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ILLEGALS IN OUR OPEN BORDERS Tens of thousands of illegal alien minors still waiting to be deported

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Blog: Tens of thousands of illegal alien minors still waiting to be deported'

Are DACA Aliens Gang Members? USCIS Does Not Want to KnowBy David North
CIS Immigration Blog, October 16, 2015
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So someone in the government decided that the gang membership question should be on the application form filed in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Then the same person or a different somebody decided that USCIS did not want to know the answer, on a group basis, so the decision was made to not record it.

I do not think this was a left hand-right hand problem; I think that USCIS figured that someone in the public would ask the question and the agency wanted to be in a position to shrug their collective shoulders when asked about it.

When we filed the request back in December 2014 we suspected that no reasonably alert DACA applicant would admit to gang membership and so the question was really on the application for cosmetic purposes. In other words, it was designed to show that the government was aware of the problem of gang membership in a population that swore that they had come to the United States illegally while in their teens or earlier.

We also asked for the data for another question, expecting the same response rate: "Were you a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or the U.S. Coast Guard?"

Again, we figured that the question was part of a broader public relations campaign to link the DACA aliens to the U.S. Armed Forces. Several critics of the program pointed out that: 1) the Armed Forces are pretty careful about excluding illegal aliens; and 2) if they missed someone, the illegal alien had a far more attractive set of benefits available to him under existing law so that no one with a service record would have applied for DACA.

But USCIS outfoxed us. The agency did not capture the answers to that question either.
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