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Check out Michael Baron’s work here and on Amazon, including Sons of Bitches.

An interview with writer and comics creator Mike Baron.

Recently I read a page-turner of a new novel with the eye-catching title Sons of Bitches, which centers on a young Jewish artist who releases a comic book boldly depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad. This naturally makes her a target for outraged Muslim fundamentalists, and their death threats force her to hire former biker hoodlum-turned-private investigator Josh Pratt. Justice, revenge, and mayhem ensue.
This is obviously a reflection of the real-life experiences of such artists as Mollie Norris, who apparently still remains in hiding years after merely suggesting an Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, and frequent FrontPage Mag artist, former Muslim Bosch Fawstin, who was targeted by terrorists at the Draw Muhammad event in Texas a couple of years ago (a contest which Fawstin won). And then, of course, there was the massacre of twelve employees at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in response to their “blasphemous” depiction of Muhammad on the magazine cover. Violating Islamic blasphemy laws comes with a high price – but so does submitting to them.
At the Freedom Center we understand that politics flows downstream from culture, so we want to begin highlighting the work of right-leaning creatives who often face ideological resistance within the entertainment industry. Today our spotlight is on comics creator, writer and novelist Michael A. Baron, the author of Sons of Bitches.
Mike Baron is the creator of the superhero comics Badger and (with artist Steve Rudd) Nexus. His other comic credits include FlashPunisherDeadman and Star Wars. He has written for Ellery Queen's Mystery MagazineCreemFusion, the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Globe, and numerous other publications. Baron’s latest work is a series of novels (four so far) called Bad Road Rising published by Liberty Island, a publisher whose offerings push back against political correctness and the left’s cultural dominance (its motto is “Let Your Right Brain Run Free”). Baron is the author of three horror novels as well, and a science fiction novel called Whack Job, all published by Wordfire Press and available from Amazon, as is the Bad Road Rising series.
I invited Baron, who – full disclosure – is a friend of mine, about his new novel and his thoughts on politics, art, and the comic industry.
Mark TapsonMike, how would you describe your conservatism, your political outlook? Have you always been a conservative?
Mike Baron: I think so. I grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota. I think the main reason I’m conservative is because I chose reason over emotionalism. I was an emotional kid and I didn’t like myself. I didn’t want to be that way. I refused to identify as a victim. It took me a long time to grow up, but my instincts were always to do what made the most sense. Attitude is everything, and a positive attitude made more sense to me than a negative one. Funny thing is, both my folks were pretty liberal, and my dad worked on George McGovern’s campaign. I remember riding to the airport with Senator McGovern. I read a lot of science fiction. In those days, authors like Robert Heinlein, A.E. Van Vogt and others rooted their stories in a strong sense of individual liberty and achievement. Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge McDuck had a profound effect on me.
MTHow do you express your conservatism in your work? Or is that even a consideration for you? Because unlike many artists who are leftist, conservatives are less inclined to put politics at the forefront of their art.
MB: Mark, my first three rules are, 1. Entertain. My first job is to entertain the readers. It has nothing to do with politics. 2. Show, don’t tell. 3. Be original. Every writer brings his own experiences to his fiction, and my writing naturally reflects my view of the world. I was a terrible cynic, and I hope that I’m becoming less cynical, but a healthy cynicism is part of my world view. I remember novelist John D. MacDonald’s character Travis McGee complaining how the airlines attempted to infantilize everyone back in the sixties! My fiction is heterodox because of my world view, but my characters express my world view through their actions, not through words. I think that’s very conservative. I don’t make politics the focus of my art but any careful reading of Nexus will reveal that both Steve and I are conservative, in that we accept that the world is messy and imperfect, and attempts by government and committees often make things worse.
MTWhat is it like being a conservative in the overwhelmingly left-leaning comics world? Has it ever been problematic for you in the industry? Or in the publishing world?
