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SHOCKING FACTS ON OBAMA’S FUNDING OF THE MEXICAN SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT OF LA RAZA http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/obama-operates-la-raza-supremacy-out-of.html * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/obama-mexican-supremacist-party-of-la.html * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/04/history-of-mexican-fascist-party-of-la.html * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/wikileaks-exposed-obamas-la-raza-open.html * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/alipac-obamas-pursuing-executive.html OBAMA QUIETLY PURSUING HIS BIT BY BIT BY BIT AMNESTY BY NON-ENFORCEMENT! ALIPAC NOTE: The US Constitution does not allow the President to make policy out of legislation that has been defeated in Congress 8 times. These new authoritarian orders are not Constitutional and we are asking all of our supporters to be ready for emergency measures in defense of the American Republic in the coming weeks. This unlawful AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS will not stand! ---- White House loosens border rules for 2012 elections The Daily Caller 06/20/2011 | Updated: 7:31 PM 06/20/2011 President Barack Obama’s administration is quietly offering a quasi-amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants aiming to win reelection by mobilizing a wave of new Hispanic voters without alienating the populous at large, say supporters of stronger immigration law enforcement. “We think it is an excellent step,” said Laura Vasquez, at the Hispanic-advocacy group, La Raza, which pushed for the policies, and which is working with other groups to register Hispanics to vote in 2012. “What’s very important is how the prosecutorial discretion memo is implemented” on the streets, she said. * OTHER THAN BANKSTERS, OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION IS MOST INFESTED WITH LA RAZA SUPREMACIST. ALL DEMAND AMNESTY, OPEN BORDERS, AN ILLEGAL IN EVERY AMERICAN JOBS, NO E-VERIFY, AND OBAMA'S CONTINUED NON-ENFORCEMENT. NO PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY HAS SOLD US OUT TO CRIMINAL BANKSTERS, OR LA RAZA "THE RACE" FASCIST MORE THAN BARACK OBAMA! * "What's needed to discourage illegal immigration into the United States has been known for years: Enforce existing law." . . ... CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR * "PUNISH OUR ENEMIES". . . does that mean assault the legals of Arizona that must fend off the Mexican invasion, occupation, growing criminal and welfare state, as well as Mex Drug cartels??? OBAMA TELLS ILLEGALS "PUNISH OUR ENEMIES" Friends of ALIPAC, Each day new reports come in from across the nation that our movement is surging and more incumbents, mostly Democrats, are about to fall on Election Day. Obama's approval ratings are falling to new lows as he makes highly inappropriate statements to Spanish language audiences asking illegal alien supporters to help him "punish our enemies." * OBAMA HANDS TAX DOLLARS TO MEXICAN SUPREMACIST: * http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2011/jun/nclr-funding-skyrockets-after-obama-hires-its-vp * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/obama-first-hispandering-la-raza.html * LA RAZA SUPREMACIST CECILIA MUNOZ WORKS IN WHITE HOUSE TO EXPAND MEXICAN WELFARE STATE IN OUR BORDERS * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/obama-expand-la-raza-party-base-from.html * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/cecilia-munoz-obamas-la-raza-infested.html * LA RAZA INVITED TO LOBBY FOR ILLEGALS IN WHITE HOUSE "Despite his solemn promise to the American people to keep lobbyists out of his Administration, two more have slipped in. The Hill reports: The waivers were provided for Jocelyn Frye, director of policy and projects in the Office of the First Lady, and Cecilia Munoz, director of intergovernmental affairs in the executive office of the president. . . . Munoz was a senior vice president for the National Council of La Raza, where she supervised all legislative and advocacy activities on the state and local levels. Munoz was heavily involved in the immigration battles in Congress in recent years, and is now a principal liaison to the Hispanic community for the administration. Thanks for all the lies, Obama!!" * LA RAZA PARTY MEMBER “WISE LATINA” SONIA SOTOMAYER http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/sonia-sotomayer-la-raza-party-member-on.html * Sonia Sotomayor opposes E-Verify requirement True to form, she said it was illegal to make employers e-verify citizen status of new hires. Interesting, she says a state cannot force employers to check if employees they are hiring are illegal. Thankfully the court ruled 5-3 supporting law. But now we know for sure just how extreme far left Obama's choice was. We cannot afford Obama to get another term, or you can bet this country will be overrun by illegals. I don't want this country to be poor and corrupt like Mexico, which it will if illegals overrun the country. * LA RAZA HILLARY CLINTON - PUSHING FOR AMNESTY, OPEN BORDERS, DRIVER’S LICENSE TO ILLEGALS AND LA RAZA SUPREMACY http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/hillary-clintons-long-history-of-la.html * HISPANDERING LA RAZA ENDORSED HILLARY BLAMES AMERICAN AGAIN FOR MEX INVASION SHE AND BILLARY HELPED CREATE! In Mexico City, she announced that the U.S. appetite for illegal drugs and the easy acquisition of guns from the United States by Mexicans are the root causes of the Mexican crime wave. "Blame America" has become the global agenda of the Democratic Party. * LA RAZA JANET NAPOLITANO – ADVOCATE FOR OPEN BORDERS, AMNESTY, NO ILLEGAL LEFT BEHIND, AND LA RAZA PROPAGANDIST FOR HOMELAND OPEN BORDERS AND OBAMA’S “DREAM ACT” PLOYS FOR AMNESTY. http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/la-raza-supremacist-janet-napolitano.html * As the liberal news media, far-left Democrats, and labor unions push for the "Hispanicazation" of U.S. culture, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the U.S. border has never been more secure. * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/alipac-william-gheen-exposes-wikileaks.html * AN AMERICAN FROM ARIZONA SPEAKS: Had enough of Napolitano?? 