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Florida ER doctor's notes

Having spent three weeks in a hospital in Naples, Florida with my wife I couldnt help noticing what was going on in the hospital and I had a lot of time to talk to the doctors and nurses about what I had observed. Below is a commentary from an ER Doctor. Do you think this might be a big reason our health care system and our social security system are so screwed up? Do you think this might be a big reason our taxes keep going up? Who do you think these people are going to vote for?

From a Florida ER doctor:

"I live and work in a state overrun with illegals. They make more money having kids than we earn working full-time. Today I had a 25-year old with 8 kids - thats right 8; all illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails, cell phone, hand bag, clothing, etc. She makes about $1,500 monthly for each; you do the math. I used to say, We are the dumbest nation on earth. Now I must say and sadly admit: WE are the dumbest people on earth (that includes ME) for we elected the idiot idealogues who have passed the bills that allow this. Sorry, but we need a revolution. Vote them all out in 2010. "



There are numerous fallacies with the notion illegals should be able to purchase healthcare insurance. The first being that there are only about 12 million illegals here. Most sources put the figures at 40 million and breeding fast, and hoping the borders with ease is even more. The Mexicans don’t invade to “buy into”. Mexicans are racist that loathe anything American! Our language, flag, and certainly laws! They’re here to pillage, and pillage they do!

In Mexican occupied sanctuary city Los Angeles, cops are not permitted to ask illegals if they’re illegal. That’s a no no! It’s one more message to millions of illegals that the laws, as are our borders, are silly stupid gringo jokes that don’t apply to them! Similarly, it is illegal to hire illegals anywhere! Yet in this sanctuary city (there are only eight states with a larger population than Los Angeles), 47% of those employed are ILLEGALS using stolen social security numbers. It is also illegal for banks to open banks accounts for illegals. La Raza donors Wells Fargo and Bank of America does so every day! There’s good money in the transfer of money back to NARCOMEX and exploiting illegals (both had aggressive marketing devices to hand mortgages to illegals. Those mortgages now cost legals billions in bailouts. The areas with the largest number of foreclosures are states with the largest number of illegals)

In Los Angeles, 1 in 5 births are by illegals, paid for by taxpayers. The figure is 1 in 10 the rest of the country. The government of NARCOMEX does not recompense the American taxpayers for theses costs. WE ARE MEXICO’S WELFARE SYSTEM!
Many Americans think that being illegal precludes you from welfare. Not so! In Mexican occupied Los Angeles, which has a LA RAZA FASCIST PARTY Mayor Villaraigosa, there are signs posted in welfare offices informing illegals there is no impediment to signing up for gringo welfare. This county pays out $50 million PER MONTH in welfare to illegals. It also has a tax-free Mexican underground economy calculated to be $2 billion per year.

Meanwhile the La Raza Dems, and the government of NARCOMEX both want the hispandering OBAMA healthcare plan to be part of the newest LA RAZA DEMS’ PUSH FOR AMNESTY=CHEAP LABOR and VOTES! (Both Reps. Loretta and Linda Sanchez won their seats with the votes of illegals in Orange County!)