MB: Oh, yeah. Random people contact me through Facebook. Here’s one: “Fucking douche nazi fuck!!” Some guy I never heard of. Here’s another: “Who knew the writer/co-creator of the great Nexus would be a total right-wing nut job a-hole? ‘Trust the art, not the artist.’" INDEED.
Brett Smith asked me to write the graphic novel for Based Stickman [nickname for a California resident who broke a stick over the head of an Antifa protester at a Trump rally]. They announced it at San Diego Comic-Con two years ago. At the time, I asked if I could submit to [comics mag] Heavy Metal. The editor sent me this response: “Mike, I'll be frank, we cannot publish anything of yours. Someone came by the booth at SDCC with a flyer for Based Stickman, and that is 100% antithetical to what we are about, both as a publication and as human beings, and we do not wish to be associated with it in ANY fashion, even tangentially.” I soon concluded that Based Stickman was not a serious subject for a graphic novel and withdrew from the project. That made no difference.
There are many other examples which I won’t cite. I have struggled to hang on to my liberal friends in the comic industry with some success. I never post politics on my Facebook page. Why would I do that? I’m trying to attract readers. It astonishes me that so many successful creators compulsively post agit-prop day after day.
MTArtists and novelists who dare honestly address the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, as you did in Sons of Bitches, face the risk not only of being smeared as “Islamophobic” but even of incurring the violent wrath of jihadists and progressive activists. What made you take on this very politically incorrect theme in your novel?
MB: The situation cries out for a fictional treatment. I’m Jewish myself. I watch a lot of pop culture, and a lot of shows featuring terrorism, and in ninety per cent of those shows, the terrorists turn out to be some “right wing extremist” types who wear their racism on their sleeve. I know those people exist, but not in such numbers as to dominate fiction. Before 9/11, you could have Arab terrorists as bad guys.  But now, everybody has to pretend that huge portions of the globe don’t want us dead. Look at the outstanding HBO drama The Night Of, written by the great novelist Richard Price. I loved it, but it also carries an agenda.
MTYou also take jabs at social justice warriors and activists like Code Pink and the Socialist Workers Party, but without being heavy-handed about it. Speaking of heavy-handed messaging, what do you think about the identity politics and social justice activism that are now dominating and ruining the comics world?  
MB: I see what my friends post but I rarely read comics these days. What I see is breathtakingly bad and violates all rules of good storytelling, as the characters repeatedly lecture the audience. A lot of these writers live in a fantasy world where right-wing extremists and white supremacists are blown up to the level of an existential threat. Plus the constant depiction of Trump as some kind of monster. I’d be happy to show you the pictures, if you like. Writers must remember that their first job is to entertain, and the better they entertain, the better they are as writers. There’s something about virtue signaling that sets off my alarm bells, and I think that’s true for all my conservative friends in comics. Just like a Social Justice Warrior can spot a Nazi instantly by their American flag lapel pin, I can spot virtue signaling from a mile away. It’s how you conduct yourself that counts, not proud declarations of virtue.
MTThat sounds conservative to me. Thanks, Mike, and best of luck with your next project.
Check out Michael Baron’s work here and on Amazon, including Sons of Bitches.



Koran 2:191 "slay the unbelievers wherever you find them"
Koran 3:21 "Muslims must not take the infidels as friends"
Koran 5:33 "Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam"
Koran 8:12 "Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran"
Koran 8:60 " Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels"
Koran 8:65 "The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them"
Koran 9:5 "When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them"
Koran 9:123 "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood"
Koran 22:19 "Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies"
Koran 47:4 "Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them".

And the silence from Pope Francis and other international elites.

Pope Francis, the Holy See of the church to which I’ve belonged my entire life and that I continue to regularly attend, has spent relatively little time during his tenure devoting much energy to underscoring the Church’s traditional, however Politically Incorrect, positions on such hotbed issues as abortion, same-sex marriage, and, say, Jesus’s unique standing in God’s economy of salvation. 