'GRRRRRRRR! GET RID OF THE WOMAN NOW!' As Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano was a compadr√© to illegals who managed to sneak into OUR country and make it to Arizona. Once there, they were 'home free," Napolitano gave them free college educations, free daycare for their anchor babies, and raped Arizona taxpayers in many other ways, too. * BILL RICHARDSON A LA RAZA SUPREMACIST COULDN’T MAKE IT IN OBAMA’S STAGGERINGLY CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION BECAUSE HE WAS EVEN MORE CORRUPT. http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/la-raza-bill-richardson-obamas-lost.html * "First, New Mexico (population two million) has the highest percentage of Hispanics of any state -- 45 percent, compared with 30 percent in Arizona (population 6.5 million), and they historically have commanded far more political power than their neighbors do. The New Mexico Legislature is 44 percent Hispanic, a contrast to the 16 percent in Arizona, according to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials." * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/jobs-obamas-dept-of-la-raza-illegal.html * http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2011/jun/nclr-funding-skyrockets-after-obama-hires-its-vp * LA RAZA SUPREMACIST HILDA SOLIS, SEC. OF DEPT OF LABOR. Michelle Malkin LA RAZA HILDA SOLIS - The U.S. Department of Illegal Alien Labor President Obama's Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is supposed to represent American workers. What you need to know is that this longtime open--borders sympathizer has always had a rather radical definition of "American." At a Latino voter registration project conference in Los Angeles many years ago, Solis asserted to thunderous applause, "We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not." That's right. The woman in charge of enforcing our employment laws doesn't give a hoot about our immigration laws ---- or about the fundamental distinction between those who followed the rules in pursuit of the American dream and those who didn't. * FROM JUDICIAL WATCH .org * Labor Secretary Pledges Help For Illegal Workers Last Updated: Tue, 06/22/2010 - 11:00am Two months after the Department of Labor launched a special program to assist and protect illegal immigrants in the U.S. the Obama cabinet official who heads the agency is personally encouraging undocumented workers to report employers that don’t pay them fairly. In a Spanish-language public service announcement, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis assures that “every worker in America has a right to be paid fairly, whether documented or not.” Illegal aliens who are not getting fair wages are encouraged to call a new hotline set up by the agency on a new “Podemos Ayudar” (We Can Help) web page designed to administer worker protection laws and ensure that employees are properly paid “regardless of immigration status.” In the short video, also posted in English, Solis tells illegal immigrants that it’s a “serious problem” when workers in this country are not paid fairly and that all workers have the right to receive their salary regardless of immigration status. She encourages those who are not to call the new hotline and assures it’s free and confidential. “Podemos ayudar,” (we can help), Solis guarantees at the end of the brief segment. The Labor Secretary’s new message is part of a campaign launched a few months ago to help illegal immigrant workers in the U.S., who she refers to as “vulnerable” and “underpaid.” At least 1,000 new field investigators have been deployed to reach out to Latino laborers in areas with large numbers of illegal alien employees and the agency will focus on enforcing labor and wage laws in industries that typically hire lots of illegal aliens without reporting anyone to federal immigration authorities. For a government agency to protect law breakers in this fashion may seem unbelievable but not if you consider the source. A Former California congresswoman, Solis has close ties to the influential La Raza movement that advocates open borders and rights for illegal immigrants. She made the protection of undocumented workers a major priority upon being named Labor Secretary, assuring illegal aliens that “if you work in this country, you are protected by our laws.” "While the declining job market in the United States may be discouraging some would-be border crossers, a flow of illegal aliens continues unabated, with many entering the United States as drug-smuggling "mules." * OPEN BORDERS ADVOCATE HAROLD HURTT HEADS OBAMA’S I.C.E. ICE IS OBAMA’S AGENCY FOR NON-ENFORCEMENT. * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/06/obamas-ice-under-harold-hurtt-now-la.html * http://www.mexica-movement.org/ They claim all of North America for Mexico! * OBAMA’S HISPANICAZATION of AMERICA – HOW DOES HE EXPLAIN THAT TO BLACK AMERICA? HE DOESN’T BOTHER! * http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2011/05/west-obama-black-mascot-and-black.html * Newsmax Obama's 'Hispanicazation' of America Monday, January 10, 2011 08:28 AM By: James Walsh Casting a shadow on economic recovery efforts in the United States is the cost of illegal immigration that consumes U.S. taxpayer dollars for education, healthcare, social