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The Mexican Drug Cartels take over California: Drug Dealer Maria "Chata" Leon and the Mexican Crime Tidal Wave

Why are Mexicans so rude???



“In Mexico, a recent Zogby poll declared that the vast majority of Mexican citizens hate Americans. [22.2] Mexico is a country saturated with racism, yet in denial, having never endured the social development of a Civil Rights movement like in the US--Blacks are harshly treated while foreign Whites are often seen as the enemy. [22.3] In fact, racism as workplace discrimination can be seen across the US anywhere the illegal alien Latino works--the vast majority of the workforce is usually strictly Latino, excluding Blacks, Whites, Asians, and others.”

More Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

than Iraq War, Study Says

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Examples of Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens
The information below is taken from news sources. The aliens in these reports were all identified as being in the country illegally, and many of them had come into the hands of law enforcement agencies prior to the crime that is described below, but the alien was not deported or in some cases was deported but reentered the country.
These cases are listed as a demonstration that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue even though these cases are not representative of the illegal alien population in general. These cases refer to crimes other than terrorism.
• October 2009 — Manuel Fajardo-Santos, a Honduran illegal alien pled guilty to the sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl in Wharton, New Jersey. (Star Ledger, October 20, 2009)
• October 2009 — Velislav Matzov, a Bulgarian immigrant [legal status not clear, but now deportable] was sentenced in St. Petersburg, Fla. to two life terms in prison for the shooting of a police detective while trying to escape following an armed robbery. (AP in Miami Herald, October 13, 2009)
• October 2009 — Gilberto R. Avarado, an illegal alien, was convicted of two counts of first-degree rape of a 10-year-old girl. He was sentenced in Franklin County, Alabama to two 22-year sentences. (Times Daily, October 6, 2009)
• October 2009 — Marvin Rogelio Martinez Jr, a Honduran illegal alien, pled guilty to two felonies: hit-and-run resulting in injury and reckless driving. He ran a stoplight in San Jose, California and hit an 8-year-old boy who remains wheelchair-bound 8 months after being hit. As a result of a plea agreement, Martinez was sentenced to 16 months in prison. (San Jose Mercury News, September 30, 2009)
• October 2009 — Josue Mata, a Honduran illegal alien confessed to the shooting death in 2007 in Chicago of Alejandro Calderon, a teen-aged amateur boxer with hopes of competing in the Olympics. Mata said he mistakenly thought Calderon was a rival gang-banger. (Chicago Sun Times, October 7, 2009)
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• September 2009 — Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa, an illegal alien, pled no contest to driving under suspension and motor vehicle homicide. He caused an accident that killed a 4-year old. He was driving without a license because it was suspended after three drunken-driving convictions prior to 2003, which did not lead to his being identified for deportation. He faces prison terms of five years for driving under suspension and one year for the homicide charge. (The Omaha World Herald, September 30, 2009)
• September 2009 — Edwin Chirinos, an illegal alien residing in Florida, was convicted of lewd and lascivious battery and for failure to register as a sex offender. He was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting a child but not turned over to immigration authorities. He was apprehended again and charged with the new offenses after being found driving without a valid license. (The Bradenton Herald, September 29, 2009)
• September 2009 — Bagada Dionas, a Liberian illegal alien, was sentenced to two life terms plus 170 years in prison for the shooting deaths of two persons. As a juvenile, Dionas was convicted of armed robberies, drug dealing and car theft. In 2005, he was first convicted as an adult for armed robbery and served a prison sentence. Maryland Prison authorities said they didn’t at the time check immigration status because it would be a burden. (The Baltimore Sun, September 23, 2009)
• September 2009 — Agustin Palma Trejo, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to vehicular homicide in Clearwater, Fla. and was sentenced to six years in prison. (The Tampa Tribune, September 14, 2009)
• September 2009 — Saul Peralta, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sex act and accepted a sentence of seven years in state prison. He was charged with sexually molesting a three-year old girl in Westchester County, NY. (The Journal News, September 11, 2009)
• September 2009 — Rafael Diaz-Quintana, an illegal alien, was sentenced in Oregon to 30 months in prison for his seventh conviction for driving while intoxicated. (AP report on KTVB, September 1, 2009)
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• August 2009 — Two illegal aliens were convicted of capital murder and explosives charges in Las Vegas. Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, a Nicaraguan admitted to making the bomb that killed a man who was dating his ex-girl friend. He was aided by Omar Rueda-Denvers, a Guatemalan. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. (San Diego Union Tribune, August 28, 2009, New York Times, September 1, 2009)
• August 2009 — Daryush Omar, an Afghani (or Pakistani) illegal immigrant, pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter in Queens, New York for a drunk driving accident that killed two people. He was sentenced to 3-1/2 to 10-1/2 years in prison. He previously was charged with robbery and murder but an indictment had not been obtained. He was turned over to federal authorities for deportation, but because neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan had accepted his deportation, he had been released. (AP, August 19, 2009)
• August 2009 — Jose Garcia-Perlera, a Salvadoran illegal immigrant, was convicted of assault of four elderly women and the murder of one of them in Bethesda, Maryland. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Washington Examiner, August 14, 2009)
• August 2007 — Alejandro Emeterio 'Alex' Rivera Gamboa and his cousin, Gilberto Javier 'Gabe' Arellano Gamboa, both Mexican illegal immigrants, were convicted in the attempted rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Clackamas County, Oregon. Rivera Gamboa was sentenced to life in prison, Arellano Gamboa was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison. Rivera Gamboa had been arrested for drunken driving in November 2006 and pled guilty while also acknowledging he was not a U.S. citizen. Allegedly, he was released without anyone in the criminal justice system notifying immigration authorities. (The Oregonian, August 13, 2009).
• August 2009 — Milton Alberto Sanabria, a gang member in Georgia who was arrested for trespassing was determined to be an illegal immigrant. He had been arrested and convicted numerous times for theft and was released from two years in prison in May, but he had escaped detection as a deportable alien through use of false identification as a U.S. citizen. (Athens Banner-Herald, August 13, 2009)
• August 2009 — Gabriel Soto Garcia, an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to cocaine and cannabis trafficking and was sentenced in Orlando, Fla. to 10 years in prison for. (Orlando Sentinel, August 7, 2009)
• August 2009 — Marvin Rogelio Martinez, a Honduran illegal immigrant, pled guilty to hit-and-run driving and driving without a license when he hit a man and his 8-year old son that put them both in the hospital and left the boy in a coma for 2 months. Martinez, who was ordered to pay restitution, will spend no more than 2 years in prison under the plea agreement before being deported. (San Jose Mercury News, August 7, 2009)
• July 2009 — Denni Garza-Corado, a Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was sentenced to five years and 60 days with all but ten days suspended. (WHSV[TV].com, July 14, 2009).
• July 2009 — Jose Rosendo Algomeda-Santiago, a Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to two counts of negligent vehicular homicide while drunken driving in Maryland. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment. (Baltimore Sun, July 14, 2009).
• July 2009 — Emma Tlacoxolal-Perez, a Mexican illegal immigrant, was sentenced in Newport News, Va. to 33 months imprisonment for running a prostitution network. She had been deported in 2006 and illegally reentered. (Associated Press, July 14, 2009).
• July 2009 — Raul Mendoza, an illegal alien, was sentenced in Denver to 10 years in prison for a sex-assault conviction against a 12-year-old girl. (The Denver Post, July 6, 2009)
• July 2009 — Alexander Ronquillo Rivera, a Honduran illegal alien, was found guilty in Baltimore County Circuit Court of attempted first- and second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison. (The Daily Record, July 1, 2009)
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• June 2009 — Anastacio Sanchez-Miranda, an illegal alien, pled guilty to the shooting deaths of three persons in 2007 in Prince William County, Virginia. He had earlier arrested for a drunken driving offense and for malicious wounding but was not turned over to immigration authorities. (WTTG-5 Fox News, Dec. 10, 2007, Washington Post, June 26, 2009)
• June 2009 — Roberto Pedroza Carrillo, an illegal alien who was shot to death by police after he shot and killed an undercover police officer in Houston, had been previously apprehended by the Border Patrol and returned to Mexico. He had also been ticketed by Houston police at lease four times since 2002 following his return to the United States the most recent time for speeding. Three associates of Pedroza who fled the scene of the shooting were reported to be also illegal aliens. (Houston Chronicle, June 26, 2009)
• June 2009 — Martin Alvarez-Rodriquez, an illegal alien with two previous drug trafficking convictions in California, was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking conspiracy, drug possession (methamphetamines) and firearms charges in Nevada. (AP in Contra Costa Times, June 10, 2009)
• June 2009 — Jose Alvarado, a Salvadoran illegal alien, pled guilty to first-degree murder of an 83-year-old woman in Montgomery County, Maryland. His wife, Ana Rodas, also an illegal alien, pled guilty to being an accessory after the fact. A cousin, Ramon Alvarado, is in jail without bond pending his trial for the same crime. (Washington Post, June 4, 2009) Ramon Alvarado, who was paid to commit the crime by his cousin Jose, was convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and arson. (Washington Post, October 21, 2009)
• June 2009 — Jaime Lopez-Diaz, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for homicide by intoxication (drunken driving fatality) in December in Wausau, Wisconsin. (The Wausau Daily Herald, June 2, 2009)
• May 2009 — Jose Barraza-Vidal, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced in Seattle to 20 years imprisonment for his role as a leader in a gang that distributed cocaine and methamphetamine. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 26, 2009).
• May 2009 — Remigio Perez Roman, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in Arizona on a drug-related charge. Perez had been deported several times previously for other criminal convictions. (East Valley Tribune, May 7, 2009)