And even though it is the baptismal promise of every Roman Catholic to renounce Satan and all of his works, to unequivocally repudiate evil wherever it rears its hideous head, Francis scarcely speaks to the abominations of the world.  
He can, however, be counted upon to renounce capitalism, climate change, and the members of Western lands who lack enthusiasm for welcoming into their home countries untold numbers of Third World aliens who are not only demanding citizenship and material support, but who have created a number of other social problems (like criminality).  The Pope repeatedly informs us that this skepticism reflects a deficiency of Christian charity.
Francis has shed many tears and engaged in much handwringing over the legions of Muslims that have flooded Europe in recent years demanding support while claiming to be refugees.  However, for the millions of his fellow Christians who have been made to endure unimaginable suffering (not infrequently administered to them by Muslims) Francis has said relatively little. 
He has said nothing, for example, about the fact that Iran is ramping up its persecution of its Christian citizens. 
Nor has Pope Francis commented on the fact that in Burma as many as 1.6 million Christians are being targeted by what Open Doors refers to as “a genocidal war.”  The Kachin State, in Burma’s northern region, consists of Christians who once traded their natural resources in amber and jade for cash, food, and textiles. 
Today, they trade for guns.  
According to Open Doors:
“Representatives of the Kachin Independence Army told Sky News earlier this year that the Tamadaw, the Myanmar [Burmese] military, has been targeting the Kachin for years. And while the conflict is as complicated as it is violent, some believe that the government is trying to wipe them out because roughly 95 percent are Christian.
The Burmese soldiers “[have] burned more than 400 villages and 300 churches in Kachin, displacing an estimated 130,000 people over the past seven years.”  Moreover, since April, just a few months ago, “more than 7,000 people have fled their homes [.]”
To its eternal credit, The Guardian, of all outlets, has done its bit to call attention to what it characterizes as “Myanmar’s invisible war on the Kachin Christian minority.”  “Many” of the over 130,000 Christians to have been displaced over the years “are stranded in the jungle or trapped in conflict zones.” To compound this tragedy, “aid agencies say they are being blocked from providing food and other vitals supplies to civilians trapped in the forest”—which amounts to a violation of international law. 
The Guardian quotes both Stella Naw, a political analyst and writer, and San Htoi, joint secretary of Kachin Women’s Association Thailand. Naw states that although this is “a war where civilians are being systematically targeted by members of Burma army,” “the international community chooses to overlook it.” 
Htoi concurs. “It’s an invisible war,” she insists. To prove her point, Htoi alludes to the United Nations’ Security Council’s recent visit to Burma, a visit during which they didn’t come close to Kachin. “They left the country without knowing” a thing about the latter. 
In Mali, a predominantly Islamic country that, owing to its secularism, had been relatively tolerant of the Christian minority in its midst, a militant Islamic group has gained control of some regions. Consequently, life has not been kind to Christians.
The story of “Naomi” is not atypical.  Naomi hails from an Islamic family. Upon the death of her father which occurred when Naomi was eight, she and her siblings went to live with her uncle. He sent the girls to an international Christian school, the institution to which Muslim parents would send their children if they wanted for them to be able to land lucrative occupations. Naomi explains that, given her hatred of all things Christian at the time, there was never any concern on the part of anyone that she would ever convert to Christianity. 
But, when she was twelve, the unthinkable occurred and Naomi became a Christian. 
Her family disowned her, evicting her from her home. 
A missionary family, temporarily living in Mali, took in Naomi and, according to her, treated her like one of their own. “They loved me like their own daughter,” Naomi recalls. “From them, I learned more about Christ and grew in my faith.”
Yet when her adopted family returned to their home country, Naomi returned to her family, whose members would regularly and “cruelly” harass her for her faith.  They would spit at her and curse the blood that they shared with her. 
At 16, Naomi met a man from Belgium and married him. Together they had two children, Ibrahim and Youssouf. They remained, however, in Mali, where their Muslim neighbors would call Naomi a “kafir” (infidel) whenever she would walk through town or shop in the market place. 
