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Fox's 'Gang of Five': Blind to Black Mob Violence.

The more we expect more from Fox News, the less we get.
We know that every hour on the hour, CNN, PBS, NPR, NBC, and other Fox competitors take delight in reminding us that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.
They are practiced in the art of deception and we can tell by the ease with which they repeat the greatest lie of this century with such familiarity.
But Fox News… Aren’t they supposed to be different? At least a little bit?
But are they? Not really. Not on the issue of black violence and denial.
Not if you watch a recent episode of “The Five” where they featured a video of a little old white lady with small dogs asking a large group of black people to turn down their music.
Soon after, the black people were harassing her, threatening her, calling her names before one of the mob picked her up, slammed her to the ground, then threw her in the pool. All accompanied by great encouragement -- and delight -- from the bystanders.
The Gang of Five got it wrong. All wrong. Right away. They said this assault had nothing to do with race.
“It’s hard for the news to cover it because if you cover it, it as though you covering some kind of racial story,” said Greg Gutfeld. “Rather than pointing out this isn’t about race, this is about lawlessness.”
Juan Williams was happy to hear that, and more eager to agree: could have happened to anyone, said Juan. Including him. And racial violence? What’s that?
Jesse Watters chimed in: “There is no racial component to this story, the racial component is how this story was covered or not covered.”
One does not preclude the other.
The “no racial component” line is a common one, and often used to deny that black on white crime and violence exist wildly out of proportion. Because to have a racial component -- or be racially motivated -- reporters and public officials tell us the perpetrators have to be kind enough leave some evidence of their intent: Signs, notes, chants, threats, with racial slurs.
Absent that, there is nothing. As for patterns? They are not important.
Why not flip it around: If this attack and hundreds others like it recently have nothing to do with race, then they must be a coincidence. Right? Random. Right?
Let’s start with the crowd of black people at the party: what are the chances their gathering is random, and that race is not a central organizing feature of their activity? That is easy to figure out and the chances turn out to be just about equal to a 747 crashing on your front lawn in the next one hour, and Greg Gutfeld emerging from the carnage, unscathed, still the funniest writer in America on every topic save one.
If this kind of violence were isolated, they would have a point. But it is not isolated.
And just because The Gang of Five ignore the other examples of black mob violence and criminality that we document on these pages, in my books and on my YouTube channels, that does not mean they do not exist.
How about a recent run down: remember the 60 black people who rampaged through a BART station in Oakland? How about the large-scale black mob violence in a Philadelphia school that sent 10 teachers to the hospital? Or the black violence at a carnival in Taylor, Michigan that sent five cops to the hospital?
Or the black mob violence in one of America’s most peaceful college campuses, the University of California, Davis that sent three cops to the hospital? Or the hundreds of black people attacking cops at a recent carnival in New Jersey?
Or the black people who actively sought to confront and fight police during Black College Beach weekend in Virginia Beach?
And let’s not forget the large scale black mob violence at the Truman Heritage Festival in Missouri or on 6th Street in Austin or….

This is a long list: All from the last few weeks. And there are dozens and dozens more.  Most on video. Easy to find. Click right here, for starters, if you like.

And none of that has anything to do with race?
Ask any member of Black Lives Matter or any of their satraps in the media: Black violence has everything to do with race. White racism causes black violence. And white people who complain about black violence and criminality wildly out of proportion are just exercising white privilege, because black people have no expectation of crime-free neighborhoods, so why should you?
They call it critical race theory, and you may not have heard of it, but your kids learn it in school, and reporters swear by it on your TV news shows.
The military people tell us the first transgression is an accident. The second a coincidence. But the third is an act of war.
So what do we call the one millionth? 
And what do we call otherwise smart and funny people who are in denial, deceit and delusion about it?
The Gang of Five on Fox News.

Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter and author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. You can find lots of videos of black mob violence and denial on his YouTube channel. Start here.


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