Washington Post

Let illegal immigrants buy into health plans
Saturday, December 26, 2009; A22
ONE KEY AREA in which the House health-care bill is superior to the Senate version involves health care for illegal immigrants. No, that was not a typo: illegal immigrants. Neither the House nor the Senate version would pay for health care for those who are in the country illegally -- although it could be argued that, to the extent they land in emergency rooms without health insurance, everyone ends up footing that bill. The question is whether those who are in the country illegally should be permitted to purchase, entirely with their own money, insurance policies available on the newly created exchanges. The House measure would permit such purchases. The Senate would not -- and the White House has unfortunately come down on the Senate side.
The real solution to the problem of illegal immigration is, of course, comprehensive immigration reform. Until then, millions of people are and are going to remain in the country illegally: The Congressional Budget Office projects there will be about 14 million who are not elderly in 2019. Of those, according to the CBO, almost 60 percent, or 8 million, will be uninsured. If some are willing and able to purchase insurance through the exchanges -- and the CBO estimates that a few million would -- it makes no sense to bar them from doing so.
In fact, allowing such purchases would benefit everyone. First, the more the ranks of the uninsured are reduced, the less the burden on hospitals and other parts of the health-care system to provide uncompensated care, the costs of which are passed on to other consumers in the form of higher prices and premiums. Second, illegal immigrants to this country tend to be relatively young and healthy. The more such individuals purchase insurance, the healthier -- and less costly -- the risk pool.
The supposed danger of opening the exchanges to illegal immigrants is that they will somehow obtain government subsidies for the insurance. But of course this possibility exists whether or not illegal immigrants are eligible to participate in the exchanges. How much of a danger that is depends on the separate question of whether the verification requirements for citizenship or legal status are adequate. The Senate's approach, which would require proof of legal status to obtain insurance through the exchange even for those not seeking government subsidies, would impose an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy without any evident benefit.
PRNewswire September 8, 2009
WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As President Obama addresses the nation on health care reform, a new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 6.6 million uninsured illegal immigrants could receive benefits under the House health reform bill (H.R. 3200). While the bill states that illegal immigrants are not eligible for the new taxpayer-funded affordability credits, there is nothing in the bill to enforce this provision. Congress defeated efforts to require the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program. More than 70 other programs of this kind use SAVE.
The report is available at IllegalsAndHealthCareHR3200. Among the findings:
-- In 2007, there were an estimated 6.6 million illegal immigrants without
health insurance who had incomes below 400 percent of poverty, which is
the income ceiling for the new affordability premium credits.
-- If all uninsured illegal immigrants with incomes below 400 percent of
poverty received the new credits, the estimated cost to the federal
government would be $30.5 billion annually.
-- The current cost of treating uninsured illegal immigrants at all levels
of government is an estimated $4.3 billion a year, primarily at
emergency rooms and free clinics.
-- On July 16 an amendment by Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) that would have
required the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements
(SAVE) program to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving the
affordability credits was defeated by the House Ways and Means
-- At present 71 other means-tested federal programs require use of the
SAVE system to prevent illegal immigrants and other ineligible
non-citizens from accessing them.
-- Even though there is no mechanism to prevent enrollment, it is likely
that many income-eligible illegal immigrants would not enroll out of
fear or lack of knowledge of the new programs. Thus the actual costs
would be less than the maximum estimate of $30.5 billion. However, if
illegal immigrants are legalized and could receive affordability
credits, a much larger percentage would be expected to enroll, with a
corresponding increase in costs.
-- Uninsured illegal immigrants tend to use less in health care on average
than others without health insurance because they tend to be young. This
fact is incorporated into the current cost estimate of $4.3 billion.
However, government-provided affordability credits paid to insurance
companies are the same for everyone regardless of age or preexisting
conditions. Therefore, the younger age of illegals does not result in
lower average costs for taxpayers for this program.
-- It is also worth noting that the report estimates that 38 percent of
illegal immigrants had health insurance in 2007. Additionally, the
report estimates that there are at least 360,000 uninsured illegal
immigrants with incomes above 400 percent of poverty who would not
qualify for benefits under H.R. 3200.
-- It is also possible that illegal immigrants could benefit from the
expansion of Medicaid under H.R. 3200. The bill does not require
identity verification for those claiming U.S. birth. Of illegal
immigrants with incomes under 400 percent of poverty, about half live
under 133 percent of poverty, which is the new ceiling for Medicaid
-- On July 30 an amendment by Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) that would have
required identity variation for those claiming U.S. birth was defeated
by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Methodology: To estimate the number of illegal immigrants in the United States this report uses the March 2008 Current Population Survey (CPS) collected by the Census Bureau. While the CPS does not ask the foreign-born if they are legal residents, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), former INS, and other outside researchers have all used socio-demographic characteristics in Census Bureau data to estimate the size of the illegal alien population; this report follows the same approach. The March CPS also asks about income and health insurance coverage and on this basis the report estimates the share of low-income illegal immigrants who are without health insurance coverage. By design these estimates of the size and characteristics of the illegal-immigrant population match those
The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent research institution that examines the impact of immigration on the United States. It has no position on the health reform legislation before Congress or any other matter unrelated to immigration.
SOURCE Center for Immigration Studies
Originally published by Center for Immigration Studies.

Mexico Promotes Free U.S. Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants

Time to wake up people! With unemployment at 12% and the state going broke, our tax dollars are going to pay for healthcare for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. To the tune of over a billion dollars a year!
Read on:
Mexico's government operates programs in about a dozen American cities that refers its nationals--living in the U.S. illegally--to publicly funded health centers where they can get free medical care without being turned over to immigration authorities.

