their enforcement." We’ll have the story.


They claim all of North America for Mexico!
 How many illegals looting or committing crimes in your county U.S.A.?



De Léon, who introduced the bill, made his remarks at a hearing in Sacramento on SB54, the bill to make California a “Sanctuary State.

California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) said last Tuesday that “half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation under President Trump’s new executive order against “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

"The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."  --- EXCELSIOR --- national newspaper of Mexico

They claim all of North America for Mexico!
 Build the La Raza Democrat Party base with open borders, no ID to vote Democrat, no E-VERIFY and NO DAMNED LEGAL NEED TO APPLY.
"Republicans should call for lower immigration to stop the Democrat voter recruitment.  But more importantly, all Americans should call for lower immigration in order to offer a better opportunity of finding jobs for those millions of their fellow Americans of all political persuasions who would like to work."

Fed Appeals Court: Immigrant Who Voted 

Illegally Can be Deported

Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles, February 16, 2017

This week’s appellate court ruling provides a jolt of reality that the media has chosen to ignore. Election fraud was a significant concern in 2008 and 2010, which is why Judicial Watch launched an election integrity project in 2012. The project is a legal campaign to force cleanup of voter registration rolls as well as monitor elections. As an example of the pervasive fraud, Judicial Watch uncovered that 1,046 aliens, or residents who are not U.S. citizens, were on the voter rolls in eight Virginia counites leading up to the 2016 presidential election. If that rate of non-citizen registration held in the rest of Virginia’s counties, that would mean that about 6,500 non-citizens are registered to vote in the state. Additionally, Judicial Watch’s investigation found that 57,923 Virginians were registered to vote in at least one other state as well as 19 deceased individuals. Similar issues have been uncovered in several other states as part of Judicial Watch’s ongoing probe into election fraud.

The Latin American woman in the recent court ruling who voted illegally is hardly an isolated case. Her name is Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick and she lied about being an American citizen on an Illinois Department of Motor Vehicle form. It was that easy. Fitzpatrick, a legal U.S. resident with three kids, voted in two federal elections in 2006 and claims that she had official approval to cast a ballot after presenting her Peruvian passport and green card. An immigration judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals, the government’s highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws, determined that Fitzpatrick should be deported because non-U.S. citizens cannot vote in federal elections and can be removed from the country for doing so.

The New Mexican War, February 12, 2017

Mexico had a major role in fostering guerrilla groups in Central America during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, backing off only when it became a hindrance to the NAFTA deal with the United States, and when some of the groups began operating in Mexico. Mexico is feared and resented throughout Central America as a bully and for its mistreatment of Central American migrants. The horror stories these migrants tell of their passage through Mexico are hair-raising and heartbreaking.

I wrote during the recent hysteria over Russian hacking and interference in our 2016 elections that,

Is there foreign interference in our elections? You bet.

The biggest offender? Not Russia, but Mexico. Mexican officials publicly called on Mexicans in the US to oppose Trump; Mexico’s over fifty–yes, fifty–consulates in the US (here) are hot beds of political activity and activism. Millions of illegal and legal aliens largely from Mexico and Central America vote, yes vote. We need to have an in-depth 

investigation into Mexico’s interference in our elections, an 

interference that goes well beyond revealing embarrassing 

DNC texts.

The same day that DHS issued its new guidelines regarding Immigration law enforcement, Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, IL; home of the City of Chicago, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the nation’s first Mayoral Sanctuary Policy, stated ...


In the 1982 gubernatorial election an FBI investigation found that over 80,000 illegal aliens illegally voted.