Sunday, August 21, 2016

MICHAEL CUTLER - America's Open and Undefended Borders - The Invitation to Mexico to Invade, Occupy, Loot and Vote Democrat

The Three Most Important Issues For 2016: Immigration, Immigration, Immigration 

America's most underrated -- and consequential -- challenge. 

By Michael Cutler, August 19, 2016 
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It is clear that America's borders are its first line of defense and last line of defense. There was a good reason that the enforcement and administration of America's immigration laws was vested in the Department of Homeland Security. 

Yet the administration and many politicians 

blithely ignore the inherent risk that non-

secured borders and the presence of 

unknown millions of aliens who have evaded 

the inspections process represent to national 

security and the safety of our citizens. 

In point of fact, many politicians, including Hillary Clinton, have advocated for providing lawful status and a pathway to citizenship to millions – likely tens of millions of illegal aliens. In this scenario, there would be no way to conduct in-person interviews let alone field investigations of aliens who entered the United States without inspection 

Ms. Clinton would also greatly increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States even thought there is no way to vet them. She has been extremely critical of the Obama administration's supposed aggressive enforcement of our immigration laws. 

In reality Obama has failed to enforce the immigration laws both along our borders and from within the interior of the United States. 

Indeed, the administration has released tens of thousands of criminal aliens who, upon release, committed still more homicides and assaults. 

Clinton's Vice-Presidential nominee, Tim 

Kaine, has echoed her sentiments about 

immigration and even addressed the 

Democratic Convention in both English and 

Spanish and also amplified Hillary's promise 

(threat?) to provide all of the illegal aliens 

present in the United States with United 

States citizenship. 
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