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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the 109 year old civil rights organization, will not renew the contract of its president, Cornell Brooks, and will "recast" its mission by conducting "a syste...

NAACP fires its president, will embrace Black Lives Matter

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the 109 year old civil rights organization, will not renew the contract of its president, Cornell Brooks, and will "recast" its mission by conducting "a systemwide and strategic revisioning process that will ensure that the NAACP can address these 21st century challenges."
Reading between the lines isn't difficult; the NAACP will become more like Black Lives Matter and less like a mainstream organization dedicated to advancing the economic interests of blacks.
Russell said the process might take a year, during which the group's board would gather comment from members nationwide about the NAACP's future course.
The NAACP has been a leader of U.S. civil rights since its founding in 1909. Its pre-eminence has been challenged by the Black Lives Matter movement that sprang up to protest police shootings of African Americans in recent years and by mass protests against President Donald Trump.
Johnson said the group wanted to strengthen local and state activism and education and develop local leadership.
The decision not to renew Brooks' contract was made by the NAACP national board on Friday.
"I'm disappointed and mystified," Brooks said in a telephone interview. He said that, including interim leaders, he was at least the 10th head of the NAACP in 15 years.
"There's been a revolving door of CEOs at the NAACP and this is a bad moment for it to be spinning," he said.
The NAACP had tried to keep the violent radicals of Black Lives Matter at arms length - tapping into the energy of their activism without embracing their agenda. But it became clear that younger blacks preferred the confrontational methods of BLM and it became a question of adopting the radical agenda of BLM or becoming less relevant in the black community.
Any "revisioning" of the NAACP will be led by radicals who don't care as much about improving the lives of black people as they do pushing their hysterically exaggerated notions of "justice" and "police brutality." The NAACP tried to work through the courts and the Justice Department to hold police accountable. BLM wants to take to the streets to threaten violence to get what they want. This is not a subtle shift but a radical departure for an organization that, for more than 100 years, has fought for civil rights within the mainstream of American politics. 
But the times have changed. And younger blacks prefer the "activism" and rhetoric of violent revolution. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that we are about to enter a new phase in race relations in the US with unknown consequences for black and white alike.


Some Black Lives Don’t Matter

Black-on-black homicide is rampant, but professional agitators couldn’t care less.
May 18, 2017
Public safety

Another cell-phone video that didn’t make it to CNN
 or MSNBC: Last November, 33-year-old Antwan 
McNutt beat a man to death with a bottle of liquor 
on the South Side of Chicago. Onlookers took video 
and posted it to Facebook; no one intervened to help. 
has prior convictions for manufacturing and 
delivering a controlled substance, attempted 
aggravated carjacking, possession of a stolen motor 
vehicle, and battery and resisting arrest, according 
to  DNA Info. But he was back on the streets 
committing more mayhem, contrary to the “mass 
incarceration” conceit that black males are targeted 
with endless draconian punishment for minor 
transgressions of public order.
We rightly hold our police officers to the highest standards of conduct. Had a cop beaten a black man to death it would justifiably have been international news, especially if the beating had been caught on video. Likewise, if a white man had beaten a black man to death, it would have been international news and cause for public mourning and admonition. But the routine taking of black lives by other blacks generates no interest in the mainstream media. Forty-three hundred people, including two dozen children under the age of 12, were shot in Chicago last year. Had 4,300 white people been shot, there would have been a revolution, and the media would have set up headquarters in the city to cover the breakdown of law and order. But because the victims were nearly all black, few pay attention—besides the police.
Nor have the Black Lives Matter activists, who pour out by the thousands, sometimes to riot, in the case of alleged officer misuse of force, ever protested the killing of blacks by other blacks. If one-one-hundredth of the attention that has been paid to phantom police racism over the last two decades had been devoted to rebuilding the black family, no one would be talking about policing today. Policing is an epiphenomenon of crime. If you want fewer police in your neighborhood, make sure that people are not killing each other.

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