Thursday, August 16, 2018


I know you share our commitment to fighting public corruption and standing firm for the rule of law. That's why I hope you will back that commitment by showing your support with your best tax-deductible contribution to Judicial Watch today. 

Because right now we are in a historic time of big changes in Washington as Judicial Watch is helping “drain the swamp” by:
  • Investigating and suing key federal agencies for documents related to the corrupt and lawless Deep State conspiracy to spy on, discredit, prosecute and drive President Trump from office. We’ve already forced the release of key documents exposing the Deep State, and we are now pursuing over 30 active lawsuits…with more surely to come!
  • Challenging liberal “sanctuary” cities and states which, despite Trump administration efforts, continue to disobey the law by refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
  • Fighting voter fraud, which liberals want to pretend doesn’t exist but which we have proven through our investigations and litigation most certainly does exist! Judicial Watch supports voter ID laws and now has 3 separate federal lawsuits, including one in California, to ensure cleaner elections.
  • Holding corrupt officials, like Hillary Clinton, responsible for their illegal actions so they don’t get a “pass” on accountability. Despite continued stonewalling by Deep State government lawyers in court, we continue to force the release of blockbuster documents that shed more light on the Clinton email scandal, and the sleazy Clinton “pay to play” scheme to tie the State Department favors to for contributions to the Clinton Foundation.
Judicial Watch is America’s best (some would say only) bet to get to the truth.But we cannot do it without you! We’re already carrying the largest investigation and litigation caseload in our 24-year history.

This is all critically important work.

You may remember that we successfully led the fight against Obama administration secrecy and corruption as well as corruption by members of both parties – Democrat and Republican.

And for us to be fully prepared and effective at this critical time, by making your best donation now!

We are literally doing the law enforcement work that the highly compromised FBI, mainstream liberal media and weak Congress won’t do.

That’s why I ask you to support our work today. It is no exaggeration to say that it is not only Judicial Watch who needs does America!


Thomas Fitton

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