• May 2009 — Marcos Garcia Jeronimo, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty April 8 to gross vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run in San Diego. (San Diego Union-Tribune, May 6, 2009)
• May 2009 — Hector Mauricio Hernandez, a Salvadoran illegal alien, pled guilty to the fatal shooting of an honors student at Montgomery Blair HS in the suburbs of Washington DC. Hernandez, reportedly a gang member, had been detained earlier by county police for possession of a knife, but was released without checking on his immigration status. He was sentenced in October to 50 years in prison. (Washington Post and other news sources, May 1, 2009)
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• April 2009 — Jeremias Chagala-Mil, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted of rape of a minor in Virginia and sentenced to 30 years in prison, suspending all but six years as part of a plea agreement. (Daily Progress, April 29, 2009)
• April 2009 — Juan Jose Magallanes-Torres, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to a felony count of illegal re-entry and assault for the beating of two FBI agents who were on stakeout at the railroad yard in Sunland Park, New Mexico near the U.S.-Mexican border. (Houston Chronicle, April 22, 2009)
• April 2009 — Julian Vasquez, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted of indecency with a child for breaking into a home and sexually assaulting an underage girl in Texas. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. (Avalanche-Journal. April 18, 2009)
• April 2009 — Erick Turcios-Lazo, a Salvadoran illegal alien and local MS-13 gang leader, was sentenced in Alexandria, Virginia to 10 years in prison for plotting the murder of a young woman thought to be cooperating with the police. (Washington Post, April 9, 2009)
• April 2009 — Jorge Flores-Rojas, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced to 24 years in prison for trafficking two teen girls to North Carolina to perform sex acts. He repeatedly sexually and physically abused the girls. (USA Today, April 7, 2009)
• April 2009 — Albin Adalin Zelaya-Zelaya, a Hounduran illegal alien and reputed MS-13 gang member, was sentenced to life in prison in Houston for a burglary conviction. The trial also involved testimony about his murder of two persons in Honduras and assault charges and a shootout with the police in this country. (Houston Chronicle, April 6, 2009)
• April 2009 — Maurilio Castillo Vega, an illegal alien, received a 61-month sentence for bilking the state of $8 million in unpaid taxes. The Beaverton, Oregon man had several drywall companies and undercut competition by paying employees under the table. (The Oregonian, April 6, 2009)
• April 2009 — Raul Ramos-Guido, a Honduran illegal alien, was sentenced to 18 months in jail for assaulting a Lanham, Maryland woman in a mall, stealing her purse and threatening to harm her. (The Capitol, April 3, 2009)
• March 2009 — David Douglas, an illegal alien, was apprehended in Vermont snowshoeing into the country from Canada and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He was deported in 2004 after a conviction of marijuana conspiracy. (WCAX News, March 23, 2009)
• March 2009 — Ludalino Aguiar Moniz, an illegal alien, was arrested for providing false information to the police in Freetown, Massachusetts. They subsequently found he had been previously deported and had an extensive criminal history, including crimes of violence, and was wanted on a pair of warrants, one for a charge of breaking and entering and the other for a charge of larceny. (The Herald News, March 24, 2009)
• March 2009 — Manuel Cazares, an illegal alien, turned himself in to police in Hannibal Missouri and admitted murdering two people, one of whom was the mother of his child who had an outstanding restraining order against him. Cazares had been detained by the police and in the court system several times previously without his illegal presence in the United States being discovered. (AP), March 20, 2009
• March 2009 — Guadalupe Nieto Vazquez, an illegal alien, was charged with his sixth drunken driving offense in Pennsylvania after having been convicted on five previous charges. He failed to appear for a bail hearing. (Lehigh Valley Live), March 19, 2009
• March 2009—Israel Rojas-Rodriguez, an illegal alien, pled guilty to murder and drug trafficking in Farmington, NM. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison (Daily Times, March 10, 2009)
• March 2009—Wilfido Joel Alfaro, a Salvadoran illegal alien, was killed in a shootout with Houston police, one of whom was critically wounded. Alfaro had been previously convicted of criminal activity but had been allowed to voluntarily return to El Salvador in 2001. He reentered illegally and was again arrested for possession or delivery of drugs, in 2002 and 2003 but the immigration authorities say they had no record of being contacted about him after 2001.
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• February 2009—Ernesto Reyes, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted Friday of capital murder and received a life sentence for the murder of a University of North Texas sophomore. He was extradited from Mexico, where he fled, in exchange for agreement to waive the death penalty. (AP News in Washington Post, February 27, 2009)
• February 2009—Juan Salmeron Ozuna, a teenaged Mexican illegal alien and Sureno gang member residing in Omaha, Neb. was sentenced to one year in prison. He had been previously deported and threatened to kill an immigration official after he returned to Omaha. (KETV News, February 24, 2009)
• February 2009—Marcos Ceaca-Jimenez, a Mexican illegal alien residing in Wisconsin was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of a firearm while residing illegally in the United States. Ceaca was a member of the South Side Locos street gang and was arrested when on his way to shoot a former member who had left the gang. (The Capital Times, February 7, 2009)
• February 2009—Santos Rivera, a Salvadoran illegal alien residing in Texas was convicted of sexual assault for raping a 23-month old baby and was sentenced to life in prison. He had been ordered deported in 2005 but remained illegally. In 2006, he was charged with assault, but not prosecuted. (The Dallas Morning News, February 6, 2009)
• February 2009—Christian Lopez Herrera, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced to a year in Los Angeles County jail and five years probation after pleading no contest to having killed an elderly couple and seriously wounding another in a hit-and-run accident in 1992. Lopez fled to Mexico after the accident but returned illegally to the United States reportedly in 2003. Police received a tip on his whereabouts after a local paper ran a story on the unsolved case. (Los Angeles Times, February 4, 2009)
• February 2009—Three Brazilians, Joister Pacheco Ataide, Epaminondas Jose Soares, and Wesli Camargo pled guilty in Connecticut to counterfeiting and passing counterfeit $100 bills. Pacheco faces 20 years in jail and a fine of $250,000. All three face eventual deportation. (AP story in Hartford Courant, February 3, 2009)
• January 2009—Benjamin Martinez-Gonzalez, an illegal alien who had been living in the Chicago area for about 7 years, pled guilty to drunk driving and causing a crash that killed the driver of the other vehicle. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. (Chicago Breaking News, January 13, 2009).
• January 2009—Juan Santiago Toledo, an illegal alien, pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter for repeatedly stabbing a woman in Poughkeepsie New York in July 2007. Under a plea agreement he will be sentenced to 20 years in prison. (AP story on RNN-TV, January 29, 2009).
• January 2009—Alejandrino Lara-Silva, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to 12 felony counts for crimes occurring in homes in Willcox, Pearce and Elfrida, Arizona in December 2007 when he and three others commited crimes of breaking and entry, assault and theft. Under a plea agreement he will be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison. Two others, Yerco Vedobch-Arrvayo and Natalio Valenzuela-Valdez have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing. Alberto Jimenez-Garcia, who was involved in only one of the break-ins has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. (Herald Review/Arizona Range News, January 28, 2009).
• January 2009—Milena Henao, an illegal alien who killed a pedestrian and then fled the scene in Boston pled guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced to two, one-year consecutive sentences. (WCVB News, January 27, 2009).
• January 2009—Abel Gonzalez-Perez, a teenaged illegal alien who killed a pedestrian and then fled the scene in Athens, Georgia pled guilty to first-degree vehicular homicide and Driving Under the Influence and accepted a recommended sentence to as many as 8 years in prison. (Athens Banner Herald, January 26, 2009).
• January 2009—Eulalio Haro, a Mexican illegal alien who had been deported three times since 1955, was convicted in Chicago of reckless homicide, drunk driving and other charges for a hit-and-run crash that killed a motorcyclist in 2006. ( Tribune, January 23, 2009).
• January 2009—Benjamin Martinez-Gonzalez, an illegal alien who had been living in the Chicago area for about 7 years, pled guilty to drunk driving and causing a crash that killed the driver of the other vehicle. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. (Chicago Breaking News, January 13, 2009).
• January 2009—Rony Izaguirre-Henriquez, a Salvadoran illegal alien member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for stabbing to death another Latino teenager. In December, his brother Walter Izaguirre-Henriquez pled guilty to being an accessory to the crime and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. (The Washington Post, January 14, 2009).
• January 2009—Mateo Ortiz, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for drunk driving, injuring a pedestrian and leaving the scene of the accident in Chicago. Ortiz, who used a number of aliases, was found to have 4 other DUI warrants at the time of his arrest. (The Chicago Tribune, January 8, 2009).
• January 2009—Adan Betanicio Guerrero, an illegal alien, pled guilty in Phoenix to identity theft and fraud. He had taken out more than $787,000 in loans using a stolen Social Security number. (KPHO-TV Phoenix, January 8, 2009).
• January 2009—Francisco Martinez, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and two counts of felony injury by vehicle in North Carolina. As a result of a plea agreement, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Driving while intoxicated, he entered a divided highway going the wrong direction and collided with a car in which three brothers, also Mexicans, were killed. ([Raleigh] News Observer, January 6, 2009).
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• December 2008—Carlos Ceron Salazar, an illegal alien from Mexico, who was detained for public drunkenness in San Diego County, has been identified by immigration authorities as having been deported multiple times and, by DNA evidence, as responsible for an attempted rape of a jogger in December 2006. (MSNBC News, December 31, 2008).
• December 2008—Rodrigo Delacruz-Encarnacion, an illegal alien from Mexico, charged with hit and run driving while intoxicated, pled guilty to negligent homicide in the death of a motorcyclist he crashed into in Grand Haven, Michigan. He faces incarceration for two years. (Grand Haven Tribune, December 30, 2008).