Matters, though, would get worse.
Naomi’s family, “more than once,” sent jihadists to her home to intimidate and harm her and her own family.  When her husband was away on a business trip, he was murdered, gunned down in cold blood.  “He was killed for his faith, and for marrying an ex-Muslim,” Naomi says. To this day, she remains oblivious to the location of her remains. 
When the jihadists subsequently invaded her home, they abducted her one son, a young teenager, Youssouf, as she and the boy’s brother watched in horror. “Ibrahim, my second son, was terrified,” Naomi remembers. “He held on to me and kept whispering, ‘Jesus help us, Jesus help us.’”
As soon as the men left with her son, Naomi began praying. “I was on my knees all the time, pleading for the Lord to protect my son.” 
Thankfully, within two days, Youssouf returned home.  He was “whipped severely,” but because he pretended to be deaf and mute, his captors released him.  
Youssouf and his brother Ibrahim are both traumatized from this event. Open Doors managed to secure for Naomi and her sons a place to live, something for which she is thankful. Nevertheless, though life is better than what it had been, she remains the target of relentless pressure from her Islamic neighbors who “laugh at me when I sing and pray.” 
Pope Francis, who can’t resist issuing public denunciations of free enterprise, “climate change,” and “xenophobia” (when the latter is allegedly being committed by Western peoples toward Islamic and other immigrants), will say nothing about the Naomis of the world. 
In both of these respects, he proves himself to be a member in good standing of the international community of elites.   

Terrorist links of New Mexico child shooter-trainer somehow not news to press

The case of a New Mexico "man" arrested at a compound in the state's northern scrublands, allegedly for murdering his three-year-old handicapped son, was appalling enough all by itself.
It got worse as news emerged that he was holding eleven emaciated children prisoner, and worse still, that lawmen who busted him thought he was running some sort of school shooter training camp for the children, at least one of whom said he had been trained in the use of assault rifles.
Depraved.  It's the only word for such an unimaginable evil.  Who could do that to a child?  Who could spend that much time and resources wanting to see schoolchildren massacred?  The man, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, would have to be consumed by some kind of diabolical hate if such charges were true.
Where have we seen that kind of depravity before?
September 11 is what comes to mind: the commandeering of jet airliners full of passengers to ram them into one of America's tallest skyscrapers full of people.  And sure enough, that same mentality – seriously, using children for school shootings and setting up an elaborate training camp to do it – is pretty evident.  The guy even looks evil, same way WTC ringleader Mohamed Atta looked evil.
This is why the press's reluctance to report that that's exactly the mental culture this maggot sprang from.
Sirraj was the son of the one of the "unindicted co-conspirators" in the 1993 World Trade Center attack, a Bed-Stuy imam involved with the other imams who went to jail for the antecedent to the bigger WTC attack that happened eight years later.  Being evil seemed to be the family culture.
Yet virtually all of the news coverage out there buries that relevant little piece of news pointing to motivation deep, if it mentions it at all.  I watched network news waiting for that 9-11 connection to be brought up, and in at least one report, it never was.  It was just a child abuse case.
What's more, there seems to be some actual self-censorship going on.  This Twitchy thread references an instance where CNN actually took out a bland sheriff statement about the arrested thug and his buddies being "extremists of the Muslim belief."  No explanation as to why that was taken out.
As you may imagine, nobody asked CAIR for comment.
Seriously, why would that not be relevant to the story?  Do we need the school shooting to happen first before anyone is supposed to recognize that radical Muslims are still out there and still cooking up elaborate and unimaginably sick-minded plots to kill us?
This bid to sanitize the reality is pretty much political correctness run amok.  If the pattern holds, it's likely the press simply wants not to offend an identity-politics group and therefore is turning a blind eye to the activities of its worst elements, trying to erase them from what should be headline news.  Yet there's no need to pretend.  Sick beliefs fuel sick motivations and lead to sick plots.
