Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mark Levin on Illegal Immigration: ‘We Have Dreamers Too...What About Our Children?’

Nearly a MILLION Mexicans  jump America’s open borders where the Democrat Party offers a bottomless  menu of easy looting …. So long as the illegal votes DEM!

"Remember 187 -- the Proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to
non-citizens -- was the last gasp of white America in California."
---Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party

Mark Levin on Illegal Immigration: ‘We Have Dreamers Too...What About Our Children?’


Here is the transcript of what Levin had to say:
“Day in and day out, we’re told about the ‘dreamers’. Who are the dreamers? Illegal alien children.
“Well, we have dreamers too. Our children. What about our children?
“They never talk about our children. Jeb Bush, the Republican establishment, the Democrats. What about the impact of illegal immigration? What about the impact of waves and waves and waves of legal immigrants on our children, their job prospects?
“And we’re told: 'Be happy. In 2044, you’re going to cease to be a white nation.' What does that mean? What’s with all this racist nonsense?
“You’re going to accept your changes to culture and demographics that damage the jobs and the economy and all the mayhem it creates with the lack of assimilation and Americanization. And you’re told there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
“Worse than that, you’re condemned. You’re accused of xenophobia if you dare to say ‘Hey, slow down a minute.’
“Then we’re told what kind of words and language we’re allowed to use. They’re changing the language. De-growth. De-gender. There is no such thing as boys and girls; his and hers.
“And anything that comes out of your mouth now must have some kind of a bigoted connotation because, you know, we have racism in our DNA. So the left now dictates from the youngest ages to senior citizens what can be said and how it can be said and even more, who can say it.”


Rebuilding America’s middle-class starting with our youth





THE 1%.

the below sure sounds good to me! instead of bottomless bailouts for crony banksters, we will start to bailout the MIDDLE-CLASS.

“Calling income and wealth inequality the "great moral issue of our time," Sanders laid out a sweeping, almost unimaginably expensive program to transfer wealth from the richest Americans to the poor and middle class. A $1 trillion public works program to create "13 million good-paying jobs." A $15-an-hour federal minimum wage. "Pay equity" for women. Paid sick leave and vacation for everyone. Higher taxes on the wealthy. Free tuition at all public colleges and universities. A Medicare-for-all single-payer health care system. Expanded Social Security benefits. Universal pre-K.” WASHINGTON EXAMINER

Mark Levin: ‘Unbridled Immigration, Legal and Illegal, Is Taking the Country Down’

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