• December 2008—An unidentified (because he is a minor) illegal alien, was convicted of killing a man (who happened to be a legal immigrant) in Sacramento while speeding and driving drunk and fleeing the scene of the crime. (The Sacramento Bee, December 27, 2008).
• December 2008—Four illegal aliens who had previously been deported were apprehended by the Border Patrol on December 23 in the Yuma, Arizona area. The four had been previously arrested a combined total of 40 times. One had been deported 4 times and had 3 narcotics convictions. Another, who had been deported twice, had prior convictions for possession of a controlled substance, corporal injury to a spouse, obstructing a peace officer, driving under the influence and possession of a dangerous weapon. A third, who had been deported once before, had prior convictions for attempted robbery, carrying a concealed firearm, driving under the influence and possession of narcotics for sale. The fourth had been previously deported following imprisonment for attempted possession of dangerous drugs for sale. (Yuma Sun, December 24, 2008).
• December 2008—Baltazar Marquez, an illegal alien, crashed into and killed a woman in Witchita, Kansas while driving drunk. He had been detained in September for four misdemeanors including driving without a license and insurance but released because local policy requires notification of ICE only in felony cases or ones that represent a severe threat to the community. (Witchita's KSN-TV website, December 19, 2008).
• December 2008—Elvin and Rony Martinez, illegal alien brothers from Honduras, pled guilty to executing two people during the robbery of a brothel in North Carolina. Both were sentenced to 38 to 49 years in state prison. (The News & Observer, December 18, 2008).
• December 2008—Marcos Velasquez-Morales, an illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilty to raping a 9-year-old girl. He was sentenced in Alabama to 18 years in prison. According to immigration authorities, he had been deported in 2003. (Dotham Eagle, December 16, 2008).
• December 2008—Santiago Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in Colorado to six years in prison for a drunk driving accident that caused a death. (Aspen Daily News, December 15, 2008).
• December 2008—Carmen Alejandro Garcia-Hernandez, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment as a result of the deaths of two people caused by his driving while intoxicated. Following the crash that killed the two people and wounded others, Garcia-Hernandez attempted to flee the scene, but was subdued. (NBC 12 News, Richmond, December 9, 2008).
• December 2008—Yin Hoo Yap, an illegal alien from Malaysia and Kou Chwung Liu, a Chinese illegal alien, were sentenced to 27 months and one year, respectively in the state of Washington, for "conspiracy to transport individuals in furtherance of prostitution." (The Newcastle News, December 9, 2008)
• December 2008—Manuel Antonio Barahona, an illegal alien from El Salvador and a member of MS-13 gang, pled guilty to a knifing murder during a robbery in June. He was arrested for an unrelated drug offense also in June. (The Gazette, December 3, 2008).
• December 2008—Santiago Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in Colorado to six years in prison for a drunk driving accident that caused a death. (Aspen Daily News, December 15, 2008).
• October 2008—Ignacio Gomez-Gutierrez, an illegal alien, pled guilty to felony murder for the DUI death of a mother and her pregnant daughter. He was arrested after fleeing the scene of the accident. In 2005, when Gomez was arrested for running a stop sign and failed a breathalyzer test, he was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense and was jailed for one year. He also served time for two previous DWI convictions but apparently was never deported. (Houston Chronicle, October 21, 2008).
• October 2008—Eleazar Perez-Delgado, an illegal alien, was sentenced to five years in prison for a hit-and-run accident that killed a pedestrian in Tulsa in September, 2007. (Associated Press, October 8, 2008).
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• September 2008—Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, is imprisoned in Colorado for having caused an accident that killed three people, including a 3-year old. An investigation revealed that he was driving without a license, had 29 warrants for failure to appear at court hearings, and was fraudulently claiming to be a U.S. citizen. (Rocky Mountain News, January 13, 2009).
• September 2008—Alejandro Aleman, an illegal alien from Mexico, was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison in Pennsylvania for hit and run driving that injured a woman. He apparently fled to Mexico following the accident and was apprehended reentering the United States illegally. He pled guilty to the charges and will be deported upon his release. (Daily Record/Sunday News, September 29, 2008).
• September 2008—Alejandro Rivera Gamboa, an illegal alien, pled guilt to murder and aggravated abuse of a corpse for the murder of a 15-year-old girl by stepping on her throat until she stopped breathing. Months earlier Rivera had pleaded guilty to drunk driving and admitted he was in the country illegally. (KGW News, Portland, Oregon, September 17, 2008).
• September 2008—Roberto Hernandez-Hernandez, an illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilt to raping a woman who was asleep in Bellingham, WA. (Bellingham Herald, September 16, 2008).
• September 2008—Martin Cana-Chocoj, an illegal alien, pled guilt to rape in Fairview, NJ. (The Record, September 16, 2008).
• September 2008—Victor Navarro, arrested in April for a crime committed in 2002 was convicted of rape and sodomy and sentenced to eight years in prison after which he will be deported to Mexico. (North County Times, Escondido, CA, September 4, 2008).
• August 2008—Salomon Renterio Valdez, an illegal national of Mexico, was sentenced to four years in federal prison for unlawful re-entry of aggravated felon in Montrose, Colorado in August. Renterio-Valdez had been deported previously in 1996 for convictions of alien smuggling, molesting children, robbery, and drug trafficking. (ICE, August 25, 2008)
• August 2008—Luciano Tellez, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to 32-40 years in prison for felony homicide in Smithfield, North Carolina. In March, Tellez, while driving under influence, ran a stop sign killing a father and son. He fled the scene of the accident. At the time of his arrest, Tellez was wanted for violation of his parole on a drunken drive conviction in 2005 and he has a suspended license. After serving his sentence, Tellez will be deported (WRAL, August 22, 2008).
• August 2008—Victor Manuel Perez-Monroy, an illegal resident from Mexico, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for unlawful re-entry after a prior deportation. Perez-Monroy has an extensive criminal history in Arizona, including three convictions for burglary. (ICE, August 08, 2008)
• June 2008—Richard Diaz-Garcia, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was sentenced to nine months in prison in Wilmington, Deleware for shoplifting and afterwards will be turned over to immigration authorities. This will be the fifth time that Diaz has been deported. In 1999, he was convicted of drug related charges in the state and was deported. He was sent back again in 2002, 2004, and 2006. (Delaware Online, June 30, 2008)
• June 2008—Miguel Montez-Flores, a Mexican national residing in Silver Spring, Maryland, was sentenced to seven years of prison for illegal reentering the country after being deported. In 1997, Montez was twice convicted of drug charges and deported. Since then, he has illegally reentered the United States and convicted three times of DUI and various other motor vehicle and assault charges using an alias. Flores will be deported after serving his seven years. (Baltimore Examiner, June 27, 2008)
• June 2008—Martin Santos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to rape of twelve year old in Washington County Criminal Court in Tennessee. He was sentenced to eighteen years in prison and faces deportation afterwards. (Tri-City News, June 26, 2008)
• June 2008—Gustavo Granados, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty in Rhode Island to illegally reentering the United States after being deported in March. In 1992, Granados was convicted of second-degree child abuse in Rhode Island and twice deported. Granados was sentenced to forty-six months in prison and will be deported following the sentence. (Providence, Rhode Island, June 21, 2008)
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• May 2008—Jose Lachira Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, was sentenced to eight years in prison for assaulting two men during a bar fight in West Orange 2006. This is not Carranaza’s first foray into crime. Currently, he is indicted on charges of sexual assault on a minor, as well as a prime suspect in the triple slayings in Newark. (New York Times, May 13, 2008)
• May 2008—Ignacio Merendon-Zerega,an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for felony homicide in Oregon. In December, Merendon, while driving under the influence, crashed his car, killing one person. According to court records, Merendon had six previous drunk driving convictions, a hit and run conviction, repeated license suspensions and revocations, and a previous deportation to Mexico. ( News-Register, May 06, 2008).
• April 2008—Francisco Ruben Morales Ramos, an illegal Mexican national, pled guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action in St. Joseph, Missouri. Last February, Ramos stabbed his roommate with a kitchen knife in their apartment. Ramos was sentenced to life plus twenty years. (St. Joseph News Press, April 30, 2008)
• April 2008—Anunciacion Santos Turcios, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, pled guilty to second degree murder in Newport News, Virginia. After an altercation with his roommate, he killed him with a pick ax. He faces charges up to forty years for the crime. (Newport News, April 07, 2008)
• April 2008—Miguel Paz-Calderon, a nineteen year old illegal immigrant, pled guilty to hit and run in San Rafael, California. In February, Paz backed his van from a garage into a passerby, pinning her between his bumper and a pillar. He fled the scene but was detained by residents until police could arrive. He was sentenced to six months in jail and could face deportation. (Martin Independent Journal, April 02, 2008).
• March 2008—Eddie Carbajal-Lile, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to felony homicide in Lima, Wisconsin. Last summer while driving under the influence, Carbajal-Lile struck a car with three teenage passengers, killing one person. After the wreck, he fled the scene and was apprehended two weeks late in Ohio. Prosecutors have recommended a sentence of ten years (Sheybogan Press, March 25, 2008)
• March 2008—In Redding Pennsylvania, Jose Salvador Alcantar-Ruiz, twice deported illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilty to false impersonation, vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence, and obstructing an officer. In March, Alcantar-Ruiz unintentionally ran over a three year old child. When questioned, he gave police offers someone elses drivers license. He was sentenced to sixteen months in prison and will face deportation. (The Associated Press, March 21, 2008)
• March 2008—Diego Pillico, illegal immigrant from Ecuador, pled guilty to first degree manslaughter in New York City. Caught trying to steal money from a client’s purse, Pillico murdered her and attempted to disguise it as a suicide. In exchange for his plea, Pillico was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison (WCAX TV, March 13, 2008).
