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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Under Mexican Occupation


San Jose police report: Suspects in Halloween attack confessed
By Howard Mintz and Mark Gomez
Mercury News 11/05/2009
Councilwoman Campos calls emergency meeting on San Jose gang violence San Jose police arrest fourth suspect in Halloween attack on middle-school studentsNov 4:
Herhold: Avoiding the Halloween tragedy Nov 3:
San Jose police arrest three suspects in Halloween attack on trick-or-treatersNov 2:
San Jose boy shot, another stabbed while trick-or-treating Halloween nightThe four gang members accused of shooting a 12-year-old boy and stabbing his 13-year-old friend on Halloween night all confessed to police that they carried out the attack, protecting their gang turf even though they had no evidence the young trick-or-treaters belonged to a gang, according to a report released Thursday by San Jose police.
Now, the three teenagers and an 18-year-old Milpitas man face attempted murder charges, appearing briefly Thursday afternoon in Santa Clara County Superior Court, bearing tattoos and wearing jail garb. The stakes could yet escalate to murder charges for some of the defendants, as the 12-year-old shooting victim is clinging to life in a hospital. The 13-year-old victim is now recovering at home.
With community outrage over the attacks swirling around the case, District Attorney Dolores Carr announced she would try the three juvenile defendants as adults, a move applauded by Mayor Chuck Reed.
"I think that's a good thing," Reed said. "We want justice to be done. And it will be done."

The three juvenile suspects are: Hugo Torres, 15, Erik Diaz, 16, and Diego Gutierrez, 16. The fourth suspect is Eduardo Cristobal. Judge Jerome Nadler postponed their arraignments until Nov. 12 so they can enlist public defenders to represent them.
The defendants appeared to have some supporters during Thursday's brief hearing, including two young women who wept and clutched each other when the purported gang members were ushered into court by bailiffs.
Carr said her office chose to charge the juveniles as adults because of a combination of factors, including their gang membership and the fact it was "an unprovoked group attack" on the two trick-or-treaters. The defendants face a maximum sentence of life in prison.
The suspects all admitted carrying out the crime in statements to police in the days following the attacks, according to police documents made public Thursday.
The defendants said they were Sureño gang members who attacked the young victims while on the hunt for rival Norteño gang members. The San Jose police report says the two victims were "not wearing Norteño gang indicia."
But the talk at Lee Mathson Middle School, where the victims attend, has been that the attack occurred because one of the trick-or-treaters was wearing a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers, a style favored by gangs. Orlando Ramos, Mathson's principal, said he was not surprised by the confession that it was gang-related.
"I'm glad they are off the streets," he said. "This is what gangs do. I'm not surprised that they committed this violent act. These kids must have nothing going for them in their personal lives, no direction."
Police unraveled the crime the day after Halloween, when Diaz was linked to the attack because he was treated at Valley Medical Center for a stab wound.
The police report states he was inadvertently stabbed by one of his fellow gang members during the assault.
Diaz was the first of the defendants to give his account to police, telling them that Cristobal drove them to Poco Way and Sunset Avenue, near the scene of the assault. Diaz, and later other defendants, asked the two boys what gang they belonged to, cornering them in the belief they were Norteños.
Diaz, according to the police report, said Torres stabbed one of the victims, and accidentally stabbed Diaz in the process. In Diaz's account, Gutierrez and Torres were assaulting both victims when he heard a gunshot. "Suspect Diaz explained that he is not sure if Torres or Gutierrez was the shooter because he never saw a gun," the police report said.

Police, however, say when they arrested Gutierrez and searched his home the next day, a shirt was found with gunshot residue. Torres, when he was arrested, was found with bloody clothes, the report said.
According to the report, both Gutierrez and Torres confessed to police that they took part in the attacks, although the report gives no indication who fired the gunshot.
Cristobal, according to the report, admitted being at the scene as a "lookout" for the police.
City and community leaders, including Reed, City Councilwoman Nora Campos and Police Chief Rob Davis, gathered Thursday at the Alum Rock Youth Center, calling for a strong community response to the Halloween attack.
City leaders have organized a community meeting on gang prevention at Lee Mathson Middle School on Tuesday. The San Jose Police Officers' Association has set up a fund for the victims' families.
At an evening vigil, about 150 people marched through East San Jose, holding candles and carrying banners that read, "Stop the Violence." Along the way, the procession stopped at the site where the two boys were attacked. "I'm here because I have small children who walk to school and I'm worried about what might happen to them," said Reyna Flores, 40.
Osvaldo Ruelas, 18, grew up on these streets. "I want it to be safe — not just for me, but for everyone," he said. "The violence has just got to stop."