If preserving the fictitious upstanding citizens image of radical Muslims is that important to the press than the actual reality going on as this New Mexico story shows, why are they in the news business?  The press's affinity for political correctness is coming at the expense of news itself, and it needs to be called out.
Buried news can mean buried people.

Abdul El-Sayed and the Red-Green Axis

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed may be American-born, but he is a living embodiment of what has been called the "red-green axis."
Since Sayed is a self-styled progressive, it is not surprising that he has been warmly embraced by far-left "democratic socialists" Sen. Bernie Sanders and the suddenly famous U.S. House candidate from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  They are comrades in the struggle, after all.
The American left (the "red" side of the axis) is allied out of convenience with Islamists and sharia-supremacists (the "green" side), who want to fundamentally transform the United States of America – for the worst.
Their primary tools are name-calling and intimidation.  Their wealthy foundations fund nonprofits and campaigns focused on making our culture Islam-friendly while weakening our resolve to fight Islamic supremacism and the terrorism it deploys against us.
In Islam, deceiving non-Muslims is perfectly acceptable.  Sayed uses misdirection and dissimulation to avoid discussing the ugly, anti-American beliefs of his fellow Islamists.
But regardless of what he may say, Sayed, whose parents came from Egypt, is part of this red-green axis.
Sayed's supporters point to a flattering Aug. 24, 2017 profile in the Guardian (U.K.) that paints his critics as paranoid conspiracy theorists.
Reporter Drew Philp asked El-Sayed, "Are you the spear tip of a vast Muslim conspiracy to bring [s]haria law to the U.S.?"
"No," he replied.
"Are you a front for the Muslim [B]rotherhood to pervert American politics towards terrorism?"
"No," he answered.
On their face, Sayed's responses may seem reasonable, but they mask uncomfortable truths.
Sayed was vice president of the Muslim Student Association while attending the University of Michigan.  MSA isn't some innocuous feel-good organization that Muslim students join for companionship and the occasional field trip.  No one joins MSA to peacefully promote Islam.  MSA is a campus-based haven for revolutionaries, Islamists, and sharia supremacists in America.
MSA was founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois by the al-Qaeda-affiliated Muslim World League.  The Saudi government has reportedly funneled more than $1.3 billion to the MWL to promote Wahhabism.  The League, warns former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, is the Muslim Brotherhood's "principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology."  Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates treat the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
Islamist and anti-American agendas predominate at MSA chapters at American colleges.  These chapters have been credibly accused of serving as "incubators" for Islamic terrorism.  Former FBI special agent John Guandolo called the group "a recruitment tool to bring Muslims into the Brotherhood" and the "focal point" for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.  "Their goal, both from their senior leaders, presidents of MSA's around the country, national leadership, is to implement Islamic government here in the United States," Guandolo explained.  "And they say that."
Sayed is disturbingly evasive when questioned about the brutal, totalitarian body of medieval Islamic law known as sharia that many Muslims would like to impose on Americans.
At a May 10 candidates' forum in East Lansing, Sayed refused to answer a question about sharia from Republican Patrick Colbeck and gave him a lecture about racism and "white supremacy."
What frustrates me more is not that you have blatant racism on the part of certain people, but what frustrates me more is, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, is not when bad people speak out but when good people fail to speak out, and what I have not heard is the Republicans on this panel, decisively and swiftly call out this kind of Islamophobia, this kind of racism, in the context that they are wanting to represent the state that has the highest per-capita number of Muslim Americans in the country.  Now you may not hate Muslims, but I'll tell you, Muslims definitely hate you!
This flash of Islamist anger from Sayed was telling.  It is typical of Islamists trying to hide the truth.  They lash out at their critics and smear them using abusive language.
Being worried that people who want to destroy America are trying to gnaw away at its foundations from within isn't a "phobia."
It's patriotism and common sense.