• February 2008—Richard Toledo, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping in Stafford, New Jersey. On January of 2006, Toledo murdered two young brothers and kidnapped their mother by knifepoint. He faces up to thirty years and life in prison for the murders, and an additional thirty years for the kidnapping. (Asbury and Park Press, February 9, 2008).
• February 2008—Howard County Circuit Judge Lenore R. Gelfman rejected Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano's plea agreement. While driving under the influence, Morales-Soriano, an illegal alien form Mexico, crashed into a car resulting in resulting in the deaths of a marine corporal and his date on Thanksgiving. In September, he pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter in exchange for an eight year sentence offered by prosecutors. If he goes to trial and is convicted all offenses, he could face up to twenty years in prison (Baltimore Sun, February 4, 2008)
• February 2008—Noe Garcia Moncada, an illegal alien, pled guilty to striking and fleeing the site of an accident in North Bend, Oregon. In October, Moncadaa struck and killed a Springfield couple as they walked to their hotel. After the crash, he hid his truck and attempted to flee to his native Mexico. The judge sentenced him to six years in prison, the maximum, for his crime. (The World, February 2, 2008)
• January 2008—Selvin Hernandez-Flores, previously deported illegal immigrant from Honduras, pled guilty to public intoxication and possession of marijuana in Cedar Springs, Iowa. The judge sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison. Hernandez-Flores had been arrested thirty five times, but thwarted law enforcement officials with his use of at least eighteen names and birth dates. (WCF Courier, January 24th, 2008)
• January 2008—Federico Balbuena, Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to luring teenage girl to his home in Easton, Pennsylvania. He was sentenced to serve 7-14months, and federal authorities placed a detainment on his record meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (The Morning Call, January 19th, 2008)
• January 2008—Milton Estrada, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to inappropriately touching the sixteen year old daughters of his ex-girlfriend in Long Beach, New Jersey. He was sentenced to five years in prison, and federal authorities placed a detainment on his record, meaning he will likely be deported after his sentence. (APP, January 18, 2008)
• January 2008—Juan Us Ralios (also known as Minguel A. Marcano), an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, pled guilty to driving under the influence, no driver’s license, and falsification and obstruction of official business in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Us Ralios was involved in a traffic accident in June that left a Dover man dead, and prior to that crashed into a tree while driving under the influence, where he used the other name (Times Reporter, January 4th)
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• December 2007—Jonathan Naravez-Pena., an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to the charge vehicular manslaughter in Nashville, Tennessee. In October, while driving under the influence, Pena crashed into a car killing a young man and his son. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors recommend a prison time of sixteen years (News Channel 5, December 18, 2007).
• December 2007—Rafael Avelino Gines, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to sixteen months in prison for a felony hit and run occurring on November 28th. After serving his sentence he faces deportation charges. (KATU, December 17, 2007)
• December 2007—Jose Santa Portillo-Chicas, a Salvadorian illegal immigrant, pled guilty to capital murder in Stafford, Virginia. In exchange for his plea, Portillo-Chicas, a MS-13 gang member, was sentenced to life in prison (Media General News Service, December 13, 2007)
• December 2007—Rodolfo Ramirez, a Latin American illegal immigrant, confessed to a hit and run in Laurel Maryland occurring on November 25th. Ramirez, who had been living illegally for the past nine years, faces charges of manslaughter and lying to the police. (NBC-4, December 13, 2007)
• December 2007—Andres Hernandez Cabrera, an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to custodial interference and was sentenced to eleven months and twenty nine days. Cabrera was accused of kidnapping a baby and injuring two people in a crash on November 28th in Chattanooga Tennessee. Immigration Customs and Enforcement placed him on detainment, meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (News Channel 9, Chattanooga, Tenn., December 5, 2007)
• December 2007—Eddy W. Perez-Escobar, age twenty-seven, pled guilty to first-degree statutory sodomy, stemming from a child molestation case in Carthage, Missouri on July 26, 2006. In exchange for his plea, Escobar was sentenced to five years in prison, and was released to Immigration Customs and Enforcement for deportation proceedings. (The Joplin Globe, December 03)
• November 2007—Pedro Santos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to the charges of vehicular manslaughter in Clayton, Missouri. In April, Santos, while driving under the influence, crashed into a car killing a young woman. (Belleville News-Democrat, November 27, 2007)
• November 2007—Alfred Ramos, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to twenty four years in prison in Virginia Beach. On March 30, Ramos, while driving under the influence, crashed into a car, killing two teenagers. (Newport News Daily Press, November 20, 2007)
• November 2007— Jesus Mora Nava, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to molestation of a minor in Poway, California. (San Diego Union-Tribune, November 16, 2007).
• November 2007—Avenamar Perez, an illegal Mexican national, pled guilty to hit and run accident occurring on November 11th, when he crashed into a Memphis motorcycle policeman. (ABC News Channel 24 Memphis, November 16, 2007)
• November 2007—Oscar Lopez, twenty four, pled guilty to child endangering charges, stemming from a child sexual assault case in Bridgeton, New Jersey of August 31, 2006. In exchange for his plea, Lopez received three years in prison. Immigration Customs and Enforcement placed a detainment on the Mexican native, meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (The Press of Atlantic City, November 14, 2007)
• November 2007—Jose De Jesus Euzondo Balderas, nineteen year old illegal immigrant from Mexico, was convicted of felony death in Greensboro, North Carolina and sentenced to five years. Under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, he crashed into a parked car in September resulting in the death of two persons. (Greensboro, N.C. News-Record, November 14, 2007)
• November 2007—Jose Cruz-Garcia, a thirty two year old Mexican, was arrested in Nogales, Arizona in a drug seizure. A fingerprint scan and records check revealed that Cruz-Garcia was convicted in 1998 of raping a child in Washington. (Arizona Daily Star, November 2, 2007)
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• October 2007—Elbin Fabiel Ocampo-Cruz, a twenty-two year old illegal alien from Honduras, faces criminal charges, stemming from a wreck on Interstate 540 on October 25th. According to court records, Mr. Ocampo-Cruz, who earlier had been ordered deported, was on probation for several offenses at the time of the wreck. (WRAL, October 31, 2007)
• October 2007—Carlos De La Cruz Ramos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced for one year in Chesapeake for sex with a minor. (The Virginian-Pilot, October 30, 2007)
• October 2007—Adan Pineda-Doval, age twenty one of Michoacan, Mexico, was found guilty in federal court in Phoenix of 10 counts of transportation of illegal aliens resulting in death, one count of transportation of illegal aliens placing lives in jeopardy. (Yuma Sun, October 26, 2006)
• October 2007— Jose Abel Cobrea Somosa, a thirty-five year old illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer in Phoenix. (Arizona Republic, October 24, 2007) He was sentenced to 34 years in prison in 2009. (Arizona Republic, March 27, 2009)
• October 2007—Wilson Gilberto Alba-Cano, a twenty-seven year old illegal immigrant, was arrested on Sunday in a drunk-driving fatal hit and run case, which killed a 5-year old and seriously injured three others, in Phoenix Arizona. (KHPO, October 21, 2007).
• October 2007—Eladio Reza-Reza, an illegal alien, was arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and burglary in Phoenix on October 12th. He is also a suspect in a string of rapes in the Chandler area. (KTAR, October 19, 2007)
• October 2007—Antonio M. Borja, a Salvadoran illegal alien, was arrested for murder in Georgetown, South Carolina. (WCIV, October 18th, 2007)
• October 2007—Altin Shabi, a twenty-seven year old Albanian illegal immigrant, was charged with criminal sexual assault and home invasion in Detroit. (Detroit News, October 15)
• September 2007—In Northwest Arkansas, 41 illegal aliens with gang ties to the Mexican Mafia, Sureno 13, Latin Kings and Mara Salvatrucha were apprehended for serious crimes. Some of the gang members had been previously deported, and some of those arrested were also charged with violating parole or probation . (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, September 19, 2007)
• September 2007—Erik Jovani Martinez, an illegal alien deported in March 2006 after a prison term for a theft felony conviction, shot to death a Phoenix police officer September 18. Martinez was arrested in May 2006 after he sneaked back into the country, but the Scotsdale police apparently did not check his immigration status . (Arizona Republic, September 20, 2007)
• September 2007—Christian Molina, an alien deported in 2003 and 2005 (after a conviction for aggravated robbery in 2004, strangled to death another man in a drunken brawl in the Washington, DC suburbs . (Washington Post, September 7, 2007)
• September 2007—Porfirio Ramirez-Baca an illegal alien who was deported in 1997 was arrested for assaulting two teenagers in the Washington, DC suburb of Woodbridge. (Washington Post, September 7, 2007)
• August 2007—Mauro Cisneros, a Mexican illegal alien, who had been deported in March 2003, was arrested in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for endangering children. He was identified as a member of the California-based Sureno 13 gang with a record that includes an arrest in Nevada for kidnapping, in California for burglary and in Texas for robbery twice charged with felony drug offenses and convicted and sentenced to prison in cases filed in 1999 and 2002. (The Sheboygan Press, August 22, 2007)
• August 2007—Eddie Carbajal-Lile, a 27-year-old Mexican illegal alien, is being sought for the drunken driving death of a teenager in Wisconsin . (The Sheboygan Press, August 22, 2007)
• August 2007—Juan Felix Salinas, a Mexican illegal immigrant, was charged with intoxicated manslaughter for the deaths of a family of three in Houston, Texas. He had been previously arrested twice earlier in the year for assault and public intoxication, and in March had been arrested for domestic violence, but was released by posting a 'non-arrest' bond. (Houston Chronicle, August 21, 2007)
• August 2007—Israel Rivera Balderas, a 20-year-old Mexican illegal immigrant, is being sought for the gang-related shooting death of a teenager in Vallejo, California. Rivera pled in June 2005 no contest to felony second-degree robbery and received probation. In January 2006, his probation was revoked after he was charged as being a felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon, and he was deported to Mexico. (Times-Herald, August 18, 2007)