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Lou Dobbs Tonight

Monday, February 11, 2008

In California, League of United Latin American Citizens has adopted a resolution to declare "California Del Norte" a sanctuary zone for immigrants. The declaration urges the Mexican government to invoke its rights under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo "to seek third nation neutral arbitration of disputes concerning immigration laws and their enforcement." We’ll have the story.


“Nearly half of the 35,000 immigrants arrested by ICE during the 2009 fiscal year have been convicted of crimes in U.S. courts, according to the agency’s records. The figure marks an increase of 23% from the previous fiscal year and illustrates the operation’s success in ridding communities across the country of dangerous criminals who shouldn’t even be in the U.S.”


Big Increase In Illegal Aliens With Criminal Records

Last Updated: Wed, 11/04/2009 - 12:44pm

Federal immigration authorities are crediting a crucial team effort with local law enforcement agencies nationwide for a substantial increase in the number of criminally convicted illegal aliens in the last year.
The Department of Homeland Security’s largest investigative agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), reports that agents assigned to find fugitives who have ignored deportation orders have increasingly apprehended illegal aliens with criminal records.
Nearly half of the 35,000 immigrants arrested by ICE during the 2009 fiscal year have been convicted of crimes in U.S. courts, according to the agency’s records. The figure marks an increase of 23% from the previous fiscal year and illustrates the operation’s success in ridding communities across the country of dangerous criminals who shouldn’t even be in the U.S.
ICE officials attribute the success to a closer working relationship with local police departments that notify immigration authorities when an illegal alien is arrested and help the feds develop leads. The local-federal partnership is known as 287(g) and is ardently opposed by Latino advocates who claim it instills fear in immigrant neighborhoods and gives local police a green light to commit racial profiling and civil rights abuses.
In fact, a few months ago a coalition of influential Latino and civil rights organizations demanded that the Obama Administration terminate the 287(g) program because it exacerbates racial profiling. In a stern two-page letter to the president the army of politically-connected immigrant rights groups said local law enforcement agencies nationwide are abusing the program to target communities of color.
Obama has caved in to the powerful La Raza movement by weakening 287(g) even though it has helped reduce violent crime in local communities and aided in the deportation of thousands of criminal illegal aliens who would otherwise fall through the cracks. To obtain details relating to the incomprehensible changes, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security because the agency has exceeded the deadline on a July public records request.

JUDICIAL WATCH - Border Agent Corruption On Rise

I would declare that corruption in Washington is on the rise, however there’s no higher place to put it!
This so called scam of LA RAZA HOMELAND SECURITY, really translates to “Pathway To Citizenship”.
Obama and the his harem of La Raza dems have no intentions of ending the Mexican invasion!
So, much for protecting this nation against terrorists!

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Border Agent Corruption On Rise

Last Updated: Mon, 11/02/2009 - 1:45pm

For the second time in less than a month, a federal officer with the key Homeland Security agency patrolling the U.S. border has been criminally charged for smuggling illegal immigrants from Mexico.
Just a few weeks ago, a separate Texas Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent was indicted for bribery and conspiracy to unlawfully transport aliens by the same Houston federal prosecutor’s office. Authorities say that veteran CBP agent (Javier Cavazos) took cash from at least one illegal immigrant in exchange for admission into the U.S. He faces more than a decade in prison.
In an unrelated scheme, the second border agent (Rudy Soliz), who was arrested late last week, was charged with transporting an undocumented alien into the U.S. and conspiracy. Soliz is an 11-year veteran of the agency that protects the nation’s borders from terrorism, human and drug smuggling and illegal migration. He resigned upon being arrested and faces a maximum of a decade in prison.
These two cases are part of a growing epidemic of corruption among U.S. law enforcement officials who work along the Mexican border. Government data revealed earlier this year that local police, elected sheriffs and federal officers are collaborating in record numbers with Mexican smugglers who bribe them with cash and sometimes sexual favors.
The crisis has hit CBP, the nation’s largest law enforcement organization, especially hard. Created after the 2001 terrorist attacks to be the unified border agency, CBP has seen the number of officers charged with corruption nearly triple in one year. During a recent 10-month period alone, nearly two dozen CBP agents have been criminally charged.
Fraud was so rampant last year that the government created an internal web site devoted to convicted border agents and the agency began administering lie detector tests to ensure future applicants didn’t already work for Mexican smuggling organizations. It marked a shameful chapter for CBP, which combines the inspectional and border forces of U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services and the U.S. Border Patrol.