Matthew Vadum is an independent investigative reporter in Washington, D.C. and author of Team Jihad: How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy the United States and Subversion Inc.: How Obama's ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.  Follow him on Twitter.  E-mail him at matthewvadum [at]

Extremist Muslim with a towel on his head appears with his family to plead not guilty to child abuse and training 11 children to carry out school shootings at their desert compound

·         Siraj Wahhaj, 39, was pictured in court on Wednesday alongside wife Jany Leveille and sisters Hujrah and Subhannah Wahhaj
·         Also in court was co-accused Lucas Morton, who is Subhannah's husband
·         All five pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of felony child abuse, while Wahhaj was charged with child abduction and Morton faces a charge of harboring a fugitive
·         Gang are accused of training 11 starving children to carry out school shootings 
An extremist Muslim father, his wife and two sisters, who were arrested at a compound in New Mexico along with 11 starving children, made their first court appearance Wednesday.
Siraj Wahhaj, 39, wife Jany Leveille, and Hujrah and Subhannah Wahhaj were pictured in the dock as prosecutors accused them of training the children to carry out mass school shootings.
Also in court was Lucas Morton, Wahhaj's brother-in-law and Subhanah's husband. Each pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of felony child abuse, while Morton was also charged with harboring a fugitive.
Morton appeared wearing a white towel folded on his head styled like a keffiyeh.
Siraj was also charged with abducting his 3-year-old son 'AG' from his home in Atlanta last December, sparking a manhunt which led police to the compound. 
Lucas Morton, the husband of Subhannah, also appeared in court with his head covered with a towel, apparently folded in a style resembling a plain white keffiyeh
Siraj Wahhaj, 39 (left and right), was pictured during his first court appearance on Wednesday when he was accused of training 11 children to carry out school shootings
Also in court was Wahhaj's wife, Jany Leveille, who is believed to be the mother of some of the children and was charged with 11 felony counts of child abuse
Hujrah Wahhaj also appeared in court on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to child abuse
Subhannah Wahhaj (left and right), Hujrah's sister, appeared in court alongside her husband Lucas Morton (not pictured). She denied 11 counts of child abuse, while Morton was also charged with harboring a fugitive 
Video playing bottom right...
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Skeletal remains found at the compound are believed to belong to the boy, who was disabled and required daily medication, though tests are still confirming this.
In petitions seeking to detain all five suspects without bail, prosecutors said each was under investigation in the boy's death. 
Police earlier said that Siraj was heavily armed with an AR-15 rifle and four pistols when he was arrested, and that there was a shooting range inside the compound.
The children, aged between 1 and 15, were found in a filthy state, had likely not eaten in days, and had loaded firearms within their reach. 
In court documents filed on Wednesday, prosecutors claimed Wahhaj was using the weapons to train the children to perform mass school shootings.
Wahhaj was also charged with abducting his three-year-old son from his Atlanta home last December. It is thought the boy is dead
It is not yet clear if they had set out a specific plan targeting any one school or if the practice was general. The compound is close to the Colorado border. 
No weapons charges were filed in the case. 
The FBI had been watching the compound for months after being led to it in their hunt for three-year-old AG Wahhaj, Siraj's disabled son who vanished with in December. 
Their explanation for not raiding it is that they did not have a warrant because AG was never physically seen there. 
Aleksandar Kostich, a public defender representing the five adults, said the identical wording of the allegations about weapons training in each petition suggested that prosecutors were less than certain about the information they were given.
A man who identified himself to reporters as Gerard Jabril Abdulwali, 64, of Alexandria, Egypt, and the father of Morton, attended the court hearing, during which he shouted, "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is great."
He told reporters afterward that was in the United States for medical reasons and had not heard from his son for over a year but then received a text message from Morton last Thursday that said "they were starving."
Weapons found at the compound in New Mexico where Wahhaj was training 11 children to carry out school shootings, according to the prosecution
Abdulwali said his son and the other suspects were "peaceful adult settlers."
"They were homesteading and were trying to establish a peaceful community, a peaceful life away from society," he said. "They just went about it the wrong way."