• August 2007—Jose Lachira Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, was charged with the execution-style murder of three youth and the wounding of a fourth in New Jersey. He could have been turned over to federal immigration authorities after he was earlier arrested three times on criminal charges (one charge of aggravated assault and two of sexual assault). He was released on bail at the time of the murders. Five others, including two Nicaraguans, have also been arrested for the murders. (The New York Times, August 19, 2007)
• August 2007—Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, a Guatemalan illegal alien, surrendered a day after killing two construction workers and seriously injuring two others in a hit-and-run accident in Montgomery County, Maryland. He told police he ran because he “was scared and didn’t have a license. (Washington Post, August 15, 2007)
• August 2007—Alejandro Bautista, who admitted to entering the United States illegally from Mexico, was sentenced to 6 year in prison for criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse against two teenage brothers. (Chicago Tribune, August 14, 2007)
• August 2007—Jose Carranza, a Peruvian illegal alien, was charged with the execution-style shooting of four teenagers, three of whom were killed. Carranza had been indicted twice earlier in the year for sexual assault on a child and for a bar fight. He was free on bond, and immigration authorities had not been contacted in his case. Another suspect in the shootings, Rodolfo Godinez, reportedly obtained legal U.S. residence in 2001 despite a lengthy arrest record. (AP news in Washington Times, August 14, 2007)
• August 2007—Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and Gilberto Arellano Gamboa, Mexican illegal immigrants, were charged with killing a teenage girl from Texas visiting in Oregon. Rivera Gamboa, who was in possession of an Oregon state ID, card had been arrested four times in Oregon since 2000 for drunken driving. Immigration authorities said they had never been contacted by Oregon authorities. (Associated Press Texas News, August 10, 2007)
• August 2007—Rocca Mejia Cinto, a 19-year old Mexican illegal immigrant was apprehended in Pennsylvania after fleeing from New York City where he is accused of “a senseless act of violence” in the unprovoked stabbing death of a 44-year old father of two. Authorities speculated that Mejia Cinto’s action was provoked by his involvement in gang warfare. (Standard Speaker, Penn., August 9, 2007)
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• July 2007—Nilssen Torres Paredes, an Ecuadorian illegal immigrant, pleaded guilty in New York to manslaughter for the drunken driving accident that killed two people when he struck a car while speeding and driving the wrong way. He had illegally reentered the United States after being deported in 1997 after a conviction on weapons charges. (Newsday, July 31, 2007)
• July 2007—David Raigoza Franco, a 34-year-old illegal immigrant, was charged with criminally negligent homicide and drunk driving for an accident that killed his 8-year old daughter. He was using false identification, but was identified through his fingerprints to have a criminal record and outstanding warrants for arrest including for probation violation . ( 7/24/07 and KRTV News, July 25, 2007)
• July 2007—Gilberto Cruz, an illegal alien, was convicted of first-degree murder for the shotgun slaying of his former girlfriend in Colorado. He commented at his trial (as translated), “If I knew how to use the shotgun, she wouldn’t have died in the street, she would have been dead in the house.”
• July 2007—A 24-year old Mexican man was arrested in Arizona for entering the country illegally. He had been convicted in 2006 of child molestation in Florida and deported earlier this year.
• July 2007—Marcelo Mota, a Brazilian illegal immigrant, was arrested in New Jersey on charges of serial rape and sexual assault in cases in the Boston and New York City areas dating back to at least 2003 to which he has confessed. He arrived in 2001 on a visitor’s visa and stayed illegally. (The Boston Globe, July 17, 2007)
• July 2007—Jose Valenzuela, a Mexican, was arrested in Ohio for having returned following his deportation for having been convicted in 1998 of “gross sexual imposition involving a juvenile girl. (The Dayton Daily News, July 11, 2007)
• July 2007—Ezeiquiel Lopez, a Mexican illegal alien, shot and killed a Kenosha County Deputy Sheriff. He had been jailed for violent crimes twice before but not deported. (The Bloomberg News July 6, 2007)
• June 2007—Jesus Bernal, an illegal immigrant with two previous DUI convictions, was sentenced in Cincinnati to fifty-five years for vehicular manslaughter of three persons and serious injury to two others in June. (Cincinnati TV station WLWT, website consulted November 5, 2007)
• June 2007—Ricardo Contreras, an illegal alien crashed into two cars on I-40 in North Carolina while driving drunk. He had been deported twice before in 2004. (The NBC News Raleigh, June 6, 2007)
• June 2007—Michael Caldera Delatorre, an illegal immigrant who had been deported twice in the past three years, caused a highway crash in North Carolina that killed one and injured another driver. Caldera was drunk, had a fake ID, and was driving a stolen vehicle. (WRAL News, June 5, 2007)
• April 2007—Juan Crisantos-Ramos, a forty-six year old Mexican citizen, was arrested in Nogales, Arizona after reentering the county illegally. Crisantos-Ramos was convicted of second degree murder and burglary in New Jersey, and was deported in April after serving his sentence. (Arizona Daily Star, November 2, 2007)
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• November 2006—Diego Pillco, an illegal alien construction worker, killed actress Adrienne Shelly, the mother of a toddler, in New York and tried to make it look like a suicide. (The New York Daily News, November 7, 2006)
• November 2006—Pastor Rios Sanchez, a Mexican illegal alien, was charged with the drunken driving death of three youths in North Carolina in October. He had been convicted in the state for driving without a license in 2005 and twice earlier in 2006. (The News Observer, November 7 2006)
• September 2006—Juan Leonardo Quintero, shot and killed a Houston police officer after being detained for speeding. Quintero, had been deported to Mexico in 1999 for molesting a 12-year-old girl. (World Net Daily, September 28, 2006)
• June 2006—Dilfredy Rodriguez, a Cuban Mariel detainee released after a Supreme Court ruling against indefinite detention, who was shot dead after ramming a police car attempting to stop him for driving erratically while driving a stolen bus. (The Miami Herald, June 22, 2006)
• June 2006—Nicolas Serrano, a Dominican, stabbed his girlfriend to death in Rockville, Maryland. In 1998 he was arrested for selling crack cocaine to police informants. He served four months in jail. He was convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense in Washington, DC in 2000 and later pled guilty in a federal drug case, but apparently was released for cooperating with the FBI. In 1997 he was charged with attempted murder of the same person he murdered in 2006. He was also charged with assault and battery by the mother of the victim. He was ordered deported in 2005 after charges of attempted murder were made against him, but he may not have been removed. (The Washington Post, June 6, 2006)
• June 2006—Javier Rico, a Mexican, killed the mother of an 8-year old boy while driving drunk in Chicago. He had been convicted of DUI in 2005 and had jumped bail on still another DUI case. (The Chicago Tribune, June 1, 2006)
• May 2006—Hugo Martinez, a Mexican illegal alien, murdered two women and attempted to murder a third in Nassau, New York all while high on crack cocaine. (Newsday, May 19, 2006)
• April 2006— Esdras Cardona, a Guatemalan illegal alien and dishwasher at a club in Florida, raped another employee, was convicted, and is serving a 20-year sentence in Florida. (The Daily News [Palm Beach], December 20, 2008).
• February 2006—Domingo Esqueda, a Mexican illegal alien, crashed into and killed a California Highway Patrol officer on a motorcycle while driving drunk and without a license. (The Desert Dispatch, February 28, 2006)
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• November 2005—Fredy Lopez-Gamez, a Mexican illegal alien, presumably fled back to Mexico while being sought by police after arresting his brother and two others for beating, kidnapping and holding a man for ransom. He was jailed in 2003 for kidnapping his estranged wife, and was arrested in June 2005 for selling cocaine. He was turned over to ICE and deported in September, but sneaked back ten weeks later . (Rocky Mountain News, June 13, 2006)
• November 2005—Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto was charged with involuntary manslaughter for killing a < University of North Carolina female student by crashing into her while driving the wrong way on I-485 faster than 100 mph while drunk. He had been convicted twice before for DUI and had been removed from the United States 17 times. (The Charlotte Observer, November 22, 2005)
• November 2005—Juan Lizcano, a Mexican who entered the country illegally in 2001, shot and killed a police officer in Dallas, Texas. He had been detained twice before by the police but immigration authorities had not been notified. (World Net Daily, November 28, 2005)
• May 2005—Raul Gomez Garcia, an illiterate Mexican illegal alien, shot two police officers, killing one after being denied entry to a party. He fled to Mexico where he was later arrested and extradited under the condition that he would not receive a death penalty and convicted and sentenced to 80 years imprisonment. Gomez Garcia testified he always carried a gun. He had been stopped by Denver police on three occasions prior to the shooting . (New York Times, November 26, 2005 and Rocky Mountain News, September 29, 2007)
• February 2005—Oswaldo Martinez, a Salvadoran illegal alien, raped a 16-year-old girl in James City, Virginia. A year earlier he had been arrested for drunk driving, and was found to be using a fake Social Security card. (The Virginia Gazette, February 26, 2005)
• October 2004—Ricardo Cepates, a Honduran illegal immigrant, was found guilty of multiple cases of rape in New Jersey, including two of Rutgers university students between 2001 and 2003. In 1998, despite a deportation order, he was released on probation after pleading guilty to attacking a Brunswick woman on the street and holding a knife to her throat. (The Daily Targum, October 27, 2004)
• July 2004—Juan Carlos Solis, a Mexican illegal alien, and three others were charged with aggravated murder, first degree robbery and burglary for the break-in of a home in Oregon where they shot to death a man and wounded his teenage son in a robbery. Solis, who had an Oregon driver’s license, had been previously deported. (WorldNetDaily, May 9, 2005)
• May 2004—Nicolas Serrano-Villagrana, an illegal alien, was convicted of felony drunk driving for plowing into bystanders at a bus stop that killed a 4-year-old and injured two others. He had previously been arrested for drunk driving, but immigration authorities had not been contacted. (Editorial, Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 21, 2004).
Rising Immigrant Admissions to the United States (2009)
Legally admitted immigrants have increased enormously since the 1965 change in the immigration law that reopened the door to mass immigration. The rate of this upward trend varies among the states over the past 10 years, but may be seen in all states but one.