The program is called Ventanillas de Salud (Health Windows) in Spanish and its mission is to help illegal immigrants find U.S. hospitals, clinics and other government programs where they can get free services without being deported for violating federal immigration laws.

Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Indiana are among the cities where Mexican consulates operate the health referral system which annually costs U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. In Los Angeles County alone, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $440 million in health services annually and a whopping $1.1 billion statewide.

The Mexican consul in Los Angeles proudly announced that nearly 300,000 Mexicans in the area have benefited from his government's health referral program, which he says actually saves the county money by encouraging immigrants to seek preventive care rather than waiting for more expensive emergency treatment.

The Southern California operation promises to assess "consulate clients" for eligibility to government-funded health insurance and other primary care services and offers free legal assistance to those who are denied coverage. Its goal is to improve access to health services for immigrants of Mexican origin by formalizing a health education, medical home referral and insurance enrollment program.

In Chicago, the Mexican consul's Spanish-language web site heavily promotes the Illinois Department of Health's low-cost prescription medicine program for illegal aliens and various free medical services throughout the state. It encourages all Mexicans in the area to pursue the valuable U.S. government-financed services for their entire family.

The Indiana-based program boasts that it serves thousands of "Mexican nationals" living in that state as well as Ohio, Kentucky and southern Illinois. Mexican officials claim that its highly successful pro-health program sends out a clear message to other Mexican consulates throughout the country and the world.

Although these programs facilitate people to remain in the country illegally, Mexico is working hard to expand them to all 47 U.S. consulates to better serve its nationals. In the meantime, U.S. taxpayers will keep picking up the exorbitant tab of medically treating the millions who live in the country illegally.


Neither the House nor the Senate version would pay for health care for those who are in the country illegally -- although it could be argued that, to the extent they land in emergency rooms without health insurance, everyone ends up footing that bill.

Where To Go When Your Local Emergency Room Goes Bankrupt?"

During the past ten years 84 California hospitals have declared bankruptcy and closed down their Emergency Rooms forever. Financially crippled by legistlative and judicial mandates to treat illegal aliens have bankrupted hospitals! In 2010, in Los Angeles County alone, over 2 million illegal aliens recorded visits to county emergency rooms for both routine and emergency care. Per official figures, the cost is $1,000 dollars for every taxpayer in Los Angeles County.

This crisis is not limited to California, although, with their "welcoming programs", Californians pay the most; Unreimbursed medical care in California exceeds $1.4 billion, and that is after the state programs have paid in excess of $8 billion dollars in program reimbursements! In Texas, the estimated cost to treat illegals is $8.5 billion and Arizona is spending approximately $4 billion per year to treat illegals in their emergency rooms. Even increased hospital charges and the accompanying raising of your medical insurance premiums has not been enough to cover the costs of illegal medical care!

What was, ten years ago, considered a "major irritant" has now become a full blown medical and budget crisis. Over 50 percent of ER visits in Florida are illegal immigrants. The trends are exploding as well in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and throughout the Midwestern states.

This crisis is directly attributable to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)implemented by congress and mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court. The law basically stipulates that no hospital may turn away anyone who appears at their Emergency Room doors for treatment, regardless of their ability to pay for the treatment. At the time of its implementation no legislator foresaw that this act would be corrupted and used by illegal aliens to receive medical care for nothing, but that is indeed what has happened. Illegals know the laws that are of benefit to them far better than American citizens, whether it be welfare, wic and food stamps in the name of their American born child, or whether it is using the emergency room for routine colds or the "ER drop and go" methods employed by Los Angeles street gangs when their members get shot up during their nightly street wars.

The latest financial estimates for emergency medical care nation wide exceeds $120 billion dollars (and that does not include state program payments as exists in California and other states). The costs to the taxpayer is enormous and crippling but that is not what should concern Americans the most; it is the explosive increase in the number of hospitals who are choosing to close their Emergency Rooms altogether. This crisis has now threatened the very life of your loved one as the time may come when Emergency Room treatment is simply not available to you.

Sure, if you've ever gone to an Emergency Room in the last ten years you know that more than half of them will be populated by illegals going in to get free routine and emergency care. The wait is long for you, the citizen. However, how much worse will it be when there is no ER period!

Folks, state governments cannot change this! City government cannot change this! But your congress in Washington D.C. can enact legislation that alters the earlier EMTALA legislation and limits participation to American citizens only! Keep in mind, only the Congress can override a Supreme Court decision!

Write em! Write em before you rush to an ER to save a family member's life and there ain't one around!

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