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DEPORTATION RATES: Obama's lies about Homeland security in the age of terrorism

TED CRUZ and the looting Mexican invaders…

DEPORTATION LIES… they’re climbing our borders,  jobs and voting for more welfare right now…. BY INVITATION of the DEMOCRAT PARTY!


Deportations on ICE while Democrats push amnesty


By Kenric Ward  /   January 3, 2014  /   28 Comments

THEY’RE NOT HAPPY: Upset with President Barack Obama’s immigration policy, about 250 people march in Phoenix in October to the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement office with a goal of stopping future deportations.


By Kenric Ward |

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Before Republicans start caving to Democrats’ demand for “comprehensive immigration reform” this election year, skeptics say lawmakers should find out how billions in tax dollars are falling through the sieve of so-called enforcement programs.

Contrary to President Obama’s claims of record deportations, John Sandweg, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, admits ICE deported only 134,000 illegal immigrants from the country’s interior in 2012.

That figure — down 40 percent since 2009, when Obama took office — represents just 0.2 percent of the estimated 11.7 million illegals in the United States.

The administration and its political allies assert that Washington is spending more on immigration enforcement than on the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Secret Service and all other federal criminal law-enforcement agencies combined.

“Nearly $187 billion (was) spent on federal immigration enforcement over the past 26 years,” according to the Migration Policy Institute, a pro-immigration group.

But MPI buries the real news. Under Obama, ICE’s budget dropped from $5.98 billion in 2012 to a requested $5.34 billion for 2014. Citing financial constraints, ICE freed more than 2,000 detainees last February.

Deportations from the interior have declined under Obama’s “prosecutorial discretion” policies that exempt at least 90 percent of the illegal-alien population.

Overall, deportations by all federal agencies, as defined by the administration, fell from 409,849 in fiscal year 2012 to 368,644 in fiscal 2013.

“ICE arrests have been trending downward since 2008,” says Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies.

SPOT THE FAKE: A Prince William County (Va.) police officer examines a fake Social Security card during a 2008 training session. (AP file photo)

SPOT THE FAKE: A Prince William County (Va.) police officer examines a fake Social Security card during a 2008 training session. (AP file photo)

“ICE agents now are releasing more illegal aliens than they are deporting, even though they have more resources and technology at their disposal.”

The Clinton administration holds the record for deportations, at 12.3 million over eight years. George W. Bush’s administration shipped back 10.3 million illegals during his tenure.

An Obama White House briefing paper on “border security” never mentions the word “deportation.”

Critics say Congress should closely analyze expenditures and results as the White House and Democratic lawmakers make a political push to legalize more illegals.

“Those who support amnesty are playing along with the administration’s claim that it is continuing to enforce the law,” says the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Yet former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano repeatedly claimed she only had the resources to remove 400,000 illegal immigrants annually.

“They’ve used this as an excuse to stop nearly all deportations of illegal aliens without additional criminal convictions. At the same time, ICE and DHS have not requested additional funding to ensure broad enforcement of immigration laws,” FAIR spokeswoman Kristen Williamson told

Still, the “Deporter-in-Chief” narrative is echoed by immigration enthusiasts and mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times.

“Illegal immigration has been higher in the last decade than 20 or 40 years ago, and apprehensions are down,” Vaughn counters.

Meantime, the Government Accountability Office reports that DHS, which oversees ICE and 21 other agencies, had achieved operational control of only a “small share” of the southwest border. Republican leaders have made border security a key precondition for any proposed immigration deal.

Kenric Ward is a national reporter for and chief of its Virginia Bureau. Contact him at or at (571) 319-9824. @Kenricward

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what is the REAL cost of all that “CHEAP” Mexican labor? Add it up and then factor in the MEXICAN CRIME TIDAL WAVE and the fact that the MEXICAN  now operate in 2,500 American cities!

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While the Obama Administration halts deportations to work on its secret amnesty plan, hospitals across the U.S. are getting stuck with the exorbitant tab of medically treating illegal immigrants and some are finally demanding compensation from the federal government


“What we're seeing is our Congress and national leadership dismantling our laws by not enforcing them. Lawlessness becomes the norm, just like Third World corruption. Illegal aliens now have more rights and privileges than Americans. If you are an illegal alien, you can drive a car without a driver's license or insurance. You may obtain medical care without paying. You may work without paying taxes. Your children enjoy free education at the expense of taxpaying Americans.”




AMNESTY: Obama’s lies on deportation

WHO REALLY BEHEADS MORE??? These terrorist are already at our doors!
Isis Muslim beheadings OR LA RAZA Mexican beheadings in and on our open borders. Which one is ALREADY on our doorsteps?
“We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it. Everything from the crime to the drugs and the kidnappings and extortion and the beheadings and the fact that people can't feel safe in their  communities.”  -

 AZ Gov. Jan Brewer

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