Neighbors have told how they heard shooting coming from within the compound over the last few months.   
Photographs taken on the compound on Tuesday show what looks like a make-shift target practice range 
The compound is in the desert in New Mexico. It was put together with trailers and the children had been there for months 
One man who lives nearby says the 11 children initially showed up near his plot of land to play with his kids but that they stopped coming several weeks ago. 
Tyler Anderson is a 41-year-old auto mechanic who lives near the site. 
He has told how the Wahhaj family arrived in the desert in December with enough money to buy groceries and construction tools to build their home. 
Anderson helped them set up solar panels and the children in the Wahhaj family played with his at first but he started seeing them less and less. 
 We just figured they were doing what we were doing, getting a piece of land and getting off the grid
Neighbor Tyler Anderson  
He was aware of a target practice area set up on the compound and said he often heard shots coming from the property but that it stopped recently. 
'We just figured they were doing what we were doing, getting a piece of land and getting off the grid,' he said. 
Lucas Morton, who is married to Subhanah Wahhaj, one of the sisters, owns the tract of land where the family was based and started building their compound. 
The man who owns the patch next to it, however, says they started encroaching on his acreage as the compound grew bigger. 
He appealed to the courts to have them convicted for the breach but nothing was done. 
'I started to try and kick them off about three months ago and everything I tried to do kept getting knocked down,' he said on Tuesday.   
Sisters Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, (left) and Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, (right) were arrested on Sunday 
Jany Leveille, who also goes by the name Maryam, was also arrested for child abuse on Sunday. Wahhaj's brother-in-law, Lucas Morton, (right) was also taken in to custody 
The children were aged between one and 15 and all are related. They were taken into government care on Friday after they were discovered. 
They had not eaten in days and were filthy. They escaped after a message from the inside, either written by them or one of their mothers, was intercepted by police. 
It said: 'We are starving and we need food and water.'  
The new details were shared on Wednesday as prosecutors pleaded with a judge not to grant Wahhaj bail. 
At present, he stands accused of child abduction and neglect.
Police are yet to file charges relating to the discovery of remains of a boy on the compound. 
They have also not yet confirmed whether the remains belong to Wahhaj's disabled three-year-old son AG who he vanished with in December. 
At a press conference on Tuesday, Taos County Sheriff Jeffrey Hogrefe fought back tears as he described the grim discovery. 
'We discovered the remains yesterday on Abdul's fourth birthday,' he said.
11 children found in filthy trailer compound in New Mexico
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The compound is near Amalia, in the desert of northern New Mexico, is close to the Colorado border
Another photgraph taken at the site on Tuesday as investigators continue working at the scene. Despite landowners' efforts to remove the family, they remained there for months 
The conditions inside the compound were described by police as the worst they had seen in 30 years after they found the children on Friday. There was no running water or food and the children all had terrible personal hygiene 
A board found at the compound that appears to have bullet holes in it
Wahhaj, who is the son of a prominent New York City imam Siraj Wahhaj reportedly planned to perform an exorcism on the toddler who he thought was 'possessed'. 
They went missing from Georgia, where the family lived, in December.
AG's mother has been pleading for his safe return ever since. 
Also arrested at the compound on Friday were the man's sisters, Hujrah and Subhanah Wahhaj, and his wife, Jany Leveille. 
All three women, who police described at first as being 'brainwashed and intimidated' by the man, were charged with child abuse on Sunday. 
Also charged was Lucas Morton, Subhanah's husband. He is charged with harboring a fugitive.   
Siraj Wahhaj senior was one of 170 people identified by US Attorney Mary Jo White in 1995 as 'unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators' in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing but was never charged and denies any involvement with the bombing.
Wahhaj was also a defense witness at the trial of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, the former leader of the Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama'a al-Islamiyya.
In November 2009, he was one of many Muslim leaders who met with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall. Wahhaj said that he hoped all Americans would eventually become Muslim and also referred to the FBI and CIA as the 'real terrorists'.