welfare benefits, and criminal justice. Illegal aliens (or more politically correct, "undocumented immigrants") with ties to Mexican drug cartels are contributing to death and destruction on U.S. lands along the southern border. While the declining job market in the United States may be discouraging some would-be border crossers, a flow of illegal aliens continues unabated, with many entering the United States as drug-smuggling "mules." Increasingly vicious foot soldiers of the Mexican drug cartels are taking control of U.S. lands along the border, especially since U.S. Border Patrol units have been reassigned, some to offices 60 to 80 miles inland. The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) early last year posted signs warning citizens to avoid Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend, Ariz., because of criminal activity in the area, an area that includes protected natural areas precious to the nation. In reaction to public outrage over the signs, the BLM removed the offensive wording in October 2010, replacing it with the following: Visitor Information Update--Active Federal Law Enforcement Patrol Area. As the liberal news media, far-left Democrats, and labor unions push for the "Hispanicazation" of U.S. culture, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the U.S. border has never been more secure. Perhaps she is basing this on the reduced number of apprehensions, which result, of course, from reassigning Border Patrol agents inland. In a recent New York Times article, Nicholas Kristof criticized U.S. citizens for not speaking a foreign language and suggested that "Every child in the United States should learn Spanish." He concluded that as the United States increasingly integrates economically with Latin America, Spanish will be crucial for the United States. For decades, the liberal left has argued that Latin America is essential for U.S. business and trade. Kristof states that Latin America "is finally getting its act together" but fails to mention the Obama administration's $2 billion loan of U.S. taxpayer money in 2009 to Brazil's Petrobras oil company for deep off-shore oil drilling. Obama confidant George Soros, through the Soros Fund Management LLC, until recently owned millions of dollars of Petrobras stock. Kristof suggests that one day Spanish-speaking Americans will be part of daily life in the United States and that workmen such as mechanics will be able to communicate easily with Spanish-speaking customers. He fails to explain why these customers will not be speaking English. After all, the ability to speak, read, and write English remains a requirement for U.S. citizenship. President Barack Obama gives lip service to increasing border control resources with limited funding and personnel. Many officials, including the governors of Texas and Arizona, are skeptical regarding the Obama administration's resolve. They resent that the United States is being blamed for the killing fields on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. Border. For instance, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in March 2009, during her first official visit to Mexico, placed the blame for the Mexican drug cartels' vicious murders on the United States. In Mexico City, she announced that the U.S. appetite for illegal drugs and the easy acquisition of guns from the United States by Mexicans are the root causes of the Mexican crime wave. "Blame America" has become the global agenda of the Democratic Party. The Obama administration's plan to resolve the immigration chaos is to offer amnesty to all comers. President Obama re-affirms his support of a "pathway to citizenship" (amnesty) for illegal aliens in 2011. The administration, however, has announced no plans to control the influx of future waves of illegal aliens or their skyrocketing costs to the nation. The administration, which condones U.S. sanctuary cities and states, has no plans to file charges against them for violations of federal immigration law. Nor does the administration seem concerned about the environmental impact that illegal aliens have on the ecology of the United States. Many national forests, parks, monuments, wilderness areas, and wildlife refuges -- once the pride of the nation -- are serving today as marijuana fields for illegal alien gangs. Former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reportedly said to a gathering of illegal aliens in California in 2009 that U.S. immigration laws were "un-American," suggesting that they need not be obeyed. Concerned citizens can only trust that the new speaker of the House, John Boehner, as part of congressional oversight of federal agencies, will demand enforcement of existing immigration laws. When will President Obama recognize that illegal immigration is slowing economic recovery? Can he resolve the chaos while still appeasing his Hispanic base? To maintain his populist aura, the president is in the habit of saying one thing to one audience and the opposite to another. One Obama apologist explained, "Campaign rhetoric is one thing," suggesting that governing is another. The deliberate Hispanicazation of the United States to secure a block of votes is quite another. * THE ENTIRE REASON THE BORDERS ARE LEFT OPEN IS TO CUT WAGES! "We could cut unemployment in half simply by reclaiming the jobs taken by illegal workers," said Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, co-chairman of the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. "President Obama is on the wrong side of the American people on immigration. The president should support policies that help citizens and legal immigrants find the jobs they need and deserve rather than fail to enforce immigration laws." *

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