Sergio is a LA RAZA supporter of Obama’s amnesty hoax to legalize Mexico’s looting. Sergio is also a RAPIST.

This 19 year old, probably anchor baby, RAPED a 93 year old American (Legal). VIVA LA RAZA SUPREMACY?

“We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it. Everything from the crime to the drugs and the kidnappings and extortion and the beheadings and the fact that people can't feel safe in their  communities.”  - AZ Gov. Jan Brewer



ILLEGAL Sergio Perez, age 19 and an Obama voter raped a 93 year-old woman in her home!







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LA RAZA MEXICAN TERRORISM in AMERICAN BORDERS… they also get billions in welfare, our jobs and DREAM ACTS




206 Most wanted criminals in Los Angeles. Out of 206 criminals--183 are hispanic---171 of those are wanted for Murder.








A Hispanic supervisor (Cindy Chavez) who represents a


heavily Latino district says she voted for the measure because holding even a small percentage of jailed illegal aliens for ICE would have a “chilling effect on the immigrant community’s reporting of crime.” …. SO DEPORT THE FREAKING “COMMUNITY”!


Why do Americans still protect the illegals?? ?

……… to drugs, Mexico’s biggest exports to America is poverty, anchor baby breeders for welfare and CRIMINALS!




Mexico Asks U.S. To Stop Deporting Serious Criminals

Other key findings of the report include:


States were only reimbursed for 23% of the cost of incarcerating criminal aliens. (Id. at 37)


50% of the criminal aliens in the GAO’s study population were arrested at least once for homicide, a sex offense, kidnapping, robbery, or assault. (Id. at 19)


65% of criminal aliens in the GAO’s study population were arrested at least once for an immigration violation. (Id.)


As of 2009, Mexico is the country of birth of 70% of SCAAP criminal aliens (again, only a fraction of criminal aliens) in local jails and 66% of SCAAP criminal aliens in state prisons. (Id. at 13-15)








“While the Obama Administration downplays violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities in Texas reveal that Mexican  have transformed parts of the state into a war zone where shootings, beheadings, KIDNAPPINGS and murders are common.”








Sole suspect: Luis Alonzo Alfaro, 17, has been charged in the deadly Texas school knife fight

that left one of his classmates dead and three others injured




 “Why are we letting this happen? I don't think our government wants to stop it for whatever reason, so it will be up to the people”.




Inside Mexico's drug war: Heart wrenching images of poverty and violence capture true misery of country ravaged by cartels

“While the Obama Administration downplays violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities in Texas reveal that Mexican  have transformed parts of the state into a war zone where shootings, beheadings, kidnappings and murders are common.”








By Frosty Wooldridge

Illegals cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico’s civilization stands diametrically opposed to America’s culture.

The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia.





RE mexican & his child porn

we already know Obama released thousands of Mexican criminals under sequester, and has under any device he and la raza janet can devise…. here’s another one


After she refused sex with her attackers, authorities say she was raped, robbed and beaten unconscious in a sustained sexual assault that some investigators called the worst they had ever seen. Though as many as two dozen people stood and watched, the attack ended when a woman in the neighborhood heard what was happening and called 911.

Jailed: Ari Morales, left, who told the witness that he had urinated on the girl during the attack, and Manuel Ortega, right, and agreed to plea deals and are serving 32 and 27 years respectively




On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend's baby daughter to death.












BEHEADINGS, MURDER, RAPE and then go breed anchor babies for welfare… this is the CALIFORNIA the Democrat party has built for Mexico.

Prosecutors say Estrada was one of the top two figures in Los Palillos, or the Toothpicks, a breakaway cell from the Arellano Felix cartel that established a foothold in the U.S.



VIVA LA RAZA SUPREMACY? Then keep voting dem!

California must stem the flow of illegal immigrants


The state should go after employers who hire them, curb taxpayer-funded

benefits, deploy the National Guard to help the feds at the border and penalize

'sanctuary' cities.


“Illegal immigration is another matter entirely. With the state budget in tatters, millions of residents out of work and a state prison system strained by massive overcrowding, California simply cannot continue to ignore the strain that illegal immigration puts on our budget and economy. Illegal aliens cost taxpayers in our state billions of dollars each year. As economist Philip J. Romero concluded in a 2007 study, "illegal immigrants impose a 'tax' on legal California residents in the tens of billions of dollars."




I'm half Mexican, I live on the U.S. / Mexico international border - exactly 1.6 miles from the International bridge.

Listen, the VAST majority of these ILLEGAL SQUATERS do NOT - I repeat - DO NOT want to become U.S. citizens.

They see the U.S. as a MEAL TICKET, they DON'T want to pay taxes, wave an American flag, learn our language or follow our laws.

Mexico - far, far away from the fancy seaside resorts some of you all may have visited is a HELL HOLE.

These ILLEGAL ALIENS see the U.S. as an extension of "their area" with NO CONCERN or aspirations to be "Americans."











Four in 10 homicides in California are gang-related, Harris said. Those cases also account

for 80% of the state's effort to relocate witnesses whose lives are in danger because of their

cooperation with law enforcement, she said.


The Illegal-Alien Crime


Heather Mac Donald


Some of the most violent criminals at large today are illegal aliens. Yet in cities where the crime these aliens commit is highest, the police cannot use the most obvious tool to apprehend them: their immigration status. In Los Angeles, for example, dozens of members of a ruthless Salvadoran prison gang have sneaked back into town after having been deported for such crimes as murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and drug trafficking. Police officers know who they are and know that their mere presence in the country is a felony. Yet should a cop arrest an illegal gangbanger for felonious reentry, it is he who will be treated as a criminal, for violating the LAPD’s rule against enforcing immigration law.

The LAPD’s ban on immigration enforcement mirrors bans in immigrant-saturated cities around the country, from New York and Chicago to San Diego, Austin, and Houston. These “sanctuary policies” generally prohibit city employees, including the cops, from reporting immigration violations to federal authorities.

Such laws testify to the sheer political power of immigrant lobbies, a power so irresistible that police officials shrink from even mentioning the illegal-alien crime wave. “We can’t even talk about it,” says a frustrated LAPD captain. “People are afraid of a backlash from Hispanics.” Another LAPD commander in a predominantly Hispanic, gang-infested district sighs: “I would get a firestorm of criticism if I talked about [enforcing the immigration law against illegals].” Neither captain would speak for attribution.

But however pernicious in themselves, sanctuary rules are a symptom of a much broader disease: the nation’s near-total loss of control over immigration policy. Fifty years ago, immigration policy might have driven immigration numbers, but today the numbers drive policy. The nonstop increase of immigration is reshaping the language and the law to dissolve any distinction between legal and illegal aliens and, ultimately, the very idea of national borders.

It is a measure of how topsy-turvy the immigration environment has become that to ask police officials about the illegal-alien crime problem feels like a gross faux pas, not done in polite company. And a police official asked to violate this powerful taboo will give a strangled response—or, as in the case of a New York deputy commissioner, break off communication altogether. Meanwhile, millions of illegal aliens work, shop, travel, and commit crimes in plain view, utterly secure in their de facto immunity from the immigration law.

I asked the Miami Police Department’s spokesman, Detective Delrish Moss, about his employer’s policy on lawbreaking illegals. In September, the force arrested a Honduran visa violator for seven vicious rapes. The previous year, Miami cops had had the suspect in custody for lewd and lascivious molestation, without checking his immigration status. Had they done so, they would have discovered his visa overstay, a deportable offense, and so could have forestalled the rapes. “We have shied away from unnecessary involvement dealing with immigration issues,” explains Moss, choosing his words carefully, “because of our large immigrant population.”

Police commanders may not want to discuss, much less respond to, the illegal-alien crisis, but its magnitude for law enforcement is startling. Some examples:

• In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.

• A confidential California Department of Justice study reported in 1995 that 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in southern California is illegal; police officers say the proportion is actually much greater. The bloody gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on complex drug-distribution schemes, extortion, and drive-by assassinations, and commits an assault or robbery every day in L.A. County. The gang has grown dramatically over the last two decades by recruiting recently arrived youngsters, most of them illegal, from Central America and Mexico.

• The leadership of the Columbia Lil’ Cycos gang, which uses murder and racketeering to control the drug market around L.A.’s MacArthur Park, was about 60 percent illegal in 2002, says former assistant U.S. attorney Luis Li. Francisco Martinez, a Mexican Mafia member and an illegal alien, controlled the gang from prison, while serving time for felonious reentry following deportation.

Good luck finding any reference to such facts in official crime analysis. The LAPD and the L.A. city attorney recently requested an injunction against drug trafficking in Hollywood, targeting the 18th Street Gang and the “non–gang members” who sell drugs in Hollywood for the gang. Those non–gang members are virtually all illegal Mexicans, smuggled into the country by a ring organized by 18th Street bigs. The Mexicans pay off their transportation debts to the gang by selling drugs; many soon realize how lucrative that line of work is and stay in the business.

Cops and prosecutors universally know the immigration status of these non-gang “Hollywood dealers,” as the city attorney calls them, but the gang injunction is assiduously silent on the matter. And if a Hollywood officer were to arrest an illegal dealer (known on the street as a “border brother”) for his immigration status, or even notify the Immigration and Naturalization Service (since early 2003, absorbed into the new Department of Homeland Security), he would face severe discipline for violating Special Order 40, the city’s sanctuary policy.

The ordinarily tough-as-nails former LAPD chief Daryl Gates enacted Special Order 40 in 1979—showing that even the most unapologetic law-and-order cop is no match for immigration advocates. The order prohibits officers from “initiating police action where the objective is to discover the alien status of a person”—in other words, the police may not even ask someone they have arrested about his immigration status until after they have filed criminal charges, nor may they arrest someone for immigration violations. They may not notify immigration authorities about an illegal alien picked up for minor violations. Only if they have already booked an illegal alien for a felony or for multiple misdemeanors may they inquire into his status or report him. The bottom line: a cordon sanitaire between local law enforcement and immigration authorities that creates a safe haven for illegal criminals.

L.A.’s sanctuary law and all others like it contradict a key 1990s policing discovery: the Great Chain of Being in criminal behavior. Pick up a law-violator for a “minor” crime, and you might well prevent a major crime: enforcing graffiti and turnstile-jumping laws nabs you murderers and robbers. Enforcing known immigration violations, such as reentry following deportation, against known felons, would be even more productive. LAPD officers recognize illegal deported gang members all the time—flashing gang signs at court hearings for rival gangbangers, hanging out on the corner, or casing a target. These illegal returnees are, simply by being in the country after deportation, committing a felony (in contrast to garden-variety illegals on their first trip to the U.S., say, who are only committing a misdemeanor). “But if I see a deportee from the Mara Salvatrucha [Salvadoran prison] gang crossing the street, I know I can’t touch him,” laments a Los Angeles gang officer. Only if the deported felon has given the officer some other reason to stop him, such as an observed narcotics sale, can the cop accost him—but not for the immigration felony.