The children's grandfather is Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the leader of the Muslim Alliance of North America and the leader of a mosque in Brooklyn (left). Three-year-old AG (right), who has hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and requires daily medication, has been missing since December and was not found Friday. Remains found at the property are yet to be identified


How Jihadist ideology is gaining power through the back door -- and with our blessing.

Last week I read a shocking statistic.  It is not a surprising statistic, but a shocking one nonetheless.  Figures now reveal that a staggering 40% of people under age five in Germany come from a migrant background.  That is to say, almost half of young children in Germany are not ethnically German. 
Some would argue that this doesn’t matter a great deal, people are people, and Germany will still be Germany.  But even if we try to persuade ourselves that this is the case, deep down we all know it is not.  Germany was German because of the German people. Now, in a couple of generations, it will be something else: the place formerly known as Germany.  This will particularly be the case if, as I suspect is likely to be the case, many (if not most) of those under fives come from an Islamic background.  That will change the face of Germany forever.  Indeed it is already doing so.
In my book, Beyond Terror – Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy – I argue that it is immigration from Muslim societies that will defeat Western civilization.  Terrorism will not.  The West will not lose a military war against the Islamists, it only needs to lose the demographic war, and the culture war, and that has already been lost.
The UK, for example, has for decades seen massive immigration from the Muslim world, and this has changed the country beyond recognition.  Female genital mutilation is now so widespread in the UK that specialist (taxpayer-funded) clinics have been established across the country to deal with the medical aftermath of this crime.  There are eight such clinics in London alone, and a new one opened last year in Wales (attended by a Labour politician, who tweeted how pleased she was to have an FGM clinic in her area).  While we build shiny new clinics, not a single person has ever been convicted of this crime. 
Police show great ‘cultural sensitivity’ to FGM, and as a result, nobody is punished.  There’s a reason for this.  The reason the police pussy-foot around FGM is the same reason they pussy-foot around forced and child marriage: because the majority of cases involve Muslims.
British society has in effect capitulated to Islam; the law is subject to the requirements of Muslim scripture and not the other way around.  Just recently in Britain it was also revealed that the Home Office (the government department ultimately responsible for both law and order and immigration) has been turning a blind eye to forced marriage for some years.  We have therefore accepted it.  We’ve accepted it because we will not offend or upset Muslims, that is the priority of our law enforcement, just as it is when 1,000s of young British girls are gang-raped by gangs of Muslim men. 
Britain and Europe are losing the battle for our moral and cultural soul, and it is this reality that is handing victory to Sharia.  The stated aim of the Muslim faith, as demonstrated throughout scripture, is the global subjugation of the non-Muslim to Sharia.  Jihadi terrorists aim to achieve this through terror, others are achieving it through immigration and the exploitation of human rights laws.  Muslim advocacy groups routinely use language of ‘human rights’, ‘inclusivity’ and objections to ‘discrimination’ in order to normalize Islamic practices in Western society.  They also demand restrictions on free speech, thereby impairing our ability to object.  We are slowly but surely reflecting an Islamic state.  A person in Britain is perhaps just as likely (if not more likely) to be prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ as for raping an underage girl.  ‘Hate speech’ will very often amount to criticism of Islam, or more importantly, Muslim immigration.
The key to saving the West from Islam is to end mass immigration, deport those immigrants who simply will not adapt to our laws (for example deporting non-British citizens who practice FGM or child marriage), and robustly apply the law to all people, regardless of their religion.
There are no signs of this happening however, and no signs either that the immigration is going to stop, or even reduce.
While we focus on terror, Islam is defeating us through the back door.  Terror is not the problem, ‘extremism’ is not the problem, Sharia is the problem and whether it is achieved via the bomb or the ballot box, Sharia will be the result.  It is that result we must prevent, and we must act now to do so, or the Western world will disappear not with a bang but with a whimper, and with our own consent. 

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