Monday, May 25, 2015

OBAMA AND HIS CRIMINAL CRONY BANKSTERS - The escalation of global financial parasitism

The escalation of global financial parasitism

BANKSTERS and the ongoing looting of the American people…..

“I’m not here to punish banks!” Barack Obama – State of the Union Message

Not a single major bank has been closed down or broken up since the 2008 crash, triggered by reckless and illegal speculative activities. Not a single bank CEO or top official has been prosecuted or jailed for crimes that have led to the impoverishment of countless millions of people. 

Wednesday’s settlement is further evidence of the reassertion of the aristocratic principle in contemporary capitalist society: there is one set of laws for the vast majority, the working people, and an entirely different legal framework for the financial oligarchs—one that can be summed up with the phrase “Anything goes.”


These are only the most striking of a barrage of numbers reported in recent weeks, demonstrating that for the US financial aristocracy, the Crash of 2008 has been used to engineer a historic redistribution of wealth.


OBAMAnomics at work: How Barack Obama looted America for his Wall Street paymasters:

In all, the research team behind the Forbes Billionaires list found a total of 1,645 billionaires worldwide as of February 12, with a combined net worth of $6.4 trillion, an increase of $1 trillion from 2013. The number of new billionaires, at 268, was the highest figure in the report’s history.



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