Though such a policy puts the community at risk, the department’s top brass brush off such concerns. No big deal if you see deported gangbangers back on the streets, they say. Just put them under surveillance for “real” crimes and arrest them for those. But surveillance is very manpower-intensive. Where there is an immediate ground for getting a violent felon off the street and for questioning him further, it is absurd to demand that the woefully understaffed LAPD ignore it.

The stated reasons for sanctuary policies are that they encourage illegal-alien crime victims and witnesses to cooperate with cops without fear of deportation, and that they encourage illegals to take advantage of city services like health care and education (to whose maintenance few illegals have contributed a single tax dollar, of course). There has never been any empirical verification that sanctuary laws actually accomplish these goals—and no one has ever suggested not enforcing drug laws, say, for fear of intimidating drug-using crime victims. But in any case, this official rationale could be honored by limiting police use of immigration laws to some subset of immigration violators: deported felons, say, or repeat criminal offenders whose immigration status police already know.

The real reason cities prohibit their cops and other employees from immigration reporting and enforcement is, like nearly everything else in immigration policy, the numbers. The immigrant population has grown so large that public officials are terrified of alienating it, even at the expense of ignoring the law and tolerating violence. In 1996, a breathtaking Los Angeles Times exposé on the 18th Street Gang, which included descriptions of innocent bystanders being murdered by laughing cholos (gang members), revealed the rate of illegal-alien membership in the gang. In response to the public outcry, the Los Angeles City Council ordered the police to reexamine Special Order 40. You would have thought it had suggested reconsidering Roe v. Wade. A police commander warned the council: “This is going to open a significant, heated debate.” City Councilwoman Laura Chick put on a brave front: “We mustn’t be afraid,” she declared firmly.

But of course immigrant pandering trumped public safety. Law-abiding residents of gang-infested neighborhoods may live in terror of the tattooed gangbangers dealing drugs, spraying graffiti, and shooting up rivals outside their homes, but such anxiety can never equal a politician’s fear of offending Hispanics. At the start of the reexamination process, LAPD deputy chief John White had argued that allowing the department to work closely with the INS would give cops another tool for getting gang members off the streets. Trying to build a homicide case, say, against an illegal gang member is often futile, he explained, since witnesses fear deadly retaliation if they cooperate with the police. Enforcing an immigration violation would allow the cops to lock up the murderer right now, without putting a witness’s life at risk.

But six months later, Deputy Chief White had changed his tune: “Any broadening of the policy gets us into the immigration business,” he asserted. “It’s a federal law-enforcement issue, not a local law-enforcement issue.” Interim police chief Bayan Lewis told the L.A. Police Commission: “It is not the time. It is not the day to look at Special Order 40.”

Nor will it ever be, as long as immigration numbers continue to grow. After their brief moment of truth in 1996, Los Angeles politicians have only grown more adamant in defense of Special Order 40. After learning that cops in the scandal-plagued Rampart Division had cooperated with the INS to try to uproot murderous gang members from the community, local politicians threw a fit, criticizing district commanders for even allowing INS agents into their station houses. In turn, the LAPD strictly disciplined the offending officers. By now, big-city police chiefs are unfortunately just as determined to defend sanctuary policies as the politicians who appoint them; not so the rank and file, however, who see daily the benefit that an immigration tool would bring.

Immigration politics have similarly harmed New York. Former mayor Rudolph Giuliani sued all the way up to the Supreme Court to defend the city’s sanctuary policy against a 1996 federal law decreeing that cities could not prohibit their employees from cooperating with the INS. Oh yeah? said Giuliani; just watch me. The INS, he claimed, with what turned out to be grotesque irony, only aims to “terrorize people.” Though he lost in court, he remained defiant to the end. On September 5, 2001, his handpicked charter-revision committee ruled that New York could still require that its employees keep immigration information confidential to preserve trust between immigrants and government. Six days later, several visa-overstayers participated in the most devastating attack on the city and the country in history.

New York conveniently forgot the 1996 federal ban on sanctuary laws until a gang of five Mexicans—four of them illegal—abducted and brutally raped a 42-year-old mother of two near some railroad tracks in Queens. The NYPD had already arrested three of the illegal aliens numerous times for such crimes as assault, attempted robbery, criminal trespass, illegal gun possession, and drug offenses. The department had never notified the INS.

Citizen outrage forced Mayor Michael Bloomberg to revisit the city’s sanctuary decree yet again. In May 2003, Bloomberg tweaked the policy minimally to allow city staffers to inquire into immigration status only if it is relevant to the awarding of a government benefit. Though Bloomberg’s new rule said nothing about reporting immigration violations to federal officials, advocates immediately claimed that it did allow such reporting, and the ethnic lobbies went ballistic. “What we’re seeing is the erosion of people’s rights,” thundered Angelo Falcon of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. After three months of intense agitation by immigrant groups, Bloomberg replaced this innocuous “don’t ask” policy with a “don’t tell” rule even broader than Gotham’s original sanctuary policy. The new rule prohibits city employees from giving other government officials information not just about immigration status but about tax payments, sexual orientation, welfare status, and other matters.

But even were immigrant-saturated cities to discard their sanctuary policies and start enforcing immigration violations where public safety demands it, the resource-starved immigration authorities couldn’t handle the overwhelming additional workload.

The chronic shortage of manpower to oversee, and detention space to house, aliens as they await their deportation hearings (or, following an order of removal from a federal judge, their actual deportation) has forced immigration officials to practice a constant triage. Long ago, the feds stopped trying to find and deport aliens who had “merely” entered the country illegally through stealth or fraudulent documents. Currently, the only types of illegal aliens who run any risk of catching federal attention are those who have been convicted of an “aggravated felony” (a particularly egregious crime) or who have been deported following conviction for an aggravated felony and who have reentered (an offense punishable with 20 years in jail).

That triage has been going on for a long time, as former INS investigator Mike Cutler, who worked with the NYPD catching Brooklyn drug dealers in the 1970s, explains. “If you arrested someone you wanted to detain, you’d go to your boss and start a bidding war,” Cutler recalls. “You’d say: 'My guy ran three blocks, threw a couple of punches, and had six pieces of ID.' The boss would turn to another agent: 'Next! Whaddid your guy do?' 'He ran 18 blocks, pushed over an old lady, and had a gun.' ” But such one-upmanship was usually fruitless. “Without the jail space,” explains Cutler, “it was like the Fish and Wildlife Service; you’d tag their ear and let them go.”

But even when immigration officials actually arrest someone, and even if a judge issues a final deportation order (usually after years of litigation and appeals), they rarely have the manpower to put the alien on a bus or plane and take him across the border. Second alternative: detain him pending removal. Again, inadequate space and staff. In the early 1990s, for example, 15 INS officers were in charge of the deportation of approximately 85,000 aliens (not all of them criminals) in New York City. The agency’s actual response to final orders of removal was what is known as a “run letter”—a notice asking the deportable alien kindly to show up in a month or two to be deported, when the agency might be able to process him. Results: in 2001, 87 percent of deportable aliens who received run letters disappeared, a number that was even higher—94 percent—if they were from terror-sponsoring countries.

To other law-enforcement agencies, the feds’ triage often looks like complete indifference to immigration violations. Testifying to Congress about the Queens rape by illegal Mexicans, New York’s criminal justice coordinator defended the city’s failure to notify the INS after the rapists’ previous arrests on the ground that the agency wouldn’t have responded anyway. “We have time and time again been unable to reach INS on the phone,” John Feinblatt said last February. “When we reach them on the phone, they require that we write a letter. When we write a letter, they require that it be by a superior.”

Criminal aliens also interpret the triage as indifference. John Mullaly a former NYPD homicide detective, estimates that 70 percent of the drug dealers and other criminals in Manhattan’s Washington Heights were illegal. Were Mullaly to threaten an illegal-alien thug in custody that his next stop would be El Salvador unless he cooperated, the criminal would just laugh, knowing that the INS would never show up. The message could not be clearer: this is a culture that can’t enforce its most basic law of entry. If policing’s broken-windows theory is correct, the failure to enforce one set of rules breeds overall contempt for the law.

The sheer number of criminal aliens overwhelmed an innovative program that would allow immigration officials to complete deportation hearings while a criminal was still in state or federal prison, so that upon his release he could be immediately ejected without taking up precious INS detention space. But the process, begun in 1988, immediately bogged down due to the numbers—in 2000, for example, nearly 30 percent of federal prisoners were foreign-born. The agency couldn’t find enough pro bono attorneys to represent such an army of criminal aliens (who have extensive due-process rights in contesting deportation) and so would have to request delay after delay. Or enough immigration judges would not be available. In 1997, the INS simply had no record of a whopping 36 percent of foreign-born inmates who had been released from federal and four state prisons without any review of their deportability. They included 1,198 aggravated felons, 80 of whom were soon re-arrested for new crimes.

Resource starvation is not the only reason for federal inaction. The INS was a creature of immigration politics, and INS district directors came under great pressure from local politicians to divert scarce resources into distribution of such “benefits” as permanent residency, citizenship, and work permits, and away from criminal or other investigations. In the late 1980s, for example, the INS refused to join an FBI task force against Haitian drug trafficking in Miami, fearing criticism for “Haitian-bashing.” In 1997, after Hispanic activists protested a much-publicized raid that netted nearly two dozen illegals, the Border Patrol said that it would no longer join Simi Valley, California, probation officers on home searches of illegal-alien-dominated gangs.

The disastrous Citizenship USA project of 1996 was a luminous case of politics driving the INS to sacrifice enforcement to “benefits.” When, in the early 1990s, the prospect of welfare reform drove immigrants to apply for citizenship in record numbers to preserve their welfare eligibility, the Clinton administration, seeing a political bonanza in hundreds of thousands of new welfare-dependent citizens, ordered the naturalization process radically expedited. Thanks to relentless administration pressure, processing errors in 1996 were 99 percent in New York and 90 percent in Los Angeles, and tens of thousands of aliens with criminal records, including for murder and armed robbery, were naturalized.

Another powerful political force, the immigration bar association, has won from Congress an elaborate set of due-process rights for criminal aliens that can keep them in the country indefinitely. Federal probation officers in Brooklyn are supervising two illegals—a Jordanian and an Egyptian with Saudi citizenship—who look “ready to blow up the Statue of Liberty,” according to a probation official, but the officers can’t get rid of them. The Jordanian had been caught fencing stolen Social Security and tax-refund checks; now he sells phone cards, which he uses himself to make untraceable calls. The Saudi’s offense: using a fraudulent Social Security number to get employment—a puzzlingly unnecessary scam, since he receives large sums from the Middle East, including from millionaire relatives. But intelligence links him to terrorism, so presumably he worked in order not to draw attention to himself. Currently, he changes his cell phone every month. Ordinarily such a minor offense would not be prosecuted, but the government, fearing that he had terrorist intentions, used whatever it had to put him in prison.

Now, probation officers desperately want to see the duo out of the country, but the two ex-cons have hired lawyers, who are relentlessly fighting their deportation. “Due process allows you to stay for years without an adjudication,” says a probation officer in frustration. “A regular immigration attorney can keep you in the country for three years, a high-priced one for ten.” In the meantime, Brooklyn probation officials are watching the bridges.

Even where immigration officials successfully nab and deport criminal aliens, the reality, says a former federal gang prosecutor, is that “they all come back. They can’t make it in Mexico.” The tens of thousands of illegal farmworkers and dishwashers who overpower U.S. border controls every year carry in their wake thousands of brutal assailants and terrorists who use the same smuggling industry and who benefit from the same irresistible odds: there are so many more of them than the Border Patrol.

For, of course, the government’s inability to keep out criminal aliens is part and parcel of its inability to patrol the border, period. For decades, the INS had as much effect on the migration of millions of illegals as a can tied to the tail of a tiger. And the immigrants themselves, despite the press cliché of hapless aliens living fearfully in the shadows, seemed to regard immigration authorities with all the concern of an elephant for a flea.

Certainly fear of immigration officers is not in evidence among the hundreds of illegal day laborers who hang out on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, New York, in front of money wire services, travel agencies, immigration-attorney offices, and phone arcades, all catering to the local Hispanic population (as well as to drug dealers and terrorists). “There is no chance of getting caught,” cheerfully explains Rafael, an Ecuadoran. Like the dozen Ecuadorans and Mexicans on his particular corner, Rafael is hoping that an SUV seeking carpenters for $100 a day will show up soon. “We don’t worry, because we’re not doing anything wrong. I know it’s illegal; I need the papers, but here, nobody asks you for papers.”

Even the newly fortified Mexican border, the one spot where the government really tries to prevent illegal immigration, looms as only a minor inconvenience to the day laborers. The odds, they realize, are overwhelmingly in their favor. Miguel, a reserved young carpenter, crossed the border at Tijuana three years ago with 15 others. Border Patrol spotted them, but with six officers to 16 illegals, only five got caught. In illegal border crossings, you get what you pay for, Miguel says. If you try to shave on the fee, the coyotes will abandon you at the first problem. Miguel’s wife was flying into New York from Los Angeles that very day; it had cost him $2,200 to get her across the border. “Because I pay, I don’t worry,” he says complacently.

The only way to dampen illegal immigration and its attendant train of criminals and terrorists—short of an economic revolution in the sending countries or an impregnably militarized border—is to remove the jobs magnet. As long as migrants know they can easily get work, they will find ways to evade border controls. But enforcing laws against illegal labor is among government’s lowest priorities. In 2001, only 124 agents nationwide were trying to find and prosecute the hundreds of thousands of employers and millions of illegal aliens who violate the employment laws, the Associated Press reports.

Even were immigration officials to devote adequate resources to worksite investigations, not much would change, because their legal weapons are so weak. That’s no accident: though it is a crime to hire illegal aliens, a coalition of libertarians, business lobbies, and left-wing advocates has consistently blocked the fraud-proof form of work authorization necessary to enforce that ban. Libertarians have erupted in hysteria at such proposals as a toll-free number to the Social Security Administration for employers to confirm Social Security numbers. Hispanics warn just as stridently that helping employers verify work eligibility would result in discrimination against Hispanics—implicitly conceding that vast numbers of Hispanics work illegally.

The result: hiring practices in illegal-immigrant-saturated industries are a charade. Millions of illegal workers pretend to present valid documents, and thousands of employers pretend to believe them. The law doesn’t require the employer to verify that a worker is actually qualified to work, and as long as the proffered documents are not patently phony—scrawled with red crayon on a matchbook, say—the employer will nearly always be exempt from liability merely by having eyeballed them. To find an employer guilty of violating the ban on hiring illegal aliens, immigration authorities must prove that he knew he was getting fake papers—an almost insurmountable burden. Meanwhile, the market for counterfeit documents has exploded: in one month alone in 1998, immigration authorities seized nearly 2 million of them in Los Angeles, destined for immigrant workers, welfare seekers, criminals, and terrorists.

For illegal workers and employers, there is no downside to the employment charade. If immigration officials ever do try to conduct an industry-wide investigation—which will at least net the illegal employees, if not the employers—local congressmen will almost certainly head it off. An INS inquiry into the Vidalia-onion industry in Georgia was not only aborted by Georgia’s congressional delegation; it actually resulted in a local amnesty for the growers’ illegal workforce. The downside to complying with the spirit of the employment law, on the other hand, is considerable. Ethnic advocacy groups are ready to picket employers who dismiss illegal workers, and employers understandably fear being undercut by less scrupulous competitors.

Of the incalculable changes in American politics, demographics, and culture that the continuing surge of migrants is causing, one of the most profound is the breakdown of the distinction between legal and illegal entry. Everywhere, illegal aliens receive free public education and free medical care at taxpayer expense; 13 states offer them driver’s licenses. States everywhere have been pushed to grant illegal aliens college scholarships and reduced in-state tuition. One hundred banks, over 800 law-enforcement agencies, and dozens of cities accept an identification card created by Mexico to credentialize illegal Mexican aliens in the U.S. The Bush administration has given its blessing to this matricula consular card, over the strong protest of the FBI, which warns that the gaping security loopholes that the card creates make it a boon to money launderers, immigrant smugglers, and terrorists. Border authorities have already caught an Iranian man sneaking across the border this year, Mexican matricula card in hand.

Hispanic advocates have helped blur the distinction between a legal and an illegal resident by asserting that differentiating the two is an act of irrational bigotry. Arrests of illegal aliens inside the border now inevitably spark protests, often led by the Mexican government, that feature signs calling for “no más racismo.” Immigrant advocates use the language of “human rights” to appeal to an authority higher than such trivia as citizenship laws. They attack the term “amnesty” for implicitly acknowledging the validity of borders. Indeed, grouses Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez, “There’s an implication that somehow you did something wrong and you need to be forgiven.”

Illegal aliens and their advocates speak loudly about what they think the U.S. owes them, not vice versa. “I believe they have a right . . . to work, to drive their kids to school,” said California assemblywoman Sarah Reyes. An immigration agent says that people he stops “get in your face about their rights, because our failure to enforce the law emboldens them.” Taking this idea to its extreme, Joaquín Avila, a UCLA Chicano studies professor and law lecturer, argues that to deny non-citizens the vote, especially in the many California cities where they constitute the majority, is a form of apartheid.

Yet no poll has ever shown that Americans want more open borders. Quite the reverse. By a huge majority—at least 60 percent—they want to rein in immigration, and they endorse an observation that Senator Alan Simpson made 20 years ago: Americans “are fed up with efforts to make them feel that [they] do not have that fundamental right of any people—to decide who will join them and help form the future country in which they and their posterity will live.” But if the elites’ and the advocates’ idea of giving voting rights to non-citizen majorities catches on—and don’t be surprised if it does—Americans could be faced with the ultimate absurdity of people outside the social compact making rules for those inside it.

However the nation ultimately decides to rationalize its chaotic and incoherent immigration system, surely all can agree that, at a minimum, authorities should expel illegal-alien criminals swiftly. Even on the grounds of protecting non-criminal illegal immigrants, we should start by junking sanctuary policies. By stripping cops of what may be their only immediate tool to remove felons from the community, these policies leave law-abiding immigrants prey to crime.

But the non-enforcement of immigration laws in general has an even more destructive effect. In many immigrant communities, assimilation into gangs seems to be outstripping assimilation into civic culture. Toddlers are learning to flash gang signals and hate the police, reports the Los Angeles Times. In New York City, “every high school has its Mexican gang,” and most 12- to 14-year-olds have already joined, claims Ernesto Vega, an illegal 18-year-old Mexican. Such pathologies only worsen when the first lesson that immigrants learn about U.S. law is that Americans don’t bother to enforce it. “Institutionalizing illegal immigration creates a mindset in people that anything goes in the U.S.,” observes Patrick Ortega, the news and public-affairs director of Radio Nueva Vida in southern California. “It creates a new subculture, with a sequela of social ills.” It is broken windows writ large.

For the sake of immigrants and native-born Americans alike, it’s time to decide what our immigration policy is—and enforce it.





PALMDALE ( — A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was arrested Monday on suspicion of rape and soliciting bribes, among other crimes, according to authorities.

Jose Rigaberto Sanchez, 28, a seven-year veteran of the force, was taken into custody at his home around 5:30 p.m. on 11 felony counts, including sexual penetration under the color of authority, rape under fear or duress, and soliciting a bribe from alleged victims. He’s being held on $1.4 million bail.


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The AP identified the illegal alien as a “suburban New Orleans man” who faces a second-degree murder charge after his girlfriend was found bludgeoned to death in a bathtub in Louisiana. The man was arrested in a Katy, Texas trailer park with three children. It is unclear if they are his or if they are the same children he used to get U.S. authorities to release him with a Notice